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March 2nd, 2019, 1:54 pm

Negotiation... Negotiation.... Now that I scrapped the reason why he was originally named this, why would Vay name him Negotiation???

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vv If you have a background eevee, look here! vv
Oops. I forgot to upload this earlier
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Bolt You should include bolt more
@Jolt: aww but i like having an excuse to be lazy.
@Another_Anon: HA same... I feel bad to say this but uh my comic only has one page TvT I'm kinda lazy... I've started page 2 but I haven't found time to finish it
@Jolt: Yes!!!! More of Bolt!!!
@Jolt: More backstory of Flame too... o(╥﹏╥)o
@Jolt: YEs Hi IM AM HeRE
I love that Dusk knows about him too. This means vaporeon knows Dusk is not a real complete idiot.
@Shiny Umbreon: YEsSssSssSsSSsSSssSs

... so true
Yay Third!
Awww!! Poor Vay! Well, he’s doing the right thing.
hewwo :D fourth xD
Wait nuu i wuz furth i just didnt say does that count? If not, 5th
Im early geez But that nego though.....Its so cute!!!
I'm going to assume he was named that because Vay originally wanted to use him to negotiate with humans for some reason.
OWO Nego looks super cute!
Oof, those moments.
When dusk is serious, then it's real
... does that mean that vay knows that Umbreon is hiding something? or does he just knows that Umbreon is not an idiot that he pretends to be and vay is just keeping that a secret?
@Silvertheshinyumbreon: Dusk isn't an idiot. He just begged Blizz to teach him how to be an idiot. Yes this is canon.
Who is this "Friend" from outside the box?
@HttpLotorius: weeeell, tina did post about the friends but the place she posted it is a secret
@(ノ˵•ω•˵)ノ━☆゚.*・。゚: Where?
@HttpLotorius: i can't say, i'm sworn to secrecy, heheh~ (tina said on this "secret place" that she doesn't want anyone telling other people about it)
@(ノ˵•ω•˵)ノ━☆゚.*・。゚: What if I delete the comment thread immediately after?
@HttpLotorius: i mean that kinda defeats the purpose of having a secret though
omigosh Nego is sooo cute in panel 16-ish! I love him~

Also, I can't wait 'til background eevee submissions are open again!
My heart is a puddle Look at those beautiful watercolor pictures Pink you did 10/10 on those. Too bad Nego is gone, but I think it’ll let Vay relax a little LOT.
Also, good job with deviantart, sketchbook, and the Ask Blog, I love how you’ve been updating those so much! Very inspired by your hard work!
We should just call Negotiation le “Nego” forever. It is very cute
Arceus. You have blessed my soul.
Nego babs in the Eggo box.

*worships the holy picture*
Everyone else is squealing over Nego, but... Can we just look at that beanie on the egg.
i noticed that dusk has a drawing on his clipboard. that drawing is from storybook 3, right? i guess that means that dusk draws all of them
@(ノ˵•ω•˵)ノ━☆゚.*・。゚: yeah
Hey Scruffy Who’s ur favorite Eevee and Eeveelution right now? (To draw or just in general)
Wait... Vaporeon is also human??! Ok... I am confused. How can he use po- maybe his suit is giving him powers. Or I may be jumping too far.
@Umbreon5456: i think that vay got the power to turn into a human from the lab
@(ノ˵•ω•˵)ノ━☆゚.*・。゚: ...He was in a lab? hmm now this is all sorts of mixed up stuff. xD
@Umbreon5456: don't know about the lab?
uHHHHMMM forget i said anything then

EDIT: alright so i feel bad mentioning "THE LAAAAB" and then leaving you in the dark.. so i'll say that it is never directly talked about in the MAIN comic, but it is vaguely hinted at. though i think its talked about in the askblog
@(ノ˵•ω•˵)ノ━☆゚.*・。゚: ....hmm
Eggo nooooo!
I'm getting confused with the storyline, I think it is time for a reread.
P.S did dusk create night with his abilities?
@Guest: here’s a simple solution to your confusion; reread the entire ssec comic and read the alt texts and read every Ask Blog and sketchbook there ever was and piece it all together through a journey of connecting dots and getting inspired to make your own comic. Have fun. Very simple.
@Guest: When you find the alt texts where it's a bunch of random letters put together, it's a Caesar Cipher. Just look up a translator for the Caesar Cipher and put in the letters. It will ask for a number to translate, but there should be a brute Force button where it translates the letters to all possible outcomes.
Oh god baby Nego is so adorable

Maybe Vay wasn’t the orignal person to name Nego, just decided to go with it?
OWO Can you like, make a picture of the watercolor parts for me to print out? ITS SO ADORABLE I CAN BARELY BREATH
Panel 16 lazy hand!
@MythicalMew: so what if i am lazy? Pinkeevees the one who watched anime a entire day\_(0.0)_/
@Silverwing: I also played the sims 4 for Four days straight!
@Pinkeevee222:, just wow. but i want a picture of all the watercolor parts please!
Pink wat is dusk drawin? Also NEGO IS A MUFFIN I WANT HIM.
My Seventh Celebration but it's played backwards/reversed
On 12 panel why does Vay has the hoodie cap thing?
Know your eggo.
@ProfessorPhanyom: nego da ego
Bows to holy ego Nego
??? @Creamy Eevee: I never saw that guest roleplaying? Can you tell me what they said?
I really feel bad for Vay though. ...
Wait who is nego living with now? I thought only dusk night and dawn knew about him.
random rp thing:
Blizz: I wonder if I can steal vays plushie!
Dusk: We probably shouldn’t touch vays things he’ll get mad...
Blizz: But-But the plushie!
Dusk: *burst into tears* I want the plushie too but- *sob* I wanna respect Vays privacy cause he’s my friend!
Blizz: *punches* Vay has had enough privacy! After all these years I’ve had enough! *manly tear*
Dusk: But he respects your privacy...
Blizz: But I’d let him play with my plushies!
Dusk: but maybe neg- I mean his plushie means so much to him he can’t risk losing it!
Blizz: Lose it? Oh please I wouldn’t lose it..Wait where’d my burttio go?
Dusk: See?
@PAPASITO : hey wait, you're not supposed to roleplay in the comment section...
Spotted something A hand at the bottom of the memory... I smell foreshadowing!
Night is apparently very hungover

Who would have expected that, amirite.
OOOHH now i know why vay has no frill. He/she is really a hooman
Nego is just the most innocent and cutest thing in the world, I understand why Vay is very over protective over him. Mother wouldn't like to not be the mother of this young one
woahthisisacoolcomic i just found this comic and finished it already, waiting 4 updates cuz its soo good!
Love It’s love at first sight, i started reading today and read all of them in one sitting
@SlyTheSylveon: I do! Plz no RPing in da comments section! ^^
@Pinkeevee222: *starts playing a random blues song during the watercolor panels* cute
@Pinkeevee222: pink? Um the reason I rp in the comments section is because this is the only place I can rp without making an account with personal info. Sorry if rp make u uncomfortable but people will still do it, I hope u understand my reasoning why I rp here. Thank you and have a sparkling day.
@Ch: Yo, you can RP on Discord! You need your email to sign up, but, it isn't shown anywhere!
@Pinkeevee222: I can’t dont ask y, I’ll try
Also your eevees are soo cute. Can I make a background eevee for a future comic just to ask
@Ch: Look, you don’t need to rp. It’s not on you’re list of physical or emotional needs to do list. Just listen to Scruffy Eevee and comment only about the comic in a formal way. We forgive you, ok, but we won’t if you keep doing it. Deal?
@Anon: ok...... sorry
@Ch: You’re totally fine. Don’t be guilty. Make Absol your favorite Pokemon. MAKE IT
@Anon: MO! dont tell me friend what to like!*gives wu theh death stare*
@Silverwing: *sniff* thx
FINALY I’ve ben asking for eevee academy to be started again for like 3 months now it’s back yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Love it! This comic is the best ever. Can't wait to see where this plot line will go!
Look at the 16 panel at the bottom...
Pinkeevee..if you dont mind...I printed this out for the watercolor parts......
@Silverwing: I dont mind!! ^^
@Pinkeevee222 I just started reading these, STUPIDSHORTEEVEECOMIC.SMACKJEEVES.COM IS LIFE!!!
P.S. I’m stupid, your the stupid, the comics are stupid, let’s have a stupid party people!

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” George Carlin.

? I just realized I already said that I just started reading these
Just one question.....
you know the slyveon miku, ya ok i just want to know that the purple collar with a golden bell attached to it belonged to her.......because it seems more likely it was hers and plus will give a reason why the owner lost her in kanto OR.....
Is the random transforming cool powers eevee i just want to have an answer and SRY THIS FREAKING LONG
@SSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCCCCCRRRRRRRRRR: The purple collar with the golden bell belongs to Sky ^^
@Pinkeevee222: are you mad at me?*sniffs* im sowwy i didnt ask fwor permission was just to adorable...i put it at the front page if meh diary
Vay looks so sad! He looks like he needs a hug!!!
Hey. Do another magical sylveon highschool comic pls
1: is vay a human too
2: whare did the egg come from
4: dose any of this have to do with the neckless things
5: how do They tirn human
( the next one my be personal you don’t have to answer them)
6: how old are you
@Milkbone the umbreon : ALSO Is dusk and night related AND.............. Who’s mother. one more thing HOW CaN AN UMBREON HEAR
@Milkbone the umbreon :
1. Maybe
2. Somewhere
3. Vay doesn't know
4. Yeah!
5. Who?
6. Old as dirt
7. Cause my art is bad, lol
8. >w>;;;;;
@Pinkeevee222: ok
Who i mean they is nego and vay
Sorry if i keep on asking to many questions
@Milkbone the umbreon: AND I BET YOUR NOT THAT OLD

ALSO thank for repling your the best :]
Its called...ears...milkbone
@Silverwing: no ugg i mean they look like they have no oigbihwiuhfbouhjesfbhsiufhvwbebwheuiwrbhwiu.

Openings with the ears
When do you think the next comic will be?
@Silverwing: SSEC updates every Saturday ^^
Nego is so kawaii! * w *
What! Every Saturday you make updates which are the comics that are being added.
So Do you think you’ll make another YouTube video? Are you making one now? Those are hard, not asking for one.
@Ark the Glaceon: [Insert true story meme here]
@Ark the Glaceon: I personally don’t like Eeveelution Squad. It’s really...basic. Hate me, I don’t care. “I didn’t ask you” me, I won’t care. But really, how could you like that more than Ssec?!
@Pinkeevee222 YOU ARE SO AMAZING! LOVE YOUR ART AND COMICS!!! I has one question - do you have a wattpad account? If you do, pls follow me!
@Pinkeevee222: wait,foxlike animal turning into a human.. has companion................

Wowie, its been a while since I've commented.
Vay's face at the end is kinda cute tbh.
@Sparkling-Donut: I love your profile
I love the interaction between Night and Dusk. Also Vay is slowly climbing my favorite character list :3
@Pinkeevee222: Don’t give up hope on your comics, no matter what people say to you. I- and many more people/pokémon all over the world support you, thank you for your comics
@Mesmipha: I agree, I don’t know what I would do without Stupidshorteeveecomics
Thanks Pinkeevee!
i have nathing to say but this is a realy tuching scen
@SlyTheSylveon: i mean you don't have to be rude bout it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Night you gotta stop drinking or Dusk won't wuv you like you deserve and need QnQ the ship must happennnnn
MAKE A GIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please. and. its. saturday
So I did some research... @Pinkeevee222: February 27 is National Pokémon day. When it is February 27th next year please make a comic for that!
WOw Ok I love these comics I also like eeveelutions
Soooo Night draws the Storybords?
Vapereon is human too!!(I think.)
I have a lead: @Pinkeevee222: Ok, I think I figured out a lot of details that some people might have missed!

(Title panels included)

In comic #263 Vay’s “plushie”, Nego, is human in the 7th panel and in comic #265 Vay is seen in the 17th comic panel holding Nego, with a human hand. In comic #53 It points out that Vay has no Neck Frill all though a regular vaporeon should. The eeveelutions do act a lot like humans, in comic #23 Vay orders Pizza and humans can understand the eeveelutions apparently. Plus they walk like humans. In a variety of chapters, characters like the Powerpuff Girls and Mentioned or The lion king. In all of the comics, Everybody hates Vay. In comic #265 the clip board has a drawling of their “dear old mother” and another Eevee, who might be the one she fell in love with. In comic #100 Vay is seen sleeping with Nego. Another detail I found in comic #100 was that the poster behind Flare has a flareon on it that supposedly has a dark look to it and there are unown under it, Flareon is seen shivering under that poster in it’s sleep and it’s hand is translucent. In comic #106 eve finds the two pendants and her cheeks glow pink, the same thing happened in comic #100 while she was sleeping but with no pattern. In comic #260 Vay has a flashback of something that I wasn’t able to discern so check it out yourself to see. Finally, in comic #109 there is a “monster” behind Eve in the bushes, the monster is actually Oliver, you can tell because it is wearing the earing and in comic #133 oliver is wearing the earing.

Extra: In comic #140 apparently this is a comedy cartoon...
I’m rereading lol @Guest: took me 4 months to notice this but it’s probably the drawings of Harmony from Dusk’s storybooks (some of the storybook comics are by him; revealed in his secret and also hinted through out the comic) but u probably knew this haha

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