Scarred for life


November 18th, 2018, 6:28 pm

Eve always wanted her own room, Blizz said no tho.
He wants her to be as protected as possible.
The thing is... despite protecting her, He kills her in
his sleep with all of his FARTING.

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Poor Vay.....
comic is late due to unfortunate events. Nothing bad, lol
And, REMEMBER! there is a character design contest happening!!!
Pinkeevee222, November 18th, 2018, 6:31 pm Reply
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Also, somemon can use secret power to make a room for Eve
@Aaaaaaa: VAY YOU BAKA *We still luv u tho :3*
@Aaaaaaa: because grimer couldn’t make it?
@Derpygungun123: Ufufufufu I see what you did there Ufufufufu UFUFUFUFUFUFU
@Aaaaaaa: or we could get blizz to punch through the walls
THIRD! Also Pink Eevee, you inspired me to make my own comics. I've made 4 comic strips so far.ALSO first to rate.
@Snapety McSnap: I broke the webpage somehow:3
Series of Unfortunate Events,…
Good books…
the best book ever though is Holes by Louis Savage I’ve read it legit 4 times 4 TIMES
Also I saw 18 hawks today. My new record.
@Creamy Eevee:
Pfft Louis Savage I meant Louis Sachar

Stupid auto correct
@Creamy Eevee:
The best book series I ever read was probably Percy Jackson (Rick Riordan).
*Snickers* Good call Eve. Good call.

Also Vay, you’ll regret it. YOU WILL REGRET.
The fridge will be full of so much toxic fart, it can be considered a bioweapon
Blizz, stop farting man
It's not cool
@WiispNightmare: What is up with the profile pic?
@IryrasmoD: dog

Up above you about to come down in a full-force, gravity-propelled doom

@WiispNightmare: I don't get it.

also your profile pic has rather thicc legs for some reason.
@IryrasmoD: K. Round, from Deltarune.
My friend asked me to draw it and now a bunch of us have made it our profile for fun.
WHERE THE HELL AM I?IM HAVE TO BE IN DELTARUNE! @WiispNightmare: hi K.round!Im Kris!
@WiispNightmare: dude that is the best profile pic ever
(But snappy mcsnap’s is better)
I'm pretty sure you'll need bleach after you open
@bonberjean: I need bleach anyway... i like the taste...
Well, at least Eve is trying to make the most out of a bad situation.

Also, I bet Blizz is in there with his laptop, searching up 'how to make weird noises to freak out your little siblings'.
@IryrasmoD: But... Blizz Loves Eve. If You Didn't Know If Someone Kills Eve And Puts Her Head In Blizz's Room... Well The Rest Is On The Ask Blog
I know that, but sibling love can get pretty annoying sometimes...
@Kris: Bwoof!
(You are in the PC)
@Annoying dog: Correction: we are in the HELL CALLED INTERNET——I mean fun educational place called internet!

Eh heheheh... heh....
@Kris: dude stop your in a pc and daltarune is that way ->
I’m glad I could help
I’m nervous Now •~•
Uh oh, this boi's lookin' at some innapropriate animes.
Vay should definitely open the fridge like 100% reeeeaaaaally should
A meme of Vay :D I'm not always happy, but when I am.....

I'M NOT!!!!!
@Kris -phone crashes-
@AnnoyingDog: *ipad DOESNT LOAD*
Oh shoot, are we going to get scarred for life too!?
@Klara KawaiiPotato: yay fun... not
@Derpygungun123: My class already scarred me for life. Nothing can touch me now. Gore? No. Insanity? No. Loud sudden noises? No. A God d*mn psycho killer? Well i’d Be mildly freaked out yeah, but only if he had a weapon and I didn’t.
I’m not joking.
@SongEevee: the only thing that's scarred me so far is that bloody cat in alien
@SongEevee: Wow, I can almost relate. School's really traumatic.
I think Blizz hates a burrito in there
I am know waiting for his head to explode, (even if its an over reacted panel)

@Creamy Eevee: Cliff hangers are my specialty UwU
Two mehs and a no. Does vay even know how to say yes?
Just to reply @Mystic: Meh
Ummm Hi

And of all the things he brings into there it's laptop
Anyone have a suggested anime
@Guest: RWBY
@Guest: cowboy bebop
@Guest: Zombie Land Saga is a good anime
When this came I was like "FINALLY!!!!!!!"
@Snapety McSnap: hoi your here
Ima gonna day it again @Snapety McSnap:
It’s called “Detective Pikachu” the Deadpool guy is voicing him it’s coming out on May 10 2019.

Did you ever get your Build-A-Bear Eevee?
@Creamy Eevee: no but I wish I did! I got a build-a-bear Pikachu though
He better not be hoarding ligma in there
@Pinkeevee222: How many people have entered the contest so far?
ALSO who are Luca, Astro, Mari, Mia (?), and Trixy (?)
I don’t if those are some of their names or not. But who are they? You’re friends?
@Creamy Eevee: they're the mods, if you want to figure out more about em go to ask ssec. They also might appear on the headers but rarely in the actual comic.
If your head explodes from the fridge can I have your room?

What a sweet little sister, caring SO MUCH about her brother
What if Vay's head actually explodes?
Nah that won't happen, it would be bad, since everyone likes Vay
@o0okeven: not EVERYONE likes Vay because I don't like Vay
@Guest: its really obvious what is blizz is doing anyway so vay's head will not explode.
@Guest (the one who said they don’t like Vay) They just mean he’s a popular character with most of the SSEC fans. I personally like Vay, but Blizzard and Dusk are better for comedy and Vay can get a bit TOO edgey every once and a while
Me: oh noes This person is right... nah, Pinkeevee wouldn’t kill Vay...
Brain: *heavy breathing* BUT WHAT IF
Me: No, brain, no. No don’t-

(Ugly crying)
Insert Jaws theme here as vay starts to open da fridge
R.I.P. Vay (eh probably not)
So, I'm in the mood to roast someone right now, so I'm gonna do it to the SSEC cast.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Hate to break it to you Sky,
But Dusk's not coming back for you,

Your the most hated person in the story,
Even Lem has a better fan base to be fair,
Your unforgettable, unloved and unwanted,
What's his name again, is it Flare?

Guess what, your lonely,
And only if you knew,
The fact that no matter how hard you try,
Daisy will never notice you,

Now Blizz, lets be honest here,
Lets dish out some truth,
The only reason your brothers keep secrets,
Is 'cause they don't like you,
You're angry, annoying,
And to be frank I wish you would be gone,
Honestly why was you picked,
To be the lead Pokemon

Daisy, you say you like to fight,
Should I be scared,
Or should you knowing the fact that in terms of a relationship,
Blizz doesn't care,

Bolt, you're socially awkward,useless,
And just plain uneeded,
I find it kind of funny,
How many times you are defeated,

Now Dawn, your kind of cool,
But come on girl surely,
How many times do we have to say,
Before you admit you're a furry,

Now Sora, I'll end on you,
Because your the one that talks the most crap,
Your kits have gone, you life is gone,
And I laughed when I heard what happend to you in the lab.
@TheKingKonquer: that was I little harsh but who cares.
And tbh I think you spent about 2 days trying to figure do something like that, maybe even longer.
Good try. It was amusing. But good try.
@TheKingKonquer: I hate you
You know what I’m going to roast YOU
Roses are red
Violets are not blue
Hope you drown
In the hate I’m giving you
I tryed
@Milkbone the umbreon : Good one, I've got one I my own. (Just saying all of these roasts are jokes, I don't actually mean what I say.)
Roses are red,
I like rice,
I bet your hairline goes back to the birth of Jesus Christ.
That.........was beautiful. Just...amazing. Bravo.
@Creamy Eevee: Thanks, took me a while to think of Sky's.
@TheKingKonquer: THAT WAS VERY HARSH! I mean why would you say that?! Just because you are in a mood for roasting the characters from SSEC?! You know roasting is NOT nice at ALL!!!!!!! I like some characters from SSEC and when I read your comment I was sooooo disappointed! I like Dawn, Daisy, Blizz and many more!!!! I was very VERY mad when I read your comment! I don't think Pinkeevee222 like it!
Cool off dude


And also, his roasting was amazing. Do not insult him. It made me very mad to read YOUR comment.
@Guest: Sorry, it was just a joke. I didn't really mean any of the things I said to the SSEC cast(though I'm not sure why I'm apologising to fictional characters) and I very much enjoy reading the comic, it gives me something to look forward to each week. Anyway, sorry if I annoyed you, but do know that I do like the SSEC cast. As well as this, if PinkEevee222 does not like the comment, I will delete it, just so everyone's happy.
@TheKingKonquer: I was kinda annoyed by your roast too I’m glad you weren’t serious about it
@Joey :D:
I liek your name
It’s one of my sibs name
So, hi internet sib twin
@Creamy Eevee: oh thanks! But that’s only my nickname :3 edit: oh wait you said hi...Hai!
@TheKingKonquer: Lol, it's fine! And cleaver! tho, I wish you roasted Dusk and Eve too, tbh. Would have been fun to read.
@Pinkeevee222: lol IT BETTER NOT BE LATE NEXT TIME!!!!!
@Guest: Drawing a comic is time consuming. We should let @Pinkeevee be late every so often. They deserve a rest.
@Guest: Welp. You are not going to like the next post.... oops
press the most F's for the most of respects
@OneCloudySkyOfLight: respects for what?
hi im a shiny eevee and a girl i realy want you to have a comic strip about me! my name would be Elely and i would be the newest eevee(eve will finely have a lil sis) and i would be curiusos and always wants to play with eve and i usely hang with blizz and dusk and i would have a crush on the flareon andi would ahve sutch a fluffy neacollor and i would have light blue eyes and most boys and girls would bully me and i will be spicil becase i would be the godess eevee.
@cuteness madness: dude that will be a cool character can I tell you mine
@cuteness madness: I think that'd be a cool character, but... Pink Eevee said she doesn't accept shiny Eevee ocs.
Snappy mcsnap are you here I’m waiting for you to respond to me but your not thats makes me sad like we’re friends right I miss you (not in a weird way)
@Milkbone the umbreon : hi
@Snapety McSnap: yooooo you replied thank you so how was your day
@Milkbone the umbreon : Good I evolved a lot of Pokémon on Pokémon go
@Snapety McSnap: I don't have Pokemon go :(
@Snapety McSnap: that’s good that’s good my day was normal on my I pad I ate chicfll a
It was a normal day
@Milkbone the umbreon : by the way should I enter the Character contest
Noooo Vay! NOT THE FRIDGE!!!!!!!!
OH MY GOD WARNER BROS JUST MADE A 3D POKEMON MOVIE CALLED “Detective Pikachu”. It’s coming out on May 10th 2019, and it’s hilarious.
;-; No one remembers me
Everyone there is a petition to save the EU from banning memes on
Go sign it for da memes protection
I feel like when vay tries to open the door blizz kicks it down Super saiyan mode
Vay: blasted out of the building
And the laptop has just anime on it
Bonus: Eve jumps off the building and thay both land in Flame's tail
@o0okeven: I agree that’s gonna happen
@Joey :D: I bet 5$ it’s not anime, it’s corn or MLP
@Amalga: Wonderful Profile Pic, you have there. (︎ ՞ਊ ՞)
Vayyyy Ok, so first, why does Eve need a room?

And second, i think Vay will be scarred for life and then he will run away or something because the chapter is called “The great Vay chase
@Hey Hey it’s Eevee:
It says why in the alt text

In case u don’t know how to use it, just hold your finger on ur screen for a few seconds and it’ll show up.

All, look up the new “Detective Pikachu” movie trailer like I mentioned before.
You may know my friend @Pinkeevee222: I'm eevee64s friend :D
I think I saw you replying to some of his comments, I wanted to say hi cas........
Uhhhh he did it as well? Also we are both fans of SSEC :P
@Pokemonxandy: lol, Hi!! >w<
:D @Pinkeevee222: I really can't believe you replied :) you may also know them from discord, leafeon64 and my accounts Fang_tooth :)
I’m honestly really impressed you’ve done this for so long, it’s interesting too. It’s funny but it’s got hint of seriousness in the background too which is nice. I genuinely enjoy this comic and your other ones! But all in all, you’ve been doing this for so long it’s impressive and inspiring. Take your time, do it for however long you want to, take care of yourself and do what you want to do.
blizz is an ice type why anywhere BUT the fridge???

Tell Dusk that there will be apple juice.

What would Pokemon eat instead of turkey? Rufflets?
Umm... Sould Vay not open it?*personalaty shift* damit Eevee, of cors she should!*personalaty shift* whatever Zolt, no one ever listens to me anyway-_-
Eevee, we all love you. AND ZOLT STOP SWARING!!!*personalaty shift* whatevs Silver ,' p *personalaty shift* yeah right no one cares (crise teers of blood)
What is the point in saying that?

Nobody cares dude/gurl
@Eevee: I-I’m mildly concerned...
(But mostly intruaged)
Who are you, several-personality-person named Eevee
i got a question is pink eevee going to continue the other comic Eevee Academy.
@Golden Vaporeon: Maybeeeee
Can we also see it please
I is it a stupid comices or what
@Guest: English Please. ◎ヘ◎??
So what is next of this stupid stuff is it the plan to DE dead or what so I can say this hmm or not tell me
So what eve room look like
@Guest: Blizz's room is Eve's room
*opens fridge* my littlie pony theme song blizz ? vay I can explain
@Guest: no I opened the fridge if Vay kills me... Is it okey if I delete myself so Vay cannot kill me?
Vay you bad. "Delete self" yay he cannot kill me!
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