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December 8th, 2018, 10:46 pm

What do these 4 have in common? 
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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QuQ Blizz is... pretty stupid
Being honest here.
I know this. I know Blizz is stupid, but, I just love him.
TTuTT I want to hug him
Pinkeevee222, December 8th, 2018, 10:55 pm Reply
Advertisement, November 17th, 2019, 2:23 am Reply

Nice one blizz .
|b |
|b L
@pixlyJolt: That plushie really does look so real and cute! Omg! *LOL*
@FinTheVaporeon: thats Vays child...
(i think?)
@eevee64: It is. His name is Nego. I still have no clue who the heck his mom is and I’ve been digging around for a few months now. Not many clues.
@Vay’s Fan: mebee vay is secretly a girl the whole tiem...jk. i dun really know either and that popped into my head
@Vay’s Fan: 50% sure Vay was tricked into mating with... (forgets her name) UH. the one who looks like older eve and is big jerk.
The other 50% of sureness is that he mated with a human bc he can be human (we saw it in another comic to lazy to look up # of it) so he may have a human lover but got over her since... Daisy.
@Vay’s Fan: Nego's mom is a leafeon who does not live in the PC described by Vay as the devil. Her current percise whereabouts are unkown, however I believe it was said she is with the eevees' trainer's cousin.
@Vay’s Fan: not a single one
@pixlyJolt: lol hi
Hallo @Sky207:
@SongEevee : thanks
Ahh, classic blizz.
@derp man: I AM THE FRIST REPLY!!! Whoop!
So what @UFjvururturvfuj:
@pixlyJolt: hOi! I’m teMiE!
Ugh. Knew this would happen @Temmie:
Le GaSp @Temmie: thErE cAn OnlY Be OnE
@UFjvururturvfuj: well your not really the first didn’t really say something to exactly reply to what uh whoever you replied to said all you really did was get a random person,reply to them and just say “WHOO IM FIRST TO REPLY!!!”
@Joey :D: I have a name you know.
@Joey :D: Did I miss something in the dialog that would make me understand what you’re talkin bout or am I really just an idiot (ㆀ˘・з・˘)
Blizz must have an iq of under 6 to think that is not a real eevee
@Flamemaster4485: EXCUSE YOU BLIZZ’S IQ IS INFINITE (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
@SongEevee : Yeah... infinitely low
owo uwu
Thank goodness! He didn’t find out about nego whew...but he probably will because future vay said he’s no longer a secret.
Blizz my favoret character yay im three
Wtf @boomdoomg: are you actually three ovo’
@pixlyJolt: I’m mentally three.
AGE: You are entering college soon...
Sorry Blizz! Those plushies are exclusive and there’s only one that exists...
@SeahDaLunatic: If NegO was a plushie I’d buy 60 of them and paper my walls/carpet my floors with them.

@SongEevee : Only heartless people hate Negro
There's people who are stupid.

Then there is Blizz. He's just on a level of his own.
@Koren: Hey, nice profile picture. It's always nice to see golduck getting more appreciation.
Lol @Nintenduck: you edited you profile. I love psyduck & golduck
@pixlyJolt: They really are pure bois.
Blizz ends up kidnapping vaporeons child
@Guest: And is still under the assumption that he's a doll even as he fights back and talks
@I'm here for the comics.: talks IN HUMAN, I will mention.
@Guest: Right? What could possibly be suspicious about that?! It's definitely a plushie.
@I'm here for the comics.: lol, I love the execution of these comics :D
@Guest: Blizz will definitely steal Nego.

I would.
I can't help but love the fact that I would react the exact same way Blizz did.
@Nintenduck: I said nearly the same thing above^^^
And then read your comment and weNt like
@SongEevee : Ah, I see you are a human of culture as well.

I believe your ascii has a typo...

Today is my sister's birthday can you guys say happy birthday?

Happy birthday to you,
You're a hundred and two.
You still go to...


Sorry, my inner Demon is coming out.

Happy Birthday ^w^
@(`°3°`): To this person’s sister
Happy day of being brought into existence
Read and fav SSEC (pinkeevee has a Patreon also)
Have a good day from a complete stranger
@(`°3°`): happy birthday!
OMG he has a realistic looking plushie I wwwwaaaaaannnnnnntttttttt iiiiiiiiitttttttttttt
FLUFFY. That's all I can say.
Ssec merch idea. Vay's son plushie version for any blizzes out there

You can not tell me you don't want one and be honest at the same time.
*stares at last panel for a few seconds*

Oh God...((Facepalm))
@Lol. I like Cheese:
Weather Man: “Watch our folks, cause tonight we might be experiencing some intense brainstorming”
Oh yeah!! Because of the frozen comics where we see Vay shutting Blizz out forever. Oof wonder where this is going
Lmao and I thought I was stupid
What kind of ascension is Blizz on?
Awwwwwwww Nego is so cute
“Nope! You are not shutting me out again! I have something to-“
I think Blizz cares about his brother a LOT and I think this sentence was specifically chosen.
I am curious why does Blizz have coded eyes with 10101010101011etc. In them? I know it’s from the Lab, so does it have something to do with him being a “puppet”? Hmmmmmmmm
@Creamy Eevee: *sigh*
It is the code he was during his time in the lab.
I wanna hug Nego he’s so cute!
Nego looks like he would evolve into a leafeon tbh. Just saying.
To answer Alt text Harmony
@Creamy Eevee : Harmony rhymes with Blizz? :3c
@Pinkeevee222: I meant it in an ABAB form but I see what you mean now by “all in common”...
@Pinkeevee222: Well at least I know I'm not the only one who reads the alt text.
@Pinkeevee222: something else they have in common, inherit.
Idk what that means tho
Both this and the last are not loading for me
Oh Blizz can’t tell the difference between a toy and a real life eevee
When will Blizz find out that its not a plushie
Oh good, I thought I was the only one that saw that plushie Vay has in his room
Wait... could that collar hold an eviolite (I think that’s what it’s called) TO STOP HIM FROM EVEOLVING. Then Nego will be a KID FOREVER OH NO. And he taught himself how to speak HUMAN. No wonder he’s locked up in a room... He and his dad are my favorite!
@Vay : The collar can turn him into a human,just like Vay.
! I like to think that when blizz spotted nego the mgs spotted sound plays y’know this one
I know Nego isn't due to several comics with Vay having an egg.


I mean Dusk can make very realistic dolls with actual minds and Night can give them the ability to move sooooo....

Wait, maybe Nego is a doll, dusk found out about that egg, took it without Vay finding out, accidentally did something to it, then made a doll, had night give it the ability to move, and put it back in a reconstructed egg...

I mean I doubt it but it's fun to think about.
@IryrasmoD: Vay had an egg?! When?!
@Questions: He had an egg after he got home from the lab and during the period when he attempted suicide. The egg was created from Vay and the trainers cousins Leafeon.
woah, hold on why do blizz’s eyes have ones and zeros in them? is that like backstory or just something else?
@kingofsuitcases: (Take a shot every time I explain this)
It's the code he was whilst in the lab.
@kingofsuitcases: he could either be having flashbacks of lab days as a reaction to seing Nego or he could just be wondering, "wait what dat be?"
Oof is vays secret out?
Who noes
I wanna see Shane and whatever-his-name-is fite! It’ll be the first battle in the PC we see.
Also, why doesn’t Blizz just tear the door off it’s hinges he has superstrength!
@Creamy Eevee: Yes! I want to see the fight too! I was so excited then it never happened...
@Creamy Eevee: If Blizz damages the house in any way, and it was proven that Blizz did it, Dusk will kill him.
And the fight is next chapter.
What is with the binary on blizz's eyes I wonder.
! @Questions: MAYBE BLIZZ IS A ROBOT!!!!
even... so like... i just... he... Blizz is special, just so special in all of the ways.
Welp..........I can’t get over the first scene and it’s gonna kill me.....TO CUTE AUGHHHHH
Yay we have some dumb Blizz action!
Thx for saying happy birthday to my sister! Also do you guys think Blizz will steal Nego?
@(`°3°`): UH no. *fancy French beard appears* He probably will try to convince ze Vay to let him play with ze Negotiation. *fancy French beard falls off*
WAIT NOOO I just realized that my initials are literally MLP. My. Little. Pony. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
I am NOT making this up. I would tell you them but I don’t wanna be like, kidnapped or murdered. *why?*
Why does blizzard have binary in his eyes
@Glaceon:3: It spells out a word if you convert it.

@Milkbone the umbreon : What’s that mean?
@IryrasmoD: Does it translate to: clairrvo<°·1²
@0w0: Clairvoyance.
@IryrasmoD: Ohhhh well i got some of it right.
@Glaceon:3: It's the code he was whist in the lab, each main cast character has it(including Oliver and Harmony.)
Lazy yellow ball is lazy
Hey PinkEevee222... I’ve had a question for a while... so vaporeon is 16 and leafeon is 10. And vaporeon has a crush on her???? (A little creepy)
@sunderedMultiverse: Vay is actually 12! Due to his human genes, he ages slower than the other Pokemon, though it says 16 because that's how the other Pokemon identify him.
We should make some plushies am I right? 0w0 I CALL THE FIRST ORDER!
SoothingSylveon We should make some SSEC plushies am I right? 0w0 I CALL FIRST ORDER!
I don't know if blizz is just stupid or that eevee's acting is really good

So, another eevee or eeveelution finds out about vay's kid then because of embarrassment or something vay runs away and they have to find him
Its genius!
What do they all have in common?! They all have vowels in their name of course! I win!!
@Alt Text Riddle: They have the code in their eyes. All of them have the same unknown side-ability!
@Your Local Ghost King: They do? Really? Give me sources
@Creamy Eevee: Well, I've seen both Blizz and Harmony do it (it's confirmed that they have the same ability on one of Pink's blogs), and we haven't met Penny, but it's obvious that Wiz has some kind of ability that gives him ties to the plot, not to mention that Oliver dream, so it's probably that!
@Your Local Ghost King: All of them have code in their eyes, as well as each having their own unique ability. Bolt has enhanced agility, triggered from the feeling of being unable to help others. Vay can turn into a human at will, triggered by happiness/joy. Flame can turn invisible and is triggered by fear. Blizz has enhanced strength, and is caused from anger. Dusk has psychic abilities which was inherited from Harmony and her time at the lab. Oliver basically turns into demon and is caused from a threat or harm to Eve. Sora can turn into other Eeveelutions at will and Eve inherits these powers. Volt has healing fur,Dawn can read other peoples mind, unknown what it's caused from, and Daisy's power...I haven't worked out or found yet. Hope this helps :)
@TheKingKonquer: It's only been shown with Blizz and Harmony. Glowing eyes, however, are an attribute that is most likely a side effect to the lab, since Harmony has never gone there and only has the code things. It was stated on Pink's side blog that they have the same side-effect to their power, which includes something with the 010101 code.

Also, Dawn being able to read minds is just an Espeon thing. Daisy's main ability is most likely connected to Agent Lea since she never went to the lab. Blizz and Dusk were the only ones who actually had and inherited their powers from Harmony or Darren or their grandparents because Rick is a minor character and he's kind of just there haha.
@Your Local Ghost King: Were Harmony and Melody just being transported to a different place with caged then? (Seen in the Remember Me PMV.)
@TheKingKonquer: That has something to do with their story regarding their fathers, but it has not been confirmed to be connected to the lab yet? I think it has to do with their old trainer.
@Your Local Ghost King: they all have "inherit" on there master eevee list section. So whatever that means, they have that in common.
Can’t wait I’m so excited for the next one
“The supposed faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact”
So like Blizz was um...taking in all in and storing it in some other part of his brain.
Blizz you are my second fav character can be dumb sometimes buddy
i wish this is instagram, so i can "like" it
@:): Instagram is way overrated
Zeroes and Ones… I guess it is because they are currently in data format, it is the PC world after all.
Do they all have eevees that love them and hate the one who is actually loved back?
I want that plushe too :(
I Am ThE LorD Of tHE PlushiEs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, so. Moving forward we need to establish weather or not Sky is Sora, because this has been something going for years now and probably will until PinkEevee222 reveals. I believe that Sora is not Sky, for them both being different gender and a lot of other reasons. There is, however evidence for them being the same. Both going into the lab and only one escaping, Sora being Sky in Japanese etc. I just want every theorist that see's this to work this out, it's been argued for too long now.
@Pinkeevee222: *Le Gasp*
*Cracks open Red Tauros*(Respect if you got that reference.)
But on a more serious note, this is mad. Thanks for giving this information, you don't know how much this helps.
@CharizardChic: It's presumably their code that they had when at the lab. Harmony interestingly had one too, confirming the connection of how she knows the people at the lab, she was at that lab previously.
Holy Ho-ohs Scruffy Eevee you actually used my Ask!!! The one with Dusk recently!!! I FEEL SO FAMOUS
THANKYOU I so happy
Do you have any merch
Thank you
Lol Blizz is the matrix
Prediction Time! (again) man i'm on a roll with these
Vay's baby has ear shape of a leafeon and has the curl on the head so I can almost 100% confirm that the mom is a leafeon

Look at me, I'm actually doing something!
@Pinkeevee222 YESSSSSSSS

Harmony and Blizz both have analyzing power?
LOL sneak peak @Pinkeevee222: plz post this on next comic, sneak peak for meh fCbtxxjR1aGnFgCL0BGAYYCw/h1536/2d704349-4b39-4832-9051-b9471d5ab4a8
Did Flame to something to Dawn? *brain starts churning*
Ok ok ok so the boss of LKD has been a mystery for a long time. But not any more. You know how uh...Levin?...(the one with dark brown fur and red devil horns) was blushing at the Boss? Well in another time he was blushing at Daisy (the announcement about the harmony’s broken back). SOOO I believe that Daisy is totally LKD Boss. She also was friends with them before. And is an agent. BOOM
Was Nego practicing his eevee speak in the first panel?
Can you update early this week
@Creamy Eevee: NOOOOOO!!!!!

Every time someone asks when the next one's coming out or if she could update early.

She POSTPONES it a day.
I so sorry!!! @IryrasmoD: Please forgive me! I was just being a stupid anon. Thanks for the info
You Inspired me!!!!! @Pinkeevee222: Hello Pinkeevee222 I'm trying to finish the prologue and cover of my First Comic and I can say one thing, the EeveeHunters' beginning is starting to become a masterpiece.
here are some of the names of the characters that I was able to create
First family
Val-Eevee Mother: Rubi-Flareon (dead) Dad: (UNKNOWN)
Lightning-Jolteon Mother: Rubi-Flareon (dead) Dad: Misha-Lycanroc Dusk Form
Solaris-Flareon Mother: Rubi-Flareon (dead) Dad: Misha-Lycanroc Dusk Form
Aquamarine-Vaporeon Mother: Rubi-Flareon (dead) Dad: Misha-Lycanroc Dusk Form
Lagia-Lagiacrus(Aquamarine's Monster Friend)

Second family
Aura-Espeon Mother: Flora-Leafeon Dad: Merlin-Sylveon
Gaia-Leafeon Mother: Flora-Leafeon Dad: Merlin-Sylveon

Third family
Sapphire-Glaceon Mother: Serene-Umbreon Dad: Donald-Gumshoos
Luna-Umbreon Mother: Serene-Umbreon Dad: Donald-Gumshoos

Fourth family
Skye-Sylveon Mother: Mary-Primarina Dad: Dream-Umbreon
Karma-Eevee(Skye's younger brother) Mother: Mary-Primarina Dad: Dream-Umbreon
@ValStrike: First they all need mustaches as vital parts of any character design.

After that I have now clue.
I've been wondering.

After they hatch, how long are eevees given to decide a brotherhood?
Do they get to talk to and hang out with all three before deciding?
@IryrasmoD: Eevees have 4 weeks usually. The first week, they are adjusted to life in the PC and educated about brotherhoods, Then each week after that is spent at each brotherhood. One week for each. Usually they choose after they have been to all 3, but, there is no rush, so, some eevees take their time at choosing.
I think I got it @Pinkeevee222 I think harmany blitzz penny and wiz can glow there eyes! (Sorry for my spelling)
Ya know how it was generally confirmed that that's biannary code in blizz's eyes? Well I'm kinda sorta thinkin it IS just a bunch of LOLOLOLOLOLs... it just fits with him so well :3

He wants an Eevee plush....

But is surrounded by actual Eevees....

So would I actually ;-;
@Siks: That's the equivalent of wanting a small child plush
@IryrasmoD: I don't want a smol child plush... I don't like childs. I want an Eevee plush. And I would still want an Eevee plush if I had an actual Eevee. That's my point. I just like Eevee. I collectively hate anyone under the age of 12
@Guest: CRAP I FORGTTO LOG IN. Well this is me... yeah I'm replying.... supper social today. :D
@Pinkeevee222: Will Blizz learn Nego is NOT a plushie? I’ve literally been dreaming about how that’s gonna go down. I always have wished Blizz and Vay would be buddy-buddy again like in the video Battle Scars. This is just my opinion. I love your comic and can’t wait for the next upload!
I just started roll playing on your discord server. And I did not realize how long a single session could go on for.

Then again this is my first time roll playing ever so yeah.
wait... is he gonna make vay let him play with negro... and negro have to stay still like a plushie...?
plz make that happen in a comic XD
another week
Another mental break down
Another ssec from pinkeevee
A few happy days until the next one
Why do pink eevee not liek roblox? Im just asking since Roblox came out a few years earlier than minecraft. Im not saying minecraft sux since i play both. (Its like selling burritos and tacos TOGETHER.)
He’s gonna try and get the plushie only to find out its a living eevee, and then stuff will blow up. (Figuratively, not literally)
Blizz last panel= Me when my friend brings a new plush to school
who is the brown text?
@Golden Vaporeon: Blizz
To answer the alt text, are they all inherits? In the eevee list it says Blizz and Wiz are, but Penny has a question mark with 'inherit' so she might be and Harmony doesn't have inherit in it at all. However, in the ask-ssec blog Harmony has 1's and 0's in her eyes at that one ask, and Dusk said she knew a lot about inherits in that one chapter so maybe she's an inherit too?
(T_T) WTF Blizz
@Pinkeevee222: the names all rhyme
Eu: Blizz se quiser eu compro um aq do brasil e eu te envio ate ai, ai vc tem um plushie desses so que importado! Que tal?

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