February 16th, 2019, 8:21 pm

I gots some explaining to do

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GIB FISH! Oh, and, askblog is updating again
Pinkeevee222, February 16th, 2019, 8:21 pm Reply
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Are the fanfics ever going to continue or are they just dead?

P.S.: Love your art combined with your great storyline.
@Guest: All of my fanfics are on indefinite Hiatus.
And, thanks! ^^
2nd! Why do I keep getting 2nd?
It’s getting boring.
Oh, and This almost resembles a secret to me.
Oh boy. Nego turned into a human again.
@Neptune: which one was the first time again
Yeet 4th baby!!
I believe someone has some explaining to do .p.
Lel Lol, love the new chapter
Love the new Nego human design <3

BUT anyway, Mari are the character contest designs allowed to be drawn on paper? (i don't gots a writing tablet ;~;)
@Aggronymous: yes! They can be drawn on paper! ^^
WAT Oh really?! He's a human??!! I am surprised. Although I am kinda worried about Vaporeon now. Looks like she might be having a nightmare or a heart attack or something, which I don't blame him at all I would probably be the exact same way if I was in his situation. But that does bring the question, is HE human? Well... probably not because he then, can't use moves. That would be intere- ohhh... *Snicker* I think I know how he had him. xD But I am not gonna say.

(A couple hours later...)
Boy, you got Umbro thinking now. Who is the mother and is that one girl... The Sylveon that can transfer into others... WAIT
You have to be kidding me, the Transforming Eevee has to be that kids mother! I am really curious about the next page...
@Umbreon5456: The human genetics are established to be Vays. Fern is presumed to be the mother, not Sora.
@42Meep: ...Maybe. I could see that.
@Umbreon5456: yea I been reading these comics for like 13 hours in total just to figure out the whole plot
who's the mother? (x files theme playing)
... @:0: hmm let to totally ignore a comic where there's 2 eevees in the lab and one of them gives an egg to the one escapeing that's not dating just Simi good friend (I said way to much for one comment
@Eds1516: you’re talking about secret 5/6 I believe. That was Oliver, not Vay. Correct me if I misunderstood you
@:0: Its probably this leafeon girl named Fern. We know Nego's mom is a leafeon (the mom is NOT Daisy, Pinkeevee confirmed dis) I think Fern is the trainer's cousin's pokemon.
@:0: Probably Fern
@42Meep: It's the trainers cousins leafeon.
@TheKingKonquer: fern.
@42Meep: How do we know her name? Where is it said?
@TheKingKonquer: I forget the source... I think askblog someplace. But the discord generated this: ree_2.png
@:0: The mom is a Leafeon
I got a baaaad feeling ...that Vay’s about to do something he will regret.

And let’s not forget the fact that Blizz is in the hallway unconscious still lol
Is Vay scared of Nego’s future? Of his future? Of everyone’s fate in the PC? Or is he being held by the grudge of the past? Maybe his mate is dead?

I spoiled the comic to me around 7:00 in the morning on Amino Apps I really love that thing
@Creamy Eevee: His mate, probably Fern, isn't dead. Idk if Fern is really Nego's mom, but she is definitely not dead.
Hi Yay! A new comic!
Nearly 2 hours late are you now?
I feel bad about pointing this out, but doesn’t Nego have green eyes? Other than that I think the Comic is really great!
@Painted Fix: When using abilities, eye color changes~
Seems like paranoia got the best of him.
Vay:Gib me fish
By the way I thought the comic was late so I kept on checking it (cuz I woke up to early):3
I really respectable how this comic has homosexual,bisexual etc, characters and nobody seems to question ir or even give a second thought. That's really cool.
Is he seeing things now?
oh look at that will you. Oh look. Nego is hooman. Welp that's nice. 2nd time. Also you weren't lying when you said you aren't good at drawing human. *punch* get out of here! Love it!
I wonder what would happen if dusk Blake belladonna lily the fox mechanic and shachiho from Echidna wars DX would do in a room together
On a scale of one to ten How depressed is Vay?
@Creamy Eevee: 4
@Pinkeevee222: Oh good I was concerned for his mental health I hope you are doing ok too, um, yeah. *the plot thickens by 99%*
@Creamy Eevee: Vay was like, a SOLID 9 at one point, but, Nego, Doki, and a lot of other things helped him.
@Pinkeevee222: i wouldve said 38
Aww, Nego is beautiful

P.s Mari, can I make a guest comic about these beautiful children..? I actually made these lol

Evidence 1: -778941252

Evidence 2: -783601277

*le epic Chase scene *
Me:* gets pind to the flor*
Ssec fan4:time for the chamber we will let the queen diside your fate

Pinkeevee 22 decide my fate
Nego: Daddy...?

Vay: do I loOK LI-
@Cinnamon vee: That is a beautiful meme.
What's your discord
Woohoo! Made my Dustin design on computer, just gotta get an account in Amino Apps and Smackjeeves and I’ll get into the contest! Trust me Pink, my style is almost identical to yours. I’m not as skilled on computer, but it looks pretty good in my opinion. Can’t wait for you to see!!!!!
Hey guys I'm going to leave for a while but I'll come back someday ok? Wish me luck that I'll be back very soon. (P.S. if you try the hater ritual on me use this:HATER ALERT HATER ALERT START THE RITUAL!
Ritual Starter: *starts ritual*
Me: *omega slap* staph it. Stahp it.
:Ritual Starter:*nods*
Ritual Starter: *nods*
(Also *saves milkbone* wait here. *Slaps all the haters* Stahp it. Stahp it.
Fans: *nods*
K milk one they shouldn't bother you now.
If they do I will slap them again. If I'm not there you slap them. Thats their biggest weakness.)
@(`°3°`): thanks for saving meh some day I shall help you

Me : * walks away being the most happiest thing in the universe *
Blizz has an obsession issue. First with Ponytas, now Plushies...
Ok so number one i'm back did you miss me (maybe not) number two so what the relationship between nego and vay. and for number three why does vay shut everyone down it makes no sense.
I help you! @Brainlesseevee2: Vay is Nego’s dad, in case you didn’t know. Nego was born in the Lab; the Lab was where Vay and Nego got powers to turn into humans. Nego’s mom is a mystery. The Lab made Vay extremely unstable and scared, and is (on a scale of 1-10 about 4 depressed.). Vay and Nego are about to move out of the PC though, if you go on to “Ask stupid short Eevee comic” blog it shows a packing bag with Nego’s stuff. Sorry it’s SO LONG EW
@Creamy Eevee : Ok thanks I get it now ......I think.

(To lazy to sign in)
I wonder what the trainer is up to
NOOOOO IM LATE *insert keyboard smash*
OMG A HUMAN!!!!!!!!!
what is wrong with vay? stroke? heart attack?
SUP Pepper: *comes in and looks around vays room*
Vay: *attacks pepper*
Me: SUP *comes in full speed as my shiny silver eevee* BEEEAAANN BUURRRITOOO POOOWWEEERRRSSS!!!!! *punches vay with a hand on fire*
Dusk: HHEEWWWOOO *walks in*
Vay: *lays there and puts up a white flag*
Me: everyone crowds around me* HAHAHAHAHA
Nego: dadda?
Dusk: *poker face*
(Pinkeevee? whens a silveon popping up again?)
@Silverwing: OK he needs help
Hey Pinkeevee, I just realized: Dusk, Nego, and Dawn all have bells. Nego’s is green, Dusk’s is blue, and Dawn’s is pink. Why does Nego have one?
Hi Noice but sadddd ;-;
HA HA HA Too bad Dusk isn’t happy. Too bad Dusk is alone. Too bad nobody realizes this. Old Ask blogs are gold in this comic.
He was just trying to protect everyone. But then Oliver went missing (Harmony sent him? Agent LEA led them there? Anonymous?) Now Dusk acts stupid to keep the others from actually worrying about him; he can’t let anyone go back there.
Pink, I respect you. Giving fictional characters like Dusk hard pasts makes stories more valuable and interesting.
Thank you for reading this. Now, before you ask “wait waaat???” Try looking through Ask blogs, ssec comics, or other comments like I have. I like spam.
Dammit I don't know. pinkeevee222 I have been starring at that human form of neno and I can't tell if it's a girl or boy please tell me.
@Brainlesseevee2: pretty sure its a boi
@SlyTheSylveon: wut?
@Ch: 4 words, STUPID SHORT EEVEE COMICS, they are still human eevees
Answer @Ch: its a human/eevee. What I really dont know is how did vay and nego escape the pc.
@Silverwing: ooooooh I see, cool name btw!
Me: *pops up as a shiny silver eevee* SUP Me:*smokes weed with shades on*
Me: Wonder what I should evolve into.....
Me: *evolves into sylveon* im a girl...this is to blue..everyone will think im a boy..
*evolves into umbreon* ALSO BLUE *evolves into glaceon* WHATS THE DIFFERENCE!!!??? *evolves into flareon* eeehhhhh to yellow...*evolves into vapereon* UUUUGGGHHHH *evolves into glaceon* ALREADY DID THAT *evolves into a espeon* I so need help....*evolves into leafeon* WHATS THE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!??????? AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH *evolves into a spookeon* not even an eeveelutoin *evolves into jolteon* Im having problems..*evolves into spookeon again* eh have it your way...
@Silverwing: me: * dark brown eevee with yellow eyes and bow appears* me: silverwing! Stahp! Ur gonna break if u keep evolving!
Dusk: break?
Me: if he keeps evolving, he will be stuck as the eeveelutin he turns into the 101 time!
Me: *puts a stamp on Ch head saying: SILVERWING RULES*
Vay: get out
Vay: *does water gun at Ch*
Vay: crap
Ch: *soaking wet*
Me: *stops haunting ch soul and walks through a path and smokes weed*
Vay: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!?????
Vay: What are those colors blasting in the field?
Dusk: probably silverwing deciding his eeveelution *sighs* again..
VAy: *poker face*
Oh noooo! Nego. Wait who's nego?
@Guest: Nego....the one blizz called a "plushy"
@Guest: if u saw the previous comic u find out
Character I hope you like my character I suggested
Um can you upload on eevee achademy
Oh yeah I was being sarchastic about not knowinv neg or should I say negro
Plz upload on eevee achademy @Pinkeevee222
@Guest: lol, k
Everyone Hey! Human Nego looks a lot better than comic #60, good job PinkEevee! You've approved.
Hey Pink Eevee do you play roblox if so what is your favorite game also when next live stream
I can only imagine being called "daddy" by a smol kiddo at this age. Feels kinda off putting.
@NEONtheUMBREON23: Off putting, but common in the pokemon game world (at least in captivity).
Also Gib me fish aswell!
@NEONtheUMBREON23: im too young to be a dad
Lego my Nego
@`\(->-)/`: NO NEGO IS MMMMMIIIINNNEEE *runs off into sunset with Nego
Me * dark brown eevee with yellow eyes and bow*
Me: Hoi Vay!! Who’s dat?? He’s soooooo cute~~! Does he like cookies?!

Vay: ?!??!? * throws boots*
Me: huh? * grabs boot in mid air*
Vay: whaaaaa-
Me: hehehehheheheheheheHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA~! U MADE ME MAD VAY *chucks boot at Vay
Vay:* gets hit in the face*
ANSWER @SlyTheSylveon: Nego Is now a beautiful baby boi
SUP Dusk: I need some corn for that flareon....forgot his name...
Dusk: Huh?
Me: *steps out in my spookeon form*
Dusk: *already gone from the sight*
Me: *naked* huh?
SUP Me:who will run away from the author of corn?
Where did Nego get those clothes from?
Reminder that Vay has the mental age has/had the mental age of 12 while everyone thinks he is mentally around 16 (due to the lab he ages slower). Vay is not a virgin. Vay has to look after Nego. Due to Nego being kept a secret from everyone, to some degree he is being neglected (it’s a little different as they are eevee who are based off foxes and fox cubs are probably more independent than human children- then again Nego is more human as well).
Anyways point is SSEC is super fricking dark!!
Ask blog More humans! Nego and Vay are going to Aunties house whoever that is. Vay sure does look ddddeeeepppprrrsssseeeddddddddddd
@SlyTheSylveon: speaking of profile picture changing i sketching a new face
@eeveeplaysfortnite: introducing eeveemello, tho i cant change my name
I just remembered that Vay is a pokemon trainer in himself, now what age dose he appear because if he has the mind of a twelve year old child and looks old enough to have Nego ....
And by the way dose tiff know that vay can turn into a man in his twentys?
same one give vay a hug now
S̵̢̲̤̼̏̚̕͝i̸̢͂̐̏͒ḷ̷̬̮͆v̸̩̊͋͑͂ẹ̴̖̦͚̊̆̔r̶̙̊͑ẃ̸̯̪̰̈̅͠ͅi̵̫͕̳͊̈́n̷̳̗̺̰͋̊̈̽g̴̝͂̚ ̸̡̬̖̿͑̃͊c̴̢̳̞̿͊̈́͑a̶̧̲̳͠n̵̰̰͋̽n̷̡͍̄̀͘͝o̴̫̘͔͙̒̚t̴͚̫̀̚ ̷̞̱͝c̶̟̞͓̆ͅö̶̥̱́̒̌͘n̸͍̦̮̄t̷̫͛r̴̞̹̲̐o̶̯̪̱̘͛͊͠l̵͚͙̭̝̃̍̈́
̶͕͊̈́͂N̶̘̎ǫ̶̬͈̬̽͠ţ̵̣̩̓̔͆͐ ̵͖̘̓͆͛͗u̸̲͋̈͌̚ń̷̖̬̠͎́̓̈́t̵̟͕͂i̵̻͔̣̍̽̔͝l̸̡͍͎̓̈́̕ ̵̋̈͜t̶̺͈̗̆̈́h̵̗̘̦̦̀ḙ̷̢͈̳͒̓͛ ̵̱̟̺͛̔b̴̡͙̅͐e̵̢̙͊̓̿l̵̘̐͒l̷͖̠͍̀͗ ̴͚͔̇̆ẅ̵̨͝͝ǐ̶̖̂ļ̷͙̣̩̽̐l̵̞̊̈́͘ ̵̭̙̱̎͆̑̓t̶̺̻̟͍̑ǫ̸̫͎̗̌͊͛l̴̜̦͌l̸̛̬̬̗̃̊̈́
̸̱̠̹̓͋͐͘Ụ̸̮͓̔n̶͚̿͊t̶͖͙̞͎̋ḯ̴̧̺̭̀̚l̸̘͉͎͒̓ ̶͉̯͍̌̉ẗ̶̟́h̷̨̓ͅe̴̡̻̳͋̈ ̷̻͓̬͋m̷̡̦͙̌͝õ̶̢͖̳o̸̝̱͐n̶̼̿ ̴̭͖̅i̶̝̪͑̇s̵̢͍̱̓ ̷̢͓̎̊ą̵́͗ͅt̶̫̲͑̍ ̴̝͂́͝͠ï̴̡̯̳͉̀̿t̴̥̱̃̀'̴̠̗̫͓̇̚̕͝s̶̮̅ ̸̼̟̪̔̎̎̕f̴̥̌̌̑̀u̴̱̫͂̔͜͠ļ̶͙͎̓ļ̷̛̰̳̯͛̍ ̵̯̰̿͜
̴̣̐ ̷̣͂̾͜͠Ã̴̞̂͌̃l̴͚̰̹͠͠l̵͈͒̀̕ ̷͖̱̓̎ẇ̸̠̳̹̋i̵͇̺̿l̶̢̘͎͉̔̓̈́l̶͓̋ ̸̖͎͓̈́g̷̩̈́͝ȅ̷̢͓͚͎̚ț̴̑ ̶͎̟͌͘a̷̮͜͝ ̴̻͍̩̀̈̍p̴̛̳͙͋̀ȗ̷̢̪̽s̴͎̣͆͒̓h̶͔͑́̊ ̷̛͕͍̥͙͐a̴̼͋̕ṉ̷̀̽͆d̸̖̎͆̈́͌ ̸̼̥̻̀p̴͇̓ȕ̷̗̱̞̱͂l̸̻͋͒̈́ḷ̴̡̹̍̓́ ̵̛̰A̵̟͉̔͝f̷̢̰̗̓͂͝t̷͖͚̺͊̍̚ͅḙ̴͕͎͈̇r̵̜̳̝͝ͅ ̶̪͇̒̇Ḫ̴̉̚E̴̙̺̊́̕͝ ̵̠̞̫͋͘į̴͕͙̉̿͜s̷̩͐ ̷̼̅f̴̨̺͖̘͊͊̔ṵ̷̧̙̫̅l̶̢̲̋̈͒̄ļ̵̋̅̂̌ý̴̤̝̲͒ ̴͔̜͊̅̈́̚h̵̯͚̫̬̏̕e̷̬̒͊́̈́ͅa̴͍̗̿l̸͎̓̃̇ȩ̷̙͙̎d̴͔͓̦̭̾͐
̵̢̼͘͝S̶̜͎̪͂i̷͎̤̜͎͑͠l̵̰̀̌̈́̕v̸̱͛̄̕͝ẽ̴̠̫̂́̋r̵͕̄̓'̵̹̦͗̈́̕s̵̯̜̈́̈́̾͒ ̶̡̥̰͙͠f̶͕͆̀̀͘a̷̝͐̋̈̕ţ̴͈̗͖͑̈̅̚e̷̡̡̛̬͇̊̈ ̸̖͔͙̓̃̔ẇ̵̺̪̮͝i̷͇̮̬̋̕l̵̛͔̰͈͙̂l̷̰͖͚͐̌́̕͜ ̴̟͚̰̭̇b̴̡̘̈́͐͝e̶̠̐̂̎̿ ̵͈̼̙̈́̌ṡ̶̝e̸̥̞͝à̸̹̰͗l̵̲̟͕̐̅ḛ̴̽̀d̵̡̨̹̪̍̚͝.̶̞̄̏̇
@?̴͖̥͍̣͚̱̯̟̳́̃̆̊͜͝?̴͓͇̟̬̲̻̠͐̆̌͊̕̕: guessing game umm...
Silver wing can not control
Not in tell the bell will toll
In tell the moon is at it's full
All will get a push and pull
After he is fully healed
Silver's fate will be sealed

Do I win a prize?

Edit: I spelled most of it wrong oops XD
@ShadowFang: Me: *opens mouth but nothing comes out*
Kimba the white lion @?̴͖̥͍̣͚̱̯̟̳́̃̆̊͜͝?̴͓͇̟̬̲̻̠͐̆̌͊̕̕: negonoah :hi Simba!
Me:hi negonoah!
I'm ba- wth happened while I was gone? Some weed smoking people and stuff and dark lore in chat... oh well! Not like I know anything or have anything to do with it and stuff! *Does totally not suspicious stuff and is totally not an eevee that's black with red eyes and no legs but a tail cuz I can't draw feet and stuff or arms (but arms are an exceptions cuz I can't grab stuff and otherwise I would have to draw the next best thing: tentacles I just seem to be good at drawing sharp, black, dangerous, tentacles) just flying around making something that's not suspicious at all with some totally not strange ingredients for a totally not top secret thing that's totally not dangerous that will totally not heal me that will totally not help me "take care" of something* *also trying to not be awkward but failing really badly cuz that's just who I am lol RIP my life*
Are Shane and Penny related in any way?

Who will Dusk end up with in da future?

Is Sol still looking for Sora?

Are you actually going to answer these deep plot questions?
@Creamy Eevee:
No there not related *dosent really know*

Dusk is gonna hook up with sora "duh"

Probably is looking *dosent really believe that*

And yes your questions are answered. But there probably not right.
@ShadowFang: bruh don’t answer if you don’t know that’s just a waste of a comment have a nice day
I just found your comic yesterday! And I am IN LOVE with it! I hope this entire story gets completed! Most stories I get invested in, the artist just stops making anything suddenly. I want to know more about Miku and Sora. They have become very interesting to me. *I just hope you keep making comics! I love your work and story so far!*
@SlyTheSylveon: i hear it in school alot *shudders*
@SlyTheSylveon: i now realize i suck at drawing
I don't think Sora and Dusk will be together. There was an ask future SSEC event and they answered: Sora? Never came back, why do you ask?
Also since this is a dark story plot there's most likely to be a normal comic out
thank you for my fate is sealed Me: *looks at the full moon, eyes sparkling*
Dusk: there is only one ruler. and me
Me: the full moon rises as tides heighten.
Dusk: what does that mean?
Me: *absorbs dusk soul* it means you are dead.
Me: *steals it and smokes weed with the crown on*
You may be wondering who I really am.
It is the least obvious who are the people who are truly strong and skilled. Those to underestimate others will achieve overconfidence but lack the truth. Silverwing, you have many more journeys to go. However, you have not faced anything that is a threat yet. You must train for the worst. There are more who are stronger but lack determination. You must face darkness itself and find the light within. Remember this and keep living and face what you must. And soon, you can face the true enemy. Your greatest nightmare.
BOI @(`°3°`): Me: yeah....ghost types and dark types can defeat me...AND THEY ARE LIVING NIGHTMARES!
Me: *smokes weed* Whos my true enemy? KITTENS!!!???
Err oky ish wtf me sorry that bit to me was out a ze blu
why is comic late again....
These comics r my life......
@Vaynessa: I’m sure the author is working hard so just be patient
Congratulations! You have successfully drawn a human well! Happy days!
this is a tad irrelevant uhh, can i submit the submissions from ms paint? its the only thing i hav 2 draw digitally, and drawing digitally is the only way my drawings will ever b symmetrical. plus a. my colored pencils smear b. i prob dont have the right colors c. idk how 2 submit paper. i do plan on making an account and i planned on it anyway, thx 4 speeding up the procrastination process
say whaaaaaaaaaaaat
Wait that one is human...
Klance Me: Hi
Bunga: shut up
Me: rude ass
Gina: okay I'll let you know when to shut the f*** up!!!! Okay?
Dusk: you say that you are better than us lol
Me: who?
Dusk: Gin...
Lukio: hey babe I'm hungry
Me: you have a girlfriend!!!!
Dusk: shut up plz!!!!
Me: you are so dumb!!! Hahaha

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