They are hiding something


April 28th, 2018, 9:23 pm

When Dawn reads Blizz's mind, it sounds
like 9 voices at once, and hurts her brain.

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Time for some plot before I go back to comedy .
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(Seriously, I broke QuQ)
Pinkeevee222, April 28th, 2018, 9:30 pm Reply
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dangit a cliffhanger ;w;
@Aura flame: WAIT WAIT WAIT... Is today a Saturday ;^;
@FinleyTheVaporeon: i posted that comment a week ago, that's why.


@Flareon: lol me too these comics get better and better I tell you
@I_luv_sylveon: yup ;w;
First hi never been first
But any way there are so many things that could happen next
@Vaporeon is cool: oh wait my comment was a bit late :(

still working on the fanfic btw
Omg nu why cliffhangers
Yessssss!!! I’m early for once
I Wonder who it might be. Dusk and Blizz are best friends, but Dusk seems to be really trusting with Dawn, so I guess maybe He wants Dawn to talk to Dusk? I don't know .
hiding? Oh, yes, Blizz. They're hiding a lot from you.
Vay has The Negotiation and the ability to turn into a human, Flame has things we haven't learned and things from the lab, Bolt also has abilities like seeing ghosts and things from the lab, and Dusk?
long story
@Neonblossoms: Basically, they are hiding everything that happened at the lab from him. He doesn't even know why he " Woke up outside in the snow." Or how they " Got separated from their trainer."
Still guest dont get accounts woah
8 eeveelutions + Pepper = nine voices

Any one remember Pepper?
Well, @9rainbowtails: yes I do remember Pepper!
@9rainbowtails: I do~
Oh weee Holy heckfrick another comic lol am I the only one that realizes what this is talking about
The others are hiding something. I hide my massive collection of potatoes I stole from Ireland causing the Great Potato Famine. Potatoes are a plant. Plants eat sunlight. Sunlight comes from the sun. The sun will destroy Earth sometime in the future. Considering this, I have concluded that the others are hiding the fact that they are plotting to destroy Earth using the sun.
@Nintenduck: Yes. Definetly and absolutely yes.
holy crap that's dark @Nintenduck: that is really dark, but hey, who am I to judge, I play TF2 and that game.... it can get really dark really fast in the first few kills in TF2....
@OmniShadow: Actually, I play TF2 very often, and I see nothing dark about mocking the corpses of your enemies.
read that again but slower
way to make it even darker..... @Nintenduck: that is more darker than before....
Pfff OmniShadow, whaddya mean “dark”? All I see in that comment was fun and fact. Fact as in what happens, and fun as in the emotion derived from performing such an action. “Dark” would be Comic #4 in this series, or the color black. Or, the typing, of which the Pokemon depicted in your profile picture is.
My own theory: OmniShadow is calling your theory dark. Their profile picture is shiny Umbreon.
Dusk, featured in this comic, is an Umbreon.
I own an Umbreon in Pokemon X.
The mascots of Pokemon X are Xerneas and Yveltal.
Yveltal is a dark type, like Umbreon.
I have an OC based on Umbreon that transforms into a dragon form.
Clearly, Umbreon is the overlord of all darkness in every Pokemon series, canon or fanon.
Also, OmniShadow is complimenting your theory, by attaching the attribute “dark” to it, the same attribute that they themself own.
Therefore, all of this information leads to: Dusk is working to make your theory canon, by hacking the PC, bring Yveltal in, and sacrificing him to the sun in order to borrow its powers. Then, having gained these powers, will burn the world to ashes and coals, making it dark like Umbreon itself, and establishing that species of Pokemon as the overlords of the world, and the leader shall be my OC Dyany.
If you did not understand this theory, you obviously haven’t researched to the degree that I have. I can add more evidence.
Your theory has been proved correct, and Umbreons will eventually destroy the sun. In Homestuck, at some point, a character planned to destroy the Green Sun. The Pokemon World’s sun is yellow. This means that there is a third universe with a Blue Sun. Blue is the color of shiny Umbreon. Therefore, Umbreon are a species of Pokemon from an alternate universe, spreading outwards and conquering it. This also leads us to believe that Andrew Hussie will continue working on Homestuck, and that the epilogue details the exact method that the Umbreons use to conquer and destroy their universe, killing the HomeStuck characters.
Andrew Hussie is known for killing Homestuck characters. He is also behind Homestuck.
Finally, I conclude: Andrew Hussie is the secret creator of this comic, and has trained Pinkeevee to post them on an alternate website for him. The mystery has been solved.
As a second theory, we all know that Blizz, Dusk, and the others were experimented on.
In Pokemon Adventures manga, Red found an Eevee that had been experimented on.
Therefore: These Eevees’ trainer knows Red, and he will eventually appear in this comic.
The Occam’s Razor reinforces this theory. As I only rely on two assumptions, both of which I know to be true, this theory is much more likely to be true. Occam’s Razor, specifically, says that the less assumptions you have to make, the more likely you are to be correct.
@Nyanysaur: Thank you for this information. I will surely keep this in mind while theorizing in the future.
the theories @Nyanysaur: I compliment you on the theory's, pretty good theories, but then wouldn't that happen in pokemon sun and ultra sun, oh wait, this is a fan-made pokemon comic, and technically pokemon ultra sun and pokemon sun and pokemon ultra moon and pokemon moon are not in the timeline of this comic series, I think that is, so I know realize that what I typed before in this reply is just stupid.
@Nyanysaur: ... What did I just read? I understand the second theory but the first is like markiplier theorising Prey
@Sith Lord umbreon: I may not understand the reference, but I can infer your meaning. Yes, it seems wild and crazy, but when you piece it together you can see what it means. If you still cannot understand it, it might be best that you not try.
@Nintenduck: plz clam down :(
@Guest64 : PPPPFFFFF when you realize you spelt "calm" : "clan"
@LightEclipse: your profile pic works really well with this comment
Oooh Yusssss new comic
HMMMMMM Intowestring... (wats an English)
cool machine thingy in panel 4
@Tboy57: pretty sure that's panel three with the machine...
@OmniShadow: id even k
@Tboy57: pretty sure the machine monitors Time,space,gravity,dimensions,interstellar travel and search histories.

also can chu do two days at once, like Saturday n Sunday :3 x3
Stay up till 9:10 constantly refreshing to try get first comment. Comic uploaded at 9:30
Ignorance is blizz
^_^ What secret ^_^
@EeveeHasCookie: ho you know....all the torturing that happened in the lab ind turning blizz insane and the only way to get rid of those memories probably was amnesia.dusk got tortured,blaze got tortured,vay got tortured and finally bolt got tortured.they got stolen from their trainers and experimented on that's it basically yea i know but is a extremely long story.(Im finally done,that took way to long)
@SentryBeat: I know dat ^_;
pinkeevee when do you start doing "eevee academy" again?
I A M B E I N G S E R I O U S !

-Blizz, 2018
Plot instensifies
I assume 9 including Blizz, cause if not then there's a much bigger mystery than the current one.
ooooo, love the header!
stupid cliff-hanger
Hmm...I think I know what's going on. Dawn is going to learn about Blizz's amnesia, and then are going to intimidate someone who can tell them. Most likly Bolt.
Oh how I love Dawn's expressions. She's wonderful.
Huh why does Blizz have a felling of that all of a sudden
Trying to get a wingman (Or, in this case, a wingwoman) like
What are the blue box and green blanket for, are they going to capture someone with it and question them?
actually.... Blizz has had and feeling that they were lying to him because in a few certain comics (Blizz 3 and another one)
There hiding something? NOOOO, REALLY?!?! When did that become blindingly obvious Blizz?!
how the f%&king hell did she not realize sooner!!!
@SentryBeat: He. and please no swearing.
Edit: Sorry for the lack of context. Blizz is a He. Not a she.
i did censor it and i didnt know he was a guy
im logged out
if he is late than Im fashionably late
@Pinkeevee222 WHY IS IT SO RARE TO FIND DAISY IN A COMIC!?DAISY NEEDS TO BE IN DIS MOREEEEEEE!Srry I really like Daisy (as a fan cuz my user obviously)
Sorry I wasn't here when it came out but I had my communion
I really like the look Dawn makes in panel 5.
Oh, looks like they're suspicious that they keeping some secrets away.
oooh OOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^$$__"$*^"/"#'#__#$_"_€^¤<>○○♤{●¤{>● #Eevees rules #ssec rules #Pokémon ^_^
Meanwhile... WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE???? I'm going nuts ._.
Cliffhanger…. Why cliffhanger... xD
Eleventh panel; " ...Hyper Beam you into oblivion. "
#☆# @Pinkeevee222 can we see more of miku daisy and eve cus they are hardly in ssec anymore ps Shiny/ if you read ssec thx for the lv100 shiny Hoopa
@RealDealFreel: =w= those characters will all get screen time later on, no worries~
@Pinkeevee222 when will u start making "eevee academy"again
@Nixaw: When I am not lazy, lol
@Pinkeevee222: so... never?
Argh I forgot about this cause I had 4 teeth taken out and playing so much Starbound damn I’m always so on the ball for this series... stupid cliffhanger making this worse
To anyone who does the theories In the second to last panal Blizz has a blue “shine” in his eyes. It might just be an effect to emphasise his begging of Dawn but knowing this comic and it’s thing with eye colours, it could well be something else idk :p
Wait this happened in the past and we are waiting for an answer in the future lol
The identity of "them" I think that vaporeon is going to confess their love to leafeon.

Also, on a side note, if you are going to make a
Someone a laughingstock, make sure it is someone the audience does not care negatively or positively about. They should be a side character, and nothing more than a punching bag for humorous purposes. This is not what is occurring with vaporeon. They cannot even be terrible correctly. This is the one and only way to make a character a laughingstock. Do not make them a good character, like luke skywalker or Han Solo. Do not make them a bad character, like jar jar binks or lorn Palestine. They should be nothing more than a laughingstock. That is what vaporeon should be. No more, and no less.
I say this because I love the comic, and I would hate to see it fall on its face. The only way to save this is to make the plot of this comic unimportant, like for example, learning to talk to the pizza guy and order pizza like glaceon, and only use vaporeon having a crush on leafeon as a running joke. You could do his, or you could ruin the character that is supposed to be terrible. It's up to you.
i think that the laughingstock should be @Malnox: the laugingstock should be oliver cuz he never in comics unless theres a purpise
also idk how i remeber oliver and also whats an elglish i saod dis many times
The identity of "them" part 2 Sorry about the wall of text I left above this.
Identity of "someone" Huh wonder how this someone could be their mother, but for some reason I doubt that... Welp I guess we'll just wait and see, huh?
Love dawns face
I feel a backstory approaching......
pink ive beenreading theese for loke two years and ive lotteraly read them all and ussually read comics a few days after they come out and i love them theese comics are funny and i probablly mispelled like alot of words cause im typing rlly fast and. y comet is breaking 4th wall i think that dusk s funny like how he always asks ovous questions and i mispelled more wprds sprry im typing fast and im a huge fan of pokemon and the eevees bit i rlly think you should make more comics cuz they are funny and my comment is very long sorry also plz make more comics about flareon cause i dont see him much
@umbreonfan: sorry for leaving wall of text lol its me again and more wall of text can you please use more pokemon and plz draw a caterpie in the next comic pleassssse
just wanted you to know I really like your comics, only reason i made my account really, and it makes me really happy when i am able to go to the latest page a see there is a new page up. please keep up the amazing work, i really can't wait to see who the story goes.
Sorry I’m late. Dusk and Blizz are getting really serious these days.But I think Dusk is more serious than Blizz.
@Pinkeevee222: I wrote my own fan theory, if you want to hear it! I pulled from different sources, and looked at different media, in order to draw my conclusions. I already posted it as a reply to Nintenduck, near the top. Please tell me how correct I am :333
ITS VAY!!! right......? ;/
ummmm @Pinkeevee222: I've pm'ed the link to my background eevee app to you- can you do something about it... please? sorry...
omg i want to see what happens next will pepper come back with her older brother
@Pinkeevee222: Pinkeevee I just want to say I love your comics. I was devastated when my IPad and laptop kept screwing up your comics for me and not showing them, but I got it fixed, and I have to say: they are freaking awesome. I’m studying EACH PANEL closely to help me make my own style of art as phenomenal as yours (though my art is still equivalent to a 2 year old’s crayon scribbles... my friends tell me they look great but I like to say “oh yah thanks” and then immediately assume they were lying) And your plot lines are really interesting and quiet inspired, also did I mention I view your art as a near equivalent to the freaking Mona Lisa painting? Seriously. Why. How. Teach me your ways sansei (bow)
Love the facial expressions in this comic, lol.


Why the cliffhanger tho?
Cliffhangers, the worst kind of nemesis...
Why must cliffhangers be so cliff... hanger-ish
I see some of your plot twists and must say you must have taken some real time to go that deep, I won't say all of it as to not spoil it for others, but one I will say is Dusk, Vap and how a few piece's there fit together revealing some of what is hard to see, so good job on that part there, though I'm not sure where you are going with blizz and dawn. lol
i am sorry, but can anyone tell me what is a cliff hanger?
@Nixaw: well cliffhanger is like when u read a comic and when you are about to know something ur curious about, the page ends, leaving you filled with curiosity.
Whew! I haven’t read one of these in a hot minute! I miss it also keep up the good work
@I_luv_sylveon: lol i still waiting for what happends next its friday tho lol
.... srry to ask but why are blizz dawn and dusk in more comics now i miss flame when he gonna be in more comics also still plz draw a caterpie and why cant you read my comics cuz i. sad i love dis series and sorry my comment is so long also i have a theory i think that dusk is not an idiot and is just being stupid so he can hide his powers that i must know MORE about because its cool that he can make some stuff oit pf thin air and i kept thinnking flame was flare cuz im reading leafy and flare bit also reading this lol idk if this comment is breaking fourth wall like dusk can also HOW did u do that anyway lol also u shoud do dusk lokking ad comments lolol
what is an english @umbreonfan: me again lol i just reelized i cant spel stuf lol uhm im licherally mispeelingng stuf on purpus so lel howdy im soooooooooo sad lol im sad cuz i still miss flame and sorry im spamming cuz i rlly miss flameeeeeeeee plz do more flame comics and also does flame ever write books and ima talk more about flame cuz i miss flame and i litteraly used to thing flame was a girl so yea lol
also why does eve have acrush on dusk and also uh uh uhhhhh plz tell me this there dusk dawn and night so is there a DAY plz say there is a day thats a sylveon because i think day is would be a sylveon and also is sky an espeon or a sylveon and why cant we ever see sky who is sky and sorry im typing so much wow and again cuz odk why plz draw caterpie i just thought of something funny maybe i type so much so u will read this comment but i bet u too lazy to read whole thing lol sorry i had to type that amd again PLZ do flame again ok im done. no im not. uh um also my character or backround eevee pic didnt go in since ima guest but now i cant remeber my deviantart password and uhm can i just describe him its a umbreon thats kind half shiny with blue eyes that glow and he has a bandanna around his neck and the bandanna has a dark stone on it from when he evolved and i wish he could be in the actuall comic and his name is midnight srry if thats allready a name uhm and also oh yea i forgot hes dusks cousin And he has a hot air balloon and um ummmm oh shoot i forgot ... oh yea he also is good at games and can probably help dusk with stuff and he has a simmilar power as dusk and can teach him how to use it without hurting himself but he has dark history that i dont wanna say but um his mom was killed by lab experimenters soon after dusk ran away and he has a scar on his ear cause when he tried to fight scientists they cus him with razor sorry i talk too much and whats an engkish still
me again i have nothing better to do @umbreonfan: soorry for wal, of text plz read it and tell me if new character is a good idea
@Pinkeevee222 You are my idol. How do you even draw that way. I am inspired by your art and am trying to self teach myself.
that begging look he has… he is being incredibly serious about asking her for help, that is one of the most serious yet cute begging face I have ever seen.
Love it!! Pinkeevee your comic is amazing and cool...... Can you put sylveon in there...
The plot thickens
And thank for the comi @Pinkeevee222 your comics help me relive strace after a week of hard work
Love the comic! Happy Cinco de Mayo, people!
"Stupid short" eevee comic.
It has almost 300 pages.
@Leafyfan : I have said it once and I will say it a thousand more times to get it threw your thinke skulls, DONT BRAKE THE COMENT BOX!! IT IS EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE TO FIX!!!
@Neonblossoms: well I promised that I would repeat my self... I have said it once and I will say it a thousand more times to get it threw your thinke skulls, DONT BRAKE THE COMENT BOX!! IT IS EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE TO FIX!!! **starts laughing**
@Eeveelover1902: we can't really complain about it... there was at least half of a chapter consisting outside of the designated comic box, coexisting with the comments section. It makes sense that if the comic itself is allowed to break the digital barriers that the comments of said comics are as well
@Guest64 : Boi I really love that people can take my awful sarcasm/jokes!
Something? SOMETHING!?
OHAHAHAHA it’s somethings. They didn’t tell you about the lab, he doesn’t know about vays son, dusks power, bolts ability to see ghosts, and ALOOOT MORE.
What are they hiding??? It's like they are sneaky or somthing

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