Tree thinking


September 1st, 2018, 5:39 pm

Harmony and Melody... were very close when they were young.
Harmony protected Melody with her life.
Of course, now she pushed her away, like everyone else.

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Bolt is fiineeeee. Don't worry. The next few chapters after this one is comedy! I swear!
We are going to watch Blizz chase Vay down cause he saw something cute and huggable in his room and watch Dusk and Blizz eat pudding and see Devin act like a total goober in front of Eve, and Bolt's powers, oh, and then there is the fight, which will be entertaining.... >.> How does one choreograph a fight scene? Guess I have to learn.
Anyways, long story short QuQ Sorry...
Pinkeevee222, September 1st, 2018, 5:50 pm Reply
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Oof whats that eevee
@Ima Fishtick: Your profile picture is adorable, lol
@Pinkeevee222: you like it? i made it! ^^
@Sky207: Pink Eevee, you should make a Photograph (By Ed Sheeran) Slideshow like you did with Battle Scars, Except maube with Dusk (Night) and Sky (Sora)
@FinTheVaporeon: Or maybe In The Name of Love, but idk, watever u want
@Pinkeevee222: Mommy made it (Sky207 owo)
Yay! @Pinkeevee222: ima fishtick! AAAAAH SKY
Don't miss her shes mean to you
@Pink mana: yeah I agree
poor thing
Lem is so adorable >u< I wish him the best,

Edit: I also can’t wait for the comedy
@Guest: well,me too
CRAP, Lem has gone emo.

Yeah, I agree, you do need to spend a good bit more time going into Bolt and Flames powers.

Also has Harmony ever thought of just pairing up two other eevees to be her egg slave replacements while she's injured?
If she was, who would the two eevees be?
@IryrasmoD: the trainer is not smart enough to think of that.
Also, before he retired...

Did rick use the Pokemon equivalent of Viagra?
@IryrasmoD: yes
@IryrasmoD: omfg yes, best theory 2018
lem and harmony have a toxic relationship
keep your eyes wide open.. it just reminds me of the greatest showman......

something's wrong with me........
@Dat1AwkwardEeveelution: i love that movie!
@Dat1AwkwardEeveelution: Yes indeed.
Just keep your eyes wide open,
and we know we can go back again,
to the world that you were livin' in,
cause your dreamin' with your eyes wide open,
so come alive!

Love that movie :P
Your art style is beautiful


I made this so convoluted that I doubt anyone will figure out how to get the actual sentence out of it.
@IryrasmoD: Base 64?
@IryrasmoD: only ddlc girls know how to read that
@Lol. I like cheese: I went to a text conversion website and just clicked on buttons for a while.
@IryrasmoD: oh ok :p
what happens to Bolt when he touches the water
@Cannon: he zaps the fishes
@Pinkeevee222: NOT THE FISHES. They are my kind how could this happen, bolt musn’t Be allowed near the fishes
@Pinkeevee222: rest in piece magikarps and other fish pokemon
@Pinkeevee222: is it bad that I want to see that happen?
Why does he miss her she is evil
@Pinkeevee222: ack. Did Flame just pass out or something? - Solstice
Well, missing someone isn't something you can forget about.
Okay what happen to flame at second panel?
@Guest: It seems like he is too lazy to get up
@Pinkeevee222: HELP, I've fallen and I'm too lazy to get up!
@IryrasmoD: oh...
@IryrasmoD: Then you need life alert!
@Random anon: no he needs lazy alert!
@IryrasmoD: lol I'm laughing so hard when I'm reading your comment I dropped my phone XD
...I want to hug them.
@Nintenduck: Isn't it Lem? Cause Lem is a male.
@IryrasmoD: I dunno. This comic is confusing.
@Nintenduck: here’s a code.

@Base 64: A code to what?
@Nintenduck: paste it in code translators then there’s a sentence lol.
@Base 64: Oh, I probably should have looked at your name.
Am I the only person that still wonders why some of there eyes glow?

eh, it's fine, I'm pretty sure it's some genetic thing they got from their mom. At least that's what she said.
When will the next PMV coming out?
(thought the PMV won the pool?)
@Guest: Next week, lol
HOW ARE YOUR COMICS SO GOOD??? also, i'm LOVING the plot and comedy mix in these comics! :D Keep up the great work!
For some reason, you daying that Bolt is fine reaaaaaallly doesn’t make me think he’s fine.

QwQ must be a pain to make a page every week ....Especially when school stikes every 5 days of the week. If only i had a tablet and a tablet pen then i would make a page fo ya. Except my phone can be karate chopped anytime and it would break in half instantly since its close to breaking into two. QwQ i praise u.
She thinks about trees
@Johnny Knoxville: that eevee is a boy lol

@!: ok
@Johnny Knoxville: noice profile picture by the way.
I’m not trying to be mean I have no problem with the fun chapters but I like action one and stuff so are there to be any chapters like that soon?
@Starcast99: Hmm, No idea, tbh.
Yay! A comedy finally!
I forget. why exactly, is flame sprawled on the ground again?
@Siks: he is too lazy to stand up
@Guest: actually, I bet he thought it was 4:20. Nope! Lurn 2 reed a clok bro. It's 240.
@peachbeach: WOOOoow Ain't you SPECIAL!!!
I just looked at your Patreon goals.

Every single fan would only have to contribute less than a dollar a month to reach your highest current goal.

But I bet the majority of your fans don't even have a credit (or debit) card set up on their computer nor want to. I'm pretty sure that it's less of 'I don't want to spend that much' then 'I don't have a credit card to put on my computer' or 'I don't want my credit card info on my computer' kind of thing.

If it wasn't for that I bet a lot more people would spend a dollar a month on your comic.

(yes, I'm one of those people that doesn't even have a credit card, would love to donate, but I don't want to get a credit [or debit] card just for this)
@PS2 was cool: why was it banned?
Well just watch Cell At Work to fill my time waiting for a new page,oh well this will be happen when dusk and miku meet
@Pinkeevee222 Why does Dusk likes Miku. You know Miku is crazy tho
@Dawn_Hates_M4iku: wait,dusk like sky when they are child but sky is male,soooooo
@Guest: Is thish imappropriate? *Looks at him/her with puppy dog eyes*
@PS2 was cool: Yee~
@Pinkeevee222: Well I'm in a weird position, I actually have 4 siblings, but I only seen two of them 3 times ever. And the two are 14 and 18 years older than me, they both moved out at 20.

But they still live a few miles from me. So most of the time, I'm practically an only child. And when they are over, I feel like they're kind of more like my aunt and uncle because their so much older than me.
@Flaming_Eclipse: no only you wanted a pudding
Dusk is yaoi. Sky is a boy
@PS2 was cool: oh cause your old account had the best profile picture I’ve ever seen.
@!: Yeah, I was banned from another webcomic, don't know if glitch or author being overly enthusiastic with enforcing rules.
For a second I thought that Eevee in the tree was it Oliver?
@SSEC rules!: it's lem.
can Dusk get a ninja sidekik?

i think when Dusk saves an eevee from something, it will evolve into a shink umbreon and serve him as a mystical bodygard that watches over him from the shadows.

Iḿ beging you!
@Dusk's Fan Girl:
@Pinkeevee222: I can't stress this enough: your comic is the best! I might try to get the characters in-game (I have Pokémon Ultra Sun as well as Pokémon Moon) but characteristics might be hard lol Also: The Greatest Showman is awesome!
@peachbeach: lol thats exactly what i meant
@Pinkeevee222: I forgot to ask you in Dawn vs Wondow... Why does Dawn have boobs????
@Dawn_The_Espeon123: (*shrugs*)
@AgentOfChaos: I'm asking Pinkeevee222 not you!
@Dawn_The_Espeon123: Sorry!
@Pinkeevee222: I'm fine with serious, it just gives me anxiety.
Who is she? (Tick tuck tick tuck)
Wait is that oliver and if so is he talking about eve
@eeveeleo: it’s Lem not Oliver
@AgentOfChaos: oh ok its just that we havent seen oliver that mutch lately and he kind of looks like him
@eeveeleo: You’re right though, we haven’t seen too much of Oliver lately.
i cant believe that i finally finished this hecking comic. im so proud of myself
@JennyTheSylveon: I just finished it a few days ago!
I have a theory:
I see a bunch of eevees that have weird colors that aren't shiny. I theorize that Dawn (or whatever her name is) is illegally breeding/hybridizing eevees and selling them or sending them to labs to be studied.
@FoxZero: So I'm not the only one to notice that! I'd like a bit more background on that, Pinkeevee222...
@AgentOfChaos : i dont think that is correct becuse if you go see the last two pages you can see she doesn't even trade them to other trainer
@eeveeleo: You bring up a great point! But honestly, I’m just here to read awesome comics, speculate awesome fan theories, and have fun!
@AgentOfChaos: likewise it the thing i love about this comic series
@eeveeleo: Yup!
@Pinkeevee222: Where did you get that "baka" from ssec #57 chapter summary?
Does this have an end to this comic??? Is like Is does not have an ending
I love this comic and i saw your new PMV soooooooooo good
MORE LOVEY DOVEYYY I miss Dusk x Eve funny moments TTuTT
Eh, which is actually a romantic moments. ...failed ones XD)
Awwww. Poor Lem.
@Sun the eevee: I know. I really feel bad for him.
Is there going to be Dawn on the other comics after Tree Thinking?
@Dawn_The_Espeon123:maybe i think
@Dawn_The_Espeon123: Assuming you mean the espeon, I sure hope so.
I think the purple eared Eevee will evolve into an Espeon
*stares* pink eevee have blizz find a egg the he takes it back to the others the it hatches and a shiny eevee comes out of the egg and its a girl and they name her luna.

Oh wait is that Lem?
He looks like Glado (Gladion)

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