Dusk 2


March 10th, 2018, 7:26 pm

I want this chapter to end already
So I can draw fun things.

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oops I forgot to upload here.....
I was doing homework all day, cut me some slack
This comic was on the Discord server like, 23 hours ago though ^^; Ummmm

From Pokedex-
Umbreon: When agitated, this Pokémon protects itself by spraying poisonous sweat from its pores.
Umbreon: When this Pokémon becomes angry, it's pores secrete a poisonous sweat, which it sprays at its opponent's eyes.
Rip Dusk
Pinkeevee222, March 11th, 2018, 8:53 am Reply
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first post
I like cheeze
@boomdoomg: I like cheeze too!
leafeon so seriuos yeah
Goodness I’m shocked
Aw,Dusk is lonely because he secretes poison out of his rings, don't worry buddy, I'm here 4 ya.
Hey, Eevee of Pinkness, could you perhaps give us a hint on what John is going to evolve into? Like maybe a pokedex entry from a random game? Or a color? PLZ and Thank you.
@Creek the Vaporeon: UMMMMMM *thonks* I don't think he is going to Evolve, but, if he does, then like, Espeon
Woah yeah poor dusk
how do you change your pic? GUYS HOW DO YOU CHANGE YOUR PIC CUZ I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!
@Leafyfan: Guests can't change their pic, you need a profile. This is the guest icon
@EveesAreAwesome: i hava an acciunt but i cant change it!
@SentryBeat: in smackjeeves setting you change pfp
@Neolancer: but how?
@SentryBeat: go to my account then scroll all the way down and where it says upload avatar click it and you can put your pfp upload and save it and you have your pfp pic ready its universal in in all comics in smackjeeves
@Leafyfan: lol scrub
Those clouds look 100% self-drawn. No google images there XD
@EveesAreAwesome: Yeah~ They are actually brushes, so, they are technically hand drawn~
@Pinkeevee222: They look really realistic :3 You had me fooled XD
@Pinkeevee222: BTW, I Love your comic :3 I constantly make art of it and keep it laying around since I don't have DA or anything XD
Interesting.... was this his nightmare? a flashback?

yes, i did change my avatar, but I'm still the same person!
The eyes are still red because the pupils are the things that are blue!
@Turtwigsfire13: actually, thats the iris, if you look closely, inside the blue you find another black circle, and thats the pupil, the part you see out of.
@NegitiveZero: yeah ik, but after talking with Tina she basically just said that was "night vision because umbreon" so he would still technically have red eyes. Also, he had blue eyes as an eevee, and Tina made Dusk the only one to change eye color after evolving smh. She doesn't understand either btw
@Turtwigsfire13: ah, sorry bout that.
No wonder he move from his room to the roof. He didn't wanna poison his friends. No wonder he hates being an Umbreon.
I should have realized that before
poor Dusk
Hue hue hue
Why would Dusk want to protect himself from his friends....?
It's hard to "cut you some slack" when I basically missed Splatfest yesterday. But... I'll forgive you. (It was a dumb Splatfest anyway)
@Salmons: what was it on?
@NegitiveZero: Which came first: the chicken or the egg. (Chicken won btw)
@Salmons: the Chegg
(extremely sarcastic clapping in the background)
@Pinkeevee222 used google images
It’s super effective~
Poor baby
With Dawn: :D
Without Dawn: .-.
Yay evolution :D. Dusks bed is Dusks bed. Do not go in Dusks bed. It has freakin poisonous sweat on it.
@Pinkeevee222: did this condition show up earlier at any time?
@Irimuka: In the comic? Yes. Sometimes you'll see Dusk's bed have purple stains on it.
Wait, what's your discord, or is it a private discord and only a few people can join?
@Sportfury : oops, I forgot to put the link, lol
His personality is quite POISONUS isn’t it?

I’m never sorry for bad puns

Well I like your puns!

Also, I can't shake the feeling that he apparently killed dawn... 0.0

Please, pink eevee. Tell me that I'm wrong. Pleaseeeeeeeeee
@Dusk's Fan Girl: Dawn is resistant to the poison, luckily.
@Pinkeevee222: what about Dusk, is he immune to his own poison? I would assume so!
@NegitiveZero: I guess Dusk just dies every time he gets nervous, then?
@Nyanysaur: touche
Join me with the other one on the dank side
Where puns and memes are king
You'll fit in easley
You know you want to!
@SentryBeat: one does not simply join somethign there already a part of ;)
@NegitiveZero: cant join if already in it.
So.... Since Umbreon often cries in his sleep, he started to spray poison... Since everyone was poisoned after, they stopped sleeping with Dusk and Dusk started getting lonely. But, how come Dawn can sleep with him? Is she immune to the poison somehow?
@TalkingEevee: Dawn is immune to the poison, prehaps(?) :)
@s u c c : espeons are immune to poison lol

yay not that far down 4 once
@Guest: only half way down
Maybe the reason dusk is so carefree now is because of the poison sweat
@Shadow_Strikr: Thaaattt is an act ^^;
@Pinkeevee222: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Poor dusk
so for the ones who didnt get it, umbreons release poison when they have negative feelings and now our duskie boy is feeling sad so he leaves poison everywhere :(
Was Dusk kicked out on to the roof to prevent further poisoning of Eevees or did he choose to sleep there?
@RKA: Both
Well that's kinda harsh. Why couldn't he have gone to live with other poison types?
@UnknownFlareon: Well, that'll be away from everyone ^^;
@Pinkeevee222: Ah yes, the demands of canon lore.
@UnknownFlareon: But Umbreons are Dark types, its just that some Pokedex entries says that Umbreons can secrete poisonous sweat.
@RKA: Be that as it may, he wouldn't be as lonely every night. I'm just trying to give Dusk a little support is all.
@UnknownFlareon: Alright, I see your perspective on this. I just thought that you thought that Umbreons were poison types.
@UnknownFlareon: But if he isn't a poison type, then he's not immune to their poison. He'd have to pack a lot of pecha berries if he did do that...
Wht does flame hate dusk?
@..... I remember seeing in an alt text that it said Flame hates Dusk because he blames Dusk for being sent to " That place" which I think means the lab. The comic that I saw that on had Dusk and Flame sitting back to back and Flame looking angry for the header.
It looks like Dawn volunteered to sleep with Dusk on the roof so he wouldn't be alone in my opinion. And in the last comic, he was with Night. What's this now? He's back on the roof? I think that might mean that Night is in his imagination, and Dawn is still not there, so then must still be with Daisy. But it seems people know Night is a clone. Here's what I think; Night got Cloned from Dusk at the lab. Night was kept there or otherwise Removed from Dusk. When Dusk left the lab and this whole poison thing started ( maybe because he was Without Sora/ Sky?) and started living on the roof, he got lonely. Dawn Moves up there with him so he doesn't have to be alone all the time. But since Dawn is away out of the PC a lot, he would still be lonely. He might have remembered his Clone, and made him up again in his head to keep from company. At least, That's what I think, trying to tie all the points together.
@VictoryStarz: But hey, that's just a theory... A totally unrelated reference theory.
Poor guy, honestly. He must sweat poison because of his nightmares, huh? As someone who has nightmares frequently, I gotta say, that's pretty sad.
No the child’s harmed
Wait, if Night and Dusk emit poison when agitated, is that why Night is rairly seen!? IT ALL MAKES SENCE NOW!
poor dusk...
Not cool! Awww. Poor Dusk. That's not fair that he has to be this way. When he evolves the only thing he can't do is hug anyone without poisoning them... No fair PokeDex people!!!
@FloofyFur: But idk if it'd matter if he hugged, Night.
Meh @FloofyFur: I still don't think it's cool that Dusk got put on the roof.
@FloofyFur: Or Miku apparently (but I don't think he'd want to do that lol)
....So Sad... Dusk stays on the roof, just because he unintentionally leaks poison...
Dusk must feel lonely...





ERROR 101: Hackin...




J01|\| t|-|3 |)@r|< 5|d3 |)u5|<...


*Virus Terminated!*




@NegitiveZero: Tbh I thought it said "crawling" and I'm just like crAAAAWWWLLINNGG IIIINNNN MY SKIIIIIINNNN
@Cinnamon vee: nice!

if your wondering, its a refrence to floraverse: https://goo.gl/FudzUj
Virus Decoded:


Join the dark side Dusk...

Dusk is alone now, because... unknown toxics on the hays..
Rip dusk, also I was rainbow eevee but now in this
@Puddinglefuff: IM RAINBOWEEVEE u are puddinglefluff
I don't know if this comic us a fast ford or not ;-;
@EEVEE!!!: one think u ment fast forward and no, it's in the past cause dusk just evolved, and Blizz is still a vee..... did I type this for nothing?
owo what dis
Dusk used " toxic "
@Pinkeevee222: plz do eevee academy
@boomdoomg: yaaaaaasssss!!!!!
@Pinkeevee222: Aww, Dusk! I feel like giving him a hug right now.

No, I will not stop commenting whatever I'm thinking every time a comic comes out.
Yes, I will always be late.
that was interesting
Were's Dawn?
Dawn is actually a great sister...moving up onto the roof with her brother so he wouldn’t be as lonely ;-; so sweet
Isn't that shelving unit from dusk's room? The one we saw when blizz thinks he got psychic from dawn but actually never used the tm?
@Pinkeevee222: I also read at the bottom of a Pokedex paragraph it said on single sentence 'It is toxic' XD
@Pinkeevee222: Also i was mad at chu, but i'll let it slip by for ze comic _w_
ima sad for dusk, he was all alone cuz 'He is toxic' XD
yay i have an account now!
how do i change my little icon thing?
@derp man: ok i got it
@Cinnamon vee: I don't know how, but I though you said that he sweated potatoes... XD
whens the next comic coming out?
wait what about sora?
.jbgjmmv Omg
Yay it's March break
That was kinda short
If dawn is resistant to the poison, does that mean she has the Synchronize or Magic Bounce ability?
Hmm.. @Guest: I hope it's Magic Bounce. That will be kinda cool
Eevee Academy ?????
@MythicalMew: >.>
i hav a big challenge 4 myself im gonna go 2 the 1st comic and write all the alt text 2 get info
poor dusk.... but if that entry is true( which it is I know) then why hasent poison come out before a WAAAAAAAAYYYYY long time ago. even when he was acting retardish
Agreed @Silvertheumbreon: and the entry is true I checked :)
@Silvertheumbreon: It only comes out when umbreons are agitated.
This might give you a good day So I was bored (again) and decided to browse around here. I ended up on the character list and read descriptions. Under Vay's, it claims that he "Loves being a cop, when he is not locked up in his room, he is patroling the area on his segway." The thought of Vay riding around in a cop hat and a segway just makes me laugh so hard. Pinkeevee, I sincerely hope that drawing this is high on your To-Do list.
@UnknownFlareon: It is high on the list~ heh heh heh
The more you know! I honesty didnt know that about Umbreons.BUT SERIOUSLY dusk needs sky back.+ i don't blame him for doing them Irish jig on the cracks.
HAPPY Pie day i hope this makes you feel better dusk free pie and pizza for $3.14
WeeeD shRe76Kiefrie4d
da next comic? whens the next comic coming out?
This comic confuses me more that the Night/Dusk Riddle, and that riddle has me stumped to this day!
***(((the way)))*** What happened to eve?
@MLG Mega Absol YT: thats what i wanna know!
@Amy Roses Umbreon & Lucario: Eve will appear again soon.... like, before the end of the year.
Does anyone else notice the grey? Im wondering if that means the comic is sort of part of the plot instead of fully being part of it
Just here waiting for the next comic
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :)
Poor Dusk...
So dusk knows toxic
@eeveeleo: no,i mean, probably not, umbreons just sweat poison
This looks good!
POISONED?!?!?!?! BUT WHEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Seriously tho you never revealed dusk’s other gift yet in the blizz part when will you get to that I’m just DYING to know!!!!!!!! so don’t keep us in suspense!!!!!
@Guest: That will be revealed next week
@Pinkeevee222: This week or next?
Guys If not for that pokedex entry I would have thought Dusk was secretly a Cobreon (My poison-type Eeveelution)
@UmbreonMaster: ya it makes it sound like Umbreon should be a Poison type but he is a Dark type...weard =/
Guys remember when Miku was new???
Poor Dusk DX
@Pinkeevee222: do you know what Sonic the Hedgehog is???
Questions Pinkeevee i have a question for u........got any grapes?(lol but for real)why did blizz forget about wat happened in the story book chapters?
Pinkeevee222, if I may ask you, will you consider making a comic strip that consists purely of Vay making anime faces while on a Segway with Split face-paw-Ing. If you see the comment, Hi :3
Wow today I forgot that today’s has a comic waiting and my pet died yesterday
Also what happened to blizz and dawn did he get hit point blank? If he did I want to see another intermission comic to see what happend and how it looked when he got hit
it happened again theres no new comic D:
@EEVEES!!!: well there is in discord -

But i cannot reveal anything~
@Pinkeevee222: its saturday and you still havent updated
@Sky207: It’s on her discord https://discord.gg/DUg3uR7
@Pinkeevee222: I AM MAD AT U AGAIN TINA 3:<<<<<<
Her name is Mari not Tina
@Fansomething: Pinkeevee222's OC, The pink eevee, is Mari, and a lot of people call he this.
Pink....... have u been roleplaying?
Roleplaying too I am making unhuman sound because well, its the Hamilton RP and I’m Hercules and someone else is Lafayette and now i am making unholy sounds
wait now im confused is pink mari cuz tina has done a few comics tho it seems that tina and pink work together or collaberate makin this comic so im not tryin to offend anyone its just that im very confuzzled...
- :s
@Pinkeevee222: "Agitated." *insert Lenny face because I am too lazy to do it.*
awww pour lil dusk everytime he sweats, people get poisened. i didnt spell that right lol
Lonely Dusk so lonely and sad without Dawn. *Starts to cry* :-(
I love all your comics Pinkeevee.

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