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Merry Christmas everyone! And happy holidays! :3
2nd! :3
Jolteons and christmas trees do not mix.

Merry christmas! (Vay grumbles about his job semi-quietly in the background.)
@Logical: They do to mix! They're both spiky.
@Snapety McSnap: I didn’t say ‘They have nothing in common’ but electricity and wood don’t mix anyway.
And on that note, Christmas trees and Jolteons (less specifically, Eeveelutions) are both furry!
@Logical: *Dreidel dreidel dreidel.. I made it our of clay.. And when its done and ready.. Oh dreidel I shall play* Oh wait what were we talking about here?
@VayTheVaporeon: Nothing… (¬ . ¬)
@Logical: I just kissed vay... :3
I like how Dusk is making a ritual (see the background).
And can someone tell me how's Dawns arm works .-.(sorry if its spelling mistake)
@Happyfox100 :u: that isnt a ritual..thats the star of david.
@Happyfox100 :u: What about the Jewish star makes it a ritual, and Dawns left arm is wrapped around and grabbing her right one. That's why it looks like that.
@Gothimo: ok
@Happyfox100 :u: lol that’s not a sacrifice it’s the Star of David
@Happyfox100 :u: that’s not a ritual. It’s a hanukkiah which is used for Hanukkah
CUTEEEEE This is my favorite Christmas song that has a twist! I love it!!! Eve looks soooo adorable and I enjoy the art style!
happy holidays everyone and i hope everyone is ready to soon start a new(hopefully less painful) YEAR!
Is... Is Duck Jewish? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but I thought most pokemon believed in either Arceus, Helix, or Dome.
@Nintenduck: Duck :3
"f" for flareon
Seems like you started at a high numbers apparently.
awe this was sweet >w<
Happy holidays!
I love how Dusk is singing the dreidel song in the background XD
That's interesting.
9 presents sat on eight burning candles...
Just think about that for a second

Presents in fire is crazy enough, but how do you fit 9 larger things on top of 8 smaller things?
Why are we getting twelve gifts on the first day?
Are we getting 23 gifts on the twelfth day?
(I counted so don't ask)
This is funny and cute!
hyvää kesälomaa
I love you all ssec cast! Eat lots of cookies!
Why did flareon burn his corn books
@eeveeleo: Because he doesn’t have any fire moves to burn wood easily, XD
Merry Christmas! And to all a good pear! (Wait I thought it was year) What no! (Shut up and say it right) Fine! And to all a good year! Happy? (Finally)
Well uh.. Merry Christmas y'all. This was a really good thing to keep us occupied till the next offical SSEC comic comes out.
Christmas in a Eeveelution nutshell. That's what I do every christmas
Creator I thought the creator was on break.
Never Mind I just realized It’s a guest comic.
Happy Holidays
Wait what Who’s the Leafeon in the header? Obviously PinkEevee222 drew it.
Could it be................Agent Lea? Fern? Basil?
@Creamy Eevee: I think they're Eve's dolls
@thewolfgamergirl: No, they would have the stitching and stuff. Merry Christmas.
@Creamy Eevee: Hallo! It’s just Tina pushing me as symbolism for making me draw something in place of her XD merry Christmas!
here's an SSEC AU FIC.
(includes future dusk x miku, lots of dominic, oliver being oliver, flame being mean, bolt is ouch, vay is ouch, and nobody's related except for blizz and vay and dusk and dawn!! have fun)
I like how dawn and skull are under a missoltoe
Great !
Wat The Sylveon that lost its bow is Eve’s mom. She gave Oliver the egg and that’s why he takes care of her. That was so obvious why am I so stupid *face palm*. Isn’t that....Miku?
I have my sources.
@Creamy Eevee: sora, actually
@TheKingKonquer: oooooh thankyou that was obvious. But, does that mean their the same person? I doubt that. Miku seems like a girl, and Sky is a boy from the dreamworld or whatever. I don’t know what I’m typing
Last comment sorry Sky and Dusk love each other, and we know Sky is a boy based off the Asks from Night and Vay. Future Bolt says he never comes back.
223. Sky is referred to as Sora. Ford tells Sora that it was the Leafeon that made him give up, #243. Sora refers to the person he loves as a female Eevee in this one, but in the next days “he”. He is Dusk, and Sora says “I made it this far because of the chance that I might find OUR kit...”. Later she evolves into a Sylveon with no bow from Agent Lea’s sword thing. In other words, SKY AND DUSK HAD A KID? Miku covers up her “scars” which are the same as Sora/Sky’s. She...or he....loves Dusk, but Dusk doesn’t seem to love her! What’s going on? Are they related somehow? Miku and Sky/Sora? (Sky is Soras old name they had to change them like how Dusk was Night).
@Creamy Eevee: This is more of a theory, but I'm going to guess that Sora and Miku are both clones of Sky. Sora got more of her memories than Miku did, and Miku only remembers Dusk?
I don't think Jolteons and trees mix too well...
@Shiny Eevee 101: Thank you! I agree 100%
No, Sora is a girl.
Holy Krabby Patties. I was reading some sketchbook post and you were talking about someone dying. You mentioned everyone except Vay and Flame.
Flame can turn invisible.
Did I just figure something out?
It kinda looks like the twelve days of Christmas (Eevee version)
More discoveries I’m just going to put the sentences here.
“Dusk: If Harmony finds out who you really are, she’d be angry...” -to Sora
“(That’s what they were doing when they found him (dead), after all)”. Spoiler = Vay
Flame liked Sora behind Dusks back
If Sora comes back, Harmony’ll send them back to the Lab.
**all sentences come from SSEC Sketchbook blog**
Oh, and you said Sora was a girl and Sky’s a boy and Mikus a girl. I’d like you to approve this message.
I love the last panel because if you look at the background Dawn or someone (I forgot her name) and her boyfriend are kissing under
he mistletoe.
@Umbreon040903: Dawn and Skull
Background eevee Name: Loki
Nature: Brave (When he feels like it)
Description: A male eevee with left eye orange and right eye green, tips of ears are white
Personality: Prankster
Why do I want a character in SSEC: I love the comics and they make me feel less lonely
I feel like I’m spamming now @waffle666: so sorry. Loki, I love that name. Isn’t that from...Warrior cats? I heard that name in some animations. “Funny Warrior Cats Animations”. Watch them and your life will be complete.
@Creamy Eevee: Loki is the name of the God of Trickery from Norse Mythology, and also a character in the Marvel series. Warriors names are extremely specific, but the original audio most likely came somewhere from the Marvel Cinematic series around Thor and Loki.
@Creamy Eevee: no no I will never feel spammed dont worry
Sweet banner. I'm noticing the Eevee family is a popular comic subject. *****
Eeveeloutions Jolteon is scared of being on the Christmas tree... wow. Also, Flareon is burning his corn... why? Also, why is there a Hanukkah thing in a Christmas song? Finally, Me love Stupid short eeveee comic so, keep on making it, whoever makes it!!!! Yay
8 BURNING CANDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Sings) and a jolteon in a Christmas treeee
This comic broke the fourth wall...

How? How do you make a guest comic??
@Halpmeh: Hallo! Whenever I make a guest comic, it's usually when Tina asks for them on discord. But she does like having a stash of them to use when she can't make a comic, so dm her on da or discord (She barely looks on smackjeeves) to ask if you can make one~
@Raini01: Tysm!
My brother was watching Yokai watch
They have Yokai watch eyes. That main character kid boy, whatever his name is, has the sane style eyes as the SSEC cast do.
How sad. (They still are amazing. I love em)
Yokai is borrrrrrrring and a stupid show in my opinion
I have a theory that mabye sora can switch gender as well as eeveelutions
@Just a regular passer by: omae wamou shindeiru

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