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November 25th, 2017, 2:35 pm

The espeon in the header is the total
opposite of Dawn. Shy and soft spoken.

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I find it funny that they are just staring at a wall. lol.
Also, Rest in Peace, Dusk... or rather... rest in pieces.
Oh right. Also, there has been a problem with cursing in the comment section lately. Please don’t curse in the comments section.
Pinkeevee222, November 25th, 2017, 2:38 pm Reply
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dusk is so dead
Yay secondt comment, sorry but yay may disk rest in peices 0----0
@Blueeevee36: Uhh...disk??
@Enderstar: the disk is a technical machine which gives u moves,and that tm I expect is very strong
@RainbowEevee: I know TM 15 is hyper beam, but he said rest in pieces DISK, not Dusk.
@Enderstar: I AM A GIRL I WILL KILL YOU pulls out knife I KILLED THAT YELLOW CAT AND ILL KILL YOU TOO qnd i ment dusk blushes with angar
Sorry, not sorry. @Blueeevee36: How am I supposed to know that you are a girl? You never said it and Blue eevee gives away nothing.
Oh crap where you at
Dusk is so dead I love this so much this is why i spend my weekend just looking at your comics and rereading them have a good day!
Blizz XD
TM 15 Dusk is soooo dead
@Skylar101: not unless dusk uses any protecting moves ...... or just plain out runs out of the pc and runs Into miku and runs away into some weird place and goes into a bush with miku and roasts marshmallows and the bush and it doesn't catch on fire..... By that I mean he is so screwed..... But what if a Lunala comes and takes always dawns power and the tapu imprision her in a vortex and she stays there for forever BUUUT she could just kill dusk and eve gets peeved and ...etc
Uh... Dusk? You might wanna come back from outside the forth wall now... Dawn looks really creepy XD

ALSO, Is that Sol in the header?
Omg Dawn in the second panel looks like grumpy cat lol
...oh no... Not.. TM 15! Run Dusk!
10th comment OH YEAH!! no this is not much to celbrate but im usually like the last person to coometn :3. Also message to Dusk. GET OUT OF THERE BEFORE YOU DIE.
Where the heck is dusk and his cactus girlfriend And when did emojis have hands.
...... This might be a stupid question but...

When will you release the next chapter of zeon quest?
@Flareon1: no gives a crap
(this is supposed to be a derpy crying face) @Blueevee36: TuT
@Blueevee36: Wow, that's mean.
@Enderstar: first you call me a boy and now mean its my opion well at least im not cusing you out like i did that i love umbreon kid
Head over to the WWE shop for awesome savings........this is so stupid.......I hate my fucking life..........why.........cruel world.......
@Wweshop: could you please not curse? She said specifically in her author comment not to...
@Raini01: sorry my cursing brother got my tablet and well destroyed the keyboard vs NEW DAY.......who will win
*waits from 1:30 to 3:10 in northern Irish time, no comic. Sometime when she's dragged shopping: new comic!* will I ever get first comment ;-;
Let's run some basic statistics on:
DUSK... VS... TM15!

So, TM15 is Hyper beam, a damage-dealing Normal-Type move available to Espeons through TM.
It may be used 5 times, though the user must rest afterwards to regain energy. (But that's where Blizz comes in; with any luck, Dawn will blast through the fourth wall)
It has a power stat of 150.
It is 90% accurate.
It may affect anyone adjacent to the user. (BLIZZ YOU NEED TO MOVE OUT OF THE WAY)

Now let's look at Dusk.
Dusk is an Umbreon, a Dark-type Pokemon.
Umbreon's base HP is 95; at level 50, it can be 155-202. However, Dusk is only level 15, so his HP would be around 120.
Umbreons are damaged normally by Normal-type moves.

Yeah... Dusk is screwed.

So, who wants to bet, what do you want to bet on, and how much will you bet on it?
@thebradyiceeevee02: If he can put on a cute act and get close to Dawn, he can act all apologetically while slyly brushing his tail on her 6 times which will drop her defense down to pretty much nothing. When he does that, he can then use pursuit (which he learns at 15) Dawn will try to melt his face but her blinded rage might make her miss. (or he can levitate her) She'll need to rest a bit, so he can use pursuit again. Then, she won't expect it when she goes to blast him again but he teleports behind her (Nani!) and uses pursuit again. And that's that. (if Dusk got a critical hit at any point, she'd be done in 1 hit too)

Dusk accomplishes one of his dreams and Dawn is sleepy and salty.
@thebradyiceeevee02: holy fork you be smark
@thebradyiceeevee02: I WANT TO BET I bet Dusk is in really big trouble and Dawn is going to win. I BET MY LIFE ON IT.
@Flareon1: Well don't be surprised if the grim comes
@Rainbow eevee: Ok XD
@pinkeevee222 You know you should watch this animation called insanity eevee evolutions and it would be nice to see some weird flareon x umbreon action ;) plus make flareon or eve save dusk from dawn and glaceon
@EspeonLover: WELL! That was interesting. I couldn't help but think of the characters in that video as the ones in the comic and now I'm sad to pieces. Oh noes.
@cccviper653: THE FLAREON AND UMBREON SHIP MUST GO ON!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm crying watching insanity when flareon dies as he admits he likes umbreon! My sad life) ='3
@cccviper653: ALSO GUYS IM NIT AS OLD AS U THINK!!!!!!!! ;) I'm like 20
@EspeonLover: i've already seen it. I LOVE THAT VIDEO.
Question: Will she be able to break the fourth wall with that? And doesn’t Dusk know TM 29 Psychic?
Apparently, yes Dusk might want to die right about now.Dawn is gonna kill himmmmmmmm.
If dusk is fast enough he will escape or eve will save him and yes my picture is flareon and umbreon because I saw thus ship and its pretty adorable
Also who remembers comic 61 where eve asked umbreon if he liked her
@EspeonLover: me, I have a good memory for non school things
@Silver the Eevee:
*Can't remember equation for an equation for math*

*Can answer damage rates, effects, and usage of weapons in 1 second of asking perfectly*
@YellowCat200: yep that's me right there
No offense and not to point out the obvious, espeon is the only Eevee evolution that DOESN'T have a type advantage over any of the other Eeveeloutions, a real disadvantage in a bow filled with 100% Eevee evolutions.... Sorry? Not sorry...
@Guest64 : Actually she isn't the weakest because she can learn so many different moves and if you breed her for egg moves then........... Goodbye eeveelutions #CALMMIND SET UP!!!!!
@EspeonLover: I know... just I feel like people forget the TOTAL TYPE COVERAGE DARK TYPES(Umbreon) HAS AGAINST PSYCHIC TYPES(Espeon)
@Guest64 : It would be awesome if Dusk had toxic, protect, dark pulse, and shadow ball...
plz update eevee academy if not have a reason plz.
i love eevee comics dear pinkeevee i am your biggest fan and i love your comics i just wish you would update eevee acadomy i hope you do from lovingeeveecomics
RUN DUSK RUN RUN RUN DUSK DAWN HAS A TM15/hyperbeam PS bring the cactus
@Pinkeevee222: you are dead dusk and pinkevee222 plz update eevee acadony i miss reading it
Who else is watching the Pokemon movie?!
@Franchska The Fennekin: witch one? The 20th Movie?
@Skylar101: Pokemon The Movie: I choose you!
@Franchska The Fennekin: I saw that one! :3

(Everyone said that movie was gonna be bad but I liked it!)
@Skylar101: me too! I cried!
dusk is dead
Um pink eevee people are starting to curse
For some reason, this was more funny than the last one.
DUSK!!!!! RUN!!!!! GO RUN!!!
Ps, I think Nintendo is trying to tell us something
pokemon GO MAIRO RUN
@Pinkeevee222: yasssss Dawn yasssssss
I have been waiting quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite a long time for the TM 15 pun to come back.
Also lol btw. Technically nobody has first comment pinkeevee222 does!
eh, dusk is an umbreon, pretty sure hyper beam doesn't do much to a sp. defensive tank like an umbreon, so dusk should be fine.
@F00D: idk *Espeon used Shadow punch on dusk! It was super effective!!!!! Dusk fainted.* that's how it goes once it starts to get legit and dawn brings out physical attack and yes espeon can learn shadow punch a ghost type move to beat umbreon
@EspeonLover: Can't eeveelutions just use shadow ball, a move they could've learned as an eevee?
Dusk x eve and I know the secrets and the past @Pinkeevee222: hey so when do u think dusk will love eve and will it ever happen???????? (If not pls pm me so I can cry) Also if its sky I also found out and put everything from the secrets together so I know everything now!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Enderstar: read weaknesses umbreons physical defense isn't that good anyways soooooo he would still faint anyways because of dawns lvl and moves...... Goodbye dusk it was nice knowing u
The comments keep coming quickly
@Suck an a$$ pinkeevee222: ...... ^^; Uh... I am probably the only one who has to look at the comments section. You know, since I am the aurthor of the comic... *Sigh* I guess I’ll just ban people from commenting if they curse.
Also, like, I said Please Q~Q
@boomdoomg: I am lazy.
@Pinkeevee222: if you are lazey youse that extra time to make more comics
@Pinkeevee222: when are ya make Volt stop snaping a stick, HE IS STILL GOING WITHOUT OUR HELP, HE MIGHT BE DEAD BY NOW!!!!
Dawn can't kill dusk, pokemon can't die in the PC! @Pinkeevee222 said so in one of the first comics! They can only be in extreme pain!
@Turtwigsfire13: Read bond of brothers, Oliver almost died. He was saved by a revive.
@Enderstar: Bonds of brothers isn't canon. It's a fanfic made by *Him*
Like I said before dusk is dead
jeez calm down dawn ._.
I bet you he wants to die.

Maybe he thinks Sky is dead.

They can see each other in heaven.

@EspeonLover: I want Daisy×Vay cause Vay is or used to like Daisy :v
@Franchska The Fennekin: P-Pokemon can't die, they faint. so If you wanted a little more to that sorry
I still wonder if dusk is night and why vay is human... hmmmmmm. And I used to think that blizz was a girl lol
@I_luv_sylveon: ikr? I thought Blizz was a girl too......................... buuuuuuut meh
@Guest: Sameeeeee
@I_luv_sylveon: I'm I srsly the only person here that read bond of brothers? Read it if you want to find out about JAY, and Dusk is night. Sora is Sky as well.
@Enderstar: Actually, Bond of Brothers isn't canon. It's like a theory, but biiiiiiiiiiiig.
Oh and also I love the espeon all the way at da top. And pls support stop the cursing in the comments. If you wanna curse say it in your head there might be kids
Dusk, run out of the PC, OR YOU ARE GONNA DIE!
What is tm15 :o
@Eeveelope: Hyperbeam :)
@Eeveelope: A big beam coming from the mouth of a jigglypuff in gene 1 :V
I'm nothing but a mere observer but honestly, Think about it Dusk! this could have been Avoided if you gave Blizz the new computer. But hey I can't really tell you anything because I cant influence the story. So get ready for pain Dusk... Besides I want to see acton. Plus RUN DUSK RRRUUUNNNNNNNNN DUSKKK.
Dawn, Besides Sora you my fave! Go get em' girl!
@Pinkeevee222: I'm not trying to rush you or anything but when are you planning to fix the character section? I really really reeeeally want to see how it comes out! :3 but again, I don't want you to feel rushed but I'm just exited I can't sit still. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!! * explodes from excitement *
Plz do a Levin Devin Kevin plz pinkeevee222
R.I.P Dusk my favorite character
Me want eevee academy new page :( Can pinkeevee do that for kawii~Chan? ( srry had to XD)
@Rainbow eevee: 《reply to self cause feels alone •3•》
R.I.P Dusk, cactus and 4th wall ;(
@Plaguelord: But I thought that Dawn only wanted Dusk, not the poor cactus who already suffered.
@Guest: Hyperbeam means no mercy, my mercy...
@Plaguelord: oh...
Yet another lazy day Why the heck am I too lazy to log on? Nevermind that... RIP Dusk and Plastic Cactus, my two favorite characters.
im doing this from a 3ds:] HAS ANYONE NOTICED THAT DAWN LOOKS LIKE GRUMPY CAT IN PANEL 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
. \ . . . . /
. .\ . . . /
. .|\. . ./|
. .| . . . |

. ._____
. / . . . . . \
./ . . . . . . \

@YellowCat200: well than i guess you must die. *pulls out knife out of cloak and stabs YellowCat200* MWHAHAHAHAHA YOYOU SHALL NOTICE "contiues evil laugh"
@Blueeevee36: I have XD
lol lol lol im reading this during school and i have not been caught yet... hehehe i have batter things to do (aka read theese comics) then to do school work haahha oh snap the teacher is coming runnnnnnnn :0
Wait....would the attack even hit him through the fourth wall? It is the fourth wall for a reason.
So what will happen if dusk is gone gone. Dot ain’t kidding anymore
RIP dusk he should have not said no
Wonder what'll happen to dusk °_°
Anyone ever heard of Hamilton?
Anon: You strike me, as a woman who will never be not lazy.
Me: I'm sure I don't know what you mean, you forget yourself.
Anon: You're like me, I will never be not lazy.
Me: Is that right?
Anon: I will always be so lazy.
I have a feeling that I should sing stay alive to dusk (the first song not Philips !!!!!)/ no spoils sorry
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 number 10 paces Fire!!
Maybe we should play who lives who died who tells your story for the eevees from the lab
I have a theory Here it is. In the summery on the homepage for this comic series, it says that Sylveon was found/saved by a "rescue squad". Huh, I wonder when else we heard those words in Pokemon...*cough* P.M.D. Red/Blue RESCUE SQUAD *cough*! If it's not clear yet, I think these universes are connected. But, there's a problem, the comics show POEPLE! So unless this Sylveon can break the laws of physics and logic then something's goin' on here.

Then I played P.M.D....and I saw something...people DO exist here, they've just been turned into Pokemon. So... It is possible that Sylveon got into this universe and the "Meanwhile..." comics take place in a different time and place in the infinite universe we call Pokemon.

Thanks for letting me waste your time.
... Can't believe she's so angry over a stupid computer. Also Yay lazy dots!
@Gamenwatch: lol, well, this computer is the computer all the eevees in the houses will use, and she thinks that it is selfish fir Dusk to give them such a bad computer. Plus, it is their only way to access internet.
@Pinkeevee222: haha, the need for internet can be overpowering I guess, especially if that would be the only access to the internet;)
Zeon @Pinkeevee222: I follow the Zeon's quest story on, Sorry to ambush you here, but are you ever going to update it?
@Pinkeevee222: who else knows about his 4th wall breaking ability and who else can use it
@Pinkeevee222: some people are already cursing just to let you know. the next comic should be the eeveelutions saying stuff like, " STOP DA CRUSING YOU MILTANK " lol. but still why do yall curse just keep it in your head. please.
Holy Ho-Ohs! @what the muk just happened: The people that are here only for the lore are being so mean to Mari on this chapter. T.T Every page (kinda) has SOME kind of significance. You just gotta look at the bigger picture.

For example (this is probably one of the non lore significant pages and meant purely for comedy though) but I'm gonna over analyze it for you anyway.

1. As Mari said in the last page, Dawn and Blizz are finally interacting and establishing a base relationship which might come as a major importance later.

2. Dawn shows her TM again, which then also reminds you of Dusk's TM. This is a hugely significant thing if you haven't picked up on the clues yet.

3. The severity of Dawn's anger also reminds you about the huge level disadvantage some of the Eeveelutions have which could pose a peek into who could win any future conflicts should they ever come up.

4. Blizz reeling back shows he's scared for Dusk and though is really mad about the shite computer he got, still cares about Dusk's face not melting because their bond is so close. That close bond will likely save either of their butts in the future when things unravel.

5. Dusk is really outdoing himself by pretending he loves a plastic cactus. Everymon probably doesn't think he's just stupid now, but instead completely brain dead. MASSIVE plot significance there.

See? There's lore stuff. With every new page that comes out, you have to cross reference it with every single page, official comment, alt text, etc, to see the significance. So, if you're saying you're just here for the lore, yet you can't see it, you're not really here for the lore and you're just being an Arceus. TBF, some things ARE really hard to figure out though. But the MAJOR overall arch is there and fairly easily visible.
. )---( .
@cccviper653: This has to be legit the longest comment I've ever seen.... CONGRATS!
@Guest64 : Blame the lore snobs.
@cccviper653: wat
blizz! you bully dusk into gettung u a computer and he gets you a cheap one! what do u expect?! then he runs away! it makes sense!

also he isn't breakind the forth wall :/
(dont take that the wrong way)
Hey, @pinkeevee: , I have two ideas for the comic!

1. When Dawn uses hyper beam, she breaks the wall and there is an Eevee sitting on the toilet ( lol! sry I'm a kid, I can't help it! )

2. Dusk gets him the computer and he gets hacked! :D
@Guest: i like number 1
@Guest: More like Dawn uses hyper beam (right next to Blizz), accidently misfires, and apparently hits Daisy's room. Daisy sees Blizz, she starts to run and hide, Blizz is utterly mystified. Then, Vay comes out of nowhere and asks "Hey, what is going on over her..." and Vay sees Daisy and starts blushing too. Vay turns around and starts walking away like he saw nothing
swear swear swear cuss cuss cuss this is another flavor of spam, by the way
Dusk really somone slap him for me can't he relize that he os going to die from dating a catos like what f**k is wrong with him is he crazy he knows if eve saw him she would be heart broken!!!!!
Oh yeah the characters page is still not working for me.
OH MY GOD... @Guest: it not working for ANYONE! She said this too many times! EVERYONE LISTEN UP!

I don't understand what everybody is talking about clues. What clues?! What this have to do with the sylveon!?! What rescue squad!?! WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!?!?
Not TM-15 again!
I have a question. I am playing through Pokemon White 2 and I can't find TM-15 in it. Can anyone help me?
Vape I like vape a lot more when he did more than just stay in his room, sort of like when he went with Blizz and Dusk to save Eve from the killer jigglypuffs
Hyper beam at its finest
And here lies Dusk: disintegrated by his sister after he refuted to buy a new computer.

@yellowcat: yeah! great idea! i just hope pinkeevee will take it!

( btw im the one who made that coment )
@kratos Yes Dusk would probably use Juanita to protect him and end up killing HER instead!!
Duh Plus if he can break the 4th wall he can break the 16th wall
Thank you @Pinkeevee222 once again you can left my spirit and make me smile
@eeveeleo: samee
@kratos i didnt know there was that many walls ;D
@UmbreonMaster: 2 words: Deadpool movie Because reasons
FINALLY Ah so you finally agreed with me eh? well... knowing dusk, I bet he will refuse and DIE (BTW: isn’the isn’t Dusk a dark type?) so if dawn fails, I beg you to bring back back-broke harmony (the eevee whose back was broken by Dusk) to kill dusk once and for all!
isn't Dusk a dark type @Same dusk hater from those comme: yes yes he is
Actually she WILL kill him because hyper beam is a normal type move and a pretty darn powerful move LOL
@Yup the same man: Like I said you cant kill Pokemon, they only faint...
@Yup the same man: hyper beam has mediocre accuracy
Plus the Eeveelution’s move sets were never confirmed (except for Dawn’s hyper beam)
@Same man as before: also dusk's fourth wall break
Hi Pinkeevee, who is Denny? Is Denny Eve's brother? Is Sora ever coming back? I hope.
I happy I did a question on ask ssec and you replied :3, my heart thumped so hard from excitement I'm glad I did a °○° face ;3
idk when is the next thing out cuz im new
@Hattie: Saturdays
hoi! :D
Well now dusk be like Hamilton and blizz be like burr and dawn is just burrs gun
@Pinkeevee222 where did daisy go last time we saw her was when she rushed 2 eevees Blizz beat the S*** out of
Anyone else think that dusk and his date are just in the space in the wall? if not you need to remind yourself this is in a computer, And there could be many lines of code in between the inner and outer wall. how the logic of this makes sense only bill and co know.
My little brother thought THIS is what you meant when we curse: Brother: But why? I love Harry Potter!
R.I.P Dusk
2014 - 2017

Rest in pieces.

@Guest: dusk got healed in seconds after harmony beat him up remember also look at blizz face in the last panel XD
I guess dawn is ok to beat him up instead
(cries eterally)
All things considered, maybe Dawn just wants dusk to know she's not going to put up with him and that she has feelings for him...

... Maybe...
@Pokemonfan#1: Dawn has a boyfriend...
@Franchska The Fennekin: your right also where is skull during all this
Problems for me AH SHIT!!!.
okay the reason im cursing is because number one i have not updated my account in forever and number two i have not been on the comic eeveelution squad and i have about 100 comics to read to catch up and its going to take to long my god. (Well i can fix the whole not updating thing)
@Pinkeevee222: I agree. NO CURSING!
@Pokemonfan#1: um... u do know that dawn has a BF, right? also dusk and dawn are brother and sister.
@Dusk's Fan Girl: idk y i replyed to myself
@Pinkeevee222: omg dawn is so cute at the heading!X3
btw why am i a thug life eevee? im going to kill those who did it
OH YEAH, BRINGING OUT THE HYPERBEAM! I bet you anything someone's gonna use it now that it's back.
@Pinkeevee222: THERE HAS BEEN CUSING!? (Lol how did I not know that)

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