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April 7th, 2018, 10:58 pm

I recently found out that I use Icedrop background eevees more than others.
But, Icedrop is the least popular house that background eevee artists choose,
so like, I always need more of them ^^;

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WHOOP! And, we are back!!! Look at all the background cuties~
alsoooo, here is the link to a survey I am doing=
Pinkeevee222, April 7th, 2018, 11:14 pm Reply
Advertisement, November 17th, 2019, 1:01 am Reply

FIRST Hey, guys! How's it going, Pink?
@Neonblossoms: because I am second!(jk!)
Congrats on being first it would be rude if I called second though
@Fansomething: can a comment technically count as 3rd since it’s the third comment you see when scrolling down?

Yeah I didn’t think so
There aren’t 50,000,000 comments woo! DO MANY EEVEES LOL
ok....I'll call thrid
and can someone please tell me what is going on on the last comic strip?
Here’s your answer @Eevee Guardian: The blue mass is all of the Eevees that have gathered around the corn. And the Eevee to the right is arriving at the scene to investigate.
hi pinkeevee
Ah, Pink’s beautiful and hilarious Comics are back! I missed ‘em.
Im commenting for the fun of it cause i have nothing to say :D..... (im werid ;c)
I like how you now made it even more obvious with the crossed out p
Pinkeevee222 is going a survey. Pokecharms did a survey for it's 15 years anniversary. Pokecharms was founded in 2003. 2003 was the year of the sheep. Sheep are mammals. Eeveelutions are mammal-like creatures. The chacacters in SSEC are eeveelutions. With this information in mind, clearly, the characters make the comics.
*claps* ANOTHER SPLENDID EXPLANATION MY FRIEND!!!! @Nintenduck: I am anticipating your next theory buddy! (Im laughing so hard irl) • v •)
@Kiel124a: Thank you. It's nice to see that my work is being appreciated. I assure you that I will not stop until there is a comic I simply can not make a theory about.
That... actually explains some things @Nintenduck: like how Vaporeon is the only eevee that has feature belonging to something that is not a mammal which is scales and fins, and that Vay does not follow this rule by having fur. The characters are definitely mammals and if they arent then they’re biological Pokemon features were altered to resemble mammals. This leads to interesting implications... what does the Survey PINKEEVEE Sent and the Characters’ Pokemon Biology Changes PINKEEVEE made have in common? Pinkeevee created them. This leads to two new pieces of information, a) pinkeevee is a furry and b) pinkeevee creates things and creating things is godlike power. These two facts have caused me to believe that PINKEEVEE IS ARCEUS
owO ish that eevee from eeveeolves??????? XD
Are they looking at the Corn Flame left out?
@VictoryStarz: Yes! lol
@Pinkeevee222: I think they enjoy it too much for their own good. XD
Okay i cAll 4
Th i mean 4th
also, notice me¬
(What is it with Eevees and corn?)
@SkyBlueEevee: its not corn it's por-*gets punched in the back of the head*
that's a tall eevee in panel 7
@candy the sylveon: yea i guess you could call him a tall order.(i regret nothing)
Yes! YES! YESSS!! FINALLY! After AGES of dark stuff, the fun times are upon us again!
Love this comic.... I love all of em anyway
this is a... interesting develpment. Shall Flame find them? And go into raging flareon mode? Or shall it be a different eeveelution... Or shall nothing happen at all. Find out on the issue next- Week?!?! A whole week? Why? Why must the world be so cruel?
Lol I remember the comic when blizz and flame tried to get flame’s book from this comic from dusk.... or no?
Heavily censored ¶Corn (Why censor corns?)
@AndreTheLugia: becouse its not corn it's por-*gets punched in the back of the head for the second time*
@AndreTheLugia: cause this corn isn't a edible yellow vegetable. Because it is not in fact corn, it is a object of flames fascination.
why is there a black bean of death on the last panel
When you see Por- *Cough* CORN for the first time.
WOOOOSH!!!! *pushes all the background eevee then grabs the corn* MUAHHAHAHA SAYONARA SUCKAS!!! *runs away*
@Kiel124a: *grabs hammer* U PERVERT *smashes hammer on your head*IMA BURN THIS PERVERTED CRAP!(a few seconds later)*walks the corner*
*read por-CORN (cough)*
@Kiel124a: nobody steals me por- *gets pushed off cliff* CORNNNN!!!!
I love these comics
*eyes water* MY EYES!!!
Can you do another comic with lune please?
~={[]0[]}=~ The header Eevee looks kinda like PinkEevee, Maybe a relative?
Such a colourful comic xD
"Too bad, shorty." Shorty, you might be better off not seeing it lol

Also, @Pinkeevee222: What are the names of all of the background eevees in this comic? And I noticed one or two of the background eevees got "inherit" powers. How do you decide which ones get them? Is it random? And which powers do they get?
@Pinkeevee222: Say, would this be the chapter where we learn what Eve will evolve into?
Is lune a boy or a girl?
I'd rather eat popcorn than seeing corn.
The plot thickens
*Claps Slowly* @Pinkeevee222: Don't touch Flame's porn! (Unless he threw it into the recycling bin/trash can/on the ground cuz he's a litterer :I)
its not por not saying it @YellowCat200: it corn
first FIRST
Oops Comments didn't load I look like an Idiot
Bally looks so Exotic~
*sniff sniff* ... Flame was here...
I am weird
@Guest: yes,yes you are.
*came out 11:58 pm*
@CinccinosWrath: On time percentage: 100%
Ah yes, some glamourous pictures of corn,the corn on corn fields,the corn in corn flakes.


@ultrawandit: I dont understand
@JolteonIsDaBest: that's a good thing
@I am a: nevermind, I have a slow mind but I figured it out
@Someone: Hello fellow guest
@Me: Hello fellow clone!
@Guest3684: Shhhh!!! Don't spill da beans
@Duskisdabest: sorry :(
@Guest3684: more clones, great
@VayisBae no 478854:
at least they haven't taken over
(like Eeveelution Squad)
@derp man: leader derp man has arrived

all hail derp man

(derp man):yes, yes i have great power.
i am the king of all guests
@derp man: Well I'm the Queen so you better be careful with my guest clones... They make an army... *evil smile*
@Queen Guest: Lol chill Queen Guest! No need to go to war or anything!
Have the clones been to eevee academy yet? I comand them, as the king, to go to eevee academy and learn stuff i guess.
@derp man: O_o
@VayisBae no 478854: SO MANY OF DA CLONES
You must be glad that the Secrets chapter is finally over so that you can move onto the comedy!
can't wait for the next comic!
I have been reading this comic for a long time and thought I should mention that I LOVE️ Everything about your comic especially how each of the characters have their own unique personalities!
Hope you have a wonderfull day/night/evening/ whatever time of day it is for you.
@_Cherryheart_: Thank you!! :D
@_Cherryheart_: I know how you feel. I made this account JUST so I could stick another favorite on. I like others too, though. *check out my favorites to find the nuzlocke adventure, "Folded". It's a great story based in Heart Gold.
(Did someone else say this already?) The 'Vees on the last panel look like blue 'peace' signs with...
...bodies. Yeah, bodies.

i heard.. . I heard that you need icedrop eevees.
*Hides with Drawings for BG eevees* PSSHH- Not that i have ideas- Baka
Heyo What was that picture of?¿?¿?
@Fluffy eevee02: 'c'orn.
@pinkeevee222 or someone else How can I not be a guest? Someone please tell meeeeeeee!!!!
@Fluffy eevee02: You can register here.
:3 @Mariam: thx I will do that soon
:( @Mariam: it's not working:(:(:(
I've finally caught up with this, though it was really just me marathoning this series in a couple days. I didn't expect so much lore xD
@AyVap: it only took me 2 days to read the entire thing
Question @Pinkeevee222 should I pronounce yøur name (pink-eevee-twø-twø-twø) ør (pink-eevee-twø-hundred-twenty-twø)? Also why does dawn have breasts but miku, sora, eve, daisy, and the other female characters døn't? (Sorry bout høw weird that question was)
@Dragonheart17: Pink eevee two two two, lol
and, Dawn was cursed to be a furry.
Help @Pinkeevee222: it's not letting me in my account I verify my email and then there is nothing to press so I press back then submit AND IT DOESN'T FRICKING WORK!!!!!! somebody help me it's driving me crazy help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey @Pinkeevee222: Can we have some cop comics with vay? :) Vay you will find true love with her *uncontrollable sobbing!*
I won't drown? Yay me hero shale notice me ^w^
Gotta love that sweet, sweet, corn~
BTW @JolteonIsDaBest isnt that picture you're using for ur profile from Eeveelution Squad ~ Lazuli and Speed?
@Flareon: Yeesssss
@JolteonIsDaBest: I like SSEC better than Eeveelution Squad .-. but i still look foward when PKM_150 posts on ES
How do you make these so good?!?!?!?!?!?!? They are so awesome!
Wow that's what we're going back to huh... it's like we never left that part after dusks......"story"
@Silvertheumbreon: =w= Ikr? I was Surprised when I saw that comic #222 was like, only a few comics back. But, the Secrets are liiikee a break in the story, lol
why is this back? >:V
@cherryleafeon: Why is what back~
@Pinkeevee222: the corn it's annoying those innocent eevees are being exposed to the horrible part of life.
DISGUSTING. those poor eevees don't even know what there looking at >:v
@cherryleafeon: Flame is the one who left it on the ground. Poor eevees are just curious, they dunno what they are getting into Q~Q *sniff, sob* Flame is the bad guy here! Not the curious eevees!
@cherryleafeon: =w= I don't draw corn, lol, I draw poke girls in swimsuits. This on the other hand, was me putting a staticy filter on a green background.
@Pinkeevee222: >:V
@cherryleafeon: :3 lol, u mad bro?
Um, hi :) @Pinkeevee222: I sent you a pm about the background eevee submissions, can you plz reply? I already have a few designs. Also can I submit multiple BG eevees at once? Thx and soz for so many questions
@MoonTheUmbreon46: You can send up to 2 background eevees, and like... *glances at the messages* Alrightt
Sorry I’m late. But those are a lot of eevees. My favorite is the color splatted eevee who is short.
when Hey pink evee i just want to say when could you make a merch store
@ghostie: I am trying to make one, actually. Buutt, college is kindaaa taking over my life QuQ
This sounds very disturbing like models in bikinis wouldn’t surprise me
meh I feel so bad for the short eevee
Why Why was the corn censored?
@☆Mèğå Ábśõľ☆: Why was the corn censored? Idk, maybe because kids read this. Imagine this: "Mommy! Look at this picture!" How would that end? xD
@Enderstar: Ssec is proud to be a "Kid friendly" comic, so, all swear words and sexual imagery is censored I dunno if the topics ssec cover are kid friendly or not though
@Pinkeevee222: True, true. XD
@☆Mèğå Ábśõľ☆: =w= I don't draw corn, lol. So, I tend to take the easy way out of drawing it.
:%",":%% @Pinkeevee222: ok
@Pinkeevee222: Censor bars are great.
I wonder
(Looks up “censor bar T-shirt”)
( ´・ω・)
(  ´・ω)
(   )
(   )
(ω・´ )
hi i like dis story of da eves and my mom and dad but how come my dad houndon was only seen once or twice in da comic
plz add my dad (houndon) in the comic more often pink evee
ps my mom (dawn) got marreid to her crush houndon
@dawn and houndons daghter: Skull and Dawn actually have a son in the future, not a daughter.
@Pinkeevee222: Well, whenever you talked about no sexual content...yeah, nope.
@Enderstar: What sexual content? No one knows how pokemon eggs are made in the daycare, tbh.
@Pinkeevee222: *hands up* You got me there. (Still not buying it)
@Enderstar: Ik how Pokémon eggs are made. Like this:
(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

(If you don’t get it it’s binary code. Like, video game/ai creation.
I feel like a geek now.
Oh well)
@SongEevee Very true. :)
How do I do crossed out things?
@Eeveeseverywhere: < s > Text here < / s >
Without spaces
Omi gosh I love this plz do more omi god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
guys does anyone know Eeveelution Squad here? it's my second fav pkmn comic (SSEC is first fav) :3
@Flareon: Yes! There is someone else and that's me =)
favorite #2 @Flareon: I like eeveelution squad too.(lol)
@RileyBlue34: Besides SSEC, Team Folded all they way! Eeveelution squad is fine though.
@RileyBlue34: (Remembers reading eeveelution squad a year ago and never reading again).... I NEED
huh? @SongEevee : •_•
@Flareon: i know it

Can you try posting twice a week or do you have IRL stuff? It's fine if you're too busy, because I bet these take a long time doing ;w;
@Flareon: Sorry, I am in College, and like... QuQ I can barely keep up with once a week... Some comics take more than 20 hours to draw, which is why they have been late a lot recently.
@Pinkeevee222: It’s ok! I’m only a freshman and artist and have, like, 7 GODDAMN TESTS TOMMORROW PLUS TWO ESSAYS DUE NEXT MONDAY so I get, like... 6 minutes of drawing a day. (ITS GOD AWFUL BC DRAWING MAKES THE $H!TTY FEELINGS GO AWAY)
I can only imagine what HORROR college holds!
Take me back, childhood!
Yay my first comment ever on anything on smackjeevs! My friend, Ever since last year has persuaded me to read this so i read through the whole thing before commenting. so to sum up my enjoyment: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! wut. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. the heck-? YAY!!! that concludes my summary. lol
@Tboy57: lololololol
Does Eve know about Vay's depression.Also, why doesn't anyone help him with it.It's shown they've seen him hurt himself so, what's up?
@TheKingKonquer: Eve knows that Vay is sad all the time, but, she doesn't know what depression is that much. Everyone tries to help him (Except Flame) Vay actually gets a lot of special treatment. ^^;
@Pinkeevee222: What about Oliver?
@TheKingKonquer: (slams door open and runs in) WHER IS MY BOI OLIVER
۹(ÒہÓ)۶ ♡♡♡
When is lune coming back?
Hey, Hey Listen! @Pinkeevee222: When are we gonna see Kevin the 'corn' dealer or has an eevee muscled there way into the business for dealing po-I mean corn?
i just realized Eve hasnt appeared since comic 244-Exited!... but that was only in the background...
Why can't we see it
@eeveeleo: #onlyforadults.
Notification: 19 AND UP ONLY PLS THNX
Me: (ಠ_ಠ)
(ಠ益ಠ)尸 *gets ready to click*
*clicks ignore*

Just for adults my @$$
yeah @SongEevee : true 2 dat •~•
T-T My wii U will not let me favorite your comic! D:
welp im going to burn that corn and then walk over to a nice grassy area so i can read how to make sure eevees don't turn into perverts and start stealing poke magazines across the entire region and that absols corn shop :)
@Pinkeevee222: can u guess who i is?
@SpectralKody: let me guess,a reaper?
@SpectralKody: lol, hi!! X3
@Pinkeevee222: haha, yup, u guessed who i was. and yes @Swanfire
@Glace555: I update usually after 10 pm Eastern time
I can help @fluffy eevee2 tø become a nøt-guest yøu have tø make a Smackjeeves account, th do this yøu can click the fav+ button at the top which will send u tø a new link asking you tø make an account, there u can! (Døn't roast me because I døn't knøw the official button tø do this! I never looked intø it! Baka! >:3
... @Dragonheart17: I did
Hi @Pinkeevee222: vay vay vay vay @Pinkeevee222: vay vay vay vay @Pinkeevee222: vay vay vay vay @Pinkeevee222: vay vay vay vay More Vay he is my soul
It ain't corn It is something highly inappropriate
Ghost Eyes Webcomic ☜(゚∀゚☜)
Wait who’s the tall, evil-looking gray we’ve in the second to last panel? I like his smile lol
@Pinkeevee222: Eevee Railey goes Hype BRO!
nopes out. >:3
Oof Oof
Finally You censored corn more heavily! I'm proud of you! Wait... I hear something... Is that... Flareon? No, Please! Stop! (dies)
Ah... Corn almost everymon loves it ALMOST everymon apparently...
Oh uhh... *Hopes out*
Oh uhh... *Nopes out*

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