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August 11th, 2018, 3:31 pm

Oops! Wow. that was a big spoiler.
I hope you guys saw what was written here
before I changed it. (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

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(First :3)
Dangit Close to first, oh well. Also my trainer OC and Pokesona became a background character, cool!
@Laverage: you were SSECond
@CinccinosWrath: *spams like button*
@Laverage: A pokemon with a sniper rifle...

*you can't defeat the melon dog*

You Can Not Defeat The Melon Dog


Yo, you got five bucks? I'm feelin like a milkshake.
Ricks calmly reading the newspaper and making Harmony temporarily forget about her injury.

*Looks at rick* *narrows eyes* GOOD JOB RICK! :D
Rick did a great job @DragonEevee: Rick did a great job at causing harmony pain by making her forget about her injury, both good and bad.
Harmony don't try to stand up or something like that would happen
Feel the pain! jk harmony dont deserve this
@PhoenixFox35: yes they do
@CinccinosWrath: As a big softy. I'm surprised she's still so badly hurt from something so long ago, but, mhm :3
I heart SSEC! Poor Harmony! Just wanted to say I heart SSEC.
oh no. Poor Harmony. Already a broken back and now she has to deal with... her... this is sad. But good for character development.
@Draethon: Harmony's character can develop right off a cliff~ :3
Aww, poor Harmony. Despite how cruel she can be, you have to feel a lil' bit sorry for her...
@An Azumanga Fan: I feel no pain
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
MMM~ @FinTheVaporeon: OwO???
In the second-to-last panel, Harmony's tongue looks like a broken heart!

I wonder if they'll leave anyone in charge while their gone.

If they were to come out with an 9th eeveelution, who would become that?
@IryrasmoD: Probably Eve, I suppose. ^3^
#300 coming up fast.

Can't wait until you finally unveil what it is.

*I bet it's Bolts future girlfriend*
@IryrasmoD: if it.I SHIP IT!!!!!
@Guest: i'll go down with the ship
oh boy
A New Challenger has Appeared..

Miku Slices in!
(Totally Not related to her knife)
@A Person: haha because smash bros is coming out
Ohhh gawd
rip harmony
Her back looks very broken. It’s so freakin arched!
Ohhh I cant wait for eve and miku to have a death battle over dusk.
Oh that looks painful, very very painful. Sadly, I'm on neutral about feeling sorry as u kind of deserve this.
Every. Trainer. Ever. (Except those who brings their Pokémon's through trading).
@AndreTheLugia: *cough* Ash *cough*
*when you want to say the author did a very good job, but there was a page where it mentions something will happen soon, but it never did*
I am very conflicted at the moment...

Good job, though.

Also, whatever happened to the Jigglypuffs?
@ScienceGamer01: I think they are preparing for war, they did say they will be back
The slyveon is Miku right?
@OneeChanEevee: I think so
@OneeChanEevee: is in kalos right?so......miku?
@Guest: that makes sense
NOOOOOO imissed being first to see the comic
Can someone...tell...me...


I can't even understand myself, I'm loosing my sanity!!!
@Excalibeon: same!!!
@Pinkeevee: When is the fighting scene?
I'm finally reading one of these comics the day it came out
i tought she is already ok

olso (still waiting for the fight)
WOW i wonder if miku comes to da pc what would happen
@Lulueevee11: chaos
Am I the only one interested in the trainers outside of the pokecenter?
@Pinkeevee222: is time faster in the pc because if so that would make sense why her back is still broken
That is nimbasa city.
i like it
Somebody earlier asked bout a keyboard.... I use an iPad right now :(

P.S. Zeon the Blue and White Zeraora says hi
Sooo... Letting you guys know this is Glace555. I deleted my old profile and made dis 1. Anyways hope ya don't miss Glace coz Shadow gonna tell ya right now that u aint gonna see much of her anymore.
... How did Harmony break her back again???
@Shadow666: Dusk step on a crack
Oof RIP in peace Harmony
Is it bad that I forgot about harmony since its been so long when we last saw her?
*freaks out cause miku is coming back, crazy eevee noises*
I’m so exited for the next comic!
Well it looks like we will be seeing more of miku
cool, i like it
If that happened to my sister every time she tried to lick me ( yeah I know gross) I would be so happy
@Vaporeon is cool: Yeah that would be nice.

You better be careful, if that Vaporeon gets to cool it'll become a Glaceon.
@IryrasmoD: nice joke
Can you tell me the song headers of this chapter? *gets knocked out by a can of beans*
@Guest: No. It is perfectly understandable to forget something that was barely touched on for some time.
Dang it!! Didn't see what was written in the alt text
@Pinkeevee222: Pinkeevee, Miku is coming back?
@Eevee Adventure : high probability because the sylveon is in the kalos region and miku is in kalos so.....(well... my grammar)
What the reaction of other pokemon in PC when sylveon join them (maybe miku)
@Guest, LOL 🤣🤣🤣
I can not wait to see dusk or miku's reaction to each other
She deserves that pain
Rip harmony Also yaaay! Mikuuu! (I think that's her name i forget hhhhhh)
Google translate:

Iglo: owo uwu owo

English: human trafficking

Them weebs are up to somethin...

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