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June 16th, 2018, 11:24 pm

Blizz is sad mad, and Dawn asks herself something she should have asked years ago, tbh

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QuQ I am such a scatterbrain. Sorry. The whole time, Dawn's side was a Flashback ^^; Sorry. QuQ ..... Sorry.
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@Lmaobox: *pops confetti*
@Pinkeevee222: *confetti explodes and dusk runs away*
-bombs thy comment section-
Mmm... ok this is bad (*⁰▿⁰*)
@(Guest): :D
Dawn clearly didn't read my last theory, as she doesn't know why their eyes glow. Considering how my first few theories were about how the characters write these comics, I've come to the conclusion that only the ones that truly know what's going on write them, meaning that the thing they know about that Dawn and Blizz don't, is that their truly in a comic, and they don't want them to have to go through the shock of finding that out. Also, does this mean Dawn and Blizz are frens, because in that case you may have to edit the characters section.
@Nintenduck: u spelled colour wrong, just to remind u in the future.
@Paint The Dragon: I didn't say COLOR at all.
@Nintenduck: can't tell f this is sarcasm or not
@Paint The Dragon: The theory, or my reply?
i have always wondered why their eyes glow too. Also GO SHANE KICK THEIR BUT #TEAM SHANE
@Lulueevee11: I’m pretty sure they’re gonna fight him then beat up randy somehow. I mean it’s who knows how many against 2
@Ya, no: Hey, think about this.

Relate to the times where Blizz's eyes go green. I remember one time a long while ago that he smashed through a WALL with his fist.

Guess what? That eevee in the most bottom panel also has glowy eyes. What I can relate is that this type of paranormal activity is caused by an emotion: RAGE.

Shane is obviously made mad after the lightning-bolt eevee (Volt, was it?) had made an indirect threat to Shane's buddy Leafy-Boi.

Sooooo in conclusion, I believe that Volt is going to try and attack Leafy-Boi as his "gang" would pin Shane down. However, his rage will overpower them and he'll beat the heck out of all of them.
@YellowCat200: gud idea, makz sense
And also wonder why eye color changes
It's Called Magi(c)k-arp
I’m going to say it again It’s His Awakaning he a persona user
Look up Persona it’s a game series made by a company named Atlus and is a great game series. Look it up.
He needs an evoker @comboy 32: p3p
@Kiel124a: depends mabye it’s persona 5 logic a mask might randomly appear
@This dude that’s here: it might also be persona 4 stuff where a card appears
the setup or the fight is real
i honestly wish you could post like 4 pages a week X3 ... too bad that'll probbly won't happen, enyway i love how the lore is getting more and more interesting :3
@BILLPC2684: to be honest, I wish I could post 4 pages a week as well. And like, Thanks! :D
@Sun then eevee: can I has of the magically glowing eyes?
I'm actually sorta early!
Mhmm @Kittenwishstar: make an account wish
@Kiel124a: I already did.
Good @Kittenwishstar: zzzz
To pinkeevee Can bolt plzzzzzz get a huge crush on a new girl named bella that's a shiny umbreon and bella likes him and then me and all my friends going to be really happy
@Theshinybella : Haha!


I'm just going to talk for Mari right now, even though she might disagree with me.

Bolt is most likely NEVER going to get a crush soon, because he's already having trouble talking to just ANY girl.

Also, I'm pretty sure that Bolt has some different roles in the story that can't just be randomly thrown in.

Along with that, a shiny Umbreon? Female? That's an astronomical chance! In order to get into the story, the trainer has to catch the Pokémon (as the story mainly takes place inside the PC). A wild Umbreon is very VERY rare, a female eeveelution is 1/8 chance. That's already a low rate, multiply that with the chance of a SHINY. If she were to evolve "Bella" from a shiny Eevee to an Umbreon, that would take the trainer to travel with "Bella" and level her up, then evolving her during the night. Imagine the time and resources used up, and that's just to evolve! Simply take out the chance of finding a wild Umbreon and THAT'S your rate of chance of finding a shiny female Eevee.

That's it, Bolt will most definitely NOT get a girlfriend of Bella. FINAL.

(Sorry, I like crushing people's dreams. Also, if Pinkeevee222 (I'M LOOKING AT YOU MARI) does implement that type of lore into the comic, I'm going to flip my kitchen table.)
Okay... @YellowCat200: well, just to make it the slightest bit more possible, maybe she traded for this shiny from someone who breeds shiny eevees (because 90.5% of eevee lovers do breed shinies) and they got the umbreon by breeding two other shinies and having the chances raised. Also using a shiny charm and chaining with a poke-radar will raise chances quite a bit. using repels will help by making it so no other pokemon will break the chain.
But I still agree that the rest is a no.
I dont think a shiny should be in it. There would be diversity, which isnt bad, but it would be kinda out there, and I bet their trainer isnt out to go catch some shinies all the time, so that probably wont happen.
Also, There might be a girl that will like bolt, but this isnt a very romantic comic, so we most likely wont dive into someone's love life, and I dont think bolt would be ready to do that anyway.
Yea.... @Bill: probably...
The auras are.... The representation of their soul... Their determination and Apprehension towards others
Done logging in @ItzJeezus(Toolazy to log in, oth: :l
To pinkeevee Okay i said it because when am dreaming is my crush in my dream a jolteon and am a shiny umbreon and it's the same in real
Welp @Theshinybella : im a jolteon
To keil124a Oops its a another jolteon in my class
Anyone Meh I need my jolteon-chan in class
What @Theshinybella : •-•)
I could totally relate to Blizz Im just looked down by my family because im forgetful. They get mad when im happy or sad, so I always kept a neutral expression and rarely smile.
Ugh Seeing,Blizz eating a burrito makes me feel hungry. ;w; I wonder what the others think of Blizz. Is he mature to them or a immature lack of responsibility dumbo?
Magic. Maybe..
lol i can relate to Blizz
Ah, finally! Now we're getting somewhere!
Okay When am angry it fells like my eyes burning
...Shane has glowing eyes as well...did he go to the lab as well? Or is there some ancestory going on here?...
@Enderstar: Remember a while ago during Dusk's comic section it said Dusk inherited a gift? Shane must have Inherited something similar to that,and I'm pretty sure it comes from Harmony's father.
To pinkeevee Idk why am saying it again but can it come a new girl to the stupid short eevee comic and it's just need to be a shiny umbreon that's named bella. Let her get a crush on bolt and in secret bolt needs to like her SOOOOOOO plzzzzzzzzzzzzz do it then am going to be happy and ye its going to be sooo good
@Theshinybella : As I already said, NO.
The eyes Are really cool also when it's looking like their burning
#team shane . Am on team Shane and he's gonna destroy that other eevee #TEAM SHANE!!!!
I've also wondered why their eyes glow
*Sigh* I wish that the others could understand Blizz. But not to worry! I can relate to you Blizz! I’m more of an introvert, I get angry easily, (believe it or not) nobody trusts me with their secrets, (and I also have my own secrets I keep locked in my chest) sometimes I get yelled at for asking what’s wrong to my older sister, (she tells me to go away). ;-;
@Sylveeon: you, me, and Blizz
... *Sits in a corner and thinks of all the things that make her laugh (including DanTDM playing The Joy Of Creation)* -laughs a bit-
Hold up... Dawn just realized this?!? *throws computer* I'm done here.
Hi! Am I late!!!!!? Sorry it’s Father’s Day lol.
What about daisy? She needs to know! Not just flames secret!
Blizz is smad. Smad = sad mad.
well I think the glowy eye bits are sorta uhhh like sharingan in naruto in a way. power ups right?
@Pinkeevee222: =3 nicely done
I don’t know why I saw and thought this, but...
On the 10th panel...
If Dawn’s hair covered her left eye, the right eye(as it is right now) would make her look like she’s determined to find the answer...
Why did I think and saw this, I have not the slightest idea-er....
But great page
Why do all the characters' eye "lines" show when it's clear that hair is covering them?
And how do you get the avatar to not have a background? Just wondering
@Guest: I Know im not pink eevee, but..
I know one way, I dont know if this is how she does it:
draw your profile and when you save it choose to save it as a png. file. most art programs will give you the options or a transparent png. or a 24 bit png. choose transparent.
I hope this helped :)
@Guest: It's more of a stylistic choice than anything, and if the whole eye is covered, no lines will show up (as demonstrated in the next comic)
@Pinkeevee222: if you're wondering I am not crazy
@Pinkeevee222: you have awesome comics!! :D
AAAAAAA Get ready for tHE FIGHT, ITS GONNA BE GOOD, GO JED (I think that’s the orange eevee,) (and hey don’t hate on me for liking the orange one, I JUST WANNA SEE A REAL FIGHT) \ ( 0 O 0 ) /
someone shove glowing chemical to them
I can relate to bliss as I also look at things such as what he wants to know from a psychological stand point but am sick of people avoiding what it's just that I want to know especially if taken to a serious matter if any of that makes sense.
i get how ur fealing glacy.....

olmost like me
Meh Am so done
Dusk is a bit forgetful though...I could just be defending him because he's one of my faves but for real he has his own problems as well! And so do the others for all he could know they could be trying to forget the times that they were in the lab!
Can we put Umbreon in serious mode in the in all the chapters this time
To dawn@ I feel like my eyes glowing when am angry and then am really angry. The same with nearly anyone

From The shiny umbreon bella
I think I know why… I have colorless eyes hidden beneath layers, and they somethimes look like they glow even though they do not.

(colorless, as in no melanin. since the only coloring pigment in the eyes are melanin, without it the eyes would be a colorless dull gray.)
The lab reminds me of nimh......
The plot thickens
:P - Claps -
“Look dawn I” blizz started. Then he stopped. “I know I’m not as smart as the others” Dawn listened. “But it hurts you know” he explained. “It’s like they think I’m too naive and stupid to know what’s going on. This has been going on for years. All the lies and cover ups. Avoiding questions and yelling at me when I ask what’s wrong” Aura leaked form blizzes eyes. “I’m tired of it” The aura gave dawn a flash back. She was sitting in the grass thinking. “I wonder why there eyes glow” she thought.
Dear Tina/Pinkeevee222 when will you ever re update eevee acadamy also where is another place/website I can read ssec
Gggh \[…_\]4…][¥_]¥…\\]…¥\]¥]\¥…¥<¥…\]¥\[hehbdbhhbdcvcfbhhbcdbjdcbhxbhbdhb)/#(/-/(/(/(*74/73 /73737/(&/)/)*)$*)4(;););
Stuff is get spoopy
@YourFriendTheCandyCane: well... Yes. Its Shane.
Havent been online for a while... i missed so much story lol

surprising how much this story can progress in like 2 months

then again, this is SSEC.
Questions @Pinkeevee222: so why do their eyes glow? I started looking at your comics when I saw battle scars (btw great video) please keep making awsome comics,also why did the others run away?
Wait.... What ever happened to those jiggleypuff from the comic or will we still have to wait?.....
dawn is so cute!!!!
When will Eve show up again
. @Shadow : eve will come back soon
So every eeve that went to that lab place has glowing eyes
Thank you @Pinkeevee222 for a small peace of happiness in my life
Can someone plz answer me
Crazy I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats make me crazy. Crazy I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats make me crazy. Crazy I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats make me crazy. Crazy I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats make me crazy. Crazy I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats make me crazy. Crazy I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats make me crazy. Crazy I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats make me crazy. Crazy I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats make me crazy. Crazy I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats make me crazy.
Audie Yo wuss up
@Tacoeevee: hi I found you
@OneeChanEevee: creeeeeepppyy
@Guest: ya I know
Why do their eyes glow it is a good question
Because Bully maze
@Pinkeevee222: lol
=) I wonder whos eyes glows red.
Hehe IM (kinda) back
@Pinkeevee222: Do you know when are you are going to give Vay and Nego some more screentime?
5555? Hmmm...
Welp. “I WONDER WHY THIER EYES GLOW” (cough) theories (cough)
@Pinkeevee222: Plz go back 2 da flashback
A possible answer to Dawn's thought The Eevees whose eyes glow are the children of experimented-on Eevees from the lab, and are now living among the normal Eevees of the PC because A) someone with hacking powers got into the PC and knew the Trainer wouldn't mind since she's an Eevee breeder, B) the Trainer rescued them, or C) the breeding center the Eevees came from is the lab, and the Trainer never noticed their unnatural powers.
"Blizz is sad mad"

S M A D °w.
.... Megalovania intensifies?

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