Greenpaw's floor


June 23rd, 2018, 6:10 pm

I am running out of ideas to what to say here ^^;

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Sooo, Greenpaw has like, 5 secret floors. ^^;
How did this happen? Well. Dusk.
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@Brixenaru: Gurllll, you make everything look so stylin!~
4th I guess (it's an achievement )
AMOURSHIPPING Do you know a ship better than amourshipping
@Kairito_the_Umbreon: Yes, Flame x Blizz
oh @Pinkeevee222: btw which is the better fairy tail ship natsu x lucy or gray x juvia now that is the real question

ps eeveelution squad glaceon x jolteon,ok by e for now
@Kairito_the_Umbreon: Natsu x Lisanna, tbh
Blasphemy! @Pinkeevee222: Grey x Juvia is far superior. Light x L from Death Note is the best, though.
... @Pinkeevee222: *pulls out a gun and shoots self in the head*
@Pinkeevee222: i agree
@Pinkeevee222: oi were is dusk. I havent seen him in a long time.
@Pinkeevee222: Natsu x Obama
... This is why I exist
@Kairito_the_Umbreon: ... Gratsu
YES @Kairito_the_Umbreon: Speed (Jolteon) x Lazuli (Glaceon) for life!
YEEETT!!! @JolteonIsDaBest: yass!!!!
... Greenpaw has more space than we thought...

also, why can't any of the eevees use the other half of the 1st floor of the building as a living space? is that some sort of storage area? is it haunted and none of the eevees want to go in? is it filled with dangerous traps?!?!
@CollectiveComics: that is the common area. The living room, kitchen, dining hall, Harmony's room, and other stuff are there.
it seems hair over an eye is a specific style for greenpaws XD

is that vay in the 6th panel? or a random vaporeon?
@HollyTheFluffyCat: It's Vay, lol
@Pinkeevee222: assumed so

something about that vaporeon looked slightly edgy XD
I'm wondering how they got the space they have
@TheMegaDarkrai126: Dusk, lol
Oof greenpaw iz sneekin
Though Dean clearly stated in the Houses Explained comic that Greenpaw eevees were the least competent, I believe he, and everyone else, are being deceived. It seems very unlikely that a house would agree to be on the very bottom of the building, leading me to believe that the greenpaw eevees built the building, so that they would have space underground, which would be unknown to the other houses. Considering this, it's very likely that the greenpaw eevees are the most advanced, and intentionally act incompetent, so the other houses don't suspect anything, as they would obviously demand their own awesome underground hangouts if they knew of their existence. I'm beginning to realize my theories are slowly becoming actually serious, instead of random nonsense.
Dusk @Nintenduck: when dusk came back form the lab he and the eeveelutions wanted to start brother hoods. Now i am to belive that dusk built it. He probably used physic ability to build.
When he was pushing the buttons I imaged the beeping playing the Mario music.
To The... QUICKLY TO THE uhh Greenpaw cave?!?
IT'S MY BABY!!!! ≥w≤
Wait can the non-greenpaws (idk) go on greenpaw floors
@Guest: They dont know about them
Wait why do they hate each other cuz Shane and Jed (or is Jed just a jerk)
@Guest: Jed is a jerk, lol
To the bat cave They all Naruto run to the elevator

But really though, in all seriousness... How has no one noticed. They do not exactly seem to be careful about opening the door (the buttons make beeping sounds and apparently no one but green paw goes to dusks office). Then that brings up another question, does dusk have an office on that floor. Maybe he make it so the elevator just appears when the code is taped or something...
as another note, it is the bottom floor... A floor that everyone has to goto to reach to other floors.... But then again if everything in a comic made sense dusk wouldn't have been able to escape out the fourth wall. Oh and they are ninjas (Narutoooooo) so my while point is null. ^-^
Good timing actually.
...I see that the colors of window per each floor corresponds to the color of the group. But, on the IceDrop floor, there's this one room that happens to have intense shades on it.

Vay's room maybe?

@Pinkeevee222 ANSWER ME NOW.
@YellowCat200: I think that is Vay's room and the blinds are actually planks of wood nailed over the windows...
I think I want to be a green paw now.
@Pichu90: I wanted to be greenpaw before it was cool
@ILikeLuna: same, GREEEEEEEN!
@Pichu90: I closed greenpaw eevee submissions for this exact reason, lol, ripto
Extra anime eevees
i just realized something :O
the greenpaw floor is MUCH BIGGER underground :O
cool new background eevees
@Pinkeevee222: I imagine Dusk with like two floors all to himself X3
@Guest: Dont forget about Night with his lab(takes one floor)
It seems to me that theres only a few evolved Pokemon in this, and only (so far) one of each eeveelotions I could be wrong tho.
@Paint The Dragon: well then sir, I am afraid you are wrong. (if you are mentioning the entire comic of course, not just the main characters.)
@Guest: ok first off I'm female and second off yes it's the main characters I'm talking about.
@Paint The Dragon: The trainer only evolved one eeveelution each, to complete the pokedex.
(a long dead youtube channel) did you take the inspiration for that eevee from chrissie the eevee?
wait no wrong channel
@SentryBeat: All eevees in this comic are user submitted eevees
@Pinkeevee222: where else can I read this comic
@Guest: Deviantart~
@Pinkeevee222: sorry
@SentryBeat: It's ok! I actually loved their art when I was a kid, lol
Omg. That Dusk drawing on the door. ITS MAGNIFICENT.
dumb or not I would totally be in green paw their stupid and funny and awesome all at the same time I'm a green paw if Pokemon was real
(and if i was a evee but keep that your self if you notice that i didn't say that K)
@gamerblackjacket: even I would go to greenpaw. Am a huge fan of Dusk.
@Flame the Flareon: your my new internet best friend bro
@Pinkeevee222: How did he managed to reached the buttons? It look like they were out of his reach.
@Pinkeevee222: it’s guest how do they not know and Shane hates IceDrop eevee s like Jed
@Theshinybella : Erm, sorry to bust your bubble, but the chance to find a shiny Eevee that’s female is EXTREAMLY small, even I (and I’ve been playing for 5 years) haven’t gotten a shiny Eevee yet. And female Eevees are hard to get (it took me 2 months (through breeding) just to get ONE Female Eevee) And to evolve it into a umbreon thats harder, because you have to max it’s friendship at night to get that. It’s really unlikely, and Pinkeevee doesn’t allow Evolved Eevees into the comic.. So it’s really unlikley for that to happen no matter how much you beg.

Meh . Plzzzzz
@Theshinybella : she only needs to add a eevee named Juan.
OBVIOSLY GREENPAW DESERVES THE EXTRA FLOORS! (Being the best that is) *throws grass like a smoke bomb and runs away*
you know uknown is used so much that i can read that bad?
p.s.uknown is a language of the pokemon world
I will give that Eevee a haircut! (Getting out iPad for Toca Boca Hair Solon Me)
Wait a minute..... There are only four secret floors, cause there are only five buttons and the top one must be used to go back to the top floor (the floor that they were just on before they walked into the elevator) therefore there are only four secret floors...
@Excalibeon: the fifth is hidden, cause it is Night's lab
@Pinkeevee222: Oh, thanx ^w^

(The misspelling was intentional)
HAX dusk i cal hax
@Bob: that is a good thing tho
LAGOMORPHSHIPPING , if you don't like this ship,I will rip out your heart and force you to eat it if,your a boy it's your balls instead of the your heart
@Kairito_the_Umbreon: wat if u r a gender less child with a heart 4 a soul?
I wish I mas in this eevee majestic world :D
@EeveeEmyyy: me too
@Pinkeevee222: Niiiice, Dusk! Also, Chris reminds me 100% of Kabuto. I really want to see some sort of exams for the brotherhoods now.
All of The Eevees look Kawaie
why do i feel like all the eevees in this one have British accents...
I don't get it
what I miss? hm? en Elavator? wonder where this leads to... OMG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH--------------
I'm 3 days late................also does anyone play fortnite
Eevee best Pokemon
@I love Minecraft : i SECOND THAT
There are so many guest
I've been geting back into Warriors lately, so this one strikes a little close to home for me. Y'know, names and such...
Brix is so cute!!
AM AMIZING!! 1 day ago i been watching your comic pink eevee now am finish reading your comic <3 Dusk....XD
Everybody wants to learn about the Dawn and Blizz story and im just here like “I wonder what Miku is up to”
Am bella the shiny umbreon@ Okay guys i mean that bolt is cute ¦3
@pinkeevee222 does I have permission to do a voice dub?
@derpykitty: you do~
@minecraft:I play fortnite/@Pinkeevee222:so there’s IceDrops,GreenPaws, so what’s the other eevees called
@SoothingSylveon: Lightfire
@Guest: I’d be lightfire... except imma girls whoops.... I liek lightfire. Jolteon is a bean
I really want to make my own comic, this is soooo cool!
Would it be okay if I did?
@Guest: tHEY ARE B R O T H E R S
What site did you yus What site did you yus
Shame no more green paw submissions i had an idea for a submission for like a while
Lol This is beauriful. HEYYY I SHIP VAPOREON (doesn't mean the one in this website) and FLAREON. But like everyone else doesn't If I can actually use a link I can show yo a flareon x vaporeon pic of the internet.
So dang cute :3 ..This might change your mind of shipping Flareon and Jolteon or Leafeon if you do........................................
@ColdFemaleGlaceon is my alt account.
So every group has a different floor to them
so sad... last day of elemantary school tomorrow. going to 6th grade now wish me luck
@i_luv_sylveon_forever: good luck sylveon! Why did I call you sylveon? Lol
@i_luv_sylveon_forever: Oh god, word to the wise fren. 6 grade is just the beginning of three years of pure and utter confusion and drama. Middle school is equivalent to HELL. Be warned. I suggest carrying a flamethrower wherever you go. Or at least be ready to slap som bishes
@SongEevee : High school is worse, tbh. College is paradise tho.
@i_luv_sylveon_forever: Good luck!
@i_luv_sylveon_forever: Let me offer you some free advice, find a tiny group of friends from 2-4 friends, you and them may not make it through the year, but there is a good cahnce that you will join a bigger group of 4-10 people and one or two of your original friends will be in that group.
What I’m saying is find a squad as soon as you can, you can’t survive the Dark Ages without them.
I didn’t even notice! HAHAHAHAHa sure you didn’t...... OUO Also, Pinkeevee, dunno if you’ll ever read this but I LOVE your comics. I was even inspired to make my own even comic, though its not nearly as good as yours. Looking forward to your next Comic :) also may I suggest More Miku/sora/sky/whoever else may or may not be night/dusks’s lover/crush/??ect?
@Pinkeevee222: where is eve
@SongEevee : With Oliver, lol
@Pinkeevee222: Well played, my friend. Well. played.
I remember that eevee she was in a different comic in the background
I do hope u relize Oliver is a boy not a girl LOL
To pinkeevee@ Can you take a shiny umbreon in the comics and can it be named Bella
@Theshinybella : I can't unless she wins a character design contest or something. Sorry ^^;
@Guest: thx
To pinkeevee@ :'(
It’s Saturday! Where is the comic?
Pinkeevee222 your holding off any of the story with sky until nintenduck.....(wrong name lol)nintendo releases an air type evolution,arent you?
@FizzytheUmbreon: They really should though. It should be called...BIG FLUFFY CLOUDEON
@Guest: I was thinken somtin like Strateon teh evolotion of eevee taht lives in the strateos phear(ps i like sounding dumb so dont try to correct meh))Edit:I forgot to put meh name LOL
He should have said the office season 7 episode 19 minute 14:45
On my Ipad I got your new comic but on my Kindle I can't can you show me what the name of your friends c

Eevee comic website pls? Sorry my texting is so messy.
Chris x Brix or something?
??? @Pinkeevee222 who are the last two? Oh, and I’m new…

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