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December 29th, 2018, 12:29 pm

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My reaction when my twin bro bought me Pokémon X (cause I'm broke) X3
@Guest: My bro buys me video games all the time.. Because I spent all my money on this laptop XD
@VayTheVaporeon: My sisters buy me dinner and help me with my homework and projects.
@Guest: Reminds me of the time when my parents said they might not be able to give me money to get Alpha Sapphire at release (which I really desperately wanted), but my brother (who had his own money saved) promised I'd get a copy, even if it meant sacrificing his chance to get Omega Ruby on release.
I wish i had that type of sibling relationship My bro would never do that for me he’d just buy something for himself.
Awwww ... that's cute! x3
that's nice.
1 cent off original price.
@Guest: yet it's still gonna be the same price
That is the best sale ever!
Take my money I want 10
The eevee that was in his room probably ran away from blizz's creepiness
That.. face. .w.
Wait is it out early or am I crazy? (Oh wait I am crazy)
The only thing my bro gets me are from the dollar store
It is still going to be twenty
Don't you guys think Blizz might be crushing Vay just a bit??
@A Generic Dude: You have the problemest problem I have ever seen.
@A Generic Dude: no homo bro
Guys guess what I got for crismas a Nintendo switch which Pokémon let’s go eevee and a hole colecters pack of Pokémon cards umbreon themed
@Milkbone the umbreon: I got a Gameboy (Color) and Pokemon Blue!
@LJ: whoh that’s cool nice
@Milkbone the umbreon :
Both sides of the Nintendo spectrum; the new, and the old. XP
I LOVE IT. You’re such a good guest comic drawer, it looks absolutely amazing. I can see you put a lot of work into this.
Vay is awesome. Vay is bae. Vay is the best. Vay is money.
@Creamy Eevee: aw thank you! tbh it only looks better than the first one because i had 3 hours to do the christmas one XD
You draw just like PinkEevee222! (That’s a compliment). Vay is my favorite character. I love how you drew him.
Hmm. My bro was watching Yo Kai Watch and I saw that they have the same eyes as the SSEC characters. (Did they come from that?)
@Creamy Eevee: Though I can't say anything about the artist of this comic, I do know that Pinkeevee once said that Shep hates Yokai watch.
@Creamy Eevee: thank you! for guest comics in SSEC i tend to draw in Tina's style so they match more with the comic~ i actually draw pokemon on all fours most of the time tbh XD
@Raini01: Your comic was amazing!!
HELP @Raini01: do u know a way to contact pinkeevee without discord? I don’t use discord :(
@I’m frisktheeevee on my ipad: hallo! she is still on break so she would rather not be contacted until the sixth. But you can continue to contact her on discord once her break is over~
Vay is so sweet.
Should i start comics i always fell like i draw bad but comics like ssec and eeveelution squad inspire me to try but i start to get lazy and instead i just watch you tube (for any comic artist) how did you start out
@Guest: I'm sorry I can't really give any advice, but you just described my life.
@Guest: well, for me, my comics were originally gonna be based off of my Pokémon plushies, and they still are, but I’ve branched off to other Pokémon like entei, mew, etc. idk how I really started tho, I was just being bored at a summer camp and I had an empty sketchbook so....yeah.
this. is precious. blizz has bad posture in that chair tho. he's gonna ruin his back in later years. oof.
Ok that was a realy cute moment between blizz and vay
Little does Blizz now that Vay is going to take the action figure and give it to his child
because he is a good father and a bad brother
Dont worry ive been playing super mystery dungeon for 3 days straight cause i just got it.
Cash online? How can you pay for stuff online with cash? Don't you need some type of credit card or debit card for that?
@gamer719: idk lol
@AShinyFemaleEevee: I'm bothered by this too. The built in pockets look unnatural!
@Shiny Eevee 101:
They’re wearing pants, in case you haven’t heard. The girls wear shirts too. That’s why they have pockets.
Thats a very good sale
@AShinyFemaleEevee: kangaskhan is a kangaroo I think. And koalas have pouches too so komala I guess.
To be honest, Blizz doesn't deserve it, he's a bully.
@The hooded espeon: To be fair, everyone except Eve is a bully to him.
Let’s start a convo I think Vay would look good in a hoodie. Di Flareon have flames or fluff? Are Leafeon ears actually leaves? Why doesn’t Glaceon’s ice crown melt? Has Dawn ever used her physic powers? How does an Umbreon hear?
@ Creamy Eevee: I was not thinking that intl I saw your comment let’s try to salve thes mystery’s together
@Milkbone the umbreon : ps I think vay will look good in a hoodie too
Okay! @Milkbone the umbreon :
1. Vay would
2. I think they have fluff
3. They aren’t leaves-just thin/flexible ears
4. It’s body temp keeps it cold (?)
5. I don’t think so
6. I literally have no idea O-O
@Creamy Eevee: welp you answered most of them but one * clapping *
@Milkbone the umbreon : by the way the tuff around flareons neck is fluff the purpose of it is to cool down flareons high temperature
@Milkbone the umbreon : It has been stated that Eevees and their evolutions are capable of manipulating their body temperature to any level they'd like it.
YES I am so excited for the new comic I wonder what it’s going to be about!!!! The wait has finally ended. OuO;
@ Creamy Eevee: Same, I hope PinkEevee is ok though.
Wait, wait a minute. Isn’t a guest comic fanfic? And isn’t ssec a fanfic? So guests comics are fanfics of a fanfic.
@!: Precisely.
I'm back I've been back for like 2 minutes lol.
Last time I read the comics was about 5 months ago.
On a completely unrelated note......


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