Dusk 3


March 18th, 2018, 8:34 am

Poor Dusk kunnn Q~Q

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I want this chapter to end already I need comedy, I need to upload to DA again, I like, NEEEDDDD the next chapter.
I would upload a lot of comics in a row, but,
I am like, super busy.
Sorry for updating late, I was busy allll week with Midterms ^^;

Also.... https://youtu.be/-6Pev5OW4Ak Video!
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I don’t like sleeping either, Dusk
@ShadowStalker1128: Sleep? What is this sleep you speak of?
@KillerTheSylveon: R E L A T A B L E
@KillerTheSylveon: if only there was a like button...
@ShadowStalker1128: XD I only like sleeping when its time to get out of bed
@ShadowStalker1128: Nor do I. But that doesn't keep me from doing it.

Conclusion: I hate being tired/bored.
First! This is my first time being first and it feels awesome!!!
@Sylveon: I looked first tø me because ur comments didn't løad XD I look so stupid now XD
Oof. Poor Dusk! ;^;
First! Wow
Darn it. We tied but your first. Well, second!
Hello I was first but my comment didn't løad XD
What's ur guys opinion on pinkeevee222s yt vid of miku (chase the stars?)
@Guest: I'll have to check that out.
Well, @Guest: Pinkeevee doesn't have a video called "Chase the stars." The only thing with "star" in it is "Follow your Star," so I'm unsure about what you are thinking of.
Poor Dusk can't sleep~

*Breaks fourth wall and reads bedtime story*
Riley the eve why did this have to get so terrifying WHY?! somebody please tell me why?!
@Riley the Eevee: because potato!
@Riley the Eevee: It is so scary cause that is what Dusk is dreaming, scary nightmares. =w=
@Pinkeevee222:logical... Lol
@Riley the Eevee: I agree. I thought this was STUPID short eevee comics.
god dangit! I failed at being first again!
@Ima Fishtick: I dident
@Pinkeevee222 did Dusk do this to Flame in the lab?
@Waffles just waffles: No. Just Nightmares
@Pinkeevee222: are you sure hehehheehhe
Wow I don't think that this would happened but meh who cares
Awww, poor Dusk :(

I love sleeping but I never get enough XD
When did this upload?
Not too late, cheers! Hmm...I feel so bad for Dusk...can he even have a mate anymore?
@Enderstar: There's always Miku (because she's immune to his poison despite being a fairy type)... but Dusk doesn't like her
@Mlem: Hmm...when did we learn that? Miku is immune?
@Enderstar: from the secret pink eevee 's a......... I mean a what are you talking about.. who is Sora ahh I mean miku
@Enderstar: and she told us why she is imune to this Toxic
@Guest: When tho
It’s like “oh boy sleep I’m so tired!” Then
“Screw sleeping. The nightmares kill people IRL cuz poison sweat”
well, that escalated quickly...

A few things I noticed:

Is one of the reasons Dusk acts hyper to try and mask the fact that he's constantly tired?

So Dusk is an Insomniac by choice? I wonder if that has been hinted at before, like with the poison.

The PMV said it was the "Ideal mix", will we get a non ideal/dispair mix? that would be interesting, especially if it had the same song.
That's sad also can you do a Levin Kevin Devin again I miss dem
I miss Daisy,when are we going to see her again??? :(
Noting that Dusk had brown eyes before the incident, which turned them blue as a side effect? I wouldn't be surprised if that was true.

Also, I have a feeling he wasn't the one who spilled that much blood. I have a feeling it's either Vay or Flame.
hes talking about blizz right... Right........
i mean he could be talking about vay but i think blizz would right now make more sense to me..
I like sleeping :/
... I luve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Slightly ironic that dusk doesn't like sleeping, but his name is when most beings begin to sleep.
did... did dusk kill some eevee? if so did the scientists force him? cuz i saw blood on dusks face in the nightmare thats why i think this.
So he’s a insomniac... am I right or did I mess up the meaning of the word?
@CT2187: Insomniac means you can’t sleep whatsoever. In Dusk’s case, he chooses not to sleep. Therefore.....ok, I’m tired of acting technical, you used the word incorrectly...
“I’ve forgotten how to sleep,what is sleep,I want to sleep but I don’t want to sleep,did I ever even sleep.”
Is that Flame? I knew that Eevee looked familiar, so I checked The Battle Scars PMV. The Eevee matches One of them, but in the PMV the Eevee has blue eyes. I know the other Eevees are Dusk , Blizz, Bolt, and Vay, so It must be Flame. I wonder why he's in the Dream though. Is he the Eevee That was hurt? I remember seeing in the alt text of a comic that Flame Hates Dusk because he blames him for being taken ' To that place'. I think that place is the lab, so Maybe Flame was very hurt or something else happened to him? I don't now, I'm trying to tie loose ends here.
I wonder what caused the nightmares that makes Dusk use Toxic. >_>
Since this comic is so depressing, I found the happiest song EVER!

@Salmons: *needed that song, tbh*
@Salmons: *sees what song you linked*

@NegitiveZero: "BOI" what? It's just Spicy Calamari Inkantation aka one of the few reasons I play Splatoon 2
@Salmons: I didn't think anybody would reference that song! I agree, It is a very good song!
...What is this "sleep" thy speak of?
I don't know much about pokemon, but ever since my friend showed me this, I've reading when ever I can! I want to make a comic like this, but I a. can't draw that well, and b. I don't know what topic to use! I mean, I like how yours is with the brotherhoods and it is kind of like what humans do, but with eevees and eeveeloutions. I'm also going through a rough time at school. PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE ON THE COMIC! Thanks. YOU ARE SO INSPIRING!
@Warrior Cat Nerd: Also, I don't have a tablet. Only good old pencil, pen and paper.
Eevee comics? @Warrior Cat Nerd: eyyyy warrior cats high five! Also because I feel like helping uhh here’s some comic ideas
-eeveelutions but instead of brotherhoods like in this comic, there is a divide between different eeveelutions so like espeons and umbreon’s hate each other but there are alliances and BATTLES. And each eeveelution has its own leader and in the end they all have to team up to defeat the ultimate evil (humans or idk shadow poke)
-eevee journey, an eevee who sets out on a quest or something stupid and they meet lots of other eeveelutions and maybe there’s guilds
Like Pokemon mystery dungeon esque
-I ran out of ideas... but I may add more
@Guest: Thanks! Those are some really good ideas!
@Warrior Cat Nerd: If you want to make a comic, I’ve got a few tips!
First: Outline the comic’s plot and characters before you start drawing it. Either write down what happens or use a few summary images, just make sure you’ve decided at least a loose guide on how the plot will move.
Second: Try building realistic characters, which means try looking up methods of creating characters. You’ll get more in-depth tutorials than I can give here,
Third: Use original concepts. Your comic doesn’t have to be entirely original, just don’t deliberately copy someone else. Add a twist to something you like, if you’re feeling inspired.
Fourth: Honestly, have fun! If your comic feels more like a job than your hobby, you won’t put your all into it, and it won’t end up as well as it could. Don’t set extremely high goals for yourself or expect yours to turn out like this comic, or other well-known comics.
I hope I helped you, and anyone else reading this!
@Warrior Cat Nerd: I'm glad that this comic inspires you! Though there are lots of things to do, choose the one that makes you feel happy. Message me when you make an account and start posting and I will check out your comic!
Remember when this comic used to be light and fun instead of dark and full of nightmare fuel?

I do.
@Guest: I like to think that it is both still. Some pages are one thing, others are another~
@Pinkeevee222: Yeah, I think so too. It's just that the contrast between the fun and the serious here is so drastic that it almost feels like you're reading two very different comics about the same subject simultaneously.
Oh! So this is why Dusk only sleeps for two hours a day!
@RKA: oh my gosh, I allmost forgot about that!! Holy crap the continuity is over 9000!
@NegitiveZero: How could you forget? This is only the best Pokemon web comic to ever exist!
@RKA: Maybe, but it's been going on for a long time. When was that mentioned anyway?
@Guest: The amount of time Dusk sleeps for per day was mentioned in comic #13.
PAW? Who's paw is that?
Dear Dusk;
Sleep is...


The paw is blizz's!
i never sleep and what is sleep and wares vay my big brother the cop guy
The first eevee's tail... What's wrong with it's tail? The colors are different than a normal eevee's tail. Is it just how he's made? Also. He looks like Flame 0>0
Why even sleep dusk. Umbreons are awake in the night and usually sleep in the day(even tho it seems your awake for almost everything)
XD SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Random Person: You get spring break now!? Lucky!!!
Sleep is for the weak. I don't need it. I stayed up til 4 am. I regret that.
The sight of blood makes me sick. I don’t know if that’s for Dusk too but he seems pretty scared.
The thought of sleep..tis a beautiful thing..if only some was there for me..insomnia is hard. :(
@UmbreonMaster: Lol my spring break stars next week on Thursday. *cringe*
HAWAII BOIIS I LIVE IN HAWAI paradise :} people come here to feel like there in the garden of Eden sometimes
Sleep.... I like to sleep :} [even tho it's extremely hard for me to go to sleep and sometimes I get bizarre nightmares of anything I think of] whenever I wake up sometimes I just jump to my computer and play a quick match of war thunder
Night @Pinkeevee222: who is Night? Is he Dusk's father, and didn't Dusk's name used to be Night?
@Sylvie the sylveon In the ask blog it says night is a clone made by dusk
Oh @Random Person: but why would Dusk do that? And I am 100 percent sure that Dusks name was Night before he tried to escape Harmony. (When she tried to send him to the lab)
Dreams Dusk's dreams might have just be based on
things ...
@UmbreonMaster: mime starts on Friday:v
Hey, Are you going to spill any of Vay's secrets in this chapter? (hint hint, vay is bae, i miss him)
HOly muk that was really dark.... (glances at meanwhile comics) yep... nothing was darker than this before...
Actually in the old umbreon descriptions,it said that when an umbreon is agitated it will sweat poison.
pokemon brick bronze![play on roblox]
just saw a new banner for the comic, and I'm loving it. Very ominous, much interest!
... I... got nothing. This is too dark for me. My deepest condolences to Dusk. Also is there a reason for the shape of the panel?
Poor dusk Poor dusk :what happened to sora? :I'm just asking pink eevee222 there's been ages since you did other comics I mean like your doing blizz 123 story book not DRAWN IN SAI and dusk123. Ps can you put in a shiny umbreon and if you do thhhhhhxxxxxx ☆☆☆♤♤♤◇◇◇♧♧♧
I can link a song here but please don't click the link please the link to the worst song and I still don't understand what they are singing.https://youtu.be/ypPJt2
now we know why there's always poisonous sweat on his nest/bed.
Absol Can you please make an Absol comic,PLEASE!
How do you make an aucount?
oh poor Dusk
Can I make copies of the eevees? BTW I checked the characters and it said blizz is level 15 but in comic #86 LEVEL 4! We find out blizz is level 4
@Guest: I messed up on his bio
@Pinkeevee222: can you please do a comic about a female Absol?
??? me when I saw this: WHAT THE MUK THAT IS ONE MESSED UP NIGHTMARE DUSK! also great comic series.
Duuuuuussssskkkkkk What’s happened to eve we haven’t seen her in ages. Now I know this comic isn’t about eve but... :100%savage lycanroc gimme BACK THE FRICKING PHONE!!!!!!!!!!
:shadow lycanroc NOPE!!!!!!! :shadow lycanroc hahahaha miku is..... :100%savage lycanroc *take’s phone from shadow lycanroc * :100%savage lycanroc MY PHONE!!!!!!
??? For some reason, i never feel sleepy
Dawn gets a new boyfriend and it I'd a fareon
I mean fareon
Not the home fare on a new fareon
@jeff: you man flareon? with an L?
dusk is a sad bean :'(
...reminds me of someone for some reason
umm when will we see mikyu again [idk if i spelled that right lol
umm when will we see mikyu again [idk if i spelled that right lol
I have nothing to say
@Bob: she usaly makes them on Saturday and if not Sunday...
WHAT IS SLEEP? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more~
@Pinkeevee222: Btw you just said u r gonna do somethin fun >:T
My background eevee is named mumu he wheres a white scarf with dark blue marchings,and he always carries around a play poke magazine with an absol on the cover and he has a crush on the absol that sells the magazines.He looks like nego but white with blue marchings instead of brown.
I mean Marckings
I feel the same way, I'm sorry dusk

Love you! <3
pinkeevee222 please say happy birthdayto me my birthday is this monday and is you do that will make a little rainbow above my head and make my year,I really had a bad year,two people abandoned me,two kids calledme ugly,and I would love that.
@Pinkeevee222: i just seen your firework vid its sooooooooo awesome dont thank me when i like it
I love Sleeping If I'm tired.
*inhalas* SLEEPING gotta go to sleep dusk
You know, SSEC has become not so short and not so stupid. I've lost interest and have gained it over the many years. I've even done some dubs of this comic. Thank you. Thank you so much for making this comic PinkEevee. Thank you..
I love sleeping, it's just that I'm pretty sure I have insomnia, so it takes me like an hour or so to fall asleep. Poor Dusk...
is comics on sunday going to be a weekly thing now??? ;C
@Pinkeevee222: When are you gonna post the next chapter i've already read the whole thing twice and I can't wait for more!
Eeveelution Fact #who-knows-what-number An Umbreon's sweat are very poisonous as a defense mechanism, It would make the victim fall in a semi-drunken state when inhaled in small periods of time

By your Annoying-Jolteon ~Kiel
(I am backmuahhaha)
HAPPY ESTER Happy Easter Everyone!Hope your eggs are filled with baby chikens cause if anything else was in them that would be not normal(lol)but srly Happy Ester!
Oh hey, an upload is going to be on easter fool's day. Just realized that.
I don’t like sleep either but mostly just bc I see it as a waste of precious time to lie motionless and oblivious to the world for hours on end. Besides, my best ideas come when It’s night out, and I can’t write or draw my ideas out when I’m basically dead to the world. Course Dusk has a way better excuse not to sleep than I do. (I’m sorry dusk have a cookie *hands him a cookie*)
It's like real life :(
Your right dusk SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love sleeping I love sleeping because it’s like a time machine to breakfast
I don't like going to school

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