January 20th, 2018, 8:30 pm

I tried a new grass style! Is it good?

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Sora brakes! What is next? I dunno, lol Secret chapter starts next week!
Pinkeevee222, January 20th, 2018, 9:06 pm Reply
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edgy wow edgy
@edgy: I KNOW! :D
The edge is so much that it broke the screen!
@Pinkeevee222: if that is the case then Gladion would make the computer shatter XD
@Skylar101: OH SNAP
You like Gladion?! YES!!! @SongEevee: GLADION IS MY FAV POKÉMON CHARACTER!!!
Edge so edgy it produces more edge

Haha lol check this out, @(Now angry) Vay: they’re not your comics
@Guest: Whatever. I mean i read them, not thier literally mine, pinhead
@Vay: It takes pretty long to do the comics...
She needs her time...
@(Now angry) Vay: Freaking calm down. She does this because she has a heavy schedule (apparently). Stahp screaming like a kid
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: Jeez i was just messing around
@(Now angry) Vay: You have to be a patron to get it sooner sorry bud
I love the broken-glass feel these panels have. It looks really nice and adds to the mood
freaking terrifying i should not have read this at night
@AbbieQuail1: lol I feel you
@AbbieQuail1: same
@AbbieQuail1: I’m also...
Dang it
Oh dang, she's having a literal breakdown
She looks so creepy... :/

Also I love your work! Keep it up! I love it!!!!!!!!!! :D u r amazeing!!! I love ur comics!!!!
@Dusk's Fan Girl:

Also, that is just plain sad! Why are vay and sora's lives so bad??? :'(

Why do you make them continue to suffer? Why? Why do you do this to them? So people will like you for it? Think about it. Why?

(I wasn't trying to b mean, but still,why?)
@Dusk's Fan Girl: They go through so much so at the end of ssec, their triumph over all of these difficulties will be more satisfying.
I don’t really do it for people to like me, lol. Actually, me making characters suffer make people not like me ^^;
@Pinkeevee222: Are you implying an end to the comic? :O
Ehh..... @Pinkeevee222: Dosen't bother me THAT much. (looks at Sora smiling) OK maybe a little.
Ooooooh. The broken glass really adds to the effect. The fact that she's smiling the entire time just gives me chills. Great job! I love it!
Sora no! Dont give up!!
Oh dear starclan... Sora is Losing it..... WE NEED TO GET DUSK!!!!NOW!!

*imagine the Caps as a sob/yell(idk I watch anime and sometimes it’s depressing)*
*screams spoilers into a paper bag labeled "TINA WHY"*
Sora! Please! Don’t give up! You will find Dusk one day! Please don’t give up! You have so much to live for!
so Eve's father is Ford

also i pulled an AZ and Floette moment and was all like ITS BEEN 3000 YEARS when Mari said next was a secret chapter LOL
Possibly or it could be Oliver’s we won’t know yet until Tina tells us
I’m scared for sora
A Pun Wait a ssec, I need to think think of a pun to put here.
LOL @Nintenduck: That has been used a lot lot but (LOL) it's still funny
She kept smiling the whole time. That's a little creepy
@Silvertheumbreon: she lost her sanity
ALSO @Guest: and oliver.
And she likes dusk or is he her kit
@Silvertheumbreon: I think she doesn't have anything to do with Dusk. Eve is her kit, Oliver went with the egg, Night (which is not Dusk) Is her friend. (I think)
Sora please! Don’t give up!
I just realize if dusk is related to one of them that means eve could be in love with her brother!!!
@Silvertheumbreon: no that is different
You see, Lightfire,Icedrop,And greenpaw are all different houses and which means, that Greenpaws CANNOT mate with their own house members same goes with Icedrop and Lightfire and Eve is in Icedrop and Dusk is in Greenpaw so it doesn’t count as insest^
^cant spell^
@Guest: oh k then cause it seemed to weird to be true
@Silvertheumbreon: indeed there is a comic somewhere about that lol
@Guest: only arceus knows where that is
(Poker face) Sora has a mental breakdown.....
That’s nice
Reminds me of a certain someone

For different reasons in their life, in the end they both go insane.
I know someone much more fitting @Guest: even better:
@Guest: oh god XD
Tbh Sora is kinda turning insane
this makes me so mad cause if she keeps fighting she will find them
@EEVEES!!!!!: Exactly! She should not give up!!
@EEVEES!!!!!: m-hm!!!!!!
@Umbreon protecter: Can we please not have sora deciding WELP IMMA KILL MYSELF because I will actually start crying in a corner and not come out for a full 12 days
Are they going to find each other?
She should keep fighting because Hope is so much stronger than fear
Awch, she lost HOPE and now she's getting crazier... Her mind is full of FEAR, not enough room for HOPE (But Kindness and Bravery rises as people scream to stay determined).
@AndreTheLugia: I was a reference to the song battle scars XD
NO @AndreTheLugia: Sora, you've been through pain more times than I can count. From having your neck sliced open to spending months in the lab. But you PERSERVERED. You stayed determined and didn't give up. Why should you give up now?
This is Worth fighting for! we've all got battle scars!
@TehPsychicOne: yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@MeMyselfAndMemes: ( slams agree button )
You're freaking me out, man!
Someone has gone off the deep end!!! (I sorry sora)
Loooooove it!please keep it up!
i love the screen crack idea, that's cool.
sora was dropped to her knees when hope ran out
Ok Guys I KNOW WHO SORA'S KIT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you want to know just ask
@Guest: i think i know too
Well... @Guest: I already know who it is, but for those who don't know, WHO BE SORA KIT MY BRUDAH
@Guest: It’s Eve and Denny.
ooof...poor grill. Keep ya hope grill
@Pinkeevee222: so how many pages is that secret chapter and also what is all about on this secret chapter and please don't spoil it

plus make in the mean while of sora very happy(WARNING:NO SAD ENDING OR ELSE..)

please do my things plz plz plz
@eeeveepeace: The secret chapter as of now has 3 pages. It may have more because I also have to do Dusk’s secret.
@Pinkeevee222: don't we already know dusk's secret hes twins with sora, his real name is knight/night I forgot witch one, ect.
@EeveeS!!!!!: Dusk's real name is Dusk ^^;
@Pinkeevee222: plz do
@Pinkeevee222: Me is excited for Dusk’s secret :3
why "because giving up is never an option,your embracing the darkness,you need to bring light to drive out the darkness,and you always have something"
Character page?
@Boomdoomg : lazy~
Where is Miku?? When are Miku comics coming back?
@MythicalMew: >w>
@Pinkeevee222: " I find that answer vague and unconvincing"
@Guest64 : pretty certain Miku and Sora have some sort of link.....judging by that response...
@lel: well I gathered that much. Watchers like me try to absorb as much information as possible on this stuff... witch is hard when the artist is replying using the original emojis.oh and I could get them some floppy discs for that old pc=
Urr @Pinkeevee222: urrrrrr is that supposed to help?????
Ugh... @demy_the_espeon: you broke the 4th wall...
@MythicalMew: again...
I made a new account because I got a new phone and forgot my password. There is a small difference in my name. I wonder if anyone will notice. It’s hard.

Anyway, Poor Sora, she suffered so much. No offense or anything like that, but it my life had been like hers, I would just end it right there.
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: You went from franchska to franchelska
@Fuyjghyjftfjythytf : good job :3
I just realized. (Either I’m an idiot or a genius) So Miku was looking for Dusk (Night), and Sora is too...

Is Miku a clone? Kinda like Night?

I dunno, I must be being stupid again
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: OMG, that user image is sooo cute, please tell me how to make my own plz cuz' I really don't know. I will be eternally grateful ;w;
Of course! @Pokemonfan#1: The quickest way to get to the page where u create an account is to comment, then click or press Register, and it will take you to the Registering Page-thingy.

To add a profile picture, there is an option to add a photo wayyyy at the bottom.

Hope this helps! :3
i can only describe this in three words:
ow The edge
tina's skillz are unmatched!
She looks very sad and crazy, i feel bad now.
Wait... Did you guys and Girls know that moment When Sora and Dusk wantend to chance names??? Sora became Sky and Dusk Nigh (I GUESS) and about that cloning... Maybe Dusk coudn't stand the lost of losing Sora (Not really she is still alive) he wantend to clone her But instemde he cloned himself and When iT worked Miku came out So Maybe Miku is searching for clone Dusk
@Guest: not to poop on ur party or anything but night changed his name to dusk and sky changed his name to sora because they needed a new life away from Harmony and thought that they should change their names so if (wait a ssec bad wording here (and a bad pun right there)) i guess maybe if she were to ask someone if they knew night or sky they would say no
@Guest: I'm pretty sure that dusk is dusk and night is night since night appears in the ask blogs only. and a few comics
@TehPsychicOne: Night is a clone of Dusk (who’s real name is probably Night) and is often reffered to as a mistake. He stays in Vay’s room because due to Vay’s habits, no one wants to go inside his room.
Maybe Tina said that next time Will be A secret the secret of Dusk Maybe then we get more hints and information oh and Sore DONUT GIVE UP
#Punmaster I like those cracking in the screams keep the goodwork up :D
@Pinkeevee222: God, all of your comic pages have such nice coloring and expressions hhnnnggghhhh

also the cracks and the grass are awesomeee

And sorry if this sounds like nitpicking or sounds rude, but on the 3rd to last panel, hoping is spelt wrong '>_<
@HollyTheFluffyCat: oh? Thanks you!! And I’ll fix it! Eventually
Y tho Very very edgy rip glass panels 2018 -2018
Ford has good advice. And the screen literally broke.
Stop it get some help
@Pinkeevee222: Pink,it’s pronounced Broke not brakes
@Guest: How many spelling and grammatical errors are on this page?
@Pinkeevee222: i think its hilarious how u do the strikethrough over some of your sentences
@Pinkeevee222: One Word,Four letters, the word is Many
Ford...I think you broke Sora...
WOW It i try make a sad story it look like this comic....

But it doesn't have a good ending
Maybe this is the only difference
oh wow u made it the same day as my half brother’s birthday
Questions... Pinkeevee222: is Denny Eve's brother or did Denny evolve into vaporeon and change his name to Ford. Idk.
Also, is Sora planning to kill herself? If she does I will kill MYSELF. Miku well, what happened to her? How did she get split up with the other Eevee's?
@Sylvie the Sylveon: Denny is Eve's twin brother. And, Sora will not kill herself.
@Pinkeevee222: can't we have a miku page each chapter like meanwhile? I love here, as in her character XD
@Rainbow eevee: A Miku page every chapter? ....... *Sweats* >.>
SPEAKING OF MEANWHILES @Pinkeevee222: WELL KARP. Now I have to wait another month to see what happens to Sora... AGAIN...
@Guest64 : More like 3 months to 5 months
@Pinkeevee222: savage
@Pinkeevee222: So they ARE related! My theory is complete.
So like, he looks like a psycho killer on the last panel lol head cocked, creepy stare.
@I_luv_sylveon: Slamming the agree button repeatedly
Can I submit an eevee?

I dunno if you still are :0
Never thought I’d be terrified of an Eevee before until now...
@TrainerBlueTube: Even as such a tough, fearless Fennekin....

She makes me wanna crawl into a hole and hide until Global Warming ends.
Bit creepy, I keep thinking sora might be a boy, wait girl, boy? My head is mixed up
@Rainbow eevee: hes a boi yw
@Guest: Sora might be a girl, buuuuuutt, I am not even sure myself, tbh.
@Pinkeevee222: This whole time I thought sora was a girl cause of the bells and I- idk BUT NOW im mixed up
@Pinkeevee222: I know! Sora is a they!
Imhave a lil question Will the scar ever be coverred or?
Nope @thegamingleafeon: It's a battle scar. and we all have battle scars!
@thegamingleafeon: It will be covered.
Oh @Pinkeevee222: wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllll (I was wrong) (LOL)
@Umbreon: same
Hey Sora... There is always hope,
There is always misery.
It just depends on how you look at it.
Sora, how do you view the world?
And battle scary of course -.-
Depression starting in 3...2...1...
Sora has lost all hope in pokémanity
@BlueEevee362: I was about to say “Wow, how did you draw dat profile picture??” before I realized that the picture is literally a picture of a picture.
These comics are so random at times but they have a story going in the background a good one too
SORA. JUST. CALM @A Simple Eevee:

Sooooooo... I’m 10 yrs old! Btw u cute! Flareon profile!,!!
Hey! @Guest: Same here!
@Guest: Erm, no offense, but why are you even mentioning ur age? It has nothing to do with anything. I mean, who cares if I’m 12?
U 16! Can u drive?
@Guest: yeah (let’s not get into that..)
Lol Plz do more dusk comics
Sore calm down don't be a son of a muk God damn Dora you gotta calm down geez
Dora................................................................................................................................................ @Umbreon Fan 111: Dora??? or Sora????
@Umbreon Fan 111: You are calling poor, depressed, and now probably insane Sora a "son of a muk"... What How When Where and Why wth
Sore calm down don't be a son of a muk Sorry this is randomly correcting this when I'm trying to say s o r a
Rlly @Umbreon Fan 111: Sora or sore???
@Umbreon Fan 111: auto correct eh?
@Umbreon Fan 111: But why are you saying sora is a son of a muk if said Sora is FREAKING SO DEPRESSED SHES PROBABLY GONE INSANE also Im not yell-typing Im just emphasizing my words bc there is no italics on this site
That moment when you remember that pinkeevee made a YouTube video with the song “keep marching on”
@Eevee power: And also but just don't give up
@Eevee power: ....Wait.... Oh. Oh. OH. Thankyou for depressing me further.... I need some memes to cheer me up...
More and more questions... Pinkeevee222: thank goodness Sora will not kill herself, and btw great job on the comics! And also merry Christmas, New Years, and valentines! Wow I haven't sent a comment in a while...
Wow It's just so weird seeing a Vaporeon WITH the neck frill. I’ve gotten used to only seeing Vay...

Is this only me?
@PlantNinja1: You are not alone dont worry, friend
omg i wonder what the cracks mean. I thought of some things of what it could mean but they all sounded wrong :/.
The thing that sounds more right to me is that she lost hope and shes being tared apart
@EeveeS!!!!!: No... It's edgy.
Don't worry guys! Insanity is usually only temporary... I would know...
@Guest64 : besides... having nothing is hard... just claim random things that you see and BOOM you have something... And technically if you have nothing then you something= nothing, so in all reality it's actually impossible to have nothing cause if you do you have nothing and nothing is something so then you don't have nothing, but that would leave you without nothing so then you truly have nothing including nothing, but if you consider absolute nothing some thing then... Now I'm rambling. Point made ,Guest out. BAI
@Guest64 : I know to but,it takes a bit
to get over it btw I am depressed. Not
from the comic by my life
@Lucario: Well good for you.

Ok I’m kidding, I hope u feel better.
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: Help me
Please I can't take it anymore please
Help me
@Guest64 : Silently rethinking all my life decisions leading up to reading this comic
If daisy knows Sora, why doesn't she just take her to oliver???
@TehPsychicOne: Daisy does not know that Oliver was the eevee Sora was talking about, Oliver never had a name in the lab, just a number. So, identifying him would be hard.
@Pinkeevee222: does your head hurt from reading all of the comments? <3
@Pinkeevee222: Are they in the pc? and if is, I'm just imagining how akward it'll be if the trainer takes her out
@Pinkeevee222: Wait daisy knows sora...?Oh yeah that other meanwhile comic... nevermind I lost my brain a sec
Thought of a name for the eevee lab... can't tell, won't tell, shouldn't tell though
(smiles eevee-ly)
@SkyBlueEevee: That's so punny.
@Narhumo : I actually have a name for the lab... altho the pun came about 2 seconds later
@Narhumo : Eevee-ly, new pun of the month ( clapping quietly)
@SongEevee: Thx? I guess
@SongEevee: You wanna know the name that he came up with? (whispers I know it)
@TehPsychicOne: ( grabs you by the collar ) TELL ME
No @SongEevee: no
My Heart! It Hurts
@PhotonDemonZ: I aswell
Hmmm Wait i am so confused. So is Eve Sora's kit? Does that mean Eve has the same powers? And whats with Eve's fur looking like Night's? Please reply
@MythicalMew: I thought Flame was Sora's kit...? Oh wait thats Sky... 0-0...Eve is her kit im 99.9% sure
Glaceon be female Hey! I really like your comics, but what about making Glaceon a girl? Or adding another Glaceon that is a girl? Because atleast I think she's a girl. And i ship Glaceon x Umbreon so much. ;-;
@Bluekiss Glaceon: the plot has been chosen. There are no more eeveelutions coming (well, except many Miku and Sora, but meh.) so it’s impossible to add another random eeveelution. Then Pinkeevee would have to rewrite the plot and everything.
@Bluekiss Glaceon: Also...

Dusk x Sky forever
thats edgy :/
@Happyfox100 :u: i see what ur doing. Don't try to copy the first comment to get attention!
@Ewitspeople: is not that i dont have words to say about these :/
@Ewitspeople: i have no reason to be a attention ( i can delete if u want these )
I only fight for my femaly if i was separated from them i would do any thing to see them again
Please help me
lol ford is spikey
Hey Pinkeevee Do you live in Japan or America or somewhere else? I have been wondering for a long time.

I'm not a stalker I promise.

Don't judge me.
Now I’m just gonna do what i think the next meanwhile should be (ignore) Lea: Hey kid, are you ok?
(Sora is smiling and crying while twitching in her sleep)
Lea: ...
Lea: V-Volt? can you come here for a second?
Volt: Why? I was talking to Dawn and she-
Volt: SORA?! What have you done?!
Lea: Nothing! She did this by herself!
Volt: You better not be lying.
Lea: N-no! I swear I didn’t do a thing! Well, maybe I told her a few negative things...
Volt: HMM?!
Lea: But she started crying and I cheered her up!
Volt: I don’t completly believe you... *walks away*
Lea: I called you in here for a reason -_-

This sucks sorry, I was just bored and felt like writing a story. This is cringe
@Guest: Yeah it was cringe, but creative :P
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: I mean Ive written way WAY worse so
#Just Got A Shiny Sunfish!
And A Cubone With PokeRus!
@Guest: #PeopleCannotUnderstandASingleWordYouSaidBecauseYouSaidItInAllCaps. Plus I pretty sure most people dont care much. (I mean, I don’t care lol)
@Guest: now I’m actually excited. (Because I’m a noob, the first shiny I ever got was a shiny Gunshoos [i didn’t even encounter it, my brother stole my 3DS for a while])
I like how everyone is mentioning Battle Scars here and sending positive comments to Sora (although this is a comment and Sora is a character, thus she will never see this)
this is what Martin Luther King Jr would say "Darkness can't drive out darkness.Only light can do that.Hate can't drive out hate.Only love can do that"
I wish dusk is dead...........
@Misty Vaporeon : Why? U can’t just demand Pinkeevee to kill her character!
My head hurts My head hurts from reading All of the comments :(
Also I love the song battle scars <3
@Lo: me too
I feel like Dora does most of the time.
Yay depression is so fun.
Hi! @Pinkeevee222: Hi! love your comics, been a fan since you hit 500 fans! Just wanted to say that because i wanted you to know that you have lots of fans that have been with you all this way, and you can do even more! Although, the thing with Sora is confusing.
If one goes to INsaNiTY,everything will go wrong.
I relate I personally relate to sora because I'm insane my right eye and hands twitch, my smiles look like sora's, my laughter sounds like psycho giggling, I am depressed, I hear voices in my head, I hallucinate, I'm suicadal, I think about killing people, I have severe trust issues (I don't trust anyone), I don't feel guilt, I don't feel as much sadness as I should, I don't feel sympathy, my head turns creepily like sora's, my eyes look psycho, I've taken tests to see if I'm psycho (turns out I am), the whole nine yards of insanity (plz help I've been like this my whole life)
@Dragonheart17: Don’t push yourself too hard. Life is worth living. You just have to find a way... to find yourself.

~Franchelska The Fennekin

That’s not all. You need to keep going. Sometimes, the world is cruel, but that’s ok, right? Bad things happen ALL the time. So don’t worry. Take deep breaths, everything’s ill be fine. Listen to my (virtual) voice. You are a great human being. Reach heights no one else has ever done! Find yourself! Keep going! Don’t stop! You deserve to live. You deserve to fight! Don’t let anyone else tell you wrong! You are you!
She... she’s smiling...
I was once like Sora. Like, for 2 weeks only, but yeah. I wouldn’t go to school, I kept crying into my pillow, it was the worst moment of my life. I felt like I was a disappointment to everyone. Then my friends came over, and we talked, and they made me feel better. But I stopped going to school for a week after. Then I came back, everyone wanted to know why I was gone for so long. I lied and said that I was being studied by someone. I still feel guilty for lying lol.

For all the depressed ones: You can get better. Just BELIEVE :3
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: Aw, that’s so sweet! I’ll have to show this comment to my sister.
Oh no my baby!! ;w; It's so sad yet so gooood!! Can't wait for the Secret chapter!!! ♡ u Pinkeevee!!
@Cinnamon vee: Oh also, this comic compared to your first comic is amazing!!!
THEY NEED SUM MILK @Pinkeevee222 Uhhhhhhhh there is a cursing battle in your first comic, Askin Questions......
@Pinkeevee222: where is the new comic???? im addicted XD
I hate being a bipolar.... The moment i saw those eyes make me depressed......
@Pinkeevee222 you spelled "hopeing" wrong. It's hoping, not hopeing. Srry just wanna point that out
@The grammar police: No worries, someone already pointed it out! (But, I am soooooo laaazzyyyyyyy)
Hopping! @Pinkeevee222: Sora: I'm hopping... *sigh* I can be a bunny some day...
Night: wut
Was that eevee that Sora is looking for Dusk?Cause whan Dusk was little he had that on his collar.
@Hiddenwolf : Yeah that is Dusk I’m pretty sure. You know what that makes Sora, right? Sora is Sky and Night is Dusk! It’s SO obvious! Pinkeevee222, why won’t you reveal it?!? It is ABSOLUTELY KILLING ME!!!!!!!!
Dang... ...
Wait who's the dark brown Eevee on the 15th panel
@Lottiechu: That’s “Night,” Who I’m certain is Dusk.
Um... Did anyone notice that in the previous meanwhile, when it shows Sora when she was saying something about continuing to suffer so she could see the one she loves again, it showed that at that time her eyes were pink, and now they’re light blue. Why?
THEM FEELS @Pinkeevee222: THEM FEELS!!!
also, I wonder where Oliver is, and what he has to do with this whole shebang (thing)...
@Pinkeevee222: Hope she'll be fine.
suicide is an option. consider it. :)
@retardchicken: (exuse my potty mouth) what the actual fuck?

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