Death wish


April 14th, 2018, 12:45 pm

I absolutely love Shane...
wait... on the eevee list...
What does "Inherit" mean...?
Why is it next to his name?

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Icedrop vees wanna fight! Put er UP! *Punch punch* ONE TWO ONE TWO! *Punch punch!*
Pinkeevee222, April 14th, 2018, 1:41 pm Reply
Advertisement, June 19th, 2019, 6:57 pm Reply

Delelelelelelelele Whoooooooooop
Lol i like this eevee
Notice ma spenpai
The icedrop eevees don't know how to read. People read books. Books are primarily made of paper. Paper comes from trees. Trees have leaves. The leaves fall in the Fall. The temperature also falls in the Fall. When the temperature drops it is cold. Ice is cold. Water is also cold. Water falls from the sky as drops. Therefore, icerop must be cold. After studying this information, I have concluded that icedrop eevees can't read.
@Nintenduck: slow clapping
@Nintenduck: no offense but take a chill pill... please!
@Guest: Should they drink it with Mountain Dew?
yes beautiful
Eyup, found my favorite character in this comic.
@Entity1037: I like the Eevee who said about the death wish
Very sweet sweet literature.
Oh my god
@Black lucky cat: *Arceus, not god, this is Pokemon we are talking about!
Shane: Do you even know how to spell fight me
@comboy 32: of course they don't it just shows how bad there grammar is. Which in my opinion makes the comic better. :3
@comboy 32: *Kricketune sound*
Do any of you know how to spell "fight me"? You stupid ice drops.
I picked the right box After seeing this.. I can safely say I picked the correct house for my background character to be in x'D
I'm comment number 13 hueheuehe. (I know it doesent matter but please. I'm bored. Bear with me)
Lol in panel number two is the weird meme hand gesture thing.
Some thoughts on comics and such.
Whenever a good series ends, it’s bittersweet for me. These characters that I’ve been following for their entire journey, that I’ve become invested in, I have to say goodbye to. All of their adventures and mishaps are done; there’s no more to look forward to.
But the good part is, the canon of that series is now set at one place. Nothing more will be added, and the entire rest of the series is available to reference from... in creating a fanfiction.
It is, to me, an extension of the original series, reflecting the writer’s wishes for what had happened, or could have happened. It’s a way to express your love for the series, that you worked on it yourself, in a way. It’s an expression of ideas that you’ve had for the series, shown for other readers to see and enjoy, because in a way their favorite characters are back.
Long story short, I just finished Homestuck really quickly and wanted to show my philosophical analysis of this topic. And I wanna make a comic.
Thank you for reading this barrier of a comment, and have a wonderful day!
Omi gosh This is amazing!!! Got up first thing in the morning to read this!!!!!
woke up in the middle of the night for this(i live in switzerland)
Not gonna lie, my money's on Shane.
Not all are eeeves are into corn?
I feel like they are birds because it looks like flame's book when he put it down and walks away.
Nova the fox Lol Shane is my new favorite character🤣
Icedrop used hyperbeam! *after the smoke clears* Shane used protect.
Shane used Ignore! it's very effective! icedrop eevees get pissed off! Icedrop vees used vay! it's not very effective...Shane lost 1 HP! Shane walks away!

Shade: i find this very funny :) too bad i cant speed up time so more comics come out XD jk i wouldn't do that i like Shane
? WHEN was this uploaded?!
@Glace555: The time the author's comment was posted
Lol did you dee all of the faces the eevee keeps on making an saying to shane
Somewhat #relatable
Which house would you be in
@Lulueevee: Green paw of course!
Pink eevee (marie) what hoyse Would you be in (i like all of them)
HE IS THE ONE WHO CONTROLS SPELLING I like how his text bubbles get worse spelling after he asked “so you know how to spell ‘shut up’?”
The question is; Do they Accually not know how to spell " Shut up"? ( I don't think they do by their faces.
Gotta love the spelling. "FITE ME." ._.
@YellowCat200: looks like Icedrop can't even spell in speech bubbles... RIP
its ok i cant spel eather.
wow Is that Shane based off Shane from the eeveeolves?
@uh hi: Yes~
Since when were greenpaws and icedrop vees enemy's
@Silvertheumbreon: Since Icedrop eevees started bullying greenpaw eevees for no reason.
@Pinkeevee222: I vote green paw then..even tho there leader is an idiot
@Silvertheumbreon: he's not actually an idiot, just acts like one
@Silver the Eevee: true true
@Silver the Eevee: Still an idiot
@Some random guest: if you pretend to be something then you aren't actually that thing
@Silvertheumbreon: how dare u call Dusk a idiot.
@Ima Fishtick: I can do wat I please!
@Silvertheumbreon: Ik lol.
"Fite me!" "No." Good answer.
You've got to be kidding me! The one day I get on at around the time you usually post, and so of course you posted it much earlier today. ;( This makes me sad.
Once again,you amuse me @Pinkeevee222!
When is lune(the absol)coming back?
@Swanfire888 : My guess is when Flam need some porn
Darn. I actually liked Icedrop. Are all the eevees in Icedrop bullies and perverts? Plus, do they all not know how to read?
@Pinkeevee222: How long did it take you to draw this?
@MoonTheUmbreon46: lol, not all of them, and it isn't their fault that they most of them can't read ^^;
It took a long time to draw. Lots of colors.
@Pinkeevee222: A LOT
@Pinkeevee222: I'm afraid a lot is an understatement, ma'am
@Person: =w= Eevu?
@Pinkeevee222: you asked for it heheh *charges energy* GET READY TO GET KICKED!*pows pink eevee to space*CYA====YOLO=====
NO @sonic: NOT NICE.
@sonic: *kicks the door down*NO YOU SHALL SUFFER IN HELL FOR THAT
@sonic: *In space*
@Pinkeevee222: Pinkeevee222: :I (still floating in space)
@Flareon: Don’t worry pinkeevee! I will rescue you in years!
@sonic: *protect*

*insert troll face image here*
AHHHHHHHHHH im nawt early T-T XD Also they dont kno how to read...

Shane is my new favorite Eevee
Pink Eevee, what is your favorite evve and your favorite Eeveelution? Also do you have Roblox? If you do, could you tell me your user so I can Friend/Follow you? :)
@Puddinglefuff: Shall*
Uh... the Icedrop Eevee that said 'Fite me' (brilliant quote btw) has a Lightfire Bandanna.

Ah whatever
*gets a death bed* I'm ready for the dead body
Is this whole chapter going to be dedicated to background Eevees? :0
I Wan a back ground eevee but ima guest, and I'm bad at drawing on the computer. I do it on Google slides. NOT COMPUTE!
@pinkeeveee222 can you please bring lune(the absol)back?absol is my favorite Pokémon!And is lune a boy or a girl?
@Swanfire888 : boy or girl?......yes
*delelelelelewoooooop intensifies*
i should be revising but i'm not....welp im fubernucked
Hmm... Imma play Spot the difference with those background eevees!

*checks the pics*

I found one difference ._.
@Ninja Fleeveon: there. Is one difference! And only one
Burn! Just asking: Do they have a Burn Heal? Because they are in desperate need for one. Shane just overthrowed Dusk as my favorite character of this comic.
Random thing ; I was rereading the comics and I saw that on comic 99 , Aftermath, you can see Dusk's bed has some poison sweat on it, and a little on his face.
My Respect for icedrop before: 999
My Respect for icedrop after: 998

ok 997.
I just gotta say I love this comic :) cannot express how awesome it is.
im sorry I love your art, but you're suffering from a huge issue with Same Face Syndrome and Same Body Syndrome. Your characters, head shapes, body shapes, and even mostly eyes look the same. Try to step out of your comfort zone and work towards attempting something new.
@Neonblossoms: Tell that to me not her.
@Neonblossoms: Sorry if this comes off as rude but they're eevees. They're all the same Pokemon species, so their faces and bodies are meant to be similar. Again, sorry if I seem rude.
um @Person: The same weight. The same height. The same eye shape and jaw structure... it's like saying humans or cats all look the same. Nothing looks the same.
@Neonblossoms: Oh, Don't worry, I already know that ^^;.
Butttt, =w= I don't really think that it hurts the comic much, it's just that when I do see people that use different face shapes and such, like in some warrior cat drawings I see, I usually don't really like all if any of the designs QuQ;
I try to vary little things, like some eyes and cheek fluff, buttt, usually I just justify it all by saying "Oh, pokemon look the same in games" Which is not really a good excuse, lol.
I actually am already working on using different body and head shapes, but, not for ssec, <w<; its more for my human drawings I never post that I got good at it for. SSEC, on the other hand, I just want to draw it as quick as possible, aannddd, that is where the same face syndrome stems from, me being a lazy bum, lol.
Ah @Pinkeevee222: I understand!
could you maybe.... make comics sooner? me and my friends REALLY enjoy these and would LOVE for you to make more!!!!!!!
@Kitty_Kitty22: QuQ I wish I could do that, but, College is hard. Thank you and your friends for liking my comic though!!
I know you probably won't read this, but You've been a huge inspiration to me Pinkeevee. I never liked the way my drawings looked, and I never was thought I'd be able to do anything good, but seeing your comics and seeing how nice you are as a person (And how similar we are with the role playing addiction...), I started to believe I could actually do something. I would've quit drawing by now if it wasn't for you, so I just wanted to say, thank you. :)
@Pinkeevee222 I just had a great idea for your comics,so here it is:Dawn is offended from the magazines and gets mad at lune(the absol)for selling them.So she decided to beat up lune for selling them.But since lune has a type advantage lune ends up winning and in the last panel lune is sitting down poking Dawn with a stick and smoke is coming out of dawns head.And in the background dusk and blizz is celebrating dawns defete.
I have a 3ds.
Y e a h I saw another thing while going through the comics! On comic 121 in the archive, Box 4, In the alt text it says ' Dusk?' . Before, I was sure it was Dusk, but looking at the last panel in the drawing, the umbreon has the oddly long tail of Night. This could means Dawn knows Night exists.

Edit; Ok, I know it was Night now. A few comics later, the comic called " Dusk?" has Night , long tail and all, again.

Apparently I put Stuff I see here now. On comic 166, Night as an Eevee is on the header.
@VictoryStarz: I,honestly had no idea what you just said.
Pinkeevee: when will my mom (dawn) get married in da comic i mean come on im geting tiared
@dawn and houndons daghter: Dawn is not married, she has no eggs/kits and I'm pretty sure Pink said no RPing in comments.
In the character's page, Oliver's shown to be Dawn's best friend.Why?We've seen no interaction with them in the comic.
Umm. Is he doing Eevee middle finger (Last panel Icedrop Eevee)
@Eeveeseverywhere: No, he is gripping the air, lol
Finishes reading page, goes to get to the next page, there is none yet !!! I CAUGHT UP?!! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Foxeetreasures nuuuu-(pfft) Hahahahaha! Oh my god-I mean-Arceus, what in the world of whatness was that?
@Pinkeevee222: say whaaa?
Do you have any other comics besides ssec and eevee academy?
@Sun the eevee: Leaf Eevee: I think you do have a death wish. Me(out loud, irl): Yes I do! Brain:WTH YOU SAID THAT OUT LOUD.
@Pinkeevee222:do you have google photos?
Shane hates icedrop eevees #Hehatesicedropeevees

@RileyBlue34: #creepy
@Pinkeevee222:can you check your email?I emailed you somethings and if you respond to the google photos ones that would be gr8.
#€£¥¥£€# Icedrop eevees fight *punch* *punch* ATTACK *punch* *punch*
Wow Shane is a Brave Eevee Wow...Shane!!Jeez and um why are those eevees looking at porn and isn't that Flareons?
Σελλο Ι αμ σπεακινγ γρεεκ.
This sunday is my birthday Yay
I have nothing to add that is just funny
i have a feeling the next comic is going to be about flareon....... ;-;
Me when he said no to the fight
@Pinkeevee222 ...when Is daisy comin back into le comic?? :<
Shane is my new favorite background eevee! also who's that little guy hiding behind him? o.o
Hey Pinkeevee I remember when Vay was explaining why he talked when he ordered 80 pizzas and noticed the eevee with the glasses and yellow eyes. Could that have been Night?
Sorry if I may seem dumb for asking this, but who is the leaf eevee? He's really cute
Whoo! Go, Shane!
When are you posting the next comic?
yeah um i read through the WHOLE comment page and theres like atleast 4 people who asked who the leaf eevee is (including myself e.e)
*insert "shane knows how to insult icedrop" here welp, I found my 2nd favorite character in this comic series: shane. and I also am gonna said which one he dethrowned: blizz.
Why am I here? Wow I wish this would have them fight -_-
Wait... You mean to tell me... GREENPAW IS SMARTER THAN ICEDROP!

*Kriketune noises*

Why is no one happy...
Icedrop got rekt!!!! Ooooh!! Mom get da camera! They can't spell "shuot uoiipp"
Wait... I can't either darn
@Guest242: Let me try. Shot op. No wait... Shutt... Shoot... Shaaaa.... (friend whispers correct spelling in my ear) Oooh that makes more sense... SHUT UP. (Yay I did it)
... AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SHANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are you doing? READING FINE LITERATURE. He even does the little hand gesture. Arceus/God your comics are great.
Hey but how do u change ur picture?
lol he ended his caree but he's not a rapper
lol laggy


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