Why the fridge?


November 10th, 2018, 11:02 am

Vay bae!

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Normally weird noises mean weird things so is Blizz doing weird things?
@:O: you mean having a mental breakdown over my little ponyta, then yes
He watches kid shows now? How could this get any worse..
Wouldn't bringing a laptop into a fridge brake it?
@Nintenduck: The colder a computer is, the better it will run. And since a fridge is also a dehumidifier, there's no risk of wet air ever getting to it which also usually carries dust and junk. So really, a fridge is the best environment a computer could ever be in. Unfortunately we're not glaceons.
@cccviper653: HOWEVER fridges also are insulators, therefore the computer would make the fridge's insides warmer because it would trap the heat from it. as such, the fridge would basically be no different from a different container after about 10 mins, and it would, as an insulated box, begin to warm up quite a bit, causing the computer to potentially overheat if the fridge is not opened. this actually happens IRL and it's why people who make servers don't use fridges as containers
@Turtwigsfire13: Huh! Really interesting!
@Turtwigsfire13: Yes, for a server room, where every device is pretty much an electric space heater. But a refrigerator is going to far overpower the tiny heat a laptop produces infinitely. It wouldn't even cause the fridge to kick on more often. A walk in cooler like commercial buildings have would be overkill x100. And really, this could work with a server room too with enough coolers. It would just cost an absurd amount of money to run all that equipment. The servers alone already take a huge chunk of money through operating costs.
@cccviper653: False, refrigerators produce cold air at a low percent over time and it relies on you to open it up to release the hot air.
(watch at about 7:30 mins)
this is what I mean, as the fridge would heat up with the computer on. Not only that, but I had tried it before with a docking station because the old laptop I had was really flipping hot
@Turtwigsfire13: you're all wrong! Pizza is better than tacos!
@Nintenduck: No, it breaks it.
Yay! It's out
It’s Blizz being... well Blizz.
Wow For Once Im Early
Intense Daberino
weird noises, eh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@NegitiveZero: pervert
@Dragon type eevee: Blizz is the pervert here
@Guest: I agree
@Dragon type eevee: hmm Eve says Blizz is making weird noises with his laptop, they've been smashing each other... oof
Vaaaaay, I missed you. I need more fluffies vaporeons X3
i think blizz is pulling a flame move in the fridge
Knowing this kind of comic he might be watching my little ponyta like he did in an earlier page and just trying to hide his bronyta side and the wierd noises are the freezer or the show
I think he's watching my little poytna. Tbh
Vay is bae
digital corn?
@SonicT22: I think it's corn
@SonicT22: yep
Blizz is probably watching cat videos
I found the best theme songs for all the eeveelutions. Don’t worry, they aren’t lame and all about their type. You should draw to these, or just listen to them over and over again like I did.
Umbreon-Demons (Imagine Dragons) or The Spectre
Espeon-Dusk till Dawn
Leafeon-Adventure (Matthew Parker)
Vaporeon-(love story) Say Something or In my Blood (Ed sheeran/Shawn Mendes?!?)
Flareon-(MUST) Stronger The score
Jolteon-(sorry) Thunder
Glaceon-Natural imagine dragons
Sora/Edgy character-Insanity
But wait..... Why was Vay looking for Blizz in the first place?

Failing NNN Ladies and gentlemen....We got him
I imagine it going like this:

Vay: "Get out here Blizz!"

Blizz: "No!"

Vay: "What are you even doing in there?!"

Blizz: "... Fine, I'm coming..."

*10 minutes later*

Vay: "You Said you were coming!"

Blizz: "Sorry, but this is a really good show!"
@IryrasmoD: I think you need to edit your comment
@Moonshine: Yeah, I just now noticed the typo.
@IryrasmoD: I agree it’s gonna be like that :P
Um.. OwO?
Wait... I think i see a link... So Lea doesnt remember anything... but yet she works in a place where eevees and eeveelutions have strange powers... much like blizz and dusk and vay and... u know. Ik this isnt very reasonable but isnt eeveeplex a place for eevees with strange powers? And doesnt agent lea work at a place where eevees got strange powers too? And shes a leafeon. Does that mean shes
Lol im not saying what im theorizing
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

………………I have no friends TT-TT
Yay for Vay and I soon as I saw the last comic I already knew that Vay was going to show up on the next one and can the next comic have Oliver
Vay has no nose
I'm not sure if Vay knows what's happening or not. That last face is either a 'I need to get to the bottom of this.' or 'I know perfectly well what he is doing in there...'

I think it's time for Vay's cop powers.

(But first, some Karp Kracks)
Dat face tho |:l
Finally some more comedy, also, this is comic #253, not #235. XP
The box wallpaper machine is really quite cool-looking.
Keep up the great work!
Wait, does this mean that Vay is the best bae?
Cause I still don’t know the answer to that BEQ…
@Logic: Ermerghad
It says “Vay is bae” in like every comic alt text with Vay in it.
I think he is. If not, then blame PinkEevee222
@Maddy: If You Go Back And Read The Alt Text For Every Comic, You Will See The Best Bae
Blek! So much for a Guest name. I keep putting in “Creamy Eevee” (cough cough, original) and it keeps putting Maddy instead. (Now you know my real name)
*runs to Alaska*
Where are Vay’s feet thingys? You know, the dark blue triangles on them, like Blizz does

Wait....do Vaporeon even have those?!?
@Creamy Eevee: No, they do not. Glaceons have blue ones, Sylveons have pink ones, and Leafeons have brown ones. No other forms have them.
I have just realised that the comic is right on the edge of rated M territory.

I did I not know this sooner.
Just a theory Ok, Blizz MIGHT be watching My Little Ponyta, but, in the last comic, Blizz said that Eve would be scarred for life if she saw what he was doing. In conclusion, I believe that he may be watching those weird Leafeon and Flareon videos... Seems super suspicious...
You don’t want to know @Shiny Eevee 101: With Blizz, well, some things are best left untold to human ears.
Everyone is thinking there is some perverted meaning to this comic. I bet that Pinkeevee is going to add a twist, and whatever Blizz is doing will have nothing perverted. Just a thought..... After all, kids read this.
Eve is adorable! Do you guys see her innocent look when she tells Vay where Blizz is? Just adorable! And pinkeevee. Nice job on the art. Vay looks really good!
Will Dawn appear soon?
I need a mum
@Miku the eevee (just hatched): Do you have an actual mom and dad, non virtual.
OH PinkEevee222, you need to make some comics over Shane and stuff!!!
I think it’s been more than two weeks, they said they’d fight and stuff.
What ever happened?
@Creamy Eevee: In comic time, two weeks from when they said that is only a few days away
Vay hates corn

He was abused by the Lab dudes
(Too much evidence to give)
@Creamy Eevee: Wasn't that Blizz?
No, (perhaps Blizz too) In some alt text one day it said that Flare let Vay read some corn and that Vay cried...

Also, it those awesome sketch box thingys (Extra Meme link) Vay was shuddering when he was asked if he was a virgin. (Also said no)

@Creamy Eevee: Man, I feel bad for Vay....Having to go through that... Hey creamy eevee, do you have any idea what the absol in the comic is about? Not this one, but I think the ask blog had something on it.. Someone was asking for pictures, and he freaked out... He was sent to the lab with the others from what I can tell, but why? He is an absol, not an eeveelution , but the rest is just so... Vague....
@Ssec biggest fan:
Sorry, I just checked 1,000,000 million billion gizzilion Asks but couldn’t find what your talking about. Interesting though.
Absol is my FAV Pokemon ever (not cuz of games or anything lame) IT DA BEST
Maybe the Absol is important. We all know Corn Absol isn’t though..........heh heh heh
@Creamy Eevee: Thank you, But I could swear I saw it in an ask blog... Hey, is your name a girl name?
Yup, I’m a girl. When my name thingy doesn’t load it says Maddy.
*cough* stupid name thingy
I make my own comics (they use a bunch of her characters and plots, but I just do it on paper)
I call em my Creamy Eevee Comics. (CEC)
@Creamy Eevee: I thought guys would come here. You know, with the corn and stuff would draw in guys... I thought I was the only girl! Yay! And thanks for looking up the absol thing! To make you feel better, my name is Alexia.And I just relized I comment alot!
Pffffff no problem.
Girls can like Pokemon comics too! Boys are just.....immature sometimes....not all of you!!! Just saying. (We shall be friends Alexia)
@Creamy Eevee : Sounds good!
@Creamy Eevee : I know it does not really matter.. But how old are you? (I am 14..)
Woah! I’m only 12. Ha! 7th grades for real right now.

I feel so young...........
Hey! @Creamy Eevee : boys are not immature..................…………………………………………………………………………………………ok, maybe your
right. (My little bro can be SO immature sometimes) also what made you think of creamy eevee? Just curious.
@Aiden the Jolteon:
I was thinking of adjectives to put in front of Eevee. I thought Creamy was a satisfying word to say. Also, it works for initials, CEC, Creamy Eevee Comics.
@Ssec biggest fan: In Oliver's Secret An Absol Was With Him, Also In Battle Scars PMV
FOUND IT @Mystic:
Yeah, finally found the Absol ask after 15 minutes of scrolling.
Poor Absol. He’s still at the Lab, I assume. I think he was Oliver’s guardian er something.
I just finished reading Zeons quest after I found a link to it in your deviant art gallery. After about chapter 4 and 5 I was really disappointed that you only ever did 21 chapters. But by the time I finished chapters 20 and 21 I was more okay with you stopping the series.

Honestly, I kind'of don't want to know where you would've gone with the story if you had continued.

Also what was the point of Zeon even going on the adventure, in the 21 chapters and prologue you gave no indication to why he was so important to the story that wasn't incredibly generic and vague.
@IryrasmoD: That story needs to burn
@Pinkeevee222: Fair
He’s watching My Little Ponyta and the strange noises are fanboy screeches. I should know, I have made many a Fangirl screech myself while watching MLP and fanboy screeches sound nearly the same.
@SongEevee: *fangirlscreem* MY LITTLE PONITA IS THE BEST no wonder he’s a fan it’s the best UwU
@Milkbone the umbreon : *SLAMS AGREE BUTTON*(≧∀≦)
“He is with his laptop making weird noises”
-Eve 2018
Stuff that quote in a frame and hang it on my wall
Just a thought... Hey pinkeevee. Do the characters age? Like normal creatures? And also, if this went by dog years, most of the cast would be dead by now.... Dogs can live up to 20 years, even a tad older, but in pain. Just a thought. Also, Eve would be full grown.....
@Ssec biggest fan: the characters do not age in the comic
So if all of them have the same mother, Harmony. And they have crushes on eachother... They are siblings... That is kind of gross!! No that is super gross. *Gags* I am changing my user name to Glameow.... I am no longer Ssec biggest fan...
@Ssec biggest fan: That's fine. ^^;; I kinda didn't know the implications of everything until someone pointed it out to me, but, since I see them as animals, and it is common in pokemon games, I don't really see the point in calling it gross, since ssec follows game logic in the most part and there is not really any negitive impacts of it in the pokemon games. In fact, it actually has more positives than negitives in pokemon games, for competitive players, so, I assume that it is the norm. tho. I do wish I realized this sooner. The whole issue, and the other underlying tones makes me want to quit drawing the comic and move on to something else, tbh/. I did make the separate houses they are in be seen as a family unit though, so, at least there is that to compensate for everything.
@Pinkeevee222. Have you seen the comic on smackjeeves called Mirrored image? You should read it! It has great potential!
Knowing ssec, and blizz, This is gonna seem like corn but he something totally different.
@Ilikestuffpro: That is kind of what I just said....
@Ilikestuffpro: Who said anything about corn? He could be doing anything with his laptop!
I think I know what glaseon is doing he’s making out with one of the characters from my little ponita
FINALLY Vay is here! The Great Vay chase can begin!!!
On an unrelated note (Pinkeevee, this goes to you), which SSEC character could (or has the highest chance to) survive the ultra beams of light in the Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light trailer?
@PokeKirby: Dusk cause he can teleport away. He'd still get hit tho.
Just saying The fur on Vay make it look like that he have boobs
@Guest: Boobs actually would be shaped differently. More like, hanging down.
@Guest: He looks handsom! A normal vaporeon has a frill making it look like a clown!
Glaceon must be eating all the ice-cream! Not fair, I also want some! >:T
@Klara KawaiiPotato: Yes, lets call it icecream...
@Pinkeevee222: Why not make a shirt with one of the characters gaming, and above it says. Just give me a Ssec!
@Pinkeevee222: Get it on amazon and I'll buy it!
Will ask Stupid short eevee comics ever update.... I need some awnsers.
Is it bad for a 14 year old girl to read this stuff? I am starting to wonder...
no... why?
Why are all of the girls so younge? And why does 13 year old Dawn have boobs?
@.....: I really have to explain this on the faq =w=;;;
I’ve been thinking about this and... MY LITTLE PONYTA CORN... I hate my head...
@Derpygungun123: That is a thing... My little pony corn exists...
I know what hes doing. Hes probably watching my little pontya
@Pinkeevee222: are you gonna sell your merchandise on amazon?
Imma say it again What happens in alone time stays in alone time
@comboy 32: Then please explain why there are hidden cameras filming this for us. I feel creepy, intruding on their lives...
So vay just happens to want to know where blizz is, even though they hate eachother. And eve is not trying to nose, what happened? What did I miss?
@Glameow: They don't hate each other, lol.
So what two days does this update? Saturday and _______.
@Glamoew: Only Saturday.
@Pinkeevee222: Why does it say that it updates 1.5 times per week?
@BlueEevee: Because as an anniversary celebration, during October it updated on Wednesday and Saturday. But now, since October is over, it will only update on Saturday.
Blizz might be watching the soup store meme in there


But I’m too stoopid to figure it out.... SANTA
Why NOT the fridge?
? probably hes watching my little ponyata or hes just in there because whenever he was on the that fire pony can never remember his/her name probably burned himself :3
that's a pretty bad spot and a pretty bad burn...
Listen up everyone :3 im makin comic site sun so stay tuned, and 2 vote for wut my main charecter shuld be, here is code ( for all undertale fans, im gana listen 2 undyne the undying and papyrus soundtracks)
1: Vaporeon 2: Flareon 3: Jolteon 4: Espeon 5:Umbreon 6: Leafeon 7: Glaceon 8: Sylveon
@FriskTheEevee: maybe Jolteon
Jolteon @FriskTheEevee: I’ve never seen a comic who’s main character is Jolteon (except for eeveelution squad (maybe)) I bet it would be awesome!
Can we see what he is doing
weird noises?
that can mean a lot of things that are... really weird.
hopefully its just him laughing because of ponytas though
@constellion: I think he's playing with some Ponyta dolls. Guess we'll find out in the next comic!
my god blizz get out of whaching memes or my little pony or my little pony memes :\?
What is up with this @Snapety mcsnap dude? He will not stop commenting on old pages!
@CharizardChick: I did not know about this comic until last month plus I read them all by now and I can comment on whatever I want to HPMF!!!
@Guest: Oops forgot to log in ALSO wuts yo problem
@Snapety McSnap: And in case you didn't notice I'm not the only one doing it
@Snapety McSnap: hi........umm I’m love this series who’s your favorite mine is dusk he’s so funny and smart also my favorite eevee evolution is a umbreon my BFFRoslyn likes espeons and my other BFF Ansley is silveon
@Milkbone the umbreon : I like umbreon too and dusk is my favorite character. We think the same!
@Snapety McSnap: Also my friend Dakota (boy) his favorite is sylveon
@Snapety McSnap: dude that’s awesome want to be friends
@CharizardChick: snapity mcsnap can do what he wants he’s pretty cool so stop hating
I'm happy that I got Pokemon let's go eevee today but im not happy that the next comic is late
@Mystic: First: LUCKY! Second: I know! I've been waiting since I woke up
@Mystic: I’m with snappy mic snap (sorry if I got your name rong) your lucky and I’m waiting too
@Milkbone the umbreon : No I mean mystic is lucky because he/she has let's go Eevee and I want it and I don't have a Nintendo switch yet.
@Snapety McSnap: I was talking about her being lucky she has her own netendo switch and has Pokémon let’s go eevee my brother won’t let me on his my bothers suck TT-TT
@Pinkeevee222: yoooooooo I’m milkbone I’m a umbreon I’m a BIG FAN of your series and I’m happy to find a community that love Pokémon as much as I do so thank you by the whay you inspired me to do draw and make comics :)
@Milkbone the umbreon : Pink Eevee inspired me to make my own comics, too!
@Snapety McSnap: your sooooo cool and I was literally was wishing for some one to comment on my comment and ripley and I literally found a person who sooooooo cool and amazing man I’m happy
@Milkbone the umbreon : thanks
@Snapety McSnap: I even have dusks bio as my iPad background
@Snapety McSnap: my wallpaper for my I pad is a meme but I’m going to find a funny pic of dusk and change it
@Snapety McSnap: your welcome
@Milkbone the umbreon : I evolved 2 of my Eevees on Pokémon go today one was an umbreon and the other was a jolteon i named them after the characters in my comics
@Snapety McSnap: dud I should find my DS Pokémon moon and name mine the cariters in this comic and I fond a panel of dusk saying “IM KING OF THE NIGHT” now that’s my wallpaper your such a genius
@Milkbone the umbreon : thanks
I’m going to bed good night everyone
By the whay snappy MCsnap did you see the t-shirt that pinkeevee 22 has made it’s a bootifal t-shirt
Snappy mcsnap are you here
Pinkeevee222 PLZ READ AND REPLY!!! uhhh i got a guest comic, and i only use gmail. how do i send to u?
@FriskTheEevee: wate do you know udertale
Snapper mc snap ware are you I need my friend TTMTT
Is there going to be an update today?
What the fridge
So thats eve room I think eve room is so cool and Glace on too hehe
Epic Oh no
@Pinkeevee222: i KNEW it

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