It Hurts


September 15th, 2018, 6:47 pm

Harmony never told Lem why Dusk hated her,
or what she did to them that caused Dusk to hate her.
Lem tries to act normal in front of Dusk usually, but,
he is already in pain, so, he couldn't do it this time. 
Get it? Pain of the heart ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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In the month of October, I am going to be doing something for ssec anniversary month, the last year, I didn’t do anything, and that was sad. I have to plan for what to do, so, Vote on which is the best thing to do!
(I want 2 pages a week cause this chapter is sad and I want to finish and move on as fast as possible)
Pinkeevee222, September 15th, 2018, 6:55 pm Reply
Advertisement, May 27th, 2019, 9:41 am Reply
As sorry for all of the sadness in the comic I'll try uploading the ASK-SSEC blog more!
Lots of comedy! and you can ask the cast questions!
Pinkeevee222, September 15th, 2018, 7:17 pm Reply

So sad

Edit:I’m first
@Guest: NOW DIS IS DA COMIC IVE BEEN WAITIN FOR (Lol aka long comic I understand)
@Guest: I kind of feel bad for, Lem. Also I hate, Harmony. She is the reason why most eevee's in the PC are like that
This really got me in the feels
Lol Lol, Lem is just traumatized, and dusk is all .
But seriously, I long for funny humor to get me through my week
@Hey Hey it’s Eevee: The askblog has Humor!
O wow so much angst

Can I just hug everyone so they stop being hurt XD
Ohno.... Oh no...
Pinkeevee222 u okay? (◕︵◕)
@Guest: Completely okay!! ^^ Thanks for being worried, but, I am personally fine! -^^-
Good question why does she hate you Lem and why does she like dusk
@Guest: I’m also confused but my guess is that harmony loved dusk before lem was born
Yay, I’ve never been this early!

I feel bad for Lem…

The last frame (11?) reminds me of comic #135’s ending…
@Logic: Looking at this again I actually feel worse for Dusk than Lem…
And, as always, keep up the great work!
Assuming that's how it works...eleventh! Also great comic as always!
I knew it! I knew Lem hated Dusk! I just needed proof.
Ah.. past memories or fake beliefs could cause a lot of tension(and sadness).
You updated ssec and the ask blog, I feel blessed
Idk how lems talkin about
Making this part of the comic must have really hurt (like my pun)
;w; Nu! Lem don't cri :<
Does lem REALLY hate dusk?
Hey pinky Do you know who PKM-150 is?
Lem.EX has stopped working
@cherryleafeon: Bandicoot may have crashed. Call help desk: 870-8675-306
I'm just waiting until somemon says something that Dusk just can't stand and finally shows his 'original' self. At least, more than just 'no, you're not fighting him'.

Maybe it'll be when a younger eevee finds out that Dusk had a twin and asks him about it or something.
Lol! Tbh this would be rllyawkward if someone did this to you tho...
You: *talking*
Person You're Talking To: *randomly cries*
You: ?????????????? (Nani??!)
@raccoon: ikr?
Lem has crippling depression confirmed
@Pinkeevee222: This strangely reminds me of depression, ya know? Kinda… sad... isn't it...

...Reflects... my own... status...
Poor Lem Lol
nuuu lem ;^; whyyyy
If Lem cries I cry T-T
@Joey :D: if you cry I cry
... Wow alot of weighting WOW what am I doinggggggg (〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒) (〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒) (〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒) (〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒) (〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)(〒︿〒)
Poor Lem, he needs some advil
@Guest: you mean advice?
@Dawn_Da_Best123: nope Advil, and maybe some anti depressants
@Guest: oh
Do a scary comic for Halloween
@peachbeach: no don’t cry now I cry
@Pinkeevee222: Sorry about the 500 questions I sent

PS: I am anom since my profile doesn't work
Bad stuff I have a feeling some really bad stuff is about to go down.
@peachbeach: if you cry I commit die
When shall Vay return?
You know, I know they're all going through emotional junk and stuff, and no offense to you, but this can all be solved with simple communication.
@UnknownFlareon: Ikr? All this melodrama, jeez. If they TALK to each other, some of this will be solved, but they just don't want to talk. >:V They are annoying, tbh.
@Pinkeevee222: Use epic anime power to make them talk, OR EPIC TINA POWA! Aka push them in a room and lock the door.:p
@EeveeGirl: But why force the characters to communicate and actually solve their problems when you can have *character development?*
Lem, we know it hurts but just watch battle scars on scruffy eeves channel
@!: yes lem do it you shall feel better
i think im going to evolve......
GUYS I JUST EVOLVED! how do i look??
@jenna the shiny glaceon: you just changed to Jenna the glaceon. And glaceon and shiny glaceon are almost the same...
@jenna the shiny glaceon: terrible
@When u try your best but u don't: xD
Wow they are all a mess. Dusk and the boys are sad about the lab, blizz is trying to rember what happened, dawn learned that her brother and the one she puts her trust in has been lying to her all her life, and daisy can’t find away to help sora and vay still has depression. And lem misses harmony. And meanwhile miku is having the time of her life.
@Narrow: uwu
@Pinkeevee222: wow it must be fun having a web comic were you can abuse your charters lol
Incoming FEELS!!!!!!!!!!
Man this is sad...
Cri it hurts me to see Lem sad
Poor lem
Five forces of nature escape one night,
Leave back the place that filled them with fright,
Abandon a sibling so they can run,
And all of this because of their wicked mom.

Four forces of nature press onward,
One wants to be left alone,
One wants to be at safe home,
One's ready to create his clone.

One teases the others,
Presses their buttons to re awake their fears,
And the one left back,
Never spends a day without tears.

Three forces of nature now are happy,
But one is lonely and another alone,
Another spends his days intimidating;angry,
But the other three, are happy.

Two forces of nature with conflicting thoughts,
One forgives the mother, the other does not,
The previous one resorted to bargaining,
To stop his sadness, to see a life worth living.

One force of nature is now filled with dread,
Knowing that his mind with forever be confined,
Knowing that he will never find true happiness,
Just like the last force on nature they left behind.

No force of nature's now have a place,
Find themselves in a place they belong,
Find themselves in a place they can see,
And thus, starts the events of SSEC.
@TheKingKonquer: That. Was. Freaking. AWESOME!!!
@TheKingKonquer: Bruhhhhh, that is awesome, lol
@peachbeach: nuuuu just listening to this conversation..... T-T
O-o Okay... um I’d like to be able to say something about this but... well anyway I love when moments like this are set up with the blacked out panels it’s really cool.
@peachbeach: T-T
Welp, that's an emotional breakdown.
@peachbeach: sorry I'll stop now
I have found a plot hole!

In a Tumblr ask Dawn said that her top covered the 6 nipples and pushed up, and that was why she isn't flat chested.

WELL, in the comic where Dawn tries to prove to Leafy that Flame is a pervert, she shows her a playpoke magazine, and on the cover, it clearly shows it censoring only the top 2 nipples.
Yes, yes, I know, some of the answers on the ask blog are lies, but why would dawn lie about that? (seriously, why would she lie about that?)

So there are a few options:
1: Dawn lied, females only have two nipples.

2: The leafeon on the cover was covering her lower 4 nipples, for some reason.

3: The leafeon on the cover wasn't covering her lower nipples, it just wasn't censored (maybe because if it was censored, it wouldn't make as much sense in the story because it would feel more like looking at a female dog standing on it's hind legs, which isn't nearly as perverted as 'corn').

4: (most likely) there are bound to be minor inconsistencies in the comic and ask blog that wasn't related to the characters lying.

5: Something else I guess.
@IryrasmoD: Eh, that ask was nullified when Dawn became half furry. Why is she half furry? I dunno. She just is, lol
It must really hurt…
Just wondering … When can I try to submit a background eevee? @Pinkeevee222
Am i the only one that thought that lem was acting like eri-chan from my hero academia or was it just me
Also is he referring to harmony
@Pinkeevee222: wait what happened?
dose she not know his past yet?
(its me sentry beat)
@peachbeach: I had one… well… I used to before my parents accidentally got rid of it :(
Anyway… Has any of them realize that if you write down 3.14 (pi (write four like: 4))on a piece of paper and read it through a mirror, it says “Pie” @Pinkeevee222 ?!?!
@Pinkeevee222 I HAVE A THEORY, I don’t think it was confirmed that the jolteon in your title images is bolt was it? If not this could be devin in the future due to the eyes and he is sad that he became a jolteon while his brothers became umbreons ( I’m probably wrong but whatever)
@peachbeach: I don’t remember how to! It was 2 years ago!!!
Now this hits close to home.
hello? if your reading this pls pink evee 22 update eevee academy plz!!!
@gigglykitty7: Too lazyyyyyy
@peachbeach: AGREED
@Guest: I third that! (I can't exactly second it lol)
@AgentOfChaos : Too lazy~
@Pinkeevee222: I completely understand.

Edit: I just realized that Pinkeevee222 just responded to my comment! I FEEL SO HONORED! lol
Finish! But can no find more comics Ree (8<8)
I must pick one eevee academy or stupid short eevee comics....
@PikaZard X: "More on the Story side"
Ehhhh, *Eats carrot* You sure about that, Doc?
That's so sad alexa play despacito
Are we still commenting on this? No...... Ok then...
dood ima bout to cry rn!

Lem now: Looks like Gladion, Edgey like Gladion, Now I have a minor crush on him like I have a minor (major is more acurate) crush on Gladion


My life isnt sad at all...
@SongEevee: Also if Lem killshimselfIm following suite... (but I thought Sora was gonna commit suicide and she didn't so my Edge radar might be oversensitive bc once a SSEC charecter acts mildly edgey I freak out and think they gonna leap off a roof so...ignore me here in the corner oerthinking things.)
Aw Dusk be like
I hate dusk as well

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