July 31st, 2018, 4:53 pm

Sora's eyes are... weirder than the usual weird eyes...
They still change color due to her emotions, but
Purple means she can use her powers, Blue means she can't.

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Sora woke up! After a year irl, lol
And, I am doing a giveaway on the (recently revived) ssec ask blog! >w<
Also, thank you all for waiting ^^;
I had to buy a new tablet pen cause I can't find my old one. QuQ
Aaannddd, I already started chewing on that one as well. Viva la Revolution indeed
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Pinkeevee222, July 31st, 2018, 4:58 pm Reply
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*Sees this comic got a 3.00 rating.*
*collapses* But.... I worked so hard on this.... *shrivels up*
*shrugs* Oh well. I guess someone who likes comedy is mad. Rip them in the next chapter. no comedy in sight.
Pinkeevee222, August 1st, 2018, 6:43 am Reply

@peachbeach: Technically that title will forever belong to @Pinkeevee222
@Shadow_Strikr: U r right
OMG @peachbeach: I couldn't see the comics for awhile because I was at camp but I was like "Wait a second, I HAVE A PHONE!!!"
wow I must say wow for three things.

First, WOW! 1ST!!!!

Second, wow, as I view this, it's only 4:10 PM on my computer and the comic says it was out 4:53 PM, so either something's wrong with my computer, something's wrong with Smackjeeves... or this comic has come from the future! I think it's just my computer...

Third, when you say wow too many times you feel like it's not a word anymore and you've made up one.

Does that happen with all words????
@Dat1awkwardguy: yes
Especially the word moist
@Dat1awkwardguy: accualy the website says you posted this at `July 31st, 2018, 5:10 pm` (check your clock and make sure it's correct)
@BILLPC2684: Time zones.
@Dat1awkwardguy: For your second question, I have two words for you.

Time Zones.
oh I guess someone beat me to first while I was typing my super long comment...


@Dat1awkwardguy: How much caffeine and where did you get it?
..... @Siks: .......................................................

you do not want to know......
"It's been a long time, without you Sora" (song verse)
Fifth I guess. Chris B.
Typo? "They can't even *TACK* you" Is it supposed to say track?
@Noahepix: maybe they have a poster on a cork board with all their subjects on it and they put a tack on them once their neutralized or something. MAKEING UP RESONABLE EXCUSES TO COVER UP MEANINGLESS MISTAKES, ITS AN ART.
@Noahepix: Nope, but, I didn't want to rewrite all of that =w=
THAT seems like the kind of speech that I would give to someone who needs an empowering speech

Also "I am only the dreamwalker that can walk in your dreams!"
Looks like Tina has finally signed up with the Department of Redundancy Department
Isnt this suppose to have millions of comments by now
justacomment Yay! A Sora comic!
sora's eyes are really pretty tho

and wait i just realized,, is that the vaporeon you got in a giveaway? i'm too lazy to check the ask blog for it, but i feel like it might be
@HollyTheFluffyCat: It is!! ^^
@Pinkeevee222: knew i recognized that guy!
What if the PC wasn't shut down properly and 8 pokemon's save files were corrupted and accidently saved under Blizz.

So Blizz having voices in his head would just be a Glitch.
WOOOOO soras awake
Tack It sure is a good thing they can't tack her. I was getting worried.
Wow that was amazing
Yay Finally, another Sora comic! And wait, she’s been asleep for a year, and that’s a dream, and whaaaaat??????? Even more confused now.
@Hey Hey It’s Eevee: A year irl. In comic time, it has only been a few hours, lol
@Pinkeevee222: Wait, are u saying Sora hasn't been seen in another comic for about a year?
YAAS! Finally, a meanwhile comic! It's been so fricking long!!! My life is now complete.
1st rate! Boom 1 star unless you can beat me in battle pinkeevee222!!! (Rp with me & pinkeevee if you want)
@pixlyJolt: that's actually kinda rude you shouldn't rate someone if they can beat you you should rate it on how much you like it
@pixlyJolt: i voted 5 stars so ha!
I missed u Sora --
@Pinkeevee222: so when she going to meet the eevees in the pc?
Mon...I love this comic's characters, most of them seem so simple, yet most of them have so much depth to a clever and unique, in a one to five rating I give this comic...a six XD

(Eeveelution Squad/Short Stupid Eevee comic crossover nowww °w°)
I see now… So Sky indeed smashed with Ford multiple times and had multiple kids in the process, but for some reason Ford really cares about Sky's happiness to not even mind Sky liking another eevee.
@Pinkeevee222: 3.67 now ^-^
*breaths in* HOLY SH!T! "OTHER EGG"! which means one thing... miku is sora/sky's child!
Sora’s face in the las panel tells me she has no idea how to do the thing she need to do.

And why is it that it took me a year of no Sora to think of Sora from digimon? Why is it that only NOW is that connection happening?
I cant see the fluffing comic...curse the slow connection.....:0 le gasp.... im bored....

yay soras awake...
you misspelled track with tack
What I missed it by 3 hours but I don't care this comic is good but I missed it because of my fist day back to school keep up the great comics pink eevvee 222
@Umbreon040903: Ah, I remember when I was in a year round school, we got 3 week spring and fall breaks but we only got 6 week summer breaks. June 22nd to August 1st.

Now it's June 1st to August 22nd.

Definitely better.
Am I Evil (。・ω・。) Heh heh heeeeeeeeeeeeh! . . . T. H. E. . C. R. U. S. T. Y. K. R. A. B. P. I. Z. Z. A. I. S. T. H. E. P. I. Z. Z. A. ! (i forgot the rest.......) ( why did I post this comment....)
we meet again "Meanwhile"
yea.. we meet again
@Pinkeevee222: Its okay, you don't have to be sad
@Pinkeevee222: Lol, what takes so long?
*Sigh in disappointment in self*

I am such a plagiaristic piece of poo. I literally just inserted a couple characters and boom: Very similar story.

Weeelp... wish me luck working around this...Not that anyone cares.
Don’t judge me, but I kinda forgot Sora was in a dream.
Even though this is boring I love this comic more then the great eeveelution escapede
O: I forgot about this comic! It must’ve been a few months, maybe a year! I loved this comic so much but I lost interest in eeveelutions. Oml. I found it again. I still love the comic, tho!
SORA ITS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU~ And that vaporeon just gave you a healthy dosing of hope. IM SO HAPPY YOU DIDNT COMIT SUICIDE! You really scared me... O.O”
Others bin times were I forgot about ssec
I meant there's not others (i think i used the wrong there's)
3 things 1 i know this is a question to the charactor but this could also came as a question to the reader and i like it
2 is it just that is getting matrix flashbacks
3 if the question can be given to the reader to make them think of thery hopes and dreams ill just say i allready know my anser
Hey I love the comics pink eevvee 222. Question does ford have a dream visitor ?(look up wings of free for that info)I know that he said he was a dremwalker but I am jokein about the dream visitor.
@Pinkeevee222: This is why I love this comic. It has comedy and plot at the same time without being a crumbling mess! :D.

(Also for some reason I love things that at the start are really stupid and random then get plot-heavy as the comic progresses XD)

Anyways, this is my favourite comic and whoever gave it a bad rating is dead to me :>
I love this so much and I love Sora's eyes they are so pretty and I love happiness and rainbows and other happy stuff OwO
@Pinkeevee222 I just wanted to say that these comics are great and you should keep up the good work.
Also wondering if Vay can get more screen time with Daisy so I can see more reactions from him seeing her .3.
(Please do this (Only asking) I lost my 3DS SD card and XYZ Data QvQ)
cool, i like it
@Pinkeevee222: they can eat some hats if they are unable to enjoy your hard work (the 3.00 rating thing)
288 Elite halo If your alilie defys you let them be or perish. Well that's mean cople of words Do not criticize my spelling
@Pinkeevee222: you almost got 5.00 Rating now
This took like a literal year for part 2 what the hay
Help This section of the webcomic is confusing me. The black sections, the serious one. Can anyone give me a brief summary of what's happening?
@Gamenwatch: at the end of each chapter their is a meanwhile. The meanwhile is about SORA. So that’s why it’s black.
Shes never really escaped
Um....why was sora sitting on a bed? And how can he possibly sleep for a year O_0
Thats a logic
I just realized the vaporeon said OUR other egg. Which means... EVE'S PARENTS CONFIRMED!
This Vaporeon is the Nagito of the Pokémon world. You Dangen Romoa fans get me.
(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞
WAIT HOL UP So... from this comic's logic.... Ford x Sora= Denny + Eve??? WOAH.
Evidence From Meanwhile 20:
Ford: 'What if our other egg is not dead either?' Referring to Eve??? Possibly? I dunno.

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