January 5th, 2019, 8:04 pm

Blizz mad, lol

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Advertisement, May 27th, 2019, 9:38 am Reply
Hi hi! I am BACK!!!! !!
Ah, ^^;; heh
Anyways, my break was great! tho, I found out that one of the several people who told me that I needed to do more work deactivated their account before I could talk to them again. Q-Q I am super worried about them.
Anyways, More announcements coming soon! And, REMEMBER! there is a character design contest happening!!!
Pinkeevee222, January 5th, 2019, 8:04 pm Reply
@Pinkeevee222: OH! And, here is the comic artist who has been drawing the guest comics! They are great!! Check out their art!!
Pinkeevee222, January 6th, 2019, 2:05 am Reply

FIRST!! And we’re back. Good to see ya PinkEevee222. I love the new Eevees you put in there. Wish I knew who they were. :)
@Creamy Eevee: I think the one with white fur is Loki
the bad burrito would apply to me
Hey look! The flowers don’t look like fried eggs anymore!!! *life completion gains 1%*
@Creamy Eevee: *has flashbacks. Shivers*
@Pinkeevee222: reverse fried eggs
so shiny fried eggs
There, there, just eat a burrito, go to the store, and ask for the plushy
Pepper is fangirling hard over the Nego "plushie"
About the character design contest: Can we submit non-digital art?
@BudgieGryphon: you can
Why is it called Ssec 257? Instead of Glaaareeeeeee? This is comic number 317 anyway...
@Creamy Eevee : oops. I as trying out the new smackJeeves uploader and forgot to change the name ^^; thanks for telling me!
I love the plushie design of Nego so much!
@EeveeEmyyy: YOU LIKE MY HERO ACADAMEA yassss I thought I was the only Pokémon in here who likes the anime
@Milkbone the umbreon : YEEEEEEEEEEEEES
@Milkbone the umbreon : my friend likes it
Welcome back @Pinkeevee222! We miss you so much!
Yay Your back! *does little dance* I shall have a party in your honor.
Is it weird that, after reading all of Neon's fics, I can't think of SSEC the same way anymore? *flashbacks to elimination*
I ship...
Flame x Dawn and Doki x Vay.
Too bad Dawn is already in a permanent relationship with Scull. (Or is she? OwO)
Flame x Sora would be cute...
How can Blizz possibly think that was a plushie? Howwwwww?
@Jam: He's a special kind (of stupid)
@SeahDaLunatic: Heh lol.

Or it's cause he just saw it for few secs (?) and it didn't move then.
Okay, now I want that plush.

You should totally work with a real life plush designer to make that plush real.

And part of your merch.

If that happens I will actually buy 3.
Blizz He looks so ticked. I mean, its just a stupid plushie right? No one actually wants that...besides me...and the guy above me...
Oh, it's nice to have you back! Honestly, I thought it would take even longer than it did.
I don't remember him being so mad since... the 'Magazine incident'.
glad that your feeling better hey, im glad your feeling better and that the comic is back. I love your comic and you'll probably never read this but will Blizz find out? and we need more about dusk. sorry, I suck.....
It definitely get into him a lot.
Yay more ssec

I love this comic so much
You have come back to destroy us with blizz!!!! WHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!????
No offense to Blizz but, if someone told Blizz to drill out the memory right out of his skull, he'd probably do it.
Yay! Welcome back, I hope your break went well and you didn't stress too much.
@TheKingKonquer: Also one thing to note is that Blizz isn't too angry about the plush becuase his eyes aren't green.
@TheKingKonquer: actually they are
@waffle666: Na, they're blue like normal.
@TheKingKonquer: oh i thought you ment Nego STUPID WAFFLE
YES!! I have finally caught up with your comic... I had no access to Smackjeeves for a while so I had no way of keeping updated with your posts... I took me a while but I've finally done it.... I'm happy now... -w- =3 YAY...
I want that plush. It’s cuteeeee. Too bad it’s alive.....
Mission Impossible for the plush?
Would Blizz do that?
Blizz could just steal the “plushie” somehow.
i bet we will evetually know.... @ShinyEevee101: yeah...but if he went inside he would get caught by Vay or he would find out it was alive at the door if he peeks agian
@iamsosorryforbienghere: True...
I hope Vay can run fast Things aren’t looking too good for him
Ahh is that Pepper?? Also glad ur doing alright now @Pinkeevee222
Woot @Pinkeevee222: Welcome back:3
Who is the first eevee
@waffle666: I feel like I know him but im not sure
@waffle666: The oldest eeveelution is Dusk. Oldest eevee is Lem, I think.
@Guest: no I mean on this comic the one asking why Blizz is so mad
You should make actual merch of Nego and everyone else, so Blizz would be satisfied, as well as me and the many others that read ssec
@Eve Bless you!
I can't do the contest because I still don't have an account TT_TT
same @(`°3°`): ikr. i want to aswell
@iamsosorryforbienghere: me too
Yay SSEC IS BAAACK. And that dood stopped playing the sims 4.
Where is he?!?? I know you can’t show him in the comics right now, but can he show up in the Asks? I’m worried about him. *sigh why am I worried about a pretend Pokemon Umbreon*
@Creamy Eevee: BECAUSE DUSK IS AWESOME!!!!!!!
@Matthew: T.R.U.E
@Creamy Eevee: wait why can’t Dusk be shown???
@Izzy: cuz this is a Blizz and Vay chapter not a Dusk chapter. He might get a showing, but I assume he won’t. Dawn is leaving soon and PinkEevee222 said he would go into a deep depression. :( After all the Lem-and-Harmony stuff and Sky/Sora/Miku stuff, I’d assume he’d be extremely upset. Who will sleep with him at night?
I have a bad feeling about this.
WE BACK BOIZZZZZZZ Eve sneezing melts my heart
In da future I’m GOING to make some PMVs that go with music. I don’t know how to use it though without activating the copyright stuff though. How’d you do it? Also, who from ur cast can I use? Is anything copyrighted? OuO
@Creamy Eevee: you can use anyone from ssec that you want, lol. And like, you have to look for non copyrighted music. It is... pretty hard ^^;;
Yassssssss your back and your art is cute as always but can you do me a favor please ok I’m going to ask some questions answer them please
1. How long was it intile you got your art style
2. What tablet or art website do you use
3. Can I be as popular and good as you
4. Can I get a shoutout it mite be much but please can I have one
5. Lastly can you be my friend pppllleeeesssseee
@Milkbone the umbreon : by the way loooooovvvvveeeee your work you are the best comic artist ever you are one of the people who inspire meh please continue and if you have a brake again I will be happily waiting :)
@Milkbone the umbreon :
1- It took like, 2-3 years! Really ^^; I started drawing a lot at the end of 6th grade? and, my style slowly started developing throughout middle school as I got better..... tho, my anatomy was horrid >.>; Still is. But, not including proportion, most of the style is the same, lol. It was prolly derived from my friend's style. Me and her collaborated on a comic about a group of furries. She drew everything and I made the story cause I couldn't draw. She was super good at drawing anime. =w=
2. I used a Bamboo capture for sometime, then I used a Wacom intuos draw, now I use a XP pen Artist 12 drawing monitor. It is like, really good. Recommend 100%
3. You can! you just need to put in the work! ^^
4. I usually only shout out friends and ssec related projects.
5. If you want to be my friend, talk to me on Discord or Amino! >w< I like making friends!
@Pinkeevee222: THANKS FOR RESPONDING your the best!!!! By the way I’m going to try to get amino and discord so I can try to be your friend and I’m good at cute and cartoon drawings but I’m trying to do anime but I’m my anime art stile is HORRIBLE I CANT GET BODY POSITIONS RIGHT I CANT DRAW ARMS AND THINGRS and I’m trying to make my own original comics on this so when I do please siport meh
@Milkbone the umbreon : by the why I have 2 more questions ( sorry if you don’t like responding to questions )
1this mite be personal but how old are you ( for me I’m 10 )
2 how many friends do yo have because you might have one more
Nice to hear you’re doing well after what happened! Glad you’re back, I’d hate to lose one of the only creators I have worked up the nerve to follow.
This is me every day when I see something I want.
I guess I bad burrito would leave a bad taste in the mouth, or leave someone a little salty.

I just made 2 epic puns.
Hi Who is with vay ^_^
OOOoooooooh I get it. Dusk is gonna love Eifie the Japanese Espeon. Duhhhhh.
Was Sol the trainer's pokemon?
@(`°3°`): Nope, lol
I see your ying yang necklace Jake I know its a reference to something
okay... okay I'm going to try to decode a bunch of crap that dosent make sense
1. since sky is a male (conformed from the comic) and since sky is after night... but night is a clone of dusk so how could sky remember night and night takes it off as sky and dusk were the one in love so and since night os a clone wouldn't it mean that they share the same attraction to the same gender? if that is true wouldn't that make dusk gay?
something dosent add up with the eevee lab
on smackjeeves it appers as the mother and melody sent the brothers to it but on your youtube channel in the song "remember me" it shows that the mother was also sent to the eevee lab as well with her mate (forgot name and was to lazy to look up)
.... my brian hurts
@caleb the riolu: lol, let me explain in the vaugest way possible to not spoil things.

1. There are 2 "Nights" technically. And, I can't confirm or deny Dusk's sexuality, but, he is attracted to females.
2. The mother was never sent to the lab~
@Pinkeevee222: Night the clone from the secrets comic, and Dusk is pansexual (or panromantic, whichever), right? I'm pretty sure you mentioned it in Disc once. Because yes, I lurk.
@Pinkeevee222: okay thxs for clearing it up
I'm back after... 3 years. Well. Hooray it's good to be back
@memorycrushking: welcome back
I legit had a dream that you posted like 5 comics in 1 hour and I was reading them all. I don't remember what they were about but Dawn was yelling at Vay? And Bolt was eating a brownie with Eve. It was weird.
@Guest: I wish you remembered what they were about, cause I would read those comics.
Guess I'll have to wait...
Why? Why did nego head pop out? And why didn’t vay do anything?? AND WHY DID BLIZZ SAW IT Can you answer?
Thank you for the only good moment i had this week
Plot twist pink eevee was just showing off her merch
@Milkbone the umbreon :
600 poke is like 6 USA dollors
I do the same thing... Which caused half of my class to be terified of me... Im just a overgrown nerd, but aparently Im frightening... owo'
eevee madness mala : wake up Eve !!!! eve : eh eon : bow is going to kill you if we don’t do anything soon ...... mala eon eve : aaaaahhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!! tbc

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