Bad Computer?


October 29th, 2017, 11:21 am

Late comic because I had to go shopping all day yesterday.

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*Waits for the commenters who are going to say that they use floppy disks/ CDs, lol*
I mean, like, I use CDs too, but, Dusk is just being Dusk
Pinkeevee222, October 29th, 2017, 11:15 am Reply
Advertisement, November 19th, 2018, 4:23 am Reply

dusk, give blizz the computer he wants or im pretty sure there gonna kill someone
@toto is the gayest eevee: Wouldn't be the first time Blizz has killed someone, lol
@Sapphire: Blizz already killed Juanita
@Fluffyumbreon : And Lyra the Lucario at eeveeplex.
@Guest: Forgot to write my name lol
RIP Dusk
@Littlegamer34: No, RIP Juanita
@Littlegamer34: RIP I :’v
@Juanita the cactus: EVERY ONE REST IN PEICES! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Heehee he ha...
Yay the comic is
here :3
The faces Blizz made on this page XD
Why can't blizz let dusk grieve.
you didn't happen to take so long because you were working on zeon's quest were you?
Dusk Dead, He's Dead, Bye Dusk hope you survive Blizz's Rage
@EeveeMaster21: unless we will be together again :’3
@Juanita the cactus: Back off! He's Oliver's, or Miku's, and sigh, I guess Eve's too, or all of the above!
@cccviper653: Actually, in the Bond Of Brothers fanfic, Sky is a male eevee that was in love with night. They each gained different powers at the lab, but sky did not escape.When they were going to run away, they changed their names. SKY IS SORA!!!!
@Guest: Therefore, he is Soras.
@Guest: FYI it's a called a fanFIC for a reason
@cccviper653: NO HE IS ALWAYS GONNA BE WITH SKY OR MIKU!!!!! Even if Miku kills him...
@Pinkeevee222: your crazy Blizz your crazy. Buy it with your own money
@Eliza: I think only vay have money but he doesen't give money to blizz.
Wonderful first impression to make towards a lady Blizz. That cactus probably thinks you're a huge pri... uh, spiky hedgehog, or porcupine, or something else ironic and not profane.
@cccviper653: try minuscule impailation. Wait no don't try that, that is like... worse....
Don't worry Blizz I'll send you a trial of AOL! ON A FLOPPY!
This reminds me of this quote: "I'm gonna need all your Floppy disks and......8tracks."

Kudos if you get the reference.
@Jolty (too lazy to log in.): It's from Gravity Falls, right?
Maybe you should have been more specific
Blizz is to old to be acting like this so oftenly
Rip dusk
Umm... i feel the next comic will be a "little" violent
@SylveonRulez: "Quote on Quote: "Violent""
I can't wait to see some action!
Maybe some red stains...
Darn it! My evil side is starting to show up!
I guess, now to calm it down...
... is to kill something...
[Starts laughing evilly]
@YellowCat200: ... i can't wait for Saturday :3
@SylveonRulez: You can't stop a man's love for his cactus bride. They are going on that date rather Blizz likes it or not!
@SylveonRulez: NAH I DOUBT IT...( sarcastically, it's so hard to use sarcasam an the interwebziz...)
@Guest64 : and still no one acknowledges the fact that a stayed up an hour past midnight to see this comic and it didn't come till the next day... ALL AROUND ME ARE FAMILIAR FACES...
@Guest64 : well I guess I acknowledged my self... if I don't talk to me, who will? No seriously ,who will? I'm lonely....
If Dusk had spiky teeth and not having his fur up on the second panel, that would be a more creepy face than Blizz's at the end of the comic.
Technically it is a computer since it can compute.
It's all about .exe now
finally... I can breath now...
Blizz...? Calm down pls. You look like you're going to kill someone...

*Runs away*
@Aah!: The words "Blizz" and "calm down" bony fit into the scentence... I GET IT CALM DOWN IS TWO WORDS STOP BULLYING MEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeè. TT -TT
@Guest: OH GIMME A BREAK AUTO CORRECT!!!!* triggered*
LOL Blizz go home, your drunk.
Is it a bad thing that I make the same face as Blizz in that last panel on a daily basis?
@CyberNinetails: Yes.
But then again, I attempt to utterly destroy the people who prank me.
Ah, reminds me of a moment where I pulled down someone's shirt collar and slammed his face into the ground...
[Starts laughing evilly]
@Pinkeevee222: i use floppy disks and only floppy disks
Hi Welp, someone’s gonna die
I never use floppy disks or cds.I only use the internet.I love these new comics!Keep up the great work!
the expressions are amazing!

Dusk, stop it before you get killed XD
@wifijoe: to late...
@Guest64 : Ya, Blizz is gonna kill him in the next comic... or rip Juanita to shreds in front of him
Chara please stop

Oh wait wrong comic
@WiispNightmare: .... under tale?.... I RAN GENO. WITHOUT DIEING! Psh naw I only got to that snow place YEE
Juanita is still dead feelsbadman.
Welp There goes my chance of getting noticed...anyways hopefully I can manage getting on here once a month cause I really screwed up. Anyways HEY TINA :D awesome comics
-Your friend (I guess?) Austygo/Aust
O dang...What's with blitz and "floppy" cd's? (Cd's are the best thing mankind has ever invented...or at least in the early 1900's)I like cd's....
@Austygo: I thought the tooth brush was the best thing ever invented... so useful for getting the oddly colored gunk from behind your ears out....
maby if you were specific about WHAT KIND of computer you wanted you wouldn't have to be so mean about it
now pinkeevee222 can i give Dusk a big hug???
Shoo... If he don't want it, I'm about to snatch XD Better than nothing in that world.
I love Dusk. He so funny lol.

What a troll.
@Franchska The Fennekin: :3 sorta like... some people i know... dusk is smarter than blizz though so...
Just noticed the shading Lol
HELP! Can you put(or resend) the bios or characters in a doc because My normal laptop is R.I.P. and am using the school one |R.I.P.|
Hey, I use floppy discs
An idea for next comic: have Dawn the Espeon kill dusk and some point in the series, Miku the sylveon
HEY VAPORION!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a son, Right? You are his biological father right? So you've had it Right? So you're NOT a virgin Right?
@VayIsCool: you would think that a person with a vaporeon in their user name could spell Vaporeon correct. Guess not tho.
Sorry @Guest: I'm mentally stupid!
My gf made sure i know that...
can there plz b a comic where dusk save a ninja life and he b master dusk????????????? plzzzzzzzzzzzz?????
it would be funny and have alot of plot behind how and why
r u gona say no because im only ten?
im gona keep bugging u as long as i can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im at home asking now! plzzzzzzzzzzz
is that a no?
@Guest: yes it is
@Guest: please don't spam -_-;
just stop spamming stop!
How do I make an account?
@IHaveNoAccount: I remember being in the same situation earlier when I started too!

Here's the link

PS: if you figure out how to put an account profile image on your side, please send a link by replying to this comment, I would appreciate it!
Crush Pink eevee can you make the Sylveon in the city 1. Find Dusk
2. Fall in love with Dusk. Thankyou
@Pinkeevee222: bliz is right~meow
I think hi is going to snap
No lie tho. That is one good looking cactus!
* revives cactus * "there dusk!" * dusk starts kissing cactus * me and blizz: 0.0 uh
Hi pink eevee, I love your comics
I remember floppy discs. And just the other day I used a CD to play C&C3! OLD SHIZ FOR THE WIN!
plz do more characters in the character page
He forgot about the Tms and Hms Becoz they are disks
@Pinkeevee222: Some of my cousins use floppy disks... improved floppy disks that is!
... why all quests (including me) have that ahiny eevee with that glasses

I am not mad
I am just asking
? Blizz knows not to mess with dusk, due to the fact that in the one comic where blizz woke dusk up before 12:00 PM, dusk threatened to break all the bones in blizz's body, so blizz should know not to mess with dusk.
CD I still use CDs! Really Dusk!
I thought Glaceon said dicks

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