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March 9th, 2019, 6:07 pm


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HEY HEY!! Here is a Questionnaire about the comic and other things! Please fill it out if you have the time to!! ^^
Pinkeevee222, March 9th, 2019, 6:07 pm Reply
Advertisement, October 18th, 2019, 12:29 pm Reply

Well 1st I guess.

I’m guessing that Lem is a Grandpa now.
@Creamy Eevee: What makes you think Lem's a grandpa now?
@42Meep: Well, isn’t Lem her dad? If so, I think Dawn had her kit, she’s crying in joy or pain. Her kit would make Lem a Grandpa.
@Creamy Eevee: I don't think there's any evidence Dawn and Skul had a kid. Though if they did you would be correct
@42Meep: On the ssec amino app there is a competition on Dawn’s kit design going on. On the master Eevee list, her kit is listed as Dustin. So, it has been confirmed Scull and Dawn had a kit.
@Creamy Eevee : Well, it's been confirmed that Dawn and Scull WILL have a kit, but the kit hasn't been born (hatched?) yet. But pinkeevee said to not look too much into the headers, a lot of times they mean nothing.
@PokeDoki: Yee~ The header has no meaning.
I just drew Dawn crying cause LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE SHE IS!!!
@Pinkeevee222: she is adorable
@Pinkeevee222: I MUST PROTECC TEH DAWN *protecc*
Um... oh dear. Scruffy, we can’t see the comic. Kind of like Vay’s secret page.
@SeahDaLunatic: I can see it just fine - have you tried reloading the page?
Dawn is sad turnip Turnip is sad. Good job shading her! I did ur questionairre, lots of fun! Thanks for making it!
i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory
@LAFAYETTE: When's going to get me? In my sleep, Seven feet ahead of me?
@Pinkeevee222: Why are you even wondering about that stop being so depressed and paranoid just live life. In the light.
You should tell Dusk that. He seems depressed.
@Creamy Eevee : it's a song, dude. I am not depressed at all :v
Actually, look it up. It's amazing, tbh
AAND, Dusk isn't depressed. Just lonely. =w=
@Pinkeevee222: If I see it comin' do I run or let it be? Is it a beat without a melody?
@PastelWhile: Sorry, that’s good ur ok. And that Dusk is ok. The song was great!
HAMILTON! @PastelWhile: See, I never thought I’d live past twenty Where I come from some get half as many
Stares that will definitely not give you scares
why is Dawn crying?
@Guest: I dunno, but Dawn is such a sad turnip...
@...: Thankyou, random guest. Dawn’s new nickname is Turnip, we will now spread the word in great floods until everyone drowns.
@Guest: he's not crying it's he's glasses
Night never had a tie on his neck
@Guest: It's a tied rope, and he's always had it.
@Neptune: òwó night don’t be sayori pls
@Guest: He tends to remove it, lol
@Guest: He is stupid
I feel like a new person when I see this stupidness
... Replies to the Umbreon's: Guys... come on, I would just leave him alone.
LOL No one believes you Vay
@Painted Fox: yeah
They are staring into Vay's soul.
Vay is now contemplating life
Ack I am the worst person to ask questions but I tried,,,
I love your comic regardless,,,,,
stareeeeeeeee stareeeeeeeee
@Pinkeevee222: Is this a Re:Zero reference?
@yolo4ever: Just an Anime reference in general, lol, didn't get past episode 3 of re:zero
Does anybody have the link to the second questionare? It's important I need it!
pinkeevee222 ilu your the best
Hey scruffy eevee I love your new design to eevee academy keep it up! I am a good eevee drawer but I can’t post it online I’m sorry. Oh btw Happy late 5th anniversary SSEC I’ve been reading this comic since last year and it is hilarious 🤣 thank you for reading _ sylveontheangel22
OH! I just noticed that Dawn in the header still has her bell, so that must be past Dawn.
@Pinkeevee222: XD that random stare down hehehehe
@Pinkeevee222: Cool!!
who will win thy stare down!?
On march 30 its meh birthday:3
Fudge I hit the back button. Welp. There goes my explanation of my relation to Bolt ~____~
Vay: guys seriously, its fine really...

Dusk and night:
@CollectiveComics: LOLOLOLO FUNNY
I tried making a super long line of oofs. It ended up redacted. Sorry milkbone
Probably nobody cares but its my mom's birthday.
Happy Brithday! @(`°3°`): Happy birthday to her! Happy birthday to her! Happy birthday dear @(`°3°`)'s mom! Happy birthday to herrrrrr!
Some guess... I know Ima guest, but... Is Sky related to whatever Vay went through? Or does Sky play an important role for Vay?
I had a dream that sky was a hoothoot
Why is Dawn crying in the title
night looks like hes wearing a noose around his neck
Bruu Good question. Btw does anymon know WHO Dawn can possibly be scared of? Plz answer.(=^x^=)
@Rainbowpillow0w0: The trainer kicking her out of the main team. She is like, terrified of that. Oh. And everyone in the legends box.
Nooo Daaawn What's wrooong
@(insert username here): She be a sad turnip
@SlyTheSylveon: They all mutually bully each other UwU
@SlyTheSylveon: Because she looks adorable
@SlyTheSylveon: OwO ........ oops
*whistles* You just bombed the sketchbook with answers to the asks that’s aawweessoommee thanks I hope u did good on ur exams!
@Creamy Eevee: shhhh we're not supposed to mention the sketchbook (;; '~')
@PokeDoki: Ooooooh well then
@PokeDoki: why???
@Moonshine: cause it's secret~
i know what the tiny words are
i used a secret wepen to find the words out
Hi I was born today.
RIP Stephen Hawking -died today-
PIR Albert Einstein -born today-
National pi day (3.14)

Ha ha nobody cares your welcome
@Communist USA:
It’s my birthday is what I’m saying
@Creamy Eevee: hapoy B-day
@midnight_draws: us foetus
Day tell the truth
@WHEREAMU?: seriously
@WHEREAMU?: oof...
There siblings for sure it's obvious
@Pinkeevee222: can you send a link to your youtube channel, I must subscribe to our leader.



(Waiting for updates)

Derp derp derp derp derp
Poker face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why is night staring?
Eu apareço do nada

Eu: DIZ O ACOLICA QUE GOSTA DE CERVEJA (vão ver no ask ta)

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