Doing Nothing


January 12th, 2019, 7:40 pm

I am... thinking...
of the... Pioneer
vee breeders.....
Should I make a
mini chapter about
one of them?

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Vay rules the Presidential, Legislative, and judicial government .
And, REMEMBER! there is a character design contest happening!!!
Pinkeevee222, January 12th, 2019, 7:40 pm Reply
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XD First!
@Eeveeadventure 132: Love your profile pic! If only I could have one ;-;
@Joey :D: same :/
thanks ^ω^
The Lawyer, Firefighter, Police Officer, Judge, President…
I’m surprised he didn’t say ‘cop’ :3
Third *Sassy hair flip*
He looks liek a human. And like Jay. And like Vay. And Blizz is still mad, lol.
@Creamy Eevee: Personally I prefer Zane. Vay is blue, but, he is water, not electric, which very clearly do NOT go together. :P
Edit: Come to think of it, I should catch myself back up with that show…
@Logical: WHo and what
@Pinkeevee222: Does that mean he makes the law? OwO
@Mystic: I’m going to try to elaborate on this for some people who don’t know.

Judicial - of, by, or appropriate of a court or judge.
Legislative - having the power to make laws.
Presidential - relating to a presidant or presidency.

So, not only is Vay able to make laws (Legislative government) but he is in charge of enforcing them, and should anymon detest his obsessive ticketing, he is the judge (Judicial Government) which means he is the one to interpret the law (which he made anyway), but assuming that they have no court, whatever he says must go regardless. Now I found this interesting: if he is the president, we can assume that these mon have a democracy, but that would mean they voted Vay into office, and that eventually they would be able to vote another mon into office (president - elected head of a state/society/other organization), but if Vay is THE legislative government, then he could permanently lock himself into his government position if they don’t have a set of ground rules (amendments, or a constitution I guess) that can not be altered. So If Vay coul-
Bla bla bla, this got really wordy really fast :/

Anyway, yes, Vay does make the laws, but I’m more interested in what kind of government these mon have (counting the houses as a kind of state, with representatives I guess)

What do you think?
Edit: Please, correct me if I am wrong in any of this.
@Logical: No wonder vay is so gloomy, he has to handle policing and legislating laws!
@Guest: True, it is a lot to do, even if you have hats for them all! XP
No wonder he has all the money…
nah, I think he is still under-powered, make Vay a god
Vay = Phoenix Wright
Loitering :3
all those jobs...
who is the green person talking to Blizz at the end?
Is Blizz friends with god?!?!
No seriously, who is that person?
@o0okeven: It's basically a voice inside his head.
Title The title says 258 instead of Doing Nothing
@Leafeon: OOf! Not again >w<;
I'll fix it! thanks for telling me!
Dawn’s troll face XD
I was expecting glaseon to plan a way to get that plushie please do a comic about him planing and then doing a hiest mission getting that “plushie” please do it
@Golden Vaporeon: lol :3
I must have typed fire fighter twice
Edit: That’s Blizz’s job (at least, now it is) :P
The Sass is real..
Dat header do Dawn, are you ok? You’re looking a little sketchy *insert le lenny face*
I just love vay's sassy hair flip.... I could honestly stare at that for hours OwO
hiii its me the fic queen
i decided to become active on here again, been a while. how's it going scruffy my broo
@Neonblossoms: lol, alls gud, pff
We love ya, Vay. (And these comics! :3)
I swear, Vay would be the best handsome anime boy.
Umm... What will vay do if he find out that... Blizz wanted the plushie that he saw and try to get it?
@Crystal: My guess is that Vay will find Blizz playing with the “plushie” and give Blizz a life sentence in prison for theft. Because... he’s the law...
He's got the power!!!!!
I am the law
GoRgEuS hAiR!
This is awesome
Oh my god lol
Poor Blizz...
Wait... Does that mean everything I've been doing is illegal?
Hair flip for the win
Dat hair flip.
That poor Eevee in the last panel is probably going to have their day ruined.
Blizz looks dead in the first pannel.
@Jam: Alive but dead inside!
(I will be amazed if anybody gets that reference...)
Is he driving a segway?!
(In answer to the alt text) sure!
I have enough hair to be able to pull that off. The hairflip not the loitering
Do....the glasses just magically stick to his face or what? It kinda looks like they have no ear bars. But, I don’t see how you could’ve shown them in the different perspective points. Lol, ear bars.
@Creamy Eevee: Last panel shows the ear bars going to his ears/gills/fins things
That's 6 dollars
Hallelujah The conclusion is coming! I’m excited to see what’s gonna happen! Will it be a meanwhile...a storybook....something entirely new? OuO
lol, whos fault is that?
What kind of front do you use, @Pinkeevee222? You know, for the comic..... Calibreic, or chiller, or whatever one you use... Please, I need to know!
@Blue: Front as in, the text in the comic.
Isn't that called Communism? oh wait. It's an oligarchy that doesn't treat his people right.
@Professor_Sword: an Oligarchy is a group of people that run a country.
Dusk is so cute (might be because im obsessed with umbreons, but Dusk is still so cute)
Ohhhhh i get it! Everything you do is illegal! You moved! YOU PAY A FINE. You said hi. PAY A FINE. You do nothing. PAY A FLIPPING FINE!
@Guest: Its ok tho because paying a fine is illegal, just like complaining about the fines is. That'll be 200 poke-dollars, please. You can dispute it in court with judge Vay. You will be assigned lawyer Vay to defend you.
@Guest: Oh, no
@Guest: Dang son.
I didn't know segways had printers. Unless he has a stack of tickets with him, in which case: I didn't know segways had storage.
@Guest: Magic
@Guest: there is a blue pouch behind the "box cop" sign that he stores a notepad and pen in. Shown in the last panel.
Wow Those adoptable Eevees were sold in a flash! I just saw them 8 hours after realesse and almost every single one was gone! The cyber Eevees are indeed adorable. You’re so good with styles!
Wait a second. Blizz has white eyes through the entire comic.
I NEED MORE !!! Lol @Pinkeevee222:
Blizz heres a tip for free karma only serves what you deserve

Ps: can finally read samething that will put a smile on my face
@Pinkeevee222 please! I need to know what text you use for this comic!
Which one...
Meanwhile at Kalos
Something NEW?
I've been waiting for weeks now! When. Is .the. Next. One. COMING
You You did a mighty fine job on this
Welll... Dude I honestly can’t say that I like Vay.... at all
I do not own this line but screw it Uncle Dane: "Lazy, what kind law is this?!"
LazyPurple: "I AM THE LAW!"
Sassy hair flip should be a inside joke for SSEC!
WHY On Deviantart it has da new comic but it had nothing here. Also, why the fortnight default dancing? Why? Why? Why?
I love this.
also whats up with dawn
Oma I love sassy Vay XD Sassy vay is best character
Loitering? Isn't loitering only for trash- Ohhh... Daaamm! Vay called Blizz trash? Is that what's happening here, Vay? You sassy mother ducker!!
Gotta love dem hair flips

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