Blizz 3


February 11th, 2018, 2:03 am

A Drone, he was. A leader, he becomes.
Ruthless, they called him. No one could stall him.
Angry he was, for his brothers had no fun
Kill, slash, blood made his fur mat.
He lets out a laugh, that chilled the strong cats.
More power, more rage, more hunger, blank gaze.
A fighter, a leader, a fire, a preacher,
gone, just like that,
with one final crack.

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Sorry for the late post! When I was working on the comic on Friday, the tablet, that I have been using since the start of the comic broke, and I had to immediately order a replacement tablet. It came Saturday afternoon, so, I have been working since then!
Pinkeevee222, February 11th, 2018, 2:03 am Reply
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Lol they wanted pancakes
@Guest:Also ha! First comment!
@Guest: umm you took up both spaces so the person below is actually third.
@Guest: do you know what she was talking about in the thing when you hover ur mouse over the comic (or u can hold down on it!)
@Umbreon protector: Yo Im Listening To The Finale From Undertale And This Song Goes Good With This Page Here's A Link ZmHHu7&index=1
@Lucario1124: No Scratch That It Isn't Im Going To Look For A Different Page And Song wait here is TEMMIE ( )
@Guest: l l
@jeb997: Ono the smiley is broken!??!

*drops device*
Yay!!! Second comment (lol please don't kill me ppl out there who don't like these type of comments)
@Pinkeevee222: Who are the colored blobs?
P.S. You draw soo well! :)
@MoonTheUmbreon46: -was holding knife behind you- Oh you didnt mean.. ok bye~
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: hi do you remember me help me please
@Lucario: no i dont remember. Plz refresh my memory :3
Did anyone else notice the green, red and purple blobs in the background going "..."?
@MoonTheUmbreon46: Im still thinking about them too
@MoonTheUmbreon46: I have a theory that the blobs are part of his power but he doesn't know how to use his power. I think he knows his about is power but kinda doesn't at the same time

Does this make sense?
@EeveeMaster21: no actually this are eevee evolves which are dead and the souls are in his mind I think Blizz killed them
@Guest: oh yeah that would make sense there’s a comic that would back that up the blobs turned into the shapes of them and went Blizz over and over and then said WE KILL BLIZZ which would suggest that they want to get him back for it. In that comic, it also showed Blizz as an eevee still, and he didn’t know who Blizz was. There’s definitely something building here...
@Guest: But in the last comic there was little blobs with him as an eevee

I’m not sure if Blizz was a murderer back then
@EeveeMaster21: My theory is that the blobs are part of the humans' "breaking" that was mentioned in the last comic. so whenever Blizz tries to remember his past or his power, the blobs will interject with random thoughts that are characteristic of Blizz's behavior
@EeveeMaster21: good thinking
@MoonTheUmbreon46: Yeah of course I saw those blobs in the background. The real question is, “what do they mean?”
@MoonTheUmbreon46: it's a good thing you pointed it out because I never noticed them... Until now lol.
A Drown, he was. A leader , he becomes.... Ruthless they call him. No One could stall him like a true leader.
Reading this comic at a wedding. #likeaboss
@Enderstar: #NoCareInWorld
Now I’m hungry for some pancakes...
I also want to know what they hiding from Blizz
Wait... Is he asking US? He is looking out of the page.
@Guest: That comment made me feel really guilty because I can’t tell him the answer and he just wants to know
Blizz, you are forgetting about the KILLER JIGGLYPUFFS!!! THEY WILL BE BACK!!!!!

Or, maybe not.
@SkyBlueEevee: they will
Hahaha PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Also 11th comment!!!
(I swear the was something else i wanted to say........ Well never mind...... PANCAKES!!!)
Twelfth comment? That’s the closest to first I’ve ever got But apparently it was a good thing that he forgot?

SUPER AMNESIA SAVES THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Guest: someone hit Blizz on the head... Perhaps Dusk did it #horrible grammar
Punch the water, then it will not harm anyone! Because we are HAPPY, right blizz? (Elbows blizz)
Huh, the brown voice didn't chime in.

Wonder why.

And assuming the brown voice is Pepper, that's ironic because Pepper was I think the first "voice" to talk to Blizz, against her brothers will.

Anyway, love the sky, it looks amazing <3
@HollyTheFluffyCat: I thought it was Pepper, too. Mabye she isn’t allowed to talk to Blizz anymore
@HollyTheFluffyCat: it is pepper
Punch a douche bag Blizz.
Im not that late! Am I...?
who is that blobs!?!?!
@Bonnie906: eevee evolves that Blizz killed this are souls or something in his head

Did you have to draw each of the stars separately? Like, repeatedly poke white dots onto the sky? That would be painful. 0-0
Hey! I like pancakes :D

And AHA! Blizz has multiple PERSONALITIES! He just um... only uses the green one. Refrence to Blizz’s first secret, when he found all of these weird-looking eeveelutions, and then they said something isnt right (they were missing a glaceon), and faded away. That happened during the time Blizz was unconscious, and was all in his head. Im not too sure about the second secret, when Blizz found Pepper, but im pretty sure that she is the eevee seen in Blizz’s first secret. It was hiding behind another eeveelution.

So to shorten the matter of my theory-
•Blizz has eeveelutions in his head
•Blizz only uses the... leafeon??? I dunno, tbh.

And I have a SECOND theory on the part when Dusk mentions Blizz as a prodigy. Im putting that in another comment.

Ok bai :3
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: in the secret a......

I mean pinkeevee said that there were 8 eevee evolves and 1 eevee and they all died except one glaceon- Felix this thing are something like souls I think
@Guest: Probably souls messing with Blizz’s head.
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: Probably Blizz Did !.......... Yey
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: thats actually genius! I never though of it that way!
Aye, Maple syrup tastes good, too.

Now for my second theory: Blizz is actually very smart, he just acts dumb because of the voices in his head telling him not to over-analyze or something. He also does this because he forgot everything that happened to him in the lab. Whenever the eeveelutions are talking about the lab and stuff, they just say nothing, only because they have no idea how to explain what happened to Blizz as a child (and probably had trouble doing so without breaking into any tears), but Blizz gets sad because they all treat him like he really is dumb. Oh, and the computer-stuff (i dunno what its called) shown visibly in his eyes probably relate to real computers, and why Blizz is so obsessed with them. Mabye he can link his mind INTO the computer! Mabye he can CHAT with the computer! Who knows? Because remember, this is nothing but a big fat theory!

Ok im done theorizing now, bai :3
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: someone tried to kill Blizz by hitting him in the head he didn't die but he did forget about everything and his secret ability is to analyse situations
@Guest: ¥ep! Totally kñew that!! Heh heh heh...

(I actually did kиow that)
@Guest: ¥ep! Totally kñew that!! Heh heh heh...

(I actually did kиow that)
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: what it is wroнg with you keyboard why you have this letters ИН
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: then who did it?who tried to kill blizz
@Guest: ¥ep! Totally kñew that!! Heh heh heh...

(I actually did kиow that)
after waiting 12 minutes for this page to load im kinda dissapointed but i guess thats blizz's ability to see floating bubbles of varying colors huh
@SonicT22: lol, rip rip. This page is super confusing, buuuut, it will make sense when what Blizz did in the lab gets revealed.
@Pinkeevee222: I will still keep saying that his ability helps him analyse said that he analyse situations really well
@Pinkeevee222: it is not
ooooo, Blizz trying to remember stuff. hmmm. I wonder if the peeps in his head are acting clueless in order to protecc. Also wow, it's so cool seeing these characters being serious lately. Really trying to figure stuff out and reflect on a bigger picture. Chillsssss
A fighter, a leader, a fire, a preacher, ... wait... he, could preach the bible like a preacher. Full, of ecstasy and fire... But, he also was the kind of teacher women would, desire... RA RA RASPUTIN, LOVER OF THE RUSSIAN QUEEN! THERE WAS A CAT THAT REALLY WAS GONE! RA RA RASPUTIN, RUSSIAS GREATEST LOVE MACHINE! IT WAS A SAHE HOW HE CARRIED OOOOONNNNN!
@Guest: i know that song because of just dance!
Hmm those color bubbles did make me hungry... but I agree PANCAKES ARE YUMMY! And so is maple syrup
... I kinda of confused
BLIZZY in one of the earlier comics there were weird colored gas like eeveelution things that said they want to kill blizz, those are them! Is blizz gonna die? Nuuuuu ;-;
Confused What is going on here?!!
@Pinkeevee222: Pancakes are yummy!
@DragonEevee: ikr?
is dusk night? Has anyone else noticed Dusk in the last comic... Looked Exactly like night?
btw @Guest: Yes Dusk is Night, his name what Night before he was sent to Eevee Plex, with evil harmony, he and Sora planed to change there name and run away, he changed his name to Dusk and Sora changed her name to Sky, but she forgot a lot of stuff at the lab so she thinks her name is Sora still,
@Sylvie the Sylveon: k thanks
so.... Blizz i guess has voices in his head which are the eeveelutions but he usually listens to the leafeon maybe? the computer stuff idk, or why his eyes turn green. i think his eyes turn green when he uses his powers the way Dusk's do, but i have NO idea what his power is or how it is related to computers.
@Sylvie the Sylveon: there were 8 eevee evolves and one eevee! They were killed except one glaceon-Felix
I am going to keep saying that
I think I have the same voices in my head as Blizz.
Pls give them pancake's :/
Yay there's a blizzard 3 :D. But will there be a blizzard 4 =^-^=.
character page?
lol glacey wants pancakes

meanwhile this glacey had pancakes while camping yesterday yeet
I waant pancakes now
Cool comic
Do you like pancakes? YEAH WE LIKE PANCAKES
To continue... @Rainbow eevee: do you like waffles? YEAH WE LIKE WAFFLES!
The pancakes are distractions. Who wouldn't love pankaces
Sora Pinkeevee222, are you going to make any secrets about Sora/Sky (in this chapter)?
@DL400: We haven't gotten enough fans for Sky's secret.
@Pinkeevee222: Aw darn! How many fans would you need to do one?
Lol Blizz wants to punch another thing. Those spots of paint want some pancakes and maple syrup.
Went those fog like things the clouds that looked like the gang to Blizz?
Ok ok i know im going to make Some peeps angry but...... WTH is maple sirrop hoe does iT taste and hoe come iT isnt in the netherlands
@thegamingleafeon: Maple syrup is a nice, sticky, sweet substance that comes from Maple trees~ It is put on pancakes and waffles~ It tastes good~ =w=
Excuse me but WHAT?! Who were they and did they even hear what blizz asked them? I thought that considering that they are either blizz’s subconcouses or figments of his imagination they’re never hungry

Unless they’re just reflecting his stupidity
Welp that just happened *Blinked confused*
No, Blizz, you don't want to remember. The rest certainly don't want you too..
A Question Now before I start I must say I love how you art style change, but anyway do you know about any fan fics about you comic, I've read The Bond of Brothers by the realflareon, but are there any others?
Mmm... pancakes.
-Homer Simpson
@Pinkeevee222: I don't blame u, technology sucks, they should make them to withstand dogs too!
Hmmm Wait. Don't those guys wanna kill blizz? also blizz looks like a girl to me. Is this normal?
@Aurora Frosty: It is normal, a lot of people thought that Blizz was a girl.
@Pinkeevee222: Maybe he should be. Then I'd ship Dusk and Blizz.
@Pinkeevee222: are the Background Eevee submissions going to close when you hit BGEV #100?
@Guest: I think I hit 100 a long time ago ^^;
I just forget to put them in
Reading this is class #YOLO
Hmm.. @Pinkeevee222: if pancakes are yummy..what about waffles?
@SaltyEvie: I think Waffles are better than pancakes~
But, We have to have multiple viewpoints in the comics, thus, Pancakes. Plus like, I talked about waffles randomly once before, so, it is Pancake's turn
leafeon so serios pppppppppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnncccccccccccccccccccc cccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssnaks
when people cuss in your comments i'm like okay people let's keep it EV-13.
@ViC(TL;DR): Ba dum TING!
Lol lol it's pancake day for me today so I can relate mist clouds :)
Nice poem
Ive been rooting for you sis Haha can I call you sis pinkeevee?
Just kidding ive been silently admiring your work along with pkm's eeveelution squad
@Kiel124a: Really? Well, thanks!! -^^-
And, yeah, you can call me that if you like, lol
That alt text made my skin crawl...
hey pinkeevee222
do you play animal jam?
if you do can you come to queasycat's den please?
i just finished all the eeveeloutions

user: queasycat
@cherryleafeon: when i say just finished all the eeveeloutions i mean i finished making art/masterpieces of them XD
*currently struggling on glaceons tail

remaking glaceon rip
yea i cant make anew glaceon
Boop @RealBoxTheEevee: *boops your nose*
Hey Blizz nice wallpaper change! The night sky looks so beautiful!

...You are in charge of changing PC wallpaper, right?

BTW, No Eevee'l puns this week.
(Like anyone cares)
Pancakes are yummy XP
@Pinkeevee222: o my holy gosh, I was looking back at power puff vees and found the story looking thing bought 3 vees bring sent away, it was Dusk,Blizz,and um..... sangit what's his name, Oliver? Anyways what bought the pendants, will they come back?
Um all I see are words talking about a cat who killed people... is there a comic too or is my computer glitching...? Oof... I wanna see blizz's secrets it was like this for the blizz 1 and 2 as well...
I also think pancakes are yummy, and fluffy too!
Wasn’t there a voice talking to him in the shopping with idiots chapter?
awsome lol i luve pancakes to
Insanity Fusou shisou desu
Nonki na jinsei
Oweranai madoi
eevee evolves and colored blobs If there are 8 eevee evolves and 1 eevee then the umbreon is lune, the eevee is pepper the glaceon that survived was felix but who are the other blobs?
@RileyBlue34: ive also been wondering about that.
@RileyBlue34: i don't understand what are you mean. But I will try answering the question. We don't know their names but they are just eevee evolves who were killed in the lab
Oh that is a song @Narhumo: the song title is insanity made by kaito and miki, the language used was old japanese or romaji
@Kiel124a: Ah... yes, romanized Japanese. Pardon me, but could you tell me if the lyrics are in hiragana, or katakana, or maybe kanji? I actually understand some of the lyrics!
I have no clue @Narhumo: i just copied from the lyrics lol
Meh This is proof of the Illuminati confirmed
What is the discord address?
Fallout fallout fallout fallout fallout fallout fallout fallou
(Sorry im lat on this one ive been playing too much fallout same one kill me )
@Pinkeevee222: What is the discord address?
@TehPsychicOne: I don't know either

Nice poem there pinkvee, u wonder what it means
@Pinkeevee222: What happened to your tablet???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?
| |
@Pinkeevee222: uh... Pinkeevee?
... I wonder... what would Blizz do if he actually found out about his past? I'd like to think he would have a bit of an inner conflict similar to Hajime and Izuru, but the bigger question is: would he go murder crazy? Or would he just become a hermit, similar to Vay, but with guilt instead of (assumably) PTSD. To remember, or not to remember; that is the question.

i kinda imagine Blizz with a goatee XD
Female? or male? Ive always gotten Blizz's gender mixed up, first, since he's a glaceon, id think that he was female but then...

i stopped because it was too much to talk about.

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