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Next comic coming later this week
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(1st :))
Bad crayon (or whatever it is)
@Nonner: Bad pen I think
@Guest: Bad electronic sender of specific senses that trigger motion controls onto a computer interface
@YellowCat200: Uh, wut?
@Nonner: Bad pen and crayon ;)
@Nonner: He said "Watch the revolution!" In Spanish (Lol im half Colombian)
damn, tablet pen angry
I'm really confused.
@HelloandHi: She lost her tablet pen.
@Pinkeevee222: What happened now
Seriously, what happened
@Nonner: she lost her tablet pen unfortunately, though it gives her an excuse to have a break!
@Is: ok
anddd there goes the tablet pen lmao

it's fine, take your time!
I wonder who drew this
@Guest: pinkeevee on msp
That fool! You were sleeping! It had the perfect opportunity to draw all over your face, and it didn't take it! Honestly, I'm more upset that it didn't do that, than the fact that it somehow was able to launch itself out a window! Great comic, by the way.
@Nintenduck: so like the jiggleypuff from Kanto that drew on people s face if they fell asleep when it was singing, also nintendck life always finds a way
@Umbreon040903: You know, when you use bad grammar when replying to someone with perfect grammar, it sort-of devalues your reply.
@Nintenduck:hey man we all are not perfect. God made us with different flaws so that we can reflect on who we are as a whole.
“That fool.” Is a fragment, and itmself is not a word.
The pen had enough so he started a pen revolution so that he fellow pen brothers don't have to suffer from us chewing on them no more and they will take over the world and chew on us to see how we like it and keep up the great comics pink eevvee 222
At least im not the only one who eats their tablet pen while drawing... (should I be scared of mine trying to mimic yours after seeing this comic?! D: )
honestly i feel the same way when i loose my tablet pen ;w;
well that didn't work.... An autobiography
Call Darth Vader, we got rebels
Wow what an awful harpoon
The pen has become a deviant
Rip Lol
Por dios (*⁰▿⁰*)
vengeance is pen's
Something happened to me like that..... My dog ATE my pen!!

I got another now :3
deus vult
That pen or crayon has a naughty nature...
thats a wacom tablet, right? i have the exact same
YAY I love random comics... Wait is dis even random?
Which model of Wacom is that
That was funny, lol.
Rip Tablet Crayon Pen... I dont think it can survive the drop. Tablet Crayon Pen
Is it weird that I actually feel like I relate to that pen?...
@Braixy: yes, yes it is
I wonder where the pen is now?

(Somewhere on a train)
Pen: and that's the story how I escaped

Person: Ok?
Maybe it's a electrical pen since I don't see paper
Actually, @cat mastermv: it’s a "stylus", or a pen-like object used like a pencil onto a drawing tablet.
@Sparkling Donut: I was close but no banana
@cat mastermv: you never know, it could actually be a banana in disguise
@Sparkling Donut: Or a benacalata
Pen deviancy
Been there. Lost my stylus and found it again more times than I would care to admit.
@UnknownFlareon: I have to agree, I lose basically everything I get my hands on and then find it sooner or later.
what??? Hablas español
That Wacom tablet is... Lol that Wacom tablet is one of the 2015–017 editions of intous and most likely the A4 size k bye *gets dramatically shot*
VIVA LA REVOLUCION! This is what would happen if inanimate objects were alive.
.......... wat even
Thank the gods my pen doesnt know about the revolution!
Also, wonderful detail on the house. It diserves better grades than I ever get in an art class.
Pen chewer Don’t be ashamed, I’m a pen chewer too.
Stuffed pikachu sais “Seriously dude? How do you think I’m treated?”
@Shadow_Strikr: this comment can be taken 2 ways ,the normal way or the......lewd way
@Guest: there are two kinds of people
@Uro Kaos The Umbreon: U do not use water to destroy evil, u must first cryo-nuke it, then thermial nuke it, then go crazy with nukes, then fire it into the sun with a cannon and then make the sun go super nova. This should be enough.
It has become a sentient being!!
Easy DIY fix:

Take some old headphones or earbuds with a normal audio jack. Then cut the audio jack just where the wire starts so there's no wire left. Now cut a pencil so it has a flat end where the tip is supposed to be, cut the pencil according to how long you'd like it to be.

Then use tape or glue (if you use glue, use superglue) and stick the cut off audio jack to the flat end of the pencil.

Now enjoy your brand new Drawing pen as you pretend that it actually works instead of doing absolutely nothing so you have something to do.
Random ssec quiz:
Who is vays son?
What is dusks favorite drink?
Why is dawn so SpOoKy?
Why is dean named after deans ice cream?
Who is soars child?
Why is blizz so strong?
I can relate That’s exactly what happens with me except a pencil
Furenchu Pen… I know the feeling when you cannot do something that you really want to do, it can range from mild to pretty intense.
When you have a great idea for a comic but all of the pens in the house mysteriously disappear into an abyss somewhere and you’re forced to use a black crayon. That’s my version of your predicament. :p Also your art is still good even if your pen/crayon/stylus became rebellious lol
@SongEevee : Also I put my pens in my mouth while drawing too, it drives my friends nuts
i campletely missed his one
Have no idea what happened '_'
@Pinkeevee222: lel
Epic Oof
Lol, my friend once lost his tablet pen, so he can relate

wait did he ever find it....?

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