They Disappeared


May 5th, 2018, 9:01 pm

@A@ I have EXAMSSS
Guest comics next week

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Alright! So, we have 3 talented people who want to do the ssec fandub!!
So, here is the vote! Please vote! And, Thank you to anyone who votes!!
That kitchen was torture
Pinkeevee222, May 5th, 2018, 9:04 pm Reply
Advertisement, June 19th, 2019, 6:57 pm Reply

Wait was i first!?!
No @Lolpika90:
@Hui Mang: Then who was before me???
@Hui Mang: He was first
:v Maybe is volt and another mon quién sabe :v ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Yes indeed. @Kuindi89: In comic 115, there is a Jolteon with blue-edged spiky fur and has green eyes. Most likely a prankster, unlike Bolt.
I’m 6th I’m 6th
Im 6th wasn’t 6th I’m 6th (guest) was not 6th actually.
SEVEN AND A HALF me plz, send memes
@Guest64 : plz still send memes
I don’t pay attention to the comics often but I think I know who one of the eevee shows we’re that never came back,wait now I think I know them both instead but I’m probably wrong
I have a bad feeling about this, and I don't now why estoy preocupado
Time claiming commend asid can we all take a minute to decipher the specter of emotions on dawn's face throughout the page.
Well that was somethin
For Tina Good luck in your exams Tina
When you start the auditions, I think you should describe what you imagine each character would sound like to give us a better idea of who we should audition for, and how we should speak. Now if you excuse me, I have to make my theory for this comic.
Because of her exams, Tina is dead. 100% of deaths are caused by dying. If you dye something, it becomes a different color. Death is usually symbolized by a skull. (SPOILER FOR AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR) Marvel's Red Skull has a red skull, even though skulls are not normally that color, so he must have dyed it. In Avengers: Infinity War, Red Skull leads Thanos to the Soul Stone. Thanos kills Gamora to get the soul stone. Gamora is green. Green is commonly associated with luck. Gamora was not lucky, because she died. That makes a paradox. A paragoomba is a goomba that can fly, and a parakoopa is a koopa that can fly, so clearly para means flight, so paradox means flying docks. Docks are usually made of wood. Wood can usually only fly if you throw it. You can throw your friends in Kirby Star Allies. You get this ability from a character named Bugzzy. Bugzzy is based on a stag beetle. A stag is a male deer. With this information, I have concluded that Tina is being forced to take exams by a deer. Why it's doing it, I havn't figured out yet, but to be able to save SSEC, we have to spoil Avengers: Infinity War for it, by telling it how Han Solo dies, so it will have to watch the movie to find out if we were telling the truth, because Han Solo was it's favorite character. Meanwhile, Tina will be able to escape, and will reward us by telling us what Oliver's sexuality is. Fifty bucks says he's omnisexual.
@Nintenduck: You know, I used to think I had a chance against you with these, but I don't now.
@Enderstar: I didn't even know you were theorizing, so I'm pretty sure I always had the upper hand. I also have a 40 year old Russian voice in my head named Leopold Schick who always tells me to learn how to play the piano, so I'd say I'm pretty good at thinking outside the box.
@Nintenduck: Well, it seems your mind is fairly situated. *raises eyebrows*
@Nintenduck: I’m glad to see you have gotten most of the basics done! However, I see a missing link...
Who is this mysterious deer?
Are they a Pokemon, such as Sawsbuck or Stantler?
And will we be able to find them in the comic and confront them?
I look forward to your next reply, and will do my own part in research.

After looking around, I decided to edit my comment rather than create a new one.
We know that a deer is forcing these exams, and that if we spoil movies for it, specifically Han Solo, then it will release Tina.
However, we still need a way to contact it, if it is not already reading our comments.
People say “Oh, dear.” when they make a mistake. Mistakes have been made by me. One of my more notable mistakes was running over wood chips. Woodchips are wood, which is chewed by beavers. Bidoof is related to this deer.
Woodchucks chuck wood. Chuck Norris exists.
So, Bidoof must exist.
@Nyanysaur: This can only mean one thing. We have to find bidoof, and force it to tell us where the deer is hiding.
@Nintenduck: Yes! Now, let’s see...
Bidoof was introduced in Gen 4, in 2006. A game which it also featured in, Pokepark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure was released in 2009. 9 - 6 = 3. Illuminati confirmed.
@Nyanysaur: I'm afraid to tell you that the Illuminati isn't funny anymore, and therefore doesn't exist, but Pokapark is my favorite game of all time, so I approve of this theory.
@Nintenduck: TINA! Are you seeing all this!?!?! ( oh, I also finally made an account! previously known as guest64 don't judge its my lucky number)
@Siks: I sure hope she is. I've been making these theories for a few weeks, so I'll be very surprised if she hasn't seen at least one.
@Nintenduck: ya know I think because of your theorying skills you can see the future. (And also because golduck is physic)
Stuff Wait dawn has the same belle on her neck as sora!
What is she hiding?
@!: I think Sky was originally meant to evolve into an espeon but since sky never came back I guess their trainer he'd decided to evolve dawn into espeon instead
@Pinkeevee222: Sky as an espeon? Dang, another theory gone. Rip my Dusk x Sylveon ship. *S.S. fairy nation leaves the dock*
@Pinkeevee222: are the two eevees that were left behind Sora and Miku? Because Miku’s “knight” is Dusk if you didn’t notice the collar and eyes. So I guess Miku got so lost?
oi @Sylveeon: Well, I'm quite sure that Miku is still lost and will return to the P.C. Sora will not.
The left behind Eevees would actually be Sky (Sora, though they are a bit different) and Volt.
Can't wait to see Miku vs Eve ;)
@Neonblossoms: I say Miku could have Night as her knight while Eve gets Dusk
@Pinkeevee222: ooooh thanks.
Oma Is one of the missing eevee's Sky?
@Pinkeevee222 P.s.

Just wanted to say you are my idol and your comics are my inspiration!
I think the Eevees that never came back are Sky/Sora and Volt, since when the Harmony and Melody Drama was happening I remember Melody saying, " At least you know he is Ok! Sky and and Volt may never come back!"
What time zone was this comic posted in?
@DED: Eastern time~
@Pinkeevee222: Thanks
:v (そか) translation (I see)
Dawn’s reaction to Sandy’s little saying about everyone....the shading around the eyes could be different possibilities of what could happen in the next page...
Dam..... the expressions on those two, Blizz looks
so serious...and Dawn?.....she looks
like she's about to snap...they are stumbling on to a long kept secret, if they
find will pretty much Haunt them
forever...But I guess it is something they
have the right to know...we will just have to see how this will turn out...
Uh oh Dawn is going to have a breakout
Am I early? Huh.
Huh??? Hmm.. That was interesting for now.
Good luck on those exams and whatnot. I've been dead for the past week from my final assignments, I feel the pain you're goin through.
@Pinkeevee222: YAS NOW FINALLY A NEW COMIC *foams over pink eevee and beats her up*
@sonic: that was brutal..;.;
so brutal @sonic: brutality!!!
My First starter Pokemon was a... what are they called? The Pokemon That sandy is infernape? What’s the first...CHIMCHAR! That was it my first Pokemon was a chimchar
(;3;) i missed it
:P why was Dawns face all blacked out in that last Panel?
@Umbreon_182: I would guess Dawn feels guilty about some thing.
Does Dawn remember something?

Also~ @Pinkeevee222: Can you ask PKM_150 (my second favorite comic author, first one is u c:) to make a guest comic for SSEC? plzzzz :3 btw it doesnt need to be the guest comic next week, but sooner or later
Dawn is just.. blown away. XD
I already made a guest comic. I made a bg eevee on the same day too.
So is miku and sky clones of sora? Because they are all looking for night. does dusk know the answer?
@!: I believe sky is sora, don't know about miku though
whats wrong with dawn..... ;-;
@EEVEES!!!: She's thinking that almost every bad event was under her radar
I need more plot Ugh I'm probably the most forget full person in the world but I have a very hard time remembering names so when ever I see a characters name pop up it confuses me a lot. I wish I could see the Beginning of this whole entire story as a chapter it's self. Sorry, just the plot sound so good yet I have a hard time understanding it. It's not you fault. ;w; (I probably just need to wait more and more detail will come) XD
try this @BaileyBella13: Something that helped me is 1)re-reading the comic. even if it seems tedious it can be super helpful. (i say this as someone who has read it three times.) 2)if you re-read it look for the hidden messages in the comic that the author left for the truly dedicated. (when i say dedicated i mean the people who are lucky or have no life outside of comics lol)
@Draethon: lol that is me. Thanks
Dawn now is blind because she now has ashes covering her face.
Oh snap, the conspiracy is about to unravel
Don't even know why i bother leaving comments anymore. Well anyway this comic is one of the few stories that i have ever read and re-read and re-read AGAIN. i did it beause i enjoyed the comic and the story is so in depth that it's a little hard to follow and i just want to know more!! I can't wait for the rest of the comic!
@Dratheon I re-read these comics too!
I have re-read about 4 or 5 times because, I enjoy the characters and the plot.
@Furyeevee112: MAKE AN ACCOUNT dude you sould make an actual account then, lol. PM me if you do. i need someone to discuss random crap about this story and not be judged
@Dratheon @Draethon: How do I make an account.
To make a smack jeeves acount @Furyeevee112: literally just press the +FAV button in the top right corner
:) @Draethon: thanks
@Furyeevee112: Did that work?
:( @Draethon: it is saying my name is wrong
And won't let me log in
@Furyeevee112: check your email for your verification email it should have your username in it
@Dratheon It worked I have an account!
But how does I change the icon.
p.s. I changed my name.
@OneeChanEevee: nice
you can change the icon in account settings lmao
Tanks @Draethon:
@Dratheon I did it!
So what now?
How old is Oliver? (In human years.) Also does Oliver know about Vay bein' depressed?
@TheKingKonquer: at least 5 years I believe
@anyone Uuuuuumm
How doex one make an account?
wow.... wow thas for making it darker daws face in last pannel is how i feel right now
Hey I feel like dawns blacked out face was because she's remembering the lost eevee's. Also, a fandub is where fans are picked tø be voice actors for the characters on a new sight cørrect? Cause if so that wøuld bother me Because their voices wøuld søund different than høw I imagine. >:3
Exams are the worst. Also, what is the point of homework? We do plenty of work already, and there is no reason to make us despise school more than we already do.
Why? Espeon and glaceon and dusk and bolt are my favs!!!! Oh!!! And Eve!!!
im confused
They are the worst!!!!! I have to do them when I come home from school
You are?
Wow pinkeevee!!! I wish I was you!!!!
@Pinkeevee222 please check your email!
What happened????
Disappearing moments sounds too obvious to PMD.
Infernape has an apartment in the pc?
Is Sandy a guy or a girl?
I can't tell
@Aeon#3547: I’m assuming sandy is a girl because sandy from spongebob is a girl, her text is lavender, and her girlish features like the long fur over her ears.
@Neonblossoms: I find it Funny that Blizz is Stupid and violent, even tho its true, lol.
@Pinkeevee222: haha, yep
Pinkeevee222 I was thinking something about ssec but I forgot :( ps pinkeevee222 where is daisy and eve?
Hey @GoldTheUmbreon: This has legitimately been answered multiple times. Daisy and Eve will show up, but not yet. Be patient.
. @Neonblossoms: ok
HELP How do you deal with stress?
Tboy57 confused, when Tboy57 confused Tboy57 talks in first person, the agony Tboy57 is going through. Ha. Lol.
Hey do u guys remember that one commic where the icedrop eevees wanted to fight those two greenpawers.WELL.Pinkeevee can we have more EEVEES WITH BANDANAS?(i think thats
how u spell bandana)
Drawing an espeon is hard for me. Dawn’s faces throughout this entire comic XD. Good job making comics though. Once I start a series I just end it after three comics.
Hey pinkeevee!!!! Do I need to have a account to make a web comic?? Or do I need to sing in???
@Darknyan films: You need an account on Smackjeeves to make one here ^^
Please tell me!!! I want to make a web comic so bad!!!!!!
If you are awake or not.
So that's blizz what he talking about to Dawn is a flaming monkey guy...
last comment for now last
OMG i want to read another ssec please, i want to see what happens next
Do I need wifi to do it or is it wifi free????
X( unhappy
Well I did but it is not working. But when I make my account..what am I supposed to do to make my comics??? I am so confused I can pop!!!!
Maybe it's because I'm new here
Blizz Blizz's face in the last panel is the equivalent of the face you make when you ask your teacher a question and they discuss it for 15 minutes.

Teacher: Was that any help?
You: Yes, thank you
Soooooo is dawn gonna hyper beam everyone? She looks like she wants to. Anyway why is vay so small? OOOOOH ANOTHER MYSTERY LOL.
So Dusk, Sora and Blizz were sent to the lab thingy, and both Sora and Miku are looking for Dusk. But Dusk likes Sky who was hidden by Harmony’s sister, I forgot her name, but yeah. And I think Val got his human genes from either being transfused with human blood, or putting it in the egg, then the ‘expirement’ happened and Negotation was born, carrying the same human genes, and that’s why Vay doesn’t have his neck frill. I think Vay was mated with Sora or someone else.
. @Sylveeon: Nope, though it's a nice theory. Nobody knows how Vay got his genes (though the human blood idea is cool, but he might inherit it) but the child was had unwillingly by a Leafeon that is NOT Daisy. Vay has already explained he awkwardly evolved without a neck frill, though it might have been a side-effect of the experiment that backfired on him.
Melody didn't hide Sky, she hid Doki and replaced her with Dusk instead (from what I saw), and Dusk/Night blamed it on Harmony and snapped at her after escaping from the lab. Sky did go to the lab and is related to Sora in an unexplained way. There is a possibility that Sky, Sora, and Miku might be the same person somehow, though it's still left a mystery and will be confirmed later in the story.
(I'm quite sure Negotiation's mother was Fern? Pinkeevee confirm or deny this statement thnx u)

Hopefully, I cleared it all up for you, but your theory was interesting and I can't wait to see what is revealed so far. I'm not too interested in Vay and Sora's story, so let's talk about Oliver. I'm interested in how he became friends with Sora :>
Kidding, do whatever lmao

Sources (with research) - Alt text, comics/secrets, the PMVs, comment sections that Pink has associated (responding to statements), the ask blog is pretty useful go check that out
@Neonblossoms: Doki was replaced by Volt, who was only born for that specific purpose, not Dusk
@Pinkeevee222 : Who's the two Eevees Sandy talking about?
@Lily leafeon : Sky and Volt~
This is the only thing that can make me stop feeling like the eevees that came back
I like talking with you guys.
New level I was thinking of sky, sora, and miku
Of it i just thought they're all one personallity and if they were part of the experiment would the mean the they're gender would mix together 0_0 well things seems to look like a gender bender to me..
Ok I have to ask why Vay is so freaked out in the header, also when is he coming back into the comic? And Bolt, what about him? And Sora? And when are we gonna find out who the heck Sky is.
Dawn wasn’t at the lab was she? And how did blizz forget? Was he brainwashed or something? Anyway sorry that I’m annoying you guys with all these questions.
I onestly want to have a backround-eevee but.......ima just to lazy
Do another July chapter! Btw a while back you were trying to remake Darwin's personality i got an idea to fix it. Make July have crush on dusk flame crush on July dusk will not choose July or even cuz he loves sky
@Guest: Flame ironically already had a crush on Miku, lol.
@Pinkeevee222: TrIGGeRd WHAT do I smell A potential SHiPPiNGggggggggg?! Excuse me while I have a seizure.
It autocorrect rd to July but I meant miku!
It autocorrect to Darwin i meant flareon!
Stupid auto correct
I meant eve! Stupid stupid autocorrect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You'll float too..... Sorry!!! I'm idicted to it. XD IT JOKES
I think something is wrong with Dawn… she looks awfully distressed, almost as if she never wanted to know in the first place.
Blizz think of it this way, I have been hiding a vaporeon form my friends for days. If I told them they would attack me and BAM world war 3. You don’t wanna be known for starting a war. So let them hide it for your own good.
@!: I think you should trade that vaporeon before it’s to late.
Its crazy! I love this so much. I read it from the first page and i'm already here to the latest! SOOOOOO CRAZY
secrets #Secretsofssec
I want to do a guest comic im pretty good
How did dawn not know about this?
@Black lucky cat: I don't think They ever told her, or at least not the whole story.
@VictoryStarz : I mean, how would she not notice her brother was missing for an ENTIRE YEAR!!
@Black lucky cat: Well, Harmony took Lem as her mate because she couldn't have Dusk for a mate, ( I assume that's when he was at the lab) so Harmony took Lem as a temporary replacement. Lem and Harmony might have had Dawn's egg anywhere between that time.When Dawn hatched, she may have not known Dusk existed, or was hatched shortly after The main characters returned. Either way, Dawn never noticed because she couldn't have noticed. ( I think)
@VictoryStarz : Dawn was the eighth egg the trainer hatched (the first between harmony and lem) I highly doubt they would be so close to each other if she met him after he had disappeared
@Black lucky cat: You don't have to of known someone your whole life to be close to them. Did you know your best friend from the second you were born?
@Black lucky cat: If you look in the master Eevee list, which is ordered from oldest to youngest Eevees, Dawn is the 18 egg the trainer hatched. It does say also that " Master was so distraught. She postponed her journey and everything." If you postponed your journey, would you really hatch Eevee eggs? If that happened to me, I'd stop my journer and everything and focus on finding my Pokémon and not doing the journey again ( or hatching eggs) until I found them. Dawn could have hatched when They had gotten back. Dawn being two years younger than Dusk alone shows the skips of looking for the Eevees. It doesn't take two years to hatch 12 Eevees, last I checked.
*glances at eastern time*
I just realized I'm staying up so long just so that I can see what happens next... and also just because I wanna be first for once.
@TyphoonTiak: Next comic's a guest comic. If you check this out on a phone and hold your finger on the comic it shows a bit of text with Pinkeevee222 complaining about her exams and saying that next weeks comic will be a guest comic
Wait... In the storybook, it says that Harmony sent bad humans to take Dusk and Sky away to that terrible place, so when they ‘disappeared’ they were actually captured?
So are the two that didn't come back Sora and the jolteon with blue edges? Cause those two are in that video but they didn't come back. That also means that the one that was optimistic was jolteon(forgot his name the one with the collar's Dusk the other eevee that we didin't see evole was vay? and the other one was flareon. Is that everyone in the vid?....Wait what about Night?
@Guest: If you read back a bit you'll see that Night is an AI programme created by Dusk in his attempts to recreate Sky. He also began calling himself Night for a while, though he later switched back to Dusk.
@Pinkeevee222 If this strip shows Sandy telling Dawn and Blizz about how the others "disappeared" and Dawn seems so affected by this then why is the border white and not black? :/ sorry if I'm just being dumb
Do I have bad connection or is this comic late
I was staying up til midnight and woke up at 7:00. Is something going on? I’m not mad.
@!: I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be a guest comic today, so they're probably just a bit off schedule.
Known Powers So Far Sora - The ability to transform into an eeveelution and then go back to Eevee form at will.
Volt - His fur has healing properties.
Vay - Can transform into a human, possibly has more.
Bolt - Can see ghosts
Dusk - Dusk can hack the P.C (and can create other beings by doing so lol, how Night was created)
Flame - Unknown, though there is a possibility he can turn invisible.
Blizz - Unknown, but hints have been dropped.
Where’s Vay bae rushing off to...? OUO OUO
@Pinkeevee222: it’s ok backgrounds are hard. That’s why I don’t bother
(╯°▽°)╯ ┻━┻

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