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November 4th, 2017, 1:06 pm

I really like these Zeon Quest headers~

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For anyone who has ever been on the SSEC Discord, new and old, I have a very important announcement to make next week. Expect a long explanation about why I'm making the announcement that is next week as well And me talking about a boat load of drama, lol this will be posted probably everywhere, cause I need people to know the announcement in particular, for safety reasons.
Pinkeevee222, November 4th, 2017, 1:12 pm Reply
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OH! Also, SSEC has almost 1000 fans!!!
Thank you guys for all of your support!! ^^
I'll try to get both Blizz's and Dusk's secrets up if we hit 1000
Pinkeevee222, November 4th, 2017, 1:20 pm Reply


and dusk is booking it
@HollyTheFluffyCat: Sword, Holly got first, not you....
First first first first first first first!
Second @Professor_Sword:
@PhotonDemonZ: bruh
maybe not first. Then second
Third @Professor_Sword:
...... There is a yellow circle in dusk hand in panel 2
@......: Yes. There has always been a yellow circle on dusk's paws, lol
This is you do that
Nice comic it’s funny :p
@Pinkeevee222: just 7 more fans!!!!!
Zeon's quest leafeon is WAY edgier than Vay
also I like the header too
Someone put up a mobile hotspot
An idea for next comic: have blizz KILL Dusk for REAL this time and if possible, miku the sylveon (miku because why not? if miku is a boy, OF COURSE miku should die)
@Guest: Those are the 2 most horriblest suggestions ever! :O
@cccviper653: Horriblest??
@Guest: O_o
@Guest: a cool idea would be to have a rotom posses this "hunk of junk" and do stuff...
@Guest: nooo dusk mut live forever if he dies me out of this site forever...... wait did i say that out loud

Edit: Oh wow I just noticed that Dusk is out of the page boundaries entirely. How'd you manage that?
Does anyone else notice that Dusk is literally RUNNING out of the COMIC PAGE?!

And I know I don't comment alot anymore, but that's because I started school, and I'm so busy, I have math homework every single flipping day, help me.
@Franchska The Fennekin: Hey... aren't you on Eeveelution Squad too?
Yes. @Guest64 : yes I am.
may 1 see amazing lineart by thee? 1 does not know how cheeks function
Gotta go fast RUN DUSK RUUUUUNNNN!!!!!! run fast enough to break the bounderes of the universe
Geez Dusk not only broke out of the panels, but also the confines of the website theme

Is there a "double fourth wall break" trope?

Update: No
Also This comic has more funny faces than the Pokémon sun And Moon Anime LOL
@Skylar101: Is that a "Thug life" Gladion? LOL
@Enderstar: Yes LOL I made it and I regret nothing! XD
XD Dusk! You broke the fourth wall! You iz my new favorite character :)

@Pinkeevee222: How is he running off the page? He is LITERALLY RUNNING OFF THE ENTIRE WEBSITE!! It's very cool tho XD
Dusk fast take Juanito To safety for the cactus union
Ice boi is steaming. You make Leafeons look cool. Though that header one totally looks like it has a butt. trolololol.
Hey Tina/ Mari/pinkeevee222/person that got temporarily kidnaped by the illuminati, why haven't you put any Alohlan Pokémon into the comics yet? Just wondering...
I thought there wasn’t any internet in there
Poop It's been like about a whole month and u could only make this many but I appreciate it because it takes people like 8 months to make these judging by the art I think it's definitely worth and epic art
... Dusk thats not the door

@VayIsCool: Always? This is the first time in years that it has been under renovation, lol. I'm just being lazy~
@Pinkeevee222: Ok! I found this comic 2 weeks ago so i'm still a n00b!
@VayIsCool: Really? Well, then, welcome! And thanks for reading, lol.
@VayIsCool: 360 no-scope headshot super soldier monster kill insta kill archenemy ricochet kill...GASP
Ah, the old fake-watch trick. Look at your left arm, even if there isn't a watch. Then say "Oh! Look at the time! [What you need to do]"
@YellowCat200: Maybe the yellow circles on Dusks hands are really Watches o-O... #mindblown
I'm just like Blizz, but minus the anger. Here is a story~

Friend: Hey, at least it can hold water, right?
Please make more! Please make more of the comics with sylveon in them it would mean the world to me! Also great job on all of your comics your very creative and talented!
BOI What are you supposed to do with a retro computer without any internet?Why is Dusk taking Juanita to the date instead of the cactus hospital?Juanita has to look beautiful for the date.
i have no comments on this thing read the title
Le gasp! There is a character that is edgier than Vay?! :o
@Cinnamon vee: Really? WHO CUZ I'M RETARDED!
Lol, that moment xD
@Pinkeevee222: so how log will we wate?
1000 FANS!!! THIS COMIC HAS 1000 FANS EVERYONE!!! YAYYYY! *Pops confetti*
(my bad spelling streak continues...)
Se rekt
Are you not ever going to talk about what happened in number 88? Because I feel like something was just thrown in but nothing ever came out of it. I just want to know what was the plan for that if I’m allowed.
@Dragonwarrior: The espeon in that comic appeared again several times~ hee hee
Wait what? @Pinkeevee222: I...You are kinda evil. But I can respect it. Thanks for making me want to reread all of them out of paranoia.
Unless it’s a character that’s like Sora and change form or that crap.
Unless it is Sora or Sky.
DUSK!!!!!!!!!!! you get your butt back in this website right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! u my fav!! i cant lose u!!!!!!!
I just started my own comic! Now to make the first comic page! :D
@Franchska The Fennekin: congrats we are newbie author(s)
Also that was vernent as i read the whole zeon's quest until chap21
i haven't been reading this comic in a while but i wanna try to remember that new ones release on saturdays but good job also you inspired me not to put cliches and tell a story only you can tell
Sorry just got back Gasp!Miku is sky!go back to dusk!
hi pinkeevee
edit: hi again
Wait... Wasn’t I dead? Is dusk having a date with a dead cactus? That’s kinda weird and creepy if you think it that way :/. But ,hey, is Dusk, who cares :v
Waman Chikan All hail your glorious new meme! A human derpy head with a chicken body!( probably pissing on something)
THREAT DETECTED! @Pinkeevee222 my "associates" found a new threat. at 4:29 PM we found a new threat who calls itself "theGAMeRCaT." we've found that this is a direct threat to your comic's lifeline and may overwhelm by sheer number. I see we should take action now before "theGAMeRCaT" does...

Meh @VayIsCool: MWHaHaHAHaHAHa:3
GRAMMAR NAZI @TheGamarCat: Lol It's theGAMeRCaT
Tina I'm not going to stop asking, buuutttttt will you pls make a comic season just on the meanwhiles???
@Guest: No, because if I do that, the Meanwhile series will end for good in that chapter.
dusk is having as much of a good time as i been in this entire week
same one shoot me
@Pinkeevee222: you my comence with the secrets becouse you have over...1000 fans!!!
The Cactus Umbreon's girlfriend? I guess is a plastic cactus . Why umbreon?
Dawn @Pinkeevee222: When is Dawn gonna be in another comic? I'm just wondering, (because Dawn is one of my favorite characters in this comic series.)
@StarTheEspeon : Dawn is actually going to appear in the comic after the heft one! :D
dusk is going on a date with a ded cactus people are gonna think hes a murderer.
blizz's the murderer and dusk is sent to poke jail for it
@pinkeevee: when is the next back grownd eevee thing? i realy want a carictor like this one i made up!!!

( btw i a kid that have bad gramor and spelling)
@Pinkeevee222: this is funny why dont u ever read my comments i almost commented on everyone but u no read them plz read this
Dusk finally broke the comic after all these years (over Dramatic)
When is that little magect thing going to be over i feel bad for sora
Disks nope broke the 4th wall everyone
SSEC has hit 1000 fans! ^w^

Miku gonna kill dusk
So is Harmony
Cause dusk has a girlfriend that’s a tree
@Pinkeevee222: why dusk suck? meow~
Dusk is best husbando.
I really like zeon's quest headers too.
It been 3 hours in the computer and it can't on connect to a internet.
@Pinkeevee222: ughhhh i cant do any more typing, meh fingerz are freeeeezing!
Wow. Just wow. For a girl who spends all her time on Quotev and this, even I could connect that! (just in case no one got it, I am the girl)

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