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I went back to the old header designs for this page. Idk why.

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Dawn and Blizz are perfect for each other, tbh. If only they talked to each other more~
Pinkeevee222, December 23rd, 2017, 1:55 pm Reply
Advertisement, December 18th, 2018, 8:34 pm Reply

yay im think im the only one who knows wut dat is and first commentyay
@Luna_the_absol:3: Blue shell is coming
@Fuyjghyjftfjythytf : blue shell?
Mario Kart references
@Fuyjghyjftfjythytf : Mariocart on my bus; Everthing is quiet... till some literally yells "blue shell!" And EVERYONE starts screaming... help...
@Guest: blue shell is the evil unless im the one throwing it *pulls out blue shell* run
@Luna_the_absol:3: *plays RUN theme* *song plays* R U N!
@Fuyjghyjftfjythytf : I like mario karts
@Luna_the_absol:3: ouch. Well I guess dusks mom stepped on a crack
@Pinkeevee222: That has gotta hurt, does Dusk need potions or somethin' to help with that back?
dusk cant u just get ur butt up or lift your knees up to break his arm i've seen it happen before and uh pinkeevee222 is dusk broken in half that didnt sound good ouch
@Luna_the_absol:3:Agreed I'm mean when he is not being dumb he is a pure savage
That's gotta hurt

But what about the cactus?
@CalligeonSylveon: They left her
@Pinkeevee222: Cactus is forever alone...
Yeah..... @Pinkeevee222: I predicted that on the comment Forgotten.
@Luna_the_absol:3: Time changes people xD
@CalligeonSylveon: i shall prepare his funeral
@Luna_the_absol:3: Dawn loves Dusk, but, he deserved that.
@Pinkeevee222: no no no he don't he
@Luna_the_absol:3: Actually, he did. You guys are not getting the full picture on why Dawn is acting like this.
@Pinkeevee222: I don't care dusk~kun get hurt *flips table*
@Pinkeevee222: Why does he deserve it? Dusk is just being Dusk.
@Enderstar: well, to put it nicely, he was being very annoying. A particular word that I shouldn't type.
@wifijoe: You see this gun *pulls out nuke launcher*it shoots nukes and to anyone evil or talks trash about dusk get a nuke to the face.SO CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY
@Kratos: XD
Not dissing him, just in this moment he deserved everything he got coming for him. You can't break the 4th wall without getting punished, right?
@wifijoe: 2 words: Deadpool movie. explanation for your question and see it's ratings
@Guest: Ok then. I'll try to tell you without spoiling anything. Dusk purposely doesn't give the Light Fire and Ice drop eevees Electronics, music, ways to learn, books etc. But, he does give all of those things to Green paw eevees. The laptop in the common area is their only way of accessing these things, but Dusk does not want to give them a good computer, so he gives them an old one that barely works. Dawn and Blizz want him to give them a computer. Even though, Blizz wants it for his own uses (cause Dusk won't give him a computer either) that computer would be the only thing that they have to learn.
@Pinkeevee222: ahhhh now this makes sense! I thought they were just exaggerating, but BOY WAS I WRONG!
Yeah @Pinkeevee222: I get it because I commented on the comic before. So Dusk bought them a bad computer so they torture him but the thing is that dusk kept his promise and bought Blizz a computer. So I don't know what side to be on.
@Pinkeevee222: it's like me and my brother. I love him, but only cause I'm supposed to. Other than that it's more like Mortal Kombat X.
@Guest: same for my brother. I'm suppose to love him but in reality. It's every man for themselves.
talk about trouble in paradise TTnTT ouch
Shoulda RKO'd
@TheJGamer: yeah he should of that would of been more awsome
Ahem.... BLIZZ CENA!!!
@Ninja Fleeveon: John Cena theme sounds*
@Ninja Fleeveon: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh

@Ninja Fleeveon: *Theme Shittyfluted*
Now Dusk knows how Harmony feels~
Hey Pinkeevee whos ur fave eeveelution?
@UmbreonMaster: her favorite I believe is sylveon. Correct me if I'm wrong, though
Sorry but wot duz WWE mean?
@UmbreonMaster: world wrestling entertainment aslo known as wwe and the greatest wrestling show on earth
@Luna_the_absol:3: remember Fact and opinion
The thing is that I just remembered that fight moves are super effective to dark types
Poor dusk...
It's good to know SSEC is starting to return to comedy rather than story.
@VaporeonLord: Sadly, this IS story.
@Pinkeevee222: It's comedy story
yay Dusk totally deserved that :>
@Flareon1: eh sort of but hello flare its been awhile
@Flareon1: Ahem
I believe you owe me your life

I will allow you to select method of execution
@thebradyiceeevee02: u stay away from her or else
@thebradyiceeevee02: hey i thought i said that i thought that Dawn was going to win in that bet
@Flareon1: Dawn and Blizz are a team now
So she has won
@thebradyiceeevee02: yes she has and im about to cry because my mom just got done chopping onions my eyes hurt so so very bad


*John Cena theme plays in back round*
*puts shades on Bizz*
@Guest: *Plays the video*

john cena:WTH is going on *replays again*

24 years later

*plays again and video didn't stop*

john cena:Thats it Stop it

28 years later

*video still didn't stop*

john cena:AAAGGGGHHHHH *break the computer*

me: Oh my I am not clean this mess up
O GOD! Blizz has the power of super strength and.... he just jumped on Dusk......... Rip Dusk he died on a date...
Dusk is DEAD
@Lfraz700: Yey
How many levels would Blizz gain from this?
@VaporeonLord : I think it would prestige him 3 times.
And this all happened because of a computer... blizz accept what you've got there are no TV's (high quality) out in the open.
@Guest: lol, ironically, Dusk does not give them any TVs either
Early Christmas present~!
Lol you know I think dawn and blizz would be the perfect cops
Welp... This got dark fast
Prepare for ship comments.
@Franchska The Fennekin: dawn already has a boyfriend
R.I.P. LOL Well he got cracked up .-.
Not 100% sure that dusk needed that Crack...
Don't worry, dusk is tough, and an Umbreon, glaceons don't have high attacc stats and Blizz isn't glowing, so he'll be fine
@Silver the Eevee: Blizz is really strong so Dusk is dead
Wait, where's TM15 at?
Uhh... @Yoshir10: Dun Dun DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN
Me:Blizz used Body slam on dusk it's SUPER EFFECTIVE...CRITICAL HIT
Desmos my brother:boi
Me:Deal with it* mlg glasses fall on and starts to smoke weed*

ps: Is kewl dusk making a return here/ Also Blizz should RKO him in another "bad choice"
Wow. That must of hurt so much I can almost feel the pain.
@Silvertheumbreon: yeah also truth or dare
@Kratos: uhhhh dare?
@Silvertheumbreon: *troll face*I dare you to punch your least favorite character on the show... Also to say your crush if you have one
@Kratos: uhhhh why?
@wifijoe: it's life of truth or dare
I can do it to you if you want
I don't have a crush and my least fav....
Vay: what
*punches him in the face* HA!!
Vay: owwwww....
@Silvertheumbreon: lol rip vay's face... wait a minute,PINKEEVEE222 can I punch Blizz or Miku to pluto
@Kratos: lol
@Kratos: think she will probably say no
Yay @Silvertheumbreon: silver! It’s me! Gold!
@Goldtheumbreon : sup gold
@Goldtheumbreon : yo also try to hold back luna before she get's rekt
@Luna_the_absol:3: read the 2nd last comic on meanwhile in kalos to understand what I mean

Ps I have a no guard guillotine on my team bud
@Kratos: she just a a crazed lover don't u step foot near her or I swear on arceus I will kill u and get revenge for bay
@Luna_the_absol:3: hold up,I'm gonna tell you something I tried suicide and FAILED so think twice about killing me because I can't even kill MYSELF... also I already killed her PLUS Night is saved strictly for Sora*Serious face
@Kratos: (punches in face) u realy wanna play
@Luna_the_absol:3: *eye's fill with red rage and takes out a sword the size of the empire state building and talk in a demonic voice*NOW YOU F*** UP IF YOU HAD A BRAIN YOU WOULD START RUNNING

ps future kratos here sorry for cussing,but still it got crazy fighting Luna_the_absol:3
@Kratos: *pulls out sword made of soul* u wanna play *punches again*
@Kratos: *pulls out sword made of soul* u wanna play *punches again*
@Luna_the_absol:3: *pulls out the 2 sun and turns them both into blades the size of the earth and powerful enough to cut a hole in the multiverse*you still want to fight a god I killed my father zues to tell you
@Kratos: *flyz away un afraid* meh
@Luna_the_absol:3: *in normal voice*good choice you almost got rekt by a 10 year old boy

ps yes in real life I am 10
@Kratos: ok i dont wanna break pinkeevee's rules and idc if ur 10
@Luna_the_absol:3: I can say what I want so deal with it
*dabs and Mlg glasses fall on me*
@Kratos: I'm 1 year older then you
@Kratos: me geting rekt nope why don't you just run along little boy and leave me alone 'whispers' idiotic guest
@Luna_the_absol:3: i heard that and i know some things you wouldn't expect
@Kratos: u know wut just go golduck ur self
@Luna_the_absol:3: *facepalms*that's it i'm out*leaves*
@Silvertheumbreon: ;-; poor vay...
@Pinkeevee222: bet that hurt meow...
Poor dusk, Blizz and dawn are a blizzard of hyperbeams
I think @Pinkeevee222: maybe everyone likes dawn but dawn dont notice
@Hattie: From my experience, next to Blizz, Dawn is one of the most hated characters in the series, which I find sad, cause I love Dawn.
WHAT!!!??? @Pinkeevee222: How are Dawn and Blizz the most hated, they are hilarious and my favorite among a few others.
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: I actually don't hate any of the characters, but Vay is my favourite. Also, Merry Christmas!
.... @Potatichu: Merry Christmas to you too! :D

What does WWE stand for anyway?
@?: WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment
Uh.... yeah.... someone call Daisy, I think Dusk may or may not of just had his spine broken by Blizz and Dawn.....

By the way, Merry Christmas, Pinkeevee222 and comments!
merry christmas everyone

/ \
Rip in pieces Dusk >:D YAAAAAAAAAAY DUSK IS GONNA DIE and dawn, blizz, just get a knife and stab him in the chest Jesus, tap dancing, crist
@Guest: what it is wrong with you ...
@Guest: lets say dusk hater
Me: *read Guest's comment*Hold up*throws him off a cliff*
Dawn used throw! Dusk flinched!
Blizz used Body slam! It was super effective! Dusk fainted! Use next pokemon?
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: Go, Daisy! Use Razor Leaf! It was super effective! Dawn used Tackle! Daisy fainted! Use next pokemon?
Hey peeps, does anyone think it’s lucky that my first Eevee is a Male {soon to be Sol the espeon} and his child is a female {hopefully a soon to be Umbreon}

Is it weird that I imagine Sol to be that overprotective dad........?
Dawn<3Blizz Maybe Dawn likes Blizz lmao
Yeah MERRY CHRISTMAS Plz make more comics nowadays your comics hardly have any word T-T
@MythicalMew: it might happen in the future its just the nature of the chapter to have less dialogue then others and it might be hard in some ways to write dialogue
dusk looks like he got hurt... but it's ok! 'cuz you know we've all got battle scars!
@Dusk's Fan Girl: puns
@Dusk's Fan Girl: you and me tied in typing comment some how
@Dusk's Fan Girl: and you’ve had enough, but just don’t give up!
@Dusk's Fan Girl: reference to pinkeevee222's dead channel
lot less comments at this time not in the future
Dawn is great, she can be so cruel and feminine one second, and murder everything like a rabid wolf the next.
Blizz... HOW COULD YOU. Ok just kidding I don’t really care I like Dusk though. I don’t want him to dieeeeeeee!
poop how does pokemon poop/pee since male don't have... male parts...
@john: and why would she draw them?

edit: they'r hidden by furr, thankfully
@Dusk's Fan Girl: no they wear F.U.R
@Dusk's Fan Girl: becuse poop and it is funny to see someone poop on dusk or the jolteon (I forgot his name)
@Dusk's Fan Girl: also how would she draw poop like would she A: draw the poop emoji B: draw brown stuff C: draw very detailed poop and D:draws a stick of butter
@Dusk's Fan Girl: also I'm 6 hours ahead ha!
@john: *facepalms*
@Kratos are you guessing D?
@john: I don't get it
Its been about fifteen minutes since my mom chopped up onions....and my eyes still hurt so bad
Ummmmmmmm, dusk is dumb, but they didn't need to wwe him.

It's hard for me to see blizz as a boy. to me, all glaceons, espeons, sylveons, and vaporeons are girls. umbreons, flareons, and jolteons are boys. leaf eons and eevees can be either.
@#umbreonduskkun: ikr

@#umbreonduskkun: you got half of the girls right ,all the boys right and the either way part all right
weird random dance

saves dusk

weird randome dances wawy with him

dawn and blizz: ???

dusk: you saves meee!!

me: tells dusk's mom (harmony) what they did

harmony: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

dawn and blizz have ben eaten

me and dusk: 0.0

harmony waddles off, dawn and blizz fighting her from inside

me and dusk back away slowly, then when out of sight we sprint away to go roast marsh mellows in a bush.

bush catches fire

dusk: this makes no sence !!! why?! why fire!

dusk pets fire and it purrs

i run away

the end :P
@Dusk's Fan Girl: weird... i wisper
@Dusk's Fan Girl:
Me:what the fu
Random comment reader:NO CUSSING REMEMBER

ps I don't even know
I told you dusk was going to die
LEAVE MY DUSK ALONE AND BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU GOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*t@dusk is bae: *Talks in mic* ya, we got a fan girl what should I do? *nods* {You make up the rest yourself}
@Guest: we should blow her head off bud
Isn’t that a little harsh for an umbreon who broke the forth wall and was sassy? Oh wait never mind.
Merry Christmas!
RIP Dusk! He died before Christmas, now we need to prepare his funeral.
And his name is


*plays john cena theme*
*puts blizz head on and throw john cena into the basket*

great*makes a video*
well time to get the coffin for Dusk and bury the hole.
Dawns tm, Blizz has it Dawn gave it so she could murder Dusk
Nice warrior cats Christmas song

Firekit:Dashing through the snow!
Bluekit:On a pair of broken skis!
Icekit:Over The hills we go!
Foxkit:Bashing into trees! HA HA HA
Foxkit:Snow is turning red, I think I’m almost dead, someone call the hospital and feed me till I drop! OHHHH
Dusk:411!411! Get me out of here!

*dawn and Blizz tackle dusk*

The end!
@Guest: hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha hahaha lol
@Guest: lol that's funny. Wait whats dawn dusk and blizz doing with the warrior cats?
@Silvertheumbreon: pfft IDK XD
@Silvertheumbreon: Don’t question Dusks’ methods
@Guest: I know a similar song I laughed my head off when I saw this
sister: shut up or else
Dusk is dead
alternate ending Dusk:*falls*
Dawn:*steps on back*
Blizz:* trys wwe Slam*
Dusk:*dodges,break free and eyes glow*hah
Dawn:*uses tm 15*
Dusk:nope*dodges and use dark pulse on dawn*
Dusk:*mlg glasses fall and smokes weed*

Sorry if to much dialogue/plz reply

Ps: real me don't celebrate Christmas
how do you get the template for background eevees?
Oh please dusk is stupid and i am happy with the stuff i got
Poor Dusk Lmao Dusk reminds me of Gold in the comic book. Cheeky and stubborn. XD
nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
For this one, all I can say is... ... um, actually I can say nothing... I cant say anything. but I can say that dusk will not be very happy in the morning. and perhaps in the next chapter, it will be a Dusk and Harmony... I want to say "confessions" like they confess to each other. I also ship Dawn and Blizz {but the last part could just be me}
About that... @Pinkeevee222: The comment describing the page... Doesn't Dawn already have a boyfriend? The houndoom?
@TehPsychicOne: Why yes,yes she does,
hey, can you make a side comic where the characters react and answer to the comments,like dares and questions
@Kratos: dusk: I peed my pants! It was scary!
Plz tell pinkeevee222 to make eve kiss me instead of me getting captured!
Eve: wa-wait w-wa-what?
Blizz: there you are, dusk!
Dawn: get him!
Dusk: aaaaaaaaahhhh!! ! Pinkeevee222, help!
Eve: that was w-weird...
Me:she won't because she ships sky and you not you and eve but I'll scare them for you
Dawn and Blizz:how
Me:*takes out a giant sword powerful enough to destroy half of the pc from the inside*with this blade so powerful it can destroy half of the pc from the inside.
Dawn and Blizz:*sees the sword and hear it's power then let go of dusk*nope 9999999999999999999999999999999999 times
Dusk:thank you
Me:*put's sword away*your welcome*looks at eve then looks back at dusk*also I dare you to kiss eve for half an hour*troll face*
Eve: who but a-what now
Dusk and eve:*walk up to each other and kiss for 30 minutes*
Me:pinkeeveee222 is gonna kill me
@Kratos: you got that right
@Kratos: wait pinkeevee222 ships dusk with sky!?!
@Silvertheumbreon: yes read the 4th comic on the first chapter then read pinkeevee222's comment
@Kratos: I saw but I wonder why she ships dusk with sky
@Silvertheumbreon: again IDK
Hidden ability by: Eevee Evolución
Bolt:Quick Feet
Dawn:Magic Bounce
Dusk:Inner Focus
Blizz:Ice Body
Hey, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, can you do some dusk and eve things?
Dusk n’ eve Dusk: eve... I need to tell you something...
Eve: yes umbreon kun?
Dusk: I... lo-love you
Eve: Oh... umbreon kun, I love you too!
Both: (*Blush furiously and Kiss 4 eight hours*)
@Dusk n’ eve things:
Me:*can't do anything but watch*
8 hours later
dusk and eve:*stop their lip lock*
Me:*fainted 2 hours ago from unknown reasons*
Dusk and eve:whatever*start kissing for 12 hours straight*
30 minutes later
Me:*starts to look for Kratos*
5 minutes later
Me:finds Kratos unconscious*OMG
Me:*sees Dusk and eve kissing then can't stop staring too*
6 hours later
Me:*faints from staring for too long*
@Pinkeevee222: yea~
I ship it Please make dawn and blizz a couple!
@Apple: They are not actually because dawn already has a boyfriend.Scull the Houndoom.
so rip Dawn x Blizz plus Blizz x Daisy is pretty much fact*
Pinkeevee222 am I right or Am I right
RIP Juanita the cactus
Stuck in the 4th wall void forever.
@Guest: lol
Poor Dusk
Askin Questions Why is Dusk the only 'techbringer'? Can't any other eeveelutions get electronics?
I need to know... what does Tch mean?
@Guest: I dunno
Blizz X Dawn, I accept any hate
Dawn has a boyfriend you idiot his name is Scull and he is a Houndoom.
@Kratos: (I'm a different Guest) SO!?!!? I still ship it and well... that all I have to say... I only ship Dawn and Blizz.
@Guest: ok
If dusk tells his mom, she won't care.

If dusk tells his mom while on tears with visible injuries and says " mommy! They hurt me! Help me! I love you mommy..." and hugs her, blizz and dawn are dead!

Do it dusk!!!
@Dusk's Fan Girl: maby...
@Dusk's Fan Girl: what do you think..

Will her love overcome hate...

Or will she not care at all?
@Dusk's Fan Girl: nope dusk would be dead and
be hate by his mother even more
Breh i read som comments and boi som u guys didn't know that
Wow so many ships about Dusk x Eve and Blizz x Dawn in the comment section >w<
So blizz is a WWE champion or something now?
@Silvertheumbreon: he probably has a WWE champion belt hidden in his room
@Kratos: lol
@Kratos: next thing u know Juanita comes out and slams him too
@Silvertheumbreon: yeah he is hated much by them
Yes Yes indeed cause -John Cena music starts playing- HES JOHN CENA
Battle scars by paradise fears This is an anthem for the homesick,
The beaten,
the lost, the broke, the defeated,
A song for the heartsick,
The standbys,
Living life in the shadow of goodbye,
Do you remember when we learned how to fly?
Play make believe, we were young and had time on our side,
Now you're stuck to the ground, you got lost, can't be found,
Praying for someone to bring you to life,

I'll carry you home,
No, you're not alone,
Keep marching on, this is worth fighting for,
Yeah, we've all got battle scars,
You've had enough,
Oh but don't give up,
Stick to your guns, you are worth fighting for,
Yeah, we've all got battle scars,
Keep marching on,

This is a call to all the soldiers, to the fighters,
The young, the innocent and righteous,
We've got a little room to grow,
Better days are near,
Hope can be so much stronger than fear,

So if you jump, kid, don't be scared to fall,
We'll be kings and queens in this dream,
All for one, one for all,
You can light up the dark,
There's a fire in your heart,
Burner brighter than ever before,

I'll carry you home,
No, you're not alone,
Keep marching on, this is worth fighting for,
Yeah, we've all got battle scars,
You've had enough,
Oh but don't give up,
Stick to your guns, you are worth fighting for,
Yeah, we've all got battle scars,
Keep marching on,

On and on, like we're living on a broken record,
Hope is strong, but misery's a little quicker,
sit, wait, and drown there,
Thinking why bother play when it's unfair?
They say life's a waste, I say they lack belief,
They tell me luck will travel, I tell that's why I got feet,
Left, right, left right, moving along to the pulse of a heartbeat,

This could be the last chance you have to fly,
Do you like the ground? Want it to pass you by?
Man, you HAD it all, when you were just kid,
Do you even remember who you were back then?
What do you want in life? Will you be twice as strong?
What would you sacrifice? What are you waiting on?
Don't stop, March on.

I'll carry you home,
No, you're not alone,
Keep marching on, this is worth fighting for,
Yeah, we've all got battle scars,
You've had enough,
Oh but don't give up,
Stick to your guns, you are worth fighting for,
Yeah, we've all got battle scars,
Keep marching on,

I just wanted too
ps shout out to scruffy eevee
Poor umbreon
@kratos seriously you wrote all the lyrics?
@Guest: no too much button pressing I copy and pasted it
Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks dusk has something up his sleeve(if he even has one)
poor dusk XD
Guns and ships and so the balance shifts WE NEED




randomness bud In a court with Dawn as the judge
Dusk: Blizz can you get me lunch or i'll tell Dawn and Vay you made Daisy pregnant
Blizz:*Turns into mega form*Now you messed up dusk,The free trip to hell start's now an tell Death's father I said hi
Death:HEY,not cool
Blizz:And for the record I never did it with Daisy,NOW DIE*BEAT'S UP DUSK UNTILL HE FAINTS*
5 minutes later
Blizz:now can we continue
And the Court continues as normal

Ps I gave the eeveelutions mega eveoution because I can/the reason for court is

Crime:eevee labor
Lawyer: Kevin

also shout out to Leon the SnowWolf and link to the video
ps uncensored cussing in it
and his name is JOHN CENA
@Guest 242: John Cena?
Smack jeeves comic help, I don't know how to make a comic and i don't know how to use a digital pad. How do u upload a cmoic anyways, and should i do pokemon or a comic about some guy who fails at almost every thing?
*plays roblox death sound*
to whoever is shipping blizz and dusk: WHAT ARE YOU F***KING GAY?!?!?! WHY WOULD YOU?!?!?!?!?! THEY ARE BOTH MALE AND BLIZZ (probably) WANTS TO KILL DUSK JUST AS JUST TWICE AS MUCH AS I DO NOW. Note: blizz wants to kill dusk for a COMPUTER; while I just want to kill dusk because why not? He broke the back of another innocent Eevee (and no I do not mean Eve. Eve is fine, but we just haven’t heard from her in a while)
@Guest: Blizz x Dusk is the second best ship, next to Blizz x Flame. I even drew fanart of Blizz x Flame, that is how amazing it is.
Also. Blizz does not want to kill Dusk, lol.
@Pinkeevee222: wait so they're gay

Ps sorry for the word
@Pinkeevee222: *Cough*Am I the only one who ships OliverxDewey *Cough*
I wonder Dusk will be fine and Dawn is so strong Physic type Pokemon can't not beat Dark type Pokemon like Dusk.
@EEVEEadventure : Usually that would be the case, but Dusk is level 15, while Dawn is level 50ish.
@Pinkeevee222: oh, okay.
i think that dusk need to go see a doctor becuse samting just brock and im not talking about the 4 wall
@eeveeleo: Dusk probably hurt or he broke his body call the ambulance.
I was wondering WHY WHY doesn't Dusk Give the other eevees and eeveelutions computer? And since his back is broken FOR SURE Maybe he need to go to the pokemon center he might end up seeing Harmony DUN DUN DUN !!! (ps: love your comics pinkeevee222 )
I found out Darren is Harmony older or younger brother and Melody said DARREN cant replace DUSK Harmony sooo that means since Harmony loves Dusk.... That means she loves her brother? Well thats pokemon logic dont fusie it with human logic like you said
I hope Dusk will survive soon.
I wonder what happened to dusk.
Dafuq Blizz is a BOY for crying out loud a BOY JESUS, TAP DANCING, CHRIST D:<
Oh by god almighty he just got split in half! -Jim Ross (aka: JR, former WWE commentator).
Why is this funny? Oh right! I"M FREAKING INSANE! *totally terrifying laughter*

Zero: I swear...I'm not even gonna ask.
@Pinkeevee222: Did Dawn just step on him? That is a little harsh over a computer.
@Pinkeevee222: Are you a Fan of WWE

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