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December 30th, 2017, 1:48 pm

I'll elaborate more on the consequences of Dusk's actions later.

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Dawn convinces Dusk to stop being a meanie! Yay!! So, the character page is still under construction, and so, I decided to do one of 2 things. We can either wait until I finish the new detailed character bios, or I can put the old not detailed ones on the character page temporarily instead. Which option do you guys want most?
Pinkeevee222, December 30th, 2017, 1:55 pm Reply
Advertisement, December 17th, 2018, 7:34 am Reply
Background eevees used in order of appearance :
The green paw eevees don't seem to like the dessission.
Pinkeevee222, December 30th, 2017, 2:12 pm Reply
lol I guess I should explain more about why Dusk is a meanie in comic ^^;;
Pinkeevee222, January 3rd, 2018, 11:01 pm Reply

I feel Like this is very anti-climactic after Dawn FINALLY using hm15 xD

at last they get the good computer now xD
@Raini01: You'd think that Dusk would be in pieces, but instead, Dawn just talks to him. Now, if Dusk said no, that'll be a different story.
Wait didn't dusk get slammed last comic
how is he alright
@Lucario: cartoon logic
Ahaha yes Blizz finally
'80s computers aren't that bad...if you can get past the 3 and a half hour loading time.
heh... @VaporeonLord : XD LOL I agree
@VaporeonLord : i wonder if it can still play my favorite steam game then
@VaporeonLord : I tried to play my great granddad's computer last time I went to visit with my dad, we stayed for two hours and it didn't load past 25% T_T
Sharing is caring Dusk, gawwwwwd
@TheJGamer: Dusk does not care
He is goin to say

"I will ...........NOT
IMO, you should post the old character bios up in the meantime so new viewers can understand the characters better. This is really your choice tho :P
Don’t all the other houses bully the greenpaws? Is this his version of revenge?
@Silver the Eevee: Probably not at the point of bullying... Either way Dawn removes any plans of revenge Dusk had sooo...
@SilentThunder5: Tina has said that the other houses deliberately pick on greenpaw, specifically the boys. *it was his way of revenge
@SilentThunder5: also, they're the ones who broke it with their own incompetence in the first place
@Silver the Eevee: Very true~
@Silver the Eevee: Point made. Many points have been made this day...
finally dusk untie him now
cookie eevee
Wait plz
Dusk is finally going to do something usefull. Omg I thought I'd never seen that day
so 1st: can you make dusk say to dawn "can you please fix the 4th wall?" 2nd: how do you draw poop 1. poop emoji 2.brown stuff 3.detailed or 4. a stick of butter?
Dusk: They did get the computer they deserve.
*patiently waits for Mari to finish all the character bios*
yay Dusk is going to get the right computer.... hopefully
Why would Eevees need access to the internet anyway.

I mean, then again, I guess the whole logic of "on the internet, no one knows you're a dog" applies here.
@ShadowIrorriM: they need to learn
@Guest: Yeah! Since, obviously, Dusk is sabatoging the only other way they can learn (Dusk Sensei comics)
Awwww... Poor dusk... He looks so sad...
Last Christmas and New Year New Year is getting a lot closer, so as Last Christmas! :D
Dusk has his reasons, really good ones too, but yeah, not having internet suuuuuucks. So despite his good reasons, giving them the computer is the proper thing to do.
@Pinkeevee222: I think we can wait a little more (at least I can) because, if it was under construction all this time, why it can’t be a little more until it’s completely finished?
@Pinkeevee222: So pizza isn’t from greenpaw... then, which one (lightfire/icedrop) is his brotherhood?
@Eevee power: icedrop, lol
Did Dusk forget how to use grammar, because he said "I sorry" instead of "I'm sorry".
@VaporeonLord : I sorry is cuter, lol
I think Dusk is going to give them a bad computer and say,”You told me to give them the computer they deserve. And well... they don’t deserve a good computer.
Next time Dusk don't buy a computer because somebody will get that computer.
@Pinkeevee222: How did Dusk get inside the 4th wall?
@EEVEEadventure : He jumped out the panel
@Pinkeevee222: REALLY!!!!!!!!
PINKEEVEE222 pls do the brand new ones because think about all the people who would want to see the new character bios
i bet he won't .p.
I feel so bad for dusk
Man dusk is getting chewed out bye dawn *claps* that's being responsible go dawn you tell him!
I just started reading these comics yesterday and I love 'em, time spent reading these are worth it. Great work!
Sorry but, are u still doing levee academy thing?
I'M BACK! @Pinkeevee222: AND THESE PAGES WON'T LOAD ON MY NEW 3DS XL! Well... some of them anyways... ARRRGGGG!!!
ke he he Ha In your FACE! Dusk. Now buy everyone a Velocity Micro Raptor Z95! (sorry I don't know what that is ...) anyways... I thought Dusk was nice.
Wow First time Dawn ever talked this much...
And Dawn, seeing that your job is a fighter and you do not lead any of the 'brotherhoods' or 'clans', why do you care about them anyway?
@OceanPeppermint: Because, she likes fairness, and she looks out for everyone.
HI1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel bad for Dask, oh well.
erm @randytufty1234: Dask?
:< Poor Dusk...
@Jacob the Meowstic: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, uh, does anyone else ever get fake virus warnings if they go to this page on mobile?
@Potatio: I blame the host site
@Pinkeevee222: Did Dusk have a Girlfriend or crush?
Nah @Guardian Sylveon : Nah... except his new new 3DS. poor eve
Why not iPhones? They access the internet too :)
@Guest: Dusk doesn't give them those either. The only one with a phone is Vay.
More than one way to skin a cat
As for his crush: probably himself (and eve, considering that he’s a dumba** and probably a pedo)
@Guest: language
When are you going to post a new comic
on the other channel?
@Lucario: she uploads them on Saturday
Awwwwww maaaaan I forgot the comic
@Pinkeevee222: I what to get the new charter bios. I can wait
Today it's my birthday from New Year!!
i still want dawn or blizz to pick him then through him and breaks the 4th wall and all the eevee's would see the 4th wall
also happy new years in about a couple of hours!!! (it's 5 hours for me)
@Pinkeevee222: old for now!
so...random eevees break a computer, then they expect Dusk to buy a computer, then bully him and tie him up in a rope and body slam him and freak out other eevees. finaly he agrees, sobbing.

at wich point am i suposed to side with dawn and blizz (lowercase named on purpise)
@Dusk's Fan Girl:

also, why do they need a PC, inside of that kind of PC?!?!?!?!

JUST LEAVE HIM BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Dusk's Fan Girl: 2 eevees broke the computer, and they expect Dusk to get a computer for everyone. Not just those two eevees, or one house. It is not fair if a few people ruin a good thing for everyone, after all. They are in the PC, but they do not have access to that kind of stuff without Dusk's permission. This is why only eevees like Wiz, who Dusk likes, have computers, while those he doesn't like, or have no opinion on, don't.
Love Hi babe!
@Dusk’s Fan Girl’s boyfriend :

U r not my boyfriend! Also I am a child! So........ >=P
@Dusk's Fan Girl: I'm 10 yrs old!!!!!!!!!
@Dawn rocks: same
@Dusk's Fan Girl: 10 yrs old rocks!
im grd 5. lets b friends
I really think that dusk shouldn't have gotten a computer in the first place. First of all, why should dusk, the greenpaw leader, get a computer for the ice drop house? Also, I'm not really sure Blizz deserved a computer. The ice drop house would probably break the computer within the first three weeks. Blizz would also probably have punched another wall by then. And no, Dusk isn't a meanie.
@Guest: It is not only for ice drop. This is a public computer for everyone, this includes Light fire and green paw. And, Dusk is the only one who knows how to import items into the PC.
@Pinkeevee222: oh ok but I still don't like blizz and dawn in this aspect

ps date 1-16-18
@Kratos: well happy early bday then
@Amy Roses Umbreon & Lucario : lol thx
@Pinkeevee222 well if the old ones are just temporary do that but i understand how complicated smackjeeves is so whatever is easiest for you.
@Pinkeevee222: PIZZA XD
@Amy Roses Umbreon & Lucario : if dusk buys pizza dawn will forgive him
Dusk, all you need to do is change their internet to dial up. Then they still won't be able to use the computer.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! !!!!!
@Skylar101: XD
Happy new years!!!!! Even though it happened 2 hours ago... still happy new years!!! (I'm very tired).
It feels so long since the next comic (this one) came out
I say... It would probably take longer to put up the temporary thingle, and the time put into setting that up would probably take away from the update development.

...But if it isn't too much trouble, it'd be best to put up the temporary info, to at least have something there besides an IOU.
@:ok_hand:: Actually, putting the old ones up will only take a few minutes, since the files are already up and I am such a noob at coding that I only paste the file name with some picture coding stuff.

ps plz continue eevee academy
For the options, I actually could go either way. It would be nice to see the character par again, but I am a very patient person.
Happy new years guys
(only if its a good year LOL)
@Guest: yeah
@Pinkeevee222: Wait for new and updated one.
Waaaiiiit... Dusk why didn’t you transform into your giant form (like, when blizz woke you up at 11:59)
and fight everyone?
@SkyBlueEevee: it was because he was cranky read pinkeevee222's comment on that page
@Pinkeevee222: I think u should temporarily put the old bios up cuz we haven't seen a bio in years
@JeffdoesArts: you make a good point
You know... The eevees of Greenpaw dont like the dessissioj I think they have to do with it... Maybe Dusk was forced to Not Give the lightfire and icedorp computer....i mean the way that greenpaw eevees Where looking...MAYBE Dusk did it because the lightfire and icedorp eevees are hurting the greenpaw eevees...So Maybe thats Why the greenpaw eevees were looking that way BUT ITS JUST A THEORY XD (ps: I luv your comics)
And.... They broke the computer and its for lightfire and icedorp So Why dont they do iT themself vay had A lot of money and they bully the greenpaw eevees So Maybe this is his way to revrenge oh and Dusk isn't being selfish he's coming up for the eevees of greenpaw No (almost)matter know Some peoe think he is dumb he isn't he's ACTING that way probaly to make fun of Harmony Because he Thinks she took Sky away while iT was Melody oh and Harmony DUSK CANT REPLACE YOUR BROTHER DARREN!!! Dusk feels lonley pretty soon he only had dawn remember (at least he tought). he probally Thinks he lost her now if he said No...and dawn I think your just being selfish you just want A computer for those lightfire and icedorp eevees while he is the GREENPAW leader the computer Will be broke for Sure after 1 week and buying A computer cost money...Dawn you broke his health in pieces after he already lost Sky.. he probally plays So dumb because soo he Can be Dense and never love somepoke ever again But you cant know that since you weren't in that pokemon lab thingy So iT isin't dawns or blizz fault they are just Trying to do the best that they Can blizz didn't remember the pokemon lab Dusk and the others dont want to tel before blizz get trauma's just like them in other wordt like you see..DUSK IS KILLING HIMSELF FORM THE INSIDE JUST TO TRY EVERYMON TO BE HAPPY NOW DAWN IF YOU HEAR ALL OF THIS TRY TO CALL THAT SELFISH!!!
@Lol: TLDR (too long diddent read)
Dawn is Not selfish You know Why on the other side dawn just want the other eevees to learn So pretend I never said dawn was selfish
YAY I love your comic it was so good keep it on
can you make a comic on my alternate ending to refresh your memories

Dawn:*steps on back*
Blizz:* trys wwe Slam*
Dusk:*dodges,break free and eyes glow*hah
Dawn:*uses tm 15*
Dusk:nope*dodges and use dark pulse on dawn*
Dusk:*mlg glasses fall and smokes weed*

I wish... Poor little guy... * starts to cry *
@Dusk's Fan Girl: yeah he was a good man also after you get out of the rope dusk you should

beverage @kratos: He loves apple juice. If you see the main page, Blizz likes orange juice Dusk likes apple juice and Eve likes dusk
@TehPsychicOne: but he always drinks grape jucie
Wait... If sky is male, and in the blog, there’s a picture of night and sky together, does that mean night is gay?
.... Growlithe heading is so cute... <3
Dawn is very tough...
@Pinkeevee222: I'm sort of dawn
@Pinkeevee222: Put on the non-detailed ones until the detailed ones are finished
can you put daisy in the comic more please?
leafeon is my favorite eevee eveloution UwU
i have some eeveeevoloution oc's

leafeon: cherry
umbreon: dusk (mmmm)
espeon: firefly
glaceon: arctic
sylveon: raspberry
vaporeon: felix
flareon: blaze

rip no eevee or jolteon

@Boomdoomg : joltieon
@Guest: Jolteon
Ah well Did Dawn miss the part where Blizz wedgies him so that he can get a new computer? Blizz doesnt deserve anything at all
I got some Eeveelution oc's too...

Eevee: Summer shine
Jolteon : Lighting Bolt
Vaporeon : Coral Sea
Flareon : Blast Fire
Leafeon: Lily Bloom
Glaceon: Crystal Blizzard
Umbreon : Dark Shadows
And Sylveon : Sylvia heart

From flying type Eevee : Cloudy Dash
Fighting type Eevee: Red Fighter.
But one of them are stupid.
@EEVEEadventure : cute names :D
@cherryleafeon: thank you you're eeveelution names are very cute too..
@EEVEEadventure : LOL I love it that's the best OC I've seen
@Boomdoomg : LOL
@EEVEEadventure : you forgot ground,steel,dragon and rock eevees
@Kratos: From steel type eevee : Metallica silver ( silver)
From dragon type eevee : flaming wing
From Ghost type eevee : Shadow midnight
From ground type eevee : cross blade
From rock type eevee : diamond shine
From poison type eevee : Ivy string
From bug type eevee : butterflies lover
Who likes POTATOES??!
Homestuck? @Pinkeevee222: Have you ever read Homestuck? If so, would you please tell us [the audience] the Eeveeloutions' God Tiers and/or Lunar Sway?
@OttersOpalescent: The Eeveeloution characters in the comic, not the Species of Pokémon themselves.
This is strange The way Dusk speaks seem non-dusklike... I can I ask a question? Does Blizzard like Daisy?
NO @MythicalMew: The other way around.
I’m not trying to stop dusk from roasting others, actually I’m trying to stop him from being a noob/the dumbest umbreon around
And maybe dusk shouldn’t give them a computer after all; In fact... the ONLY thing they deserve is a *BAD TIME* *left eye starts glowing red* *gaster blaster appears* *MEGALOVANIA F**KIN’ INTENSIFIES*
Um, Any reason two of the background Eevee aren’t happy about the new computer? Did they help break the first one or something?
Sooooo... How do Pokemon with paws use a keyboard? I guess it could be possible with a outlandishly large keyboard, but we've never seen anything like that in the comics.
(When your in hufflepuff looking at your own house memes "Lala, wait a minute......" *offensive meme comes* "NO!!!UGH NOT THIS POOP AGAIN! SCREEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
Commet your house and comment if you can relate ;)
Wait a minute... You have 1,000+... WHERES THE UMBREON AND GLACEON SECRET?! XD
Huh. I didn't see any Eevees unhappy about the 'older than Arceus' computer... I wonder if any even saw the computer.
Pweeze Can we get a comic without Dawn beating the crap out of someone please? maybe a flashback or something.
@THROWDACHEEZ: a flashback would be nice...
@typhlosionboy54: SOMETHING SAD!!!!
YO' GOT WWE SLAMED DUSK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

remember this In a court with Dawn as the judge
Dusk:objection objection
Dean:on what stance
Me: I think on the stance of being an idiot
Dean:Nice one Kratos

Dusk: Blizz Blizz can you get me lunch or i'll tell Dawn and Vay you made Daisy pregnant
Blizz:*Turns into mega form*Now you messed up dusk,The free trip to hell start's now an tell Death's father I said hi
Death:HEY,not cool
Blizz:And for the record I never did it with Daisy,NOW DIE*BEAT'S UP DUSK UNTILL HE FAINTS*
5 minutes later
Blizz:now can we continue
And the Court continues as normal

Ps I gave the eeveelutions mega eveoution because I can/the reason for court is

Crime:eevee labor
Lawyer: Kevin

also shout out to Leon the SnowWolf and link to the video
ps uncensored cussing in it
i wonder when the next comic will come out
@cherryleafeon: Saturday at 5:00 pm
I was waiting for that a thousand times
I almost forgot to read this page
*Crys for dusk*
hi friend! 10 yrs old! grd 5
wating for new part ...
Yup. Just waiting.
Still waiting
Me too
the posting is takeing to long for this comic its a become a freaking problem pinkeevee222 can you pls do this more quickly the people are growing impatient C'MON PINKEEVEE222 MAKE IT QUIKER
Just me today. Ryuuko kinda went off the deep end...


@Pinkeevee222: well uh, I need to change up my background eevee a bit - Solstice (its le same person from Amino!)

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