Dusk 4


March 24th, 2018, 9:25 pm

*Scurries around*

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=w= This comic is brought to you by the colors Blue and Purple !!!!!
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First! And yay!

Note to Self: Nag Tina to release a comic earlier more often on Discord
@FastHeadcrab: Now we finally know why night calls himself a mistake! No offense Night-buddy.
@Creek the Vaporeon: Lol
@FinleyTheVaporeon: Btw VAY IS BAE ;3
Uhhh... @Creek the Vaporeon: Before, Dusk wanted to mate with this eeveelution named "Sky," but there's a high chance that Dusk is not ga-- homosexual, so Night would MOST LIKELY be female like Sky (unless that important variable was the gender :I) But this may explain why Night blushed when Dusk asked him (her?) if he could sleep with Night. (S)He could've been programmed to be a girl on the inside, but accidently be a male on the outside (if that important variable was the gender).

(I know, this is my longest message :I)
@FinleyTheVaporeon: I have eyes, I can see
@FastHeadcrab: Boi i was just replying to u so that i could be firs- ;^; Ive said too much...
Dusk is feeling so high @FinleyTheVaporeon: BACK WITH THE PUNS!!! MUAHAHHAHAHAHAH
@FinleyTheVaporeon: That face is the only reason I live. It’s that face, that’s it.

@FinleyTheVaporeon: lol, tag Tina, not me, Im just a user ^^;
I assume he was trying to replicate Sora.
@Nintenduck: Sky/Sora... Maybe :3
@TalkingEevee: they're pretty much the same person so I guess both uwu
@Evcheto: fair enough
ooooh so that is how Night got born...
This comic was brought to us by blue and purple. Blue and purple combined makes indigo. Indigo is a character in gloomverse. He has a lisp. I also have a lisp. I am trash. There is trash in the ocean. There are also fish in the ocean. Fish are animals. The eeveelutions are based on multiple animals. The characters in this comic are eeveelutions. Therefore, the characters must make these comics. It's the only logical conclusion.
@Nintenduck: that explains so many things
harvard: u want a scholarship?!
@Smileykat21: Maybe later. I already have one.
TOO LONG! @Nintenduck
@Nintenduck: this is the funniest thing ever. and it clears all the confusion i ever had about this comic thanks you funny person you great person very good logic
@oof: Honestly, being funny all I ever wanted.
Question Why doesn't Dusk wear his collar anymore? Is it too big now?
@Guest: That will be explained.... (Kinda forgot to explain that in comic.)
@Pinkeevee222: Okay, thanks.
@Pinkeevee222: maybe he's scared that it will trigger a memory from blizz? That's my guess
@Guest: it says on one comic that blizz accidentally misplaced his collar outside the pc
I know we are being sirius XM right meow, but you should make dusk pull a circle finger on vay.
@Firestar: "meow." Warriors I presume?
Any warrior readers will get my name.
@Firestar.: I get it. Leader of ThunderClan, I do believe
@FastHeadcrab: Past leader of thunderclan, smh
@Pinkeevee222: idk, been a long time since I read em
@Pinkeevee222: bluestar is the leader of thunder clan.
@absolover962: excuse me, but Bramblestar is leader
@The Scarf Cat AJ: Firestar?? But aren’t you in StarClan?? Is this a dream and you have a message??
@Guest: I feel at home among my fellow geeks/nerds.
@The Scarf Cat AJ:thats wind clan
@absolover962: Bluestar died early on, Firestar died much later, and then there was Bramblestar.
@Irimuka: RIP scourge, the edgiest cat there ever was.
@Guest: Edgy as hell...
Not logged in. lol @Guest: Rip Bones, the largest, scariest cat ever.
@Pinkeevee222: Current leader is now Bramblestar, the son of the evil Tigerstar and Goldenflower, a dead cat.
@Firestar.: Firestar, huh? Cool. Notice the, "star," at the end of my name? Warriors is sweet. :)
@Firestar.: YAAAAAAAS Warriors!
@DL400: Lol were all leaders
@Firestar.: I love warriorcats
So Night in fact is part of Dusks mind...
@Irimuka: Noottt exactly
@Pinkeevee222: wait... Is Night the computer program that failed?
@Irimuka: I guess so...
Hmmm In the last panel why is there so many books?
also, what room is this?
@Pinkeevee222: But the Ask page is closed?
@Irimuka: Read the stuff previously stated in it
@Pinkeevee222: got it. Thank you.
@Pinkeevee222: determined by the fact that "woodchucks" Aka groundhogs, do not actualy chuck wood I would estimate zero. However if you where implying a beaver into the scenario, well in that case one would assume that the beaver would chuck would till it had a substantial amount of wood to properly build a dam to block the flow of water and create a pond in which it would construct it's home or "hut". Conclusively, a woodchuck and a beaver are two different creatures. So! Therefore it is technically a trick question and @Vay+Dusk your welcome... sorry I was bored
Hey, so I made a wiki for of this comic, and I was wondering if you wanted to help contribute? (I can link it.)
@Guest: I personally would be happy to.
@Irimuka (AKA Boo): Yes Please
I wonder what the variable was. Maybe to have a replica of Sky/ Sora ( or whoever else ) He needed to know their memories or something he wouldn'd be able to know, so that's why he only succeeded in basically making another him?
@VictoryStarz : I think he needed something from which u can tell their dna, like 4 example a piece of fur or spit or (this it a big fat mayb i hav no clue if u can tell dna from this) maayyb a drop of their blood? perhaps something like that
Dusk: I was trying to replicate-

Me: SKY!!!
@Skylar101: aw man, u changed ur funny link face? oh well, gladion still looks cool
@Guest: once I get tired of this one I might change it back to the Link face (or a Vocaloid one) but I haven't had this one on very long (and Gladion is my favorite character in Sun/Moon/UltraSunMoon)
So night is an AI who is obsessed with computers… how fitting
@Shadow_Strikr: I think there is an ai that builds ai irl now
@Guest: that’s called a singularity, and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t exist yet
1; Love the comic, and
2. in the 1st pannel dusk looks suuuuper high.... I wonder If catnip does anything
The Variable is...

Im guessing compassion
Also, counting the tally marks in 'Blizz 2', Dusk failed something like 133 times.
It’s weird seeing Dusk doing this “AI thing” instead of playing video games. And instead of Dusk’s eyes glowing yellow they are glowing orange. I love your artwork Pinkeevee, your my favorite comic creator!
"S-" wait did you mean to say Sora or sky?! If u fricken did then SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
@Puddinglefuff: sora and sky r the same eevee, thats what he was saying definitely
@Guest: that's what me mean ;^;
;w; Pinkeevee222, question. If I think I know the answers to the background eevee questions, have decent art, and character desings, but not DeviantART or a Smackjeeves account, can I link a Scratch project with an eevee design and my answers inside?
@Blep :P: You can, but you have to PM or note me the answers
@Pinkeevee222: Thank you :P
Well, my theory was wrong. The cloning goes against everything I predicted. Well predicting squad, it was fun.
Brought to you by the colors blue and purple!


*illuminati intensifies*
E X P O S I T I O N !
@Pinkeeevee222 So is night a robot?
@Guest: lol, that was cause Dusk messed up on his tail
@Pinkeevee222: and also, why won't he talk about Sora/Sky?
Sooo... If Dusk really was saying Sora/Sky, is that how Miku seems to have the memories that Sora is missing? Or was that the lab's doing?
Go to the ssec discord if you want to learn more.
eeee Maybe you could do Daisy's secrets next? Maybe Vay?
@Guest: Daisy and Vay already had secrets
@Pinkeevee222: Sky? Harmony?
@Guest: harmony is for 1000 fans i think
[ ] - 1,000 fans - Glaceon Chapter

[ ] - 2,500 fans - Sky

[ ] - 5,000 fanz - Harmony Chapter
@SentryBeat: oh yeah haha. i need to check before i reply hah
on the topic of Daisy @Pinkeevee222: Speaking of Daisy's secret, that plotline was dropped like a hot potato XD. Though it was revamped...

Well. I never knew Dusk had attempted AI program. I always thought his brain was smaller than a walnut.
the amount of times he failed reminds me of me going shiny hunting even when i succeed at finding 1 i still fail bc i get critical hit my life is sad ;^;
Dusk in the first panel....
You need to start putting Vay and Eve in here!!!
panel 1 Dusk= Catnip
absol can you please make a comic about a female absol
guys I dont know is anyone will respond to this but tomorrow is my birthday.pinkeevee222 please respond to this.
@absolover962: Happy birthday fellow guest
@absolover962: Happy Birthday!
WAIT ONE SECOND... Isn't his name "Knight"..... ;-;
Soooo... How does an animal with PAWS type? They don't have fingers.
@Salmonish: claws
hello am I invisible
@absolover962: Yes, but we can still hear you.
@Guest: ecsuse you?
Why? Why does night have a long tail but in dusk 1 night has a regular umbreon tail?
@EEVEE THE EPIC: ah, he just messed up on the tail. thats all
So that's why Night is born and evolve into a Umbreon with a long tail .
who know dusk would be so techy like
Dusk and night What is sky a boy or girl cause was that missing variable making it a girl or no?????????
@Boltthjefabulosjolteon: pinkeevee222 already explained that sky is a boy
clone fail #CloneERROR
lead to the making of night
@RileyBlue34: ERROR CODE 404: Variable not found. See traceback.txt for details.
@Guest: +-+
Hi Crooked star be greatest leader
I kinda wanna make a fancomic, introducing my Pokemon characters to the Eeveelutions! Anyone know how I can contact Pinkeevee when it’s done?
today is my birthday
@absolover962: happy birthday
@Sky207: THANK YOU,ps I cant comment the explemation marks because Im on my 3ds.
FIZZY HAS A QUESTION Pinkeevee plz answer this.Night knows Sora so when was night and sora there with the others(pasificly dusk blizz dawn vay and the other evolutions)?
@FizzytheUmbreon: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12063694/1/The-Bond-of-Brothers only dusk, harmony, vay/jay, blizz, flame, bolt, and anyone who met sky/sora in the lab and after the lab
@Guest: The Bond of Brothers is not canon.
pinkeevee222 pls do this,today is my birthday,so this would be a HUGE birthday present, my backround eevee is named blueie,pronounced blue ee.He has a crush on the absol that sells the play poke magazines and looks like nego but white fur instead.And last but not least,he always carries a play poke magazine with an female absol on the cover.
Excuse me, @absolover962, but in order to submit a background Eevee you must use a certain form. I believe it requires you to have a DeviantArt or wherever account to PM answers to certain questions, and you must provide a digital drawing of your character. (If you can’t draw from scratch, use a base that PinkEevee can provide.)
I hope I helped, and have a nice day!
@Nyanysaur: yeah,that helps.
That means dusk is in love with a boy!!!! I knew it and dusk is probably like that my baby named night XD
Wait, he knows how to code?
@Littlegamer34: *puts on a tinfoil hat* DUSK IS MICROSOFT CONFIRMED! I've been warning people for years, but no one listened. What say you now, naysayers!?
that explains it so dusk created night through failures of trying to create sora or sky I can't remember the name. and he succeeded once but since he was missing something, FAIL.
Kek Dusk musta been on some gooooooooood shit in that first panel
@:ok_hand:: WORDS
1st panel: dusk is drunk
11th panel: dusk had a baby
8th panel: when your computer breaks down
@Guest: XD
Conspiracy *illuminati music*What if, dusk was actually trying tø make *music intensifies* STELLA-CHAN NØT SKY ØR SORA!!!
@Dragonheart17: DUN DUN DUN
Plz do another sora i miss her will she ever find him and what will be her real evilution
Probably means sky or sora
Ok. You have Dusk, Dawn, and Night. Where's Morning and Afternoon?
YES @Dingoturtle! While other anime is not horrible in comparison, Naruto does have a lot of good emotion behind it, and a great story. However, there are plenty of other great mangas and anime’s I’d like to recommend to you and this fictional character based off of a randomly generated fictional character inside of a program created to simulate a thought-up world about monsters!
:C my spring break ended yesterday
@Random Person: SUCKA, I am oon my second day.
@absolover962: im on my 1st day today it ends wednesday 2 days right b4 my birthday meaning *cries* i need 2 go 2 school and work on my birthdaaay HOWEVER something good to look forward to: its on a friday
N'awwww Baby night is so cute OwO
YUUSSS Another comic! Yay! My favourite character in this whole comic website is Dusk. He's so funny
Im back I finally had the time to read these again yay!!
who wants to hear a roast
@pinkeevee222 These comics ain't so stupid now there now serious now @Pinkeevee222 where's all the humour gone? No offense
@EEVEE THE EPIC: want humour? reread the comic we lour fans want some back story
#☆# @SentryBeat: ok
Lol Look at dusk at the start I only just realized that lol
I'm gonna I'm gonna change my name to UMBREON THE AWESOME
Derp I kept the epic in XD
-_- Stuff it I'm gonna be EEVEE THE EPIC I'm gonna evolve anotherday
Hey, is SSEC going to be more plot-based in the future? Is everything going to be revealed in the future? I'm so curious...will Eevee Plex ever be taken down?
@Theorist: SSEC is a comedy drama, and there will be still be a mix of both in the future.
@Pinkeevee222: Damn... I guess that last question is too spoilery...
@absolover962: I want humor too, tbh. Too bad I can't have any for a while.
@Pinkeevee222: WHY
@absolover962: Cause I need to finish plot first
@Pinkeevee222: me makeing my webcomic be like
Sure, I like roasts.
@Dragonheart17: stupidity isnt a crime,so your free.
can you please do a comic with a female absol starring,that would be gr8.
I love ur comics! @Pinkeevee222: Ur comics are soooo awesome!!! :3 Keep going!
@Sylveeon: Thx~ :D
can someone pls talk to me,I am really lonley right now,
@absolover962: oke hiii
@absolover962: i NIGHT (a pun im actually saying might which technically could b a typo of might since n and m r right next 2 each other) start a comic someday im already writing scripts
@Guest: I am already making comics,I would share them with you,but I dont know how to post them on safari.
Hmmm So is that how babes are made?
Question: Who are you doing after Dusk?
How did night evolve into an Umbreon? They have to have high friendship with a trainer.
@TrainerBlueTube: maybe friendship with Dusk? That would be my guess. Speaking of the trainer, I wonder if they know all the crazy stuff there eevees have been though, or even about Night. Wait, where did they get them (eevees) in the first place?! So many questions, such little time!
Well, @NegitiveZero: the trainer revieved Harmony as a gift. Soon she stsrted to breed Harmony with Rick the buneary, and then switched him with one of her kits.

Pinkeevee mentioned this before, i forgot when and where...?
Wabbit hole @FranchelskaTheFennekin: Well, I found a few more shovels, anybody wanna dig deeper into this rabbit hole with me?

BTW, a few other questions that come from thoese awnsers;
Then how did the trainer find them after eevee corp get them? How did they escape? Did eevee corp take them away forcefully or not? does the mystereous figure (from the rare candy theft) acsess her PC? Ect...
??? Pinkeevee222 please make a comic when miku sees night ps you comic are de best :)
Oh. So that's how Night was born. I didn't think that at first. Do they have some sort of history when Night was born or something?
@absolover965 why u gotta be so rude? Calm yourself m8
@Dragonheart17: I said does anyone want to hear a roast and he said yes.
Dusk is poco loco.
why does night have that long wooshy tail?
@cherryleafeon: Becase Dusk messed up with his tail. Pinkeevee literally mentioned this in the comment section.
idk if im the only one realizing but... Blizz and Dusks eye color seems to change a lot.. blizz gose from blue to green, and dusk gose from red to yellow....
@EEVEES!!!: they r the only 2 who got some kind of power that enables their eyes 2 change (theres evidence since in 1 of the blizzs (not sure which) it says something like: they knew about his power (some panels pass by) but i hid my power from them. the only ones who knew about it r me, sky, and... her(pointing at some hilarious image of harmony).) THEORY TIME i think that blizzs eyes were originally GREEN heres my evidence (no, not bond of brothers this is my own theory since no one said anything about this not even them (however they helped me come up with this theory by providing the base info in their story)) dusks eyes were yellow b4 the lab and thats y nights eyes r yellow and y dusks eyes glow yellow since his eyes changed color after the lab but his dna didnt change and thats y nights eyes r yellow and blizzs eyes mayb changed color after the lab as well bc like dusk (who had his eyes change color after the lab), blizzs eyes can change color when -im guessing- hes serious or angry (the same guess i hav 4 dusk) and since his eyes can change color (like dusk (man, im comparing blizz 2 dusk so much in this long comment (that mayb no one will read)),) and dusks eyes got changed from yellow to red (blue apparently, according 2 bond of brothers), mayb blizzs eyes also got changed from green 2 blue as well so if blizz 4 whatever reason wanted 2 clone himself (or tried 2 clone someone else but was missing the same important variable that dusk missed), his clone would have green eyes. the funny thing about my theory is that i wrote so much comment just 2 prove my theory that blizzs eyes were green b4 the lab and not blue
@Guest: ... this is SOOO much comment. just realized how much it was once i posted it
@Guest: Vay, Bolt, and Flame all have color changing eyes, too.
Vay's turn a lighter shade of blue when someone is being nice to him.
Flame's eyes turn a lighter shade of orange when he goes slightly invisible.
Bolt's eyes turn red an blue when he talks to the Troll and the Wimp.

Your welcome ^^
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: i didnt realize any of that btw thx
pinkeevee222 tomorrow is my sisters birthday.
@absolover962: tomorrow, tell her i said happy birthday and heres her present and cake and sweets i guess also b happy u hav a sister since the only time i c girls is at school
@Guest: or when i look in the mirror
@Guest: k.
@Pinkeevee222 pls draw me in your way,I am an absol with neon green fur and neon pink skin.I have a neon blue spiked collar with my mega stone on it.And last but not least I have a crush on blizz.(p.s can you make one of the boys like me?Thnx!)
deam it i lost my ship
@eeveeleo: huh?
Who here likes beanie boos?
@Pinkeevee222 I NEEDZ TO KNOW WHEN DAISY IS GOING TO BE FEAUTURED IN LE COMICZ,also how ya change ur pic/avatar??? :3
@Pinkeevee222 can u make a thing bout Daisy like Daisy 1 Daisy 2 blah blah blah PLZZZZZZZ,srry for asking this to much XD
@Dawn: huh?
@Dawn: Sora isnt anywhere near here.
Okay... You know Dusk's 4th-wall breaking abilities? Well... This comic isn't outlined in white, making it, technically, a less serious comic. So does that mean Dusk is...talking to us? Or just thinking in his head? It's probably the latter choice because the first one is ridiculous!
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Sorry for being really late but I'm so proud you made an animation!
Wait. So Dusk is Night's father?
Pink u late?
@Puddinglefuff: I posted this in the morning thinking it's night on sat and today was sat, it's just Friday and I should go to bed -w-
@Puddinglefuff, [S] hope I spelled that right._. I have a question, did u draw yøur avatar? I really like it!
Question, @Pinkeevee222 why did dusk wear his collar in this comic?
@Dragonheart17: This isn't in present day. He's also using past tense, which is a bit of a giveaway that this isn't what's happening now. Dusk used to wear a collar with a silver soothe bell, so that's why he's wearing one in this comic
Thank yøu for answering my question AND nøt insulting me! Even tho I'm such a Baka ^ - ^
But still He's an umbreøn in this comic tho I thought he only wore the collar when he was an eevee?
characters ok, I was just looking at ther character board. why is dusk's nickname Onii-chan? isn't 'chan' for girls? [yeah I'm a noob]
Been reading everyone's comments for an hour now This is my newest record on patience and time lasted from succumbing to lazyness
(I really really hate myself ;-;)
"I started trying to replicate S--" "s" who??? Sky???
Wat If Dusk can make a living thing with a computer, does that mean he somehow has a 3D printer? Tina must really like Dusk to do that for him. :3
Hmmm, A child of Dusk's mind and the seemingly fickle nature of PC technology, am I right? Also, how f@%$ing smart is Dusk!?! He created LIFE trying to make an AI in the form of Sky, excuse my French, but 'splain that's&!$!
Sooo wait... Dusk is actually really intelligent, and he created Night!?!?!... but why does he hide it from everyone... and what happened after to make him pretend to be an idiot?
theory: before the eevees went to the lab, dusk and sky planned on changing their names to night and sora. then they were all taken to the lab. at the lab, vay was given human dna and sky was given her evolution powers and became a girl, becoming sora. dusk tried making a clone or copy of sora, but ended up with night instead. he named night after what his name was going to be. NOTE: THIS IS JUST A THEORY, SO DON'T TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!!
I Feel Bad For Him

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