Burrito for your thoughts?


June 10th, 2018, 1:28 am

Otnkxoz? C-cngz? Cngz joj nk..... otnkxoz?

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JOIN THE SSEC AMINO!!! I keep forgetting to say that we have an Amino app, lol, So, here is the link!!! https://aminoapps.com/c/SSECA302/home/
Oh, anddd, we have a Discord too! https://discord.gg/DUg3uR7
so, yay!! :D
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Oppai Oppai
:I @Brixenaru: Oppai got 1st.
;-; @CollectiveComics: *See's alt text*

This is not a reply, just so that my comment will be at top. I made a webcomic, haven’t published it yet, but if you like weird human like Pokemon, check it out probably tommorow it’ll be called the tale of Fae or something.
@Brixenaru: Smooth criminal
YAY Second comment....
@connoredmo: no you’re third
@Guest: Actually they're second. Someone just replied on the first comment so it looks like they're second. JUSTICE
@Guest: no those are replies to the 1st one XD
oof, ciphers Why does the secret message have to be encoded with a cipher...
I don't even know which one it is. ;-;
@CollectiveComics: Ignore this comment if you want to find the cipher on your own.

Caesar Cipher +6
new fren @Gothimo:

thanks friend.
I thought it was a different cipher.
I would've figured it eventually, but thanks.
@CollectiveComics: No problem.
@Eeveeseverywhere: what’s a cipher?
@Guest: 1-0-3-25-16-8-5-18-0-9-19-0-1-0-3-15-4-0-12-9-0-20-9-14-7-0 that uses other letters of symbols in the place of normal let19ers and symbols, in this case SPACE = 0 and A =1

@Siks: A cypher is a cod li tiing?! I had no idea :3
yay fourth comment


*dab* *dab* *dab**dab**dab**dab**dab**dab**dab**dab**dab**dab**dab*
@hi: After Smash 5 was announced I began to regain my faith in humanity. Unfourtunately, you have obliterated that faith with your horrible, downright disgusting ways. You make me sick, you scum.
@hi: sorry to burst you’re bubble but, your no where near fourth
@Guest: Actually, it just looks that way because of all of the replies above it.
@Guest: hehe bubble but
Then a fight happened.. again.
how do you get invitd to the discord!?!?
@dusk kun: If you have a discord account, there are two ways ta do it. Be logged in on the same web browser you are using to read the comic, then click on the link. Or, if you only have the app and you're on a mobile device, write down the code in the invite link's URL, then go to the app, press "Join a Server," and put the code there.
I'm sure others would have brushed off the aura around Shanes eyes, thinking it was just an artistic choice. However, as anyone who has read any of my theories would know, I have discovered the truth behind it. I find the aura around Shane's eyes much like that of Sans from undertale. However, Shane's aura is green, leading me to believe he is more like Sans' brother, Papyrus, as he has an orange aura in the popular undertale AU, "Disbelief Papyrus," so clearly, Shane must have something in common with Papyrus that doesn't relate to Sans. Before I get to that however, I must clarify that the reason both of Shane's eyes have the aura around both eyes, while Sans and Papyrus only have it around one, is most likely because, since Sans and Papyrus are skeletons, they are not complete, as the lack skin or muscles, unlike Shane, who is complete. With that out of the way, I began researching all we know about Shane so far, looking for something he has in common with Papyrus, and before long, I found it. Shane is clearly very close to his smol eevee fren, who's name I don't know, because I'm far too lazy to go digging for it. Seeing Shane and SEF (smol eevee fren), it is clear that Shane is the dominant one, as he is seen protecting SEF, much like how Papyrus is dominant with Sans. I have therefor concluded that the color of the aura depends on whether or not one is the dominant one in their relationship with whoever they are thinking most of when the aura occurs, like how Shane is protecting SEF, and Sans and Papyrus are avenging each other's deaths. You may say that Sans would be dominant because he's stronger, more mature, and most likely older than Papyrus, but Papyrus clearly shows dominance when they are speaking to each other. But, I believe this foreshadows that SEF is actually much stronger than Shane, possibly one of the strongest eevees in the box, if not the strongest. Powerful or not, I believe SEF has great potential, but even if I do find out his true name, he will always be SEF to me.
@Nintenduck: Reported for spoiling the entire plot of SSEC
@Nintenduck: SEF's name is Randy.
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: As I said, he will always be SEF to me.
Thou art wrong @Nintenduck: nah, his eyes just went super saiyan. Only the eyes though.
@$$$: Though I am a Dragon Ball fan, I find this highly unlikely, as Shane has shown no signs of being a Saiyan, and neither have his eyes.
Congratulatuons dude @Nintenduck: its funny and informative at the same time
@Nintenduck: what?
@Guest: I can understand why you wouldn't understand it. I'm sure my complicated theories are far too well-though out for mere mortals.
Uhh @Nintenduck: are you saying you are not a mortal? If yes, what are you? Just curious
@MythicalMew: Don't question me you filthy casual, or I'l have you executed in the name of the almighty Yanner Empire. Hail Yanner!
OMG dem gonna fight. lol :I. which is weird for me trying to figure out who wins. i go team shane and randy whoo. * blows annoying airhorn*
Oooooo, Someone's gonna get beat the crap outta, defeat the bullys my fellow bully hater >:3

"inherit? W-waht? waht did he.... inherit?"
@Lulueevee11: It's what, not waht.
@Guest: Well exxcuuuuse me princess (sorry i just <3 that meme) i copied it word for word and that is how pink eevee said/spelt it
Don't touch Randy. Randy had nothing to do with the conflict. >:c
LOL randy is gonna die. Also I really like the fire effect how did you do it?
salty boyyo incomin
lol his eyes remind me of dusk! ....waittt.....
Told ya he’s a umbereon!
@Pinkeevee222: I tried to use the link for Discord but it says it is Invalid or has expired...
I just Remembered hearing somewhere that Harmony's father ' Looks like Dusk'. I'm not sure if anyone else has come up with this, But I think all the eevee with Inherited things( Dusk and Shane, At least) come from Harmony's father, since Harmony Is never shown with any herself. This would also explain why their hair / fur on their heads look so similar and for the eye aura things that both seem to happen when angry.
How does one make a guest comic?
@Platinumfang: yes I would also like to know
@Marcy4life: Just draw one and give it to me, lol
@Pinkeevee222: How do we give it to you?
@Platinumfang: I was looking at @Pinkeevee222’s profile and I saw the latest comment he/she had responded too, looked for it, and was planning to say exactly what you just said.

Are you a mind reader?
Oh yeah btw do I need a certain app to make the guest comic or can I just use anything
And also I read context clues, few key plot points, so is it okay if I reveals those in my guest comic, or will you not show it if I do
Or I’ll just do something totally random. For actuall plot stuff I was planning to do one on Sora, or Lem and Harmony(or was it Melody? I can never get their names strait) :3
@Marcy4life: Do whatever you want, use anything, and yes, I'm a mind reader in training.
@Platinumfang: lol nice
Also I think u can just email it
I made one on Sora it’s about lab stuff lol :p it doesn’t reveal anything so yeah :3
@Marcy4life: By all means, go ahead
You can email it
@Platinumfang: lol good
I emailed it but idk if pink eevee got it cuz it says it’s not a valid email address
Also @Pinkeevee222 r u ever gonna update eevee academy
@Pinkeevee222: =3 nicely done
eevee activates its devil bringer
@Pinkeevee222: the invite expired i think
Burn in hell and get dunked on
Persona It's Shane's awakening he's a persona user
If u don't get the reference look up persona 5
It felt like I was waiting my whole life for this...
@Guest: same same
@Pinkeevee222 Are They Gay™️
@Glitchionius: everyone in this comics is gay Oliver Dusk Sky...I Guess Night as well
I'm assuming a few people have figured out what inherit means at this point.
@Tophorizon: what does it mean
@Pinkeevee222: now i know why it says "inherit" next to his name...
@Sky207: just lookin at ur profile... (gotta eat my greens) he is so flippin derpy
@Pinkeevee222: his eyes are glowing!!!

I can't be the only one who ships Shane x Randy, right?
@Guest: RIGHT!

I can't be the only one who ships Shane x Randy, right?
@Guest: you are the only one
@Guest: BOOM look down a few comments now! Haha, I am not alone in the Shane x Randy fan club!
@Guest: Yeah, you're not alone. xD
huh.. @Pinkeevee222: discord link didn't work.
I what to see a fight but I don’t... I’M FREAKING OUT!
Is it bad if I ship Shane and Randy? >_<'
@RKA: I do too :3
@Guest: Ayy
Look on the bright side summer is 1 week away in my school!!!
Jed so dead
. Bon bon I mean Shane go get em
Woah This is one of the best web comics I've ever read!
Let fight baby
Wow, you drew the Simisage and Audino pretty well. Keep up the good work.

Also, Dawn, be reasonable for at least a few minutes and NOT act like a child?
You’re saying you’re not? Then listen and accept it....
(I love to ramble and act :) )
randy is so cute
may i say this quote from Jontron
"two kids gonna die tonight!"
So, when do u update Zeons quest? I love it, and I want to read more of it
Pink eevee 222 where will you post if you stop posting here
Paws???? Hey, Pink, here's a Q and A;have you always drawn paws like that? If not, why the new style??? When did you start??? If so, huh. I never noticed.
so leafhead's name is Randy… I see some potential for him to evolve into a leafeon, "Randy za leafia" sounds like a good nickname.
were am i |3
YASSSS! PROTECT THE CUTE LITTLE EEVEE! He can evolve into a leafeon someday!
yay i finaly made a account :3 ... so is dawn going to ask dusk about this in the next page?
I don’t even like burritos lol Dawnnnn pllzzzz goiiiiiivvvveee meeeeee burrrrrtiooooo. Issssss knowwwwwws wattttr deeeeey hidinggg.
HMMM, Am I the only one who kind of wants Jed to win the fight :? Like the yellow Eevee is cool but ... I WANNA FIGHT!!! •<•
Does Randy have powers?
Maaaaagiiiic @Guest: sfx powers lol
oh shnapity snap snap he gonna fight. also... Its wednesday my dudes. aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. XD who else quotes vines? at del taco. fr-fre- FRESHAVACADO! STOP!! you almost made me drop my crossont! reply if u quote
@i_luv_sylveon_forever: Hey. How you doing? Well i’m doing just fine, I lied, im dying inside
Dawn slammed her paws on the table with anger. “You know what?” She growled “I don’t have to listen to you” Blizz looked at her. “But dawn,” he started. “Your the one who bought me a burrito for my thoughts! Are you gonna dismiss what I say and only listen to what you want to hear?” Dawn’s eyes filled with anger. “Yes” she admitted.

“Some instetive?” Shane growled. Out of no where his eyes leaked with aura. “I swear if you lay one paw on randy you will regret it!” Jed smirked and said, “oh so now you wanna go?”
Are we going to get an epic battle next page?
Amino link amigos and amigas If you are a fan ofssec join the amino group for ssec

... well then MAY THE BATTLE COMENCE! or start
Burrtios are not very healthy. Being healthy is important and is actually good for your intelligence. But yet blizz states this is a burrito for his thoughts. Blizz lets get real. A BURRITO? BLIZZ! NO WONDER DAWN DOESNT BELIVE YOU!
At least Blizz got his burrito.
Add meme AWAY
-_- THE ANTICIPATION ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More Miku soon? (Sorry I'm a guest but my old account was deleted for no good reason and I'm to lazy to make new one :P)
Oh so my child’s name is randy?..... DONT TOUCH RANDY ICEDROP JERK. >:|

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