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Sorry!! New comic Next week!
Lol. If you want to draw a guest comic, contact me on Discord!
Pinkeevee222, November 24th, 2018, 7:50 pm Reply
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FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! :3
Very cool
@Emc_502: Everytime I see your Profile picture, I am like
@Pinkeevee222: I am about 80% culture

12% artist

and 8% me thinking 'i really want to be asleep right now'
@Pinkeevee222: it is a most elegant and distinguished art piece
Ah @WiispNightmare: I see you read Soulfell. And SSEC. Well done *Claps hands*
@OmegaFlowyBoi/FinTheVaporeon: ahee I read a lot more than that
Gehahahaha @Emc_502: I can control any disc shaped life forme
@Thoust FOOLS: ohno
Last time he was in a fridge either he's in Narnia of hypothermic coma and I know that he is an ice type but I am sure the author could easily find a really stupid way to make it make sense have you seen most of the joke's in this comic and to be honest I am expecting both
@Lokitheveganswampert666: I like your profile picture!
@Lokitheveganswampert666: well I’d just say something dumb like the fridge is actually a portal to boxia(the box version of narnia) where glacion was hit by a snow slide
@Lokitheveganswampert666: Your profile pic is creeping me out it looks like a cat smiling and flying(wow)
I don’t even know what the heck is going on. Then again, it’s Blizz. If it involves him, you’ll never know what’s going on.
It's obvious that he was midget fighting the tiny face and his orange juice in the fridge and didn't want Eve's face to be taken over like the orange juice was.
So i was just in then shower when I realize
I forgot about the new Ssec”
And then I proceeded to panic bc I thought I lost my phone but it was just on the kitchen table
@Garnet107: well at least you didn't take as long as i did to remember XD
What is that thing indeed Blizz, what is that thing indeed.
plz make the next part pla make the next part i want to see vaporeon's head explode T-T
Man, I hate it when my orange juice runs away.
@NEONtheUMBREON23: same It’s Very Pity



@Creamy Eevee: Vay is coming Next week, lol
@Pinkeevee222: skip the next few strips and do something else let them suffer
Why tho @Creamy Eevee: Same! I was so hyped for the next comic :( why u do dis pinkeevee!! EDIT: lol im over dramatic
Questions PinkEevee222.....

Did you get Thanksgiving week off? Do you celebrate Thanksgiving where you live? Can you make the SSEC cast have Thanksgiving? When do you plan to update the Asks?
@Creamy Eevee:
I asked you something on the Ask blog

I hope it is respondable to! I tried to make it just right. Then again....it would just say anonymous....:’(
Is blizz hi?

2 Can you do a bonus where they are all human?like *ahem* VAY :3
Orange juice-san! I thought you loved me!
so is this like a new art style or something?
cuz it looks different
@Da Dabber Peep:
It wasn’t made by Scruffy Eevee, and those are called “Guest Comics”.
She lets people draw comics for her to substitute her actual comics when she’s busy or just doesn’t have time to draw em.
Yea you can see the header and how pink eevee is covered in homework
@(`°3°`): It would have to be college, she is like 20 now.
@Pinkeevee222: How many papers you covered in that drawing?
Orange vs Grape:
Blizz vs Dusk

Who will win? Nobody knows.
(Personally, I vote Dusk)
@SkyBlueEevee: me too
Hey pinkeevee!! I have a guest comic i can send u. THE PROBLEM: i only use gmail. can u use it 4 meh??
plz.... its my dweam to posta guestcomic

i am getting a smackjeeves account soon, and im makin a comic called the ultamite underfail. STAY TUUUNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDD
Hi I’m Creamy Eevee and I make comics too, but I’m having difficulties making a smackjeeves account. When you make urs, can u tell me how u did it?
Also if you make comics I’ll support your when I get the account.
@Creamy Eevee: Just go into the create an account part, trying to fave this will force you to log in or create an account. It will tell you the necessary information. But, you need an address, hence as to why I don't have an account.
@CharizardChic: When it tells me it sent me an email, I don’t get anything and therefore cannot move on.
@FriskTheEevee: yeah let’ rock
the the cloud didn't survive...
He's in an imaginary nightmare world.
Oh shot
If the ogre is cool I'll just kill iy
I’m excited for more plot. I wanna see how things will work out if they find out about Vay’s kid.
SOOOOOO Apparently Vay does have a kid, named Negotation or Nego for short. He must’ve mated for real, cuz you said he wasn’t a *small children leave now* virgin. *dont look it up*
You also mentioned he had an “incident” with the trainers cousin Leafeon. It must’ve been his mom and I suspect it was evil. Also, Nego has ear thingies like a Leafeon.
Anyone have any other info?
I dislike how Nego can turn into a human.

I think you should get rid of that fact, honestly. It’s just too random and weird.
@Creamy Eevee: It isn’t random. But, it is weird, lol. I can’t retcon it :P
Bruh wait... @Pinkeevee222: Lemmi get this straight:
(Powers from the Lab)
Vay - Turn into a human (cop?)
Dusk - Physic powers (and Night?)
Flame - Transparent
Bolt - The two ghosts
Blizz - Super strength (Always punching, also punched wall with green eyes and fist)
actually... @Creamy Eevee:
Dusk: can teleport and glitch the PC
Blizz: Super strength
Volt: Super Speed
Vay: can turn into a human
Flame: IDK his XD
But its what makes nego special. And pink eevee cant unless she made a reason that he lost his powers or something. But thats the whole point of nego! Thats why hes so fascinating! He has strange abilities such as to turn into human!
@(`°3°`): I can’t reason with that. But I still think it’s a tad weird.

Anywho, is Nego a boy or a girl? The Eevee version looks male and the human version looks female....
@Creamy Eevee: Nego's A Boy.
Though, I dont see why pink eevee can refuse to a good feedback. Cuz "wynaut"?
The good thing is, its only happened once or twice. So hes a late "bellossom" er so you dont have to worry about seeing it as much unless ur reading previous asks or previous comics.
@Creamy Eevee, maybe the human form is like a gender swap or something idk.
Hiii pinkeevee22 I have some questions
1: how long does it take to make a comic
2: what tablet do you use
3:do you think I will become as good as you
4: Do YooU LIke WAfales
5: What’s going on the comic
6: what’s you fav anime
.......................................................................................... .......................................................................................... .......................................................................................... ............
Uuuggghhhh!!!! I thought it would be the next one in the series! Not a pinkeevee222 wanna-be!!!! What a bummer...

And I just learnt that Daisy has had s*x before. PinkEevee222 approves it. Along with Vay and Dusk that is.

How odd.........Vay had it with Fern.......Dusk with Sky/Sora? If so then EW cuz we now know Sky’s a boy.
@Creamy Eevee: Sora and Sky are the same person, Night and Dusk are the same person. They changed their names because they were left in the lab, and oliver made a deal, for one of sora's eggs he would help them escape, so they changed their names as well. Sounds like Rumplestiltskin...
That ask about Sora being a boy was a pretty while back... Also somebody asked do u like waffles so i just wanna say...... sO i HeRd U lIeK mUdKiPz
Blizz: no Orangejuice-chane orangejuice: :)
NO COMIC!!!!!!!!!!!
*screams of terror*
@Dusk's Fan Girl:
@Dusk's Fan Girl: I wish they would show more Dusk!! He is so cute!
@CharizardChick: How About The MAIN CHARACTER WHO IS IN THIS COMIC. What About Blizz.
@Mystic: I like all of the girl characters, and then I like Vay and Dusk. *Throws tomatoes at blizz*
@Mystic: There are three main characters, Blizz, Eve, and Dusk!
This kind of sucks.... Yes, I am a hater. And with snapetymcsnap, that was just a question, that was not me hating. So libtards, calm down.
@Creamy Eevee: Wow... I really thought Sora was a girl, and stop talking about Sex, not cool. Kids come here, and as we all know you are just 12, stop it! Bad creamy eevee, bad! And we all saw Miku before she evolved, and she is a sylveon. I believe that Sora is Miku's kid. And I am pretty sure Sora is a girl.... Meh, this is still Alexia who hates you, you had to bash an artist for not being exactly like pinkeevee..... And pinkeevee222, feel free to delete this comment, I just hope you let creamy eevee read it first.
@Creamy Eevee: So you want to know about sora? Go to stupid short eevee comics wiki, and look up sora.
@Creamy Eevee: You bashed another comic... And please, freedom of speech, really? Their are rules, and regulations. Honestly we have to many freedoms. Just know that seven year olds read this.
@CharizardChic: sorry I shouldn’t have said that I’ll delete it
But next time plz don’t be so dramatic...no offense...

Also PinkEevee222, do you go by Tina, Mari, Scruffy Eevee, AND PinkEevee222?!??
@Creamy Eevee: Didn't think we'd be on at the same time, and sorry for spazzing out on you. I have a temper.
@Creamy Eevee: Yes, she goes by many names, but I know her as the beholder of life death and ssec!!! *Dramatic voice ends*
Why didn't anybody tell me that I kept adding a K to CharizardChic, now I look foolish!! Hehe, Get it? That was a guardians of the galaxy quote.
You’re fine. All things forgiven. Gotta do my math homework (ughhhhhhhhhhhh) |(
So what's the floating mask
What is blep?
@Pinkeevee222: NUUUUUUUUUUUUU MAI ORANGE JUICE T^T *weird vi*"vii!" sonic:GET BACK HERE
I’m going to be honest here....

I think Flame has a secret. He’s always hidden away, alone, and is just plain secretive. Is he hiding something from them?
@Creamy Eevee: Or he is just shy (They say that in his Bio) Or he could be part of the illuminati.... Either one is logical.
So, I'm gonna post this a few times in the upcoming weeks, just so all the theorists are on the same playing field, please correct me if I got anything wrong.
Timeline on SSEC:
Harmony falls in love with an Umbreon(not Dusk)
They get separated,
Harmony and Melody get sent to lab,
Harmony and Melody get back to their trainer,
Dusk and co. are born.
Dusk falls in love with Sky,
Harmony gets jealous as she wants to mate with Dusk.
Harmony sends Dusk,Sky,Vay,Blizz,Flame and Bolt to the lab, along with Volt some time after for current uknown reasons.
Trainer postpones her journey.
Lem is born,
Dusk,Sky,Vay,Blizz,Flame and Bolt are experimented on in the lab.
These experiments cause Dusk to gain Psychic powers.
Vay gains the power of being able to turn into a human. Vay becomes a 'breeder' which is also what happens to Sky.
Flame's experiment can cause him to turn invisible and craves a need to read corn.
Bolt had Troll and Wimp now constantly torturing him, along with enhanced agility.
Blizz has super strength and his eyes turn green whenever this power is triggered.
Sky's powers are unknown.
Dusk,Vay,Blizz,Flame and Bolt, all escape the lab, but leave Sky,
Vay becomes depressed throughout the lab and is depressed during the SSEC events.
Blizz forgets the lab all together from being knocked out during a fight to get out of the lab,
Dusk,Blizz,Flame,Bolt and Vay all return home.
Lem holds a grudge against Dusk for taking Harmony away from him.
Vay goes back to the lab from his own decision,
Oliver gets sent to the lab.
Oliver escapes the lab with Sora and Volt, leaving with Eve's egg.
Vay comes back home with the egg of Nego+Domonic.
Bolt evolves.
Flame evolves,
Vay attempts suicide.
Vay makes sure he doesn't get healed by installing a mod onto the PC.
Vay is healed.
Dawn and Daisy are then born,
Eve's born,
Eve is taken away by a Riolu and Dusk saves her, so now Eve has a crush on Dusk.
Dusk evolves.
Vay evolves.
Blizz evolves.
Daisy evolves.
Dawn evolves.
Events of SSEC take place.
@TheKingKonquer: Right in many areas. Wrong in many areas. You should join the discord so you can theorize with the other theorists in the channel specifically made for that :3 lore is fun.
I think Dusk’s theme song is “Demons” by Imagine Dragons. It sounds (meh) like him, and the words are like, PERFECT.
Flare’s could be “Stronger” by The Score. Also um...PERFECT.
PinkEevee222, you liek??? Plz look!!!
To Pinkeevee2222 UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: whups srry for breaking out of the box
@Pinkeevee222: update it PLZZZZZZ or you can make a new comic series (eve with the pendants story reccomended)
I have no mail thingy. I only have messages. I have to verify the message to continue.
@Creamy Eevee: ALSO my name isn’t working. Is it because I’ve entered it too many times? Or did someone steal my brilliant and original name?!?! :(
@CharizardChic: what’s it called
Its a big scam
Theory time...

Story of sky

They all got taken to the to the lab because harmony is a bitch, but they except and left sky because there basterds. Sky being the only male eevee left they mated him with one of there evil eevees and they had a egg.... You see where I'm going with this... Sora is the daughter of sky (I think) and its pretty danm obvious that sora and miku are the same mon.

Theory of dusk

It has come to my intention that a lot of female eevees want to bang dusk or are in madly in love with him (also the the Oliver) but me rereading this comic for a week now I start to see the picture better, dusk was in love with sky and as we know sky is a boy....
See where I'm going with this....
Dusk is a fucking homosexual (I think), but I dont know why him and Oliver haven't hooked up yet.

That's the theory of those two. Ill give my theory out on blizz and vay next comic.
Thoughts @Your hero:
I do believe that either in an alt text or the art blog (I can’t find it so u don’t need to take this seriously) it stated/hinted that Dusk was bi (and Bolt was ace) but Pinkeevee can’t confirm anything because of people forming biases so none of this is official or may not be accurate.

Sora may thinks they are male (41 in the archive, meanwhile they say “she’s awake” and Sora says “she?”), I do believe Sky, Sora and Miku are all relevant to each other some how (they all seem to have the same backstory) but Sora and Miku are in different places so unless the meanwhile and meanwhile in Kalos aren’t in the present (which would make their names misleading) they could be clones of the original Sky. Or they share the same memories of Sky. Or something magical idk. (Also, nice! Sky is male! And Miku is female! I understand why you’d think she’s his daughter (I checked the background eevee list))

Dusk and Oliver aren’t together for the same reason Dusk and anyone aren’t together. Dusk loves Sky and will not take another. Also Dusk and Oliver are in the same house and it’s against the rules for those of the same house to be mates (although that doesn’t mean it’s not possible). Also when Dusk and Oliver got close Harmony sent Oliver to the lab so...

But yh!! Cool theories!! I’ll look forward to ur next ones in the next comment section!!
@Theory Maker: thank u for the information, but I honestly don't think that dusk is bi. Especially sense he hasn't shown any sexual attraction to any female eevee's.... I could be wrong (most of the time I am) and again these where just my theorys and opinions.

Also about sora, you said that sora said "she?" like she was surprised that she was a she. But I really think she is a she because :first she had a egg, males don't lay eggs. :second her head was injured, she could have brain damage and she really can't remember squat.
@Your hero: First Of All I Think Dusk Is Bisexual And Second Of All You Shouldn’t Curse On The Chat Wall...
@Lol. I like cheese: i know I shouldn't curse but I don't see any rules saying I can't, and also I was trying to get my point across.
@Pinkeevee222 why do people call you after 4 names (Or nicknames?) (*pinkeevee222, Mari, Tina, and scruffy eevee*)?
Love your comic. Sure you can think of more. Keep trying and also secret I'm in murdy school. Please do not tell.
And also keep it chill woulda. Peace out in a few days
Vitty is cute!
@Shiny Eevee 101: They are innocent being meant no harm, that's Vitty in General lol although that needs be worry is your stuff when they get too hyped
@CharizardChic: sorry did not know
@CharizardChic: next time I will read about her. Chill bro?
The juice box fights back!
Wait, so in the PC, the pokemon have their basic needs taken care for them by the PC. Which means they don't need to eat, drink, esc.

Since most eevees are in the PC most of the time...

Do they even know how to 'use the restroom'?

I mean if they haven't needed to for most if not all of their lives then would they know?

And what would happen if Vay decided to add the realistic bodily functions mod?
@IryrasmoD: they don't, lol
@CharizardChic: you should see the page I posted it on.
These comic are probably the only things that actually help me with my constant mental brack down
Am I the only one left in the world with a normal life? parents, stop abusing/neglecting ur kids! Stop getting divorced! Stop!
Ok, this should be the last comment here. If you comment next, SHAME
@Creamy Eevee: yeah your right two of my cousins had their parents got separated and both of them were sad for their life. And that makes me want to cry. "Sobs" :(
@Creamy Eevee: well it seems like some other people posited after :/
@Creamy Eevee: I really wanna show you’re comment to my dad but I’m scared if I’m gonna get Hurt :(
Who is the marshmallow cat face and why is Blizz’s orange juice BETRAYING him for it?
I would never be put in SSEC (with a guest comic) cuz I can’t draw ;-;
@Joey :D: Same I Can’t Draw But I Hope I Wish You Luck Someday :)
:( IDK what is going on
who wrote Vitty???... Oh nv
Why do people comment a random comic just to talk to people? Answer: Cuz they can.

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