August 19th, 2018, 3:58 pm

Here is something for the near future~
Rovvy. S nyx'd uxyg gri S kw gbsdsxq drsc. S qeocc sd sc k voddob dy wi usdc. Drkd sc, sp droi ofox mkbo oxyeqr klyed wo dy bokn sd.
Sd coowc vsuo S kw tecd kvyxo sx dro gybvn. S rkfo pkwsvi, led, S kw dyy kcrkwon dy dkvu dy yxo rkvp, kxn dro ydrob rkvp rkdoc wo. S nocobfo sd. S kw dyy wemr yp k mygkbn dy wkuo kwoxnc gsdr drow.
S xofob ckg drow kqksx… Droi wecd… drsxu S klkxnyxon drow, yfob k newl psqrd, xy vocc… Drkd wkno wo lsddob, wybo lsddob kxn kxqbi drkx S myevn mkbo dy knwsd.

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Humans are hard to draw QuQ
Also, meet Doki, a character who's name was NOT inspired by Doki Doki Literature club.

Oh! comic was late cause back to school shopping took over my life.
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Pinkeevee222, August 19th, 2018, 4:09 pm Reply
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@CinccinosWrath: yay fiRSt no oNE Cares
@CinccinosWrath: That’s the spirit!
@:O: you meen ssecond
@Guest: Derp, I messed up, pls forgive me for my sins.
@:O: you get the free pass this time
The plot is going to be good
Doki's back, huzzah! :)
I think I can see a love square or something like that
@:O: I was thinking something more of a love Octahedron but mkay
Golden Heart *sees the hidden text* ... I hate you.
I missed first again shfdjhjgdsfbfdsbiughx
WAIT A MINUTE... @Pinkeevee222, one of the questions from the previous background eevee questions (the one before) was based on Melody's daughter. I've read this entire comic from #1 to #291, and not once have I seen that name. Is it rigged?!

(DDLC is great <3)
@YellowCat200: It is. lol. A question involving the next chapter is hidden in the background eevee questions.
@Pinkeevee222: Hoo boy. (Basically, if you don't have the discord, you still have to get evrything right based on what you know -_-)
@Pinkeevee222: humans are harder to draw you say, I say you did a great job at drawing humans unlike me. Teach me your ways.
@YellowCat200: doki doki is the best! #dokidokiforever
Well, neither that's a Fake Cry or real cry.
@AndreTheLugia: If it's neither, then what is it?
Will Bolt have a love interest in the future?

Cause he really needs one to help with that shy nature. Would also be interesting to see cause of his shyness towards females.
@IryrasmoD: Bolt wouldn’t a love interest because he’s asexual meaning he can’t love anybody
@PastelWhile: Wait, how do you know that?
@IryrasmoD: Bolt can love ^^; And, idk if he'll have a love interest ^^;
@Pinkeevee222: I've always wondered, how much plot did you have planned since the first or second comic, did you have a basic idea of how it would go? Or when did you figure out the basic outline?

Edit: could the outline change if you realized something else might work better?

(I don't know if I should ask this on the ask blog because this isn't for any of the characters, but I would like to know.)
@IryrasmoD: I think at the start she just wanted to make a stupid plot with a stupid glaceon as a main character
@Pinkeevee222: Oh woah-Everyone (on amino-) said he was Asexual

Guess they were wrong
@PastelWhile: asexual means no sexual attraction he can still feel romantic attraction
@PastelWhile: If someone is Asexual they can still love!
@Pinkeevee222: Me screaming into a microphone at you: BOLT X DAWN, BOLT X DAWN!!!! IS THIS MIC EVEN WORKING!?
@PastelWhile: uhh asexual means he can't experience sexual attraction.. He can still experience romantic attraction
@PastelWhile: Hush, bolt has plenty of love. Please excuse my failure of trying to be expressive by making emojis

I g n o r e m e N o w
@Pinkeevee222:AGAIN WHY IS BOLT CRYING AND WHY IS HE NEAR THE WATER?! Is he gonna...kill himself?
@Guest: No, pinkeevee explained weird stuff happens to him when he goes into the water.

What happens I don't know.

*I bet he transforms into a hairy wizard*
@IryrasmoD: XD
@IryrasmoD: ExPECtooPATRONUm
@IryrasmoD: Oh thank god/areceus I thought he was gonna go nuts bc Troll/Wimp and drown himself TT O TT
@Joey :D: .dewercs er'uoy neht cinori t'nsaw taht fI
@IryrasmoD:? neam uoy od tahw
@Siks: sdrawkcab gnipyt ew era yhw
@Guest: ¡nuf si ti
¿ton yhw cb
Oki Doki jeje ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Doki is adorable
I wish she was my pokemon!!!
@OneeChanEevee: What if she decided to play the game and roll play as sayori?

Edit: know she's not based on the game, but what if she found out about the game because of her name, played it, and decided to roll play as Sayori? Or Monika.
@IryrasmoD: u like DDLC to? :o
@OneeChanEevee: Me too...


Me: Hiya Doki~!
@SongEevee : I think it would go more like this:


Translation: Dang'it Carl, where's my shotgun when I need it?!
I found the tumbler page for the ssec
WHY??? Why does the sylveon look like a rabbit?
@oofgirl: I think you mean doki the Eevee cause I don't see a sylveon in this comic yet
Am I the only one who thinks that it's weird that Doki is saying 'Vui'? just me? Okay. I'll just keep quiet and enjoy this comic. :P
@Dat1AwkwardEeveelution: nope your not the only one XD

(also this is the first time ive comented on this and probably the last time too)
@Dat1AwkwardEeveelution: She has an accent. Vui is Vee in... Swedish eevee.

Look at me trying to be creative


She has an accent is the point

Hush child, you draw great humans!
@NEONtheUMBREON23: Yeah, you draw them better than me. All my humans look 5 years old and don’t have ears or noses. Plus there hands are just three spikes at the end of an arm. I CANT DRAW HUMANOIDS WOOHOO :D
@SongEevee : A nose can be an upside down sEvEn, a c, a u, or an n. Ears can be hard or easy to draw DEpENDiNg on the Subject'S face angle. If they're facing head-on at the cAmArA, then I don't know how to draw ears. But if the face is at a side angle, draw a long C or draw an incomplEtE zero. Then, you can draw an S shape in the miDDle of the ear, if you want to.I hope ThaT this helps you.
@OTTers_OpalEscEnt: What? SongEevee’s art style is evolving! (Pokémon eveolving music)
My noses: |
My ears: )
My confidence in my art style:

Doki aw what a cute name
I was singing\humming just Monica and soki doki forever when reading this XD. ((EDIT)) I mean doki not soki XD
@Lol. I like cheese : lol
@SSEC rules!: extra cheeeeeeeseeeeee
That name is so Kawaii like DDLC :D ((btw love your comics pink Eevee)) :D
@SSEC rules!: DO. NOT. SPEAK. OF. D. D. L. C. PLEASE.
I just wanna leave a pint so that everyone knows I read this and gave it a 5 srae rating OwO
When new page was posted
Wait Is Doki based on the 'Bond of Brothers' Fanfic?
@Icicle the Glaceon: No. Doki was a character before the fanfic was made ^^; she is just finally being properly introduced.
Listen @Pinkeevee222: Your probably not going to read this coment, but if you are I want to say this: Fix your broken friendship. March right up to him, and fix this friendship. If you are afriad, have someone march with you. Do it, and it will all be fine!
Doki Doki club
@Meena: Add the word “literature” to that comment and I’ll be hiding in my room getting Vietnam flashbacks for a week TT o TT
@SongEevee : doki doki club Literature
@Siks: very close.....
wasn't she supposed to be a sylveon?
I find it kind of funny how far her design has come from the original. I can't complain, though, as that would make me a very big hypocrite xD
@LittleMoons: She is evolving into a sylveon later, lol
hello! i know this may not be the time to ask, but can you make dusk save an eevee and then it becomes hia ninja sidekick?
@Dusk's Fan Girl: please?
@Dusk's Fan Girl: Yes Pinkeevee, Why does Dusk not have a ninja sidekick yet!? That is the true question here. (Btw I’m not being sarcastic I genuinely also want this to happen OWO)
i cant read the mouse thing, what does it say?
@:P: I went ahead and translated it!


"Hello. I don't know why I am writing this. I guess it is a letter to my kits. That is, if they even care enough about me to read it.

It seems like I am just alone in the world. I have family, but, I am too ashamed to talk to one half, and the other half hates me. I deserve it. I am too much of a coward to make amends with them.

I never saw them again… They must… think I abandoned them, over a dumb fight, no less… That made me bitter, more bitter and angry than I could care to admit."
Hey pink eevee can u add a diamond eevee (Make it come out of the crystal tide thing or whatever) just for bolt and doki
Also i wrote that
Doki club Free club for people that liek doki
Also the trainer should bring blizz CAUSE SHE CAN USE IDIOT BEAM -Dabs-
Doki: heartbeat in Japanese. Loves Vay. (Breathes in deeply) (conflicted bc wants to DaisyXVay but also DokiXVay) (loud violent screaming) (brain not helping bc reminding me of the terrifying game, Doki Doki literature club) I F****ING HATE YOU, BRAIN. Excuse me while I leap off a building bc I can’t decide which to ship.
@SongEevee : DaisyXDoki
@Guest: OMFA that’s perfect. Let the DaisyXDoki shipping begin! Oh and vay can date those Karp Kracks or whatever the cracker he likes is called ouo
@Pinkeevee222 are they like.... talking to each other with a mashine or something.....
@Joey :D: Yes.
Ssec fanfic Her name is Doki and she loves Vay? YOU CAN'T SAY TO ME SHE ISN'T THE SAME FROM THE 'Bond Of Brothers' FANFIC! (or at least similar to that Doki)
@VickypediaCottonstar: She is the same character. But, her history and role in the story is totally different from what the author of Bond of brothers assumed.
Forgive me but who is melody i don't remember anyone's name...
Doki is so cute! :3
The water is getting higher be ready to lose 23 percent on the global Mass
@Johnny Knoxville: and ready the floating city
Dusk is going to level up so much and the others I guess
How does dojo love vay?
I can’t wait till the next comic comes out!
Doki is cute and her trainer is so pretty.....
I'm so shocked that melody has a child which is an Eevee...
Doki is so cute hurts my soul
In the last panel what is that next to doki.....
HUMAN @Totally not joey :D: human human human human human human human human human
@Totally not joey :D: It is the human's big hair. SpeCIfICaLLy, the trainer's SiSter's hair.
Moar vees!
i am so mad that i i had to wate for 5 days before i code get to intenat
To bolt@ Hey bolt, you need some love in your life. Can you please do like pinkeevee222 makes a shiny umbreon that is killing a flareon but not flare,because i have a enemie who is a flareon (not flare) and im a shiny umbreon :)))) but anyway, PLZ MAKE HER DO IT!!!!
@Theshinybella: You don't get to ask queStionS to ChARACteRs in the coMMent section. HowEvEr, thErE is an ask blog on tumblr. EvEn if you don't have a tumblr aCCount, you can submit an ask aNONYmOuslY.
Rovvy, S nyx'd uxyg gri S kw gbsdxq drsc. S qeocc sd sc k voddob dy wi usdc. Drkd sc, sp droi ofox mkbo oxyeqr klyed wo dy bokn sd.
Sd coowc vsuo S kw tecd kvyxo sx dro gybvn. S rkfo pkwsvi, led, S kw dyy kcrkwon dy dkvu dy yxo rkvp, kxn dro ydrob rkvp rkdoc wo. S nocobfo sd. S kw dyy wemr yp mygkbn dy wkuo kwoxnc gsdr drow
S xofob ckg drow kqksx... Droi wecd... drsxu S klkxnyxon drow, yfob k newl psqrd, xy vocc... drkd wkno wo lsddob, wybo lsddob kxn kxqbi drkx S myevn mkbo dy knwsd.

You're welcome this took a long time owo
@Smug_Leaf: You have a 10/10 username
Doki Is this the Doki from Bond of Brothers?
@Matthew: That is Doki from ssec, tbh
It’s my bday and I got a eevee plush as a present :D
When will the next comic come out?
Seriously tho, when?
@Alex The Shiny Eevee: must be a pretty detailed comic page if it hasn't come out yet. Or, y'know, laziness/School stuff
@Pinkeevee222 Pls hurry with the upload!
Schedule @Shadow666: Tina uploads at Saturday’s only. And if you know that and just asking for her to just hurry up I can’t help you. If you’re complementing her, um yay?
Simplest decryption that I have seen yet. I used print screen to capture the text box when you hover over the comic. The encryption alphabet is qrstuvwxysabcdefghijklmnop, and the decryption alphabet is klmnopqrstuvwxyzabhcdefgij. Also I hope this is from a character and not Pinkeevee, it has me a bit worried if it is the latter.
@Wolfyre: Its from a character, no worries~
Hey @Pinkeevee222

Does Doki only know ow to speak Eevee?
@Littengamer262: All eevee/eeveelution characters except Vay and Nego only know how to speak eevee
*sees Cryptogram in the Alt text*
*gravity falls theme intensifies*
Doki x vay
Harmony is a aunt are you Kidding!!! and btw lm the one who send the comments of doki x vay
I am sorry l mean commet

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