No Shane


July 14th, 2018, 11:57 pm

Daisy really respects Dusk. 
When she was at her worst,
in pain and very scared and
confused, he helped her,
taught her, and, in her eyes,
he saved her.......
Flame... on the other hand,
hates Dusk with a burning
passion, and can only bare
him when others are around.

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Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday yesterday!!! >w< <3

I'll work hard to give you guys more comics!!! >:3
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Pinkeevee222, July 15th, 2018, 12:07 am Reply
Advertisement, October 18th, 2019, 12:32 pm Reply

@00dipper: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I didn''t know you're birthday was yesterday, happy late birthday :)
@Rando guest: same here
@Vaporeon is cool: lol me too XD im sorry pinkeevee
@Rando guest: me neither
@Pinkeevee222: how do you make the face
@Johnny Knoxville: By going to the best place ever:
@Pinkeevee222: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@Pinkeevee222: hey i forgot about it but happy late birthday >w>!!
Am I second :D
? Dusk got so serious!!
@OneeChanEevee: ya im knida dumb too lol :-D
@Freezer-Bug: no ur not
@OneeChanEevee: Ye lol. I NEVER KNEW THAT SIDE OF DUSK ;^;
@FinleyTheVaporeon: Boi. Have you seen the flashbacks before and his conversations with his mother? HIS EYES ARE VIRTUAL SPEARS!!!
@YellowCat200: what even happened to their mom? Did she die or somthin?
@OneeChanEevee: hah Shane just got TRIGGERED
Also I love your comics pinkeevee222
The way Daisy looks at Dusk sets off my ship detector. It seems to go off a lot when I read these comics. Also, I've decided to stop making theories, because it got boring.
@Nintenduck: they class each other as siblings so in their eyes that would be incest
@Guest: I don't see why I'm supposed to care. You clearly underestimate my shipping power.
@Nintenduck: I mean I guess we can over look the considered incest if Oliver has a crush on Dusk and harmony has a crush on Dusk. To me Dusk and Daisy seem completely platonic and sibling as Dusk likes Sky and Daisy likes Blizz. But of course feel free to ship whatever floats your boat!
Please @Nintenduck: please don't destroy me, i bow down to your outstanding shipping abilities
@literally just a chicken: Don't worry, friend. All chickens are friends of the Great Shipping Lord. Perhaps I can teach you in the ways of shipping.
@Nintenduck: A love pentagram?..

Things just got dark.
@IryrasmoD: No thanks, I'm catholic.
@IryrasmoD: here’s some, Harmony and sora and eve and night and Oliver all like Dusk but Dusk likes Sky. 5 mon like Dusk that’s close enough to a pentagram. Damn Dusk has a harem
Dusk is a thug XD
Haha! Time to jump into the trashcan of random ships and reas fanfics.
DUSK FACE IS SO SERIOUS "opps caps lock"
@:P: it’s so scary and unnatural I don’t know how to feel about it
(just a comment) Wheee I just started reading these but they’re freaking awesome!!!
Shane also looks like he’s gonna kill someone.
Mad final..?
...... Does anyone think of something being impaled when they have sharp stomach pain or fee like your gonna puke? Or is that just me
Why do I've a feeling Shane gonna disobey?
Does Daisy have a secret crush on DUSK???
Dusk is a complete bonehead, but.... whats fighting going to do?
Advice please..... I love this comic. I tried making my own comic but I can’t draw emotions or anything and if I tried to use the computer my mom was like on top of me and was like, “I must monitor every word you type.” So that means no danger, no mean people, and I just dunno..

Also Dusk XD
maybe @Hey Hey it’s Eevee.: maybe just use text faces on characters? not like literally text faces but like, get inspiration from that

or just wait till your mom goes to work...
@....: Thanks!
Lamo Shane got damm riggity-rekt XD
So serious
Do it
How is Umbroen do serious, and the third time we see the leafeon she is sort of blushing.
I find it very interesting how Dusk is always happy go lucky when there's nothing important, but can be very serious when he needs to be.

I guessing that he's actually intelligent, but just finds life more enjoyable when he isn't being serious, so he isn't whenever he can.
Has anybody think that no Shane is like no shame? It’s kind of like a pun
@Fansomething: that doesn't make sense to me
@Johnny Knoxville: yeah but it makes no sense to you what about all the other people?
SHANE! Eyyy, we got a comic with Shane in it! Heh, poor Shane, though, can't do anything while he's forced to sit there and watch the Icedrop 'vees bully the others in Greenpaw. Not to mention Randy, who could have been hurt BAD. All in all, this is everything I hoped for, and happy belated birthday!
@CookiesAndCreamed: green paw needs justice...we need...Bateevee
uh oh
Serious Dusk??? The plot continues to thicken.
Ohh boyy Do I see Shane's eyes glowing...? Interesting...
Oh look, another glowy eyes. How interesting.........................
*Science side activates*
Oops happy late bervday tina, I didn't kknos -u-
@Ilikestuffpro: Thank you!!! >w<
Jeesh Even Daisy seems surprised at how serious disk is being. This must be new or somthin'.
@Pinkeevee222: ^w^
ooh hoo dusk is serious when dusk is fooling around like a fool, thats normal but when he's being serious, you can tell something is up...
@BILLPC2684: True. Also,
Dusk looks 2 serious :3
Wow he went from Stupid to serious
@Nonner18: Ikr
Wait a minute..... When Shane gets mad his eyes glow yellow, and we've occasionally seen Dusk's eyes glow yellow

• • •

Do they both have the same unique powers or something (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@Excalibeon: (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Well yeah cuz dusk came from an egg so...Btw I think dusk took daisys "be serious" talk too far so he got 100% serious.....Yet im still laughing cuz he is holding a juice box
Nya? dusk got serious ;-; Noice and same on the last comment Lunala
Serious dusk mode: ON!
@Silvertheumbreon: true story.
Am I agining things or did Dusk actually do that ??? Damn.•^•
Happy late birthday tina! Hope you had cake!
Sorry I missed your birthday pink eevee also how is the comic dub
1918 10¢ 2018 3.48$ what happened
To pinkeevee222@ Congrats (i know am late) but anyway, why do you don't update eevee academy anymore???
To pinkeevee222@ Can you one time make a shiny umbreon that kills a Flareon??? You don't need to have it in the comic, you can take it son deviant art ;D
Dusk was serious without having to have his eyes turn yellow
Headers. After reading this comic about a year ago, I reread it again, and after this comic, I went back and did it again, but looked at the headers specifically. And after reading a recent chapter, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I suggest you relook at comic #47, and Meanwhile in Kalos.....

I know it’s not about this comic, but still. I couldn’t wait to share my discovery.
@Hey Hey it’s Eevee: OMA! IS THAT A COINCEDENCE?
I am ObSeSsEd with this series!!!~
And.. Serious Dusk activation: COMPLETE!
... @ Really, dusk is serious without his eyes are turning yellow, REALLY
not that dusk i kniw
#know . I mean know
Hey Pinkeevee How do you make comics online like this?
HELP Can someone make a list of Characters and their Special abilitis? I am a bit confused.
Why am i triggered XD
Flame hates Dusk?
How could ANYONE hate Dusk?

Shut up, conscience, I dont care about his mom
Awww. Daisy is so cute. That’s all I have to say and I’M PROUD!
Hi! @Pinkeevee222:
I already submitted two auditions! I wish everyone good luck on their auditions!!! :)
Yay I’ve been noticed @00dipper: my point exactly! Anyways what even defines “shipping powers” determination to ship?? I may never know
@Pinkeevee222 Hi!!!!! I luv ur comics and I wanna try out for Blizz!!!!! U can find me on CastingCallClub.Com or at Samule.Com @VixTheFox my voice it wut Blizz would sound like and is like wut she wants in the video!!!Thx SOOO Much for this chance!!!!
Where is harmony ?
Pinkeevee can you give me some art tips please your the best artist i know ;-;
Ok im all caught up on ssec now where did i leave my suicide brick
͡°ω ͡°) Yazzzz
*airhorn noise*?! Is that serious dusk in the house?! *blows airhorn*
Why is the leafeon shyly looking at dusk with a slight blush? Also they do it when dusk says that shane has to be the bigger mon, so does the leafeon start to think that they need to stand up and show dusk that they are the bigger mon, and confess feelings of love to him? Or are they simply smart, and realise that dusk has feelings for someone else? Its all a conspiracy! You should've gone to Specsavers if you didn't notice that.
Dusk lied in his secret. He did not fail cloning sky just the clone got lost. Clone is miku. This theory is kinda stupid but it’s just a thought.
@Narrow: I’ve never thought of that! That’s actually a really clever theory!
Hello pinkeevee 222(I konw that u won't see this comment) I found your music video battle scars which I love but I just want to say I love the ssec because it makes my day and dusk is like me because we are annyoing and he is mysterioust because of night and I like blizz me and him get angry to easily. I forget to mention that battle scars pulled out of a state of depersion and sudiceled thoughts because of bulleys but It taght me that everyone has battle scars in there own way (sorry if this comment is to long)
@Umbreon040903: awwwwwwwwwww im not pinkeevee but that's so sweet
@Rainbow eevee: thanks you have a great night sorry for replying late I was busy
For Vay Vay is too distant. *grabs Nego and breaks down vays door* Hello. *Instantly falls aslepp with Nego on vay*
@Sapphire the Vaporeon: What????
Happy Late Birthday
Happy late b-day!
Wait a minute. did anyone else notice that they used to say somemon instead of someone?
The eyes glow ThE EyES GLOW. FORESHADOWING. Wait Shane has the same colors as Night did as an eeve-OH MY GOSH NO. WAIT. HOLY S**T
Calm ur bootie down
/\/( ͡°͡° ͜ʖ ͡°͡°)\/\/\/( ͡°͡° ͜ʖ ͡°͡°)\/\
why? lol why did u make a panel a total anime reference
I think there is another reason why he doesn’t want him to fight........

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