He is fine, guys


March 16th, 2019, 7:01 am

Is he fine?

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Eve hasn't been in the comic much lately, oof. I want to give her more screen time, so, I have to organize chapters and stop setting the characters and plots that have already been set up, and stop introducing new plots without settling old plots for forever. The thing is, I know that this is a problem, BUT, I seem scared to write the character arcs. And thus, endless setup of different arcs, with no pay off.
BASICALLY! I need to get on with things.
I think that is a problem with me specifically because I love writing about the characters interacting with things and each other, and I set up mundane plots and do lots of different things ^^;;; Same thing happened in Zeon's quest. 22 chapters, over 40,000 words, and they literally only traveled a few miles. :V
Why am I talking about this? Well, it was a main point that people talked about in the ssec questionnaire I made. Like... a lot of people >w>;;;
I am listening to feedback and I am making the comic better!
Also, guys. There is a 50/50 split on Drama and comedy. QuQ How would I know what to do more of if everything is so EQUALLLLLLLL
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And people just want more SSEC
O_O He is NOT fine
@HttpLotorius: XD he is not okay
Night in the background doing a bottle flip XD
@bostoncandrawiguess: Cap down too.
@Shadow_Strikr: And it was empty
@Snapety McSnap: no wonder he has a face of utter disbelief
@bostoncandrawiguess: That is why Vay is fine
@SeahDaLunatic: lol yeah
@bostoncandrawiguess: little kid
@pixlblox9099: lol
@bostoncandrawiguess: wow you kids these days really are ignorant & stupid. I was talking about you.
@pixlyJolt: again, lol wut
@pixlyJolt: I'm pretty sure he knew who you were talking about, but you're just calling him a little kid for no reason?
@PokeDoki: no, he knows. We've been talking about this. I bet he doesn’t know what those words mean without looking it up
@pixlyJolt: I'm guessing you guys have some sort of history that I don't know about then. It just looked like to me that you just called him a little kid for no reason, which is pretty rude...
@pixlyJolt: she right bro. why u gotta do dis to me
@pixlyJolt: is there a reason ur assuming im stupid and ignorant? or are u just saying that to feel better about urself?
@bostoncandrawiguess: I mean... it is true
@pixlyJolt: but...its not
@Guest: like you would know
hmmm I don't remember if I talked about that on the questionaire... I think I did? idk ;u;
oscar of Best bottle flip challenge ever done goes to.....

Why are Nights eyes orangey
Dusk’s Face in panel 6 is so cute and perfect I love it
he is totaly not fine
@Pinkeevee222: Just try to keep doing some dramatic comics and some comedy comics i suppose (sorry this is bad advie lul)
These comics aren’t getting us anywhere in the plot, I recommend just switching it to Blizz and skip comedy for a while
@Anonymous Avacado: They are fleshing out Vay's character~ Which is important, lol
@Pinkeevee222: wat are you trying to imply?

I’m sorry
@Pinkeevee222: how do i get a background eevee??
I would've completed the survey thing if part of it didn't make me feel uncomfortable because nearly EVERYTHING on it is required.
@littlekirby61524: That is because I need feedback, lol
The screaming part Vay, the screaming part

Also I find it funny that Night and Dusk are agreeing with each other, and since Night is literally Dusk’s clone, it doesn’t really seem like a second opinion

Oh, did Night do a water bottle flip?
@PastelWhile: being crazy
Dusk is soooo cute.
@BudgieGryphon: why are you doing a bottle flip?
Oh no, people still bottle flip in 2019 save me god pls
@ProfessorPhanyom: Do U know the way
Oh man, I know exactly how they're feeling. I've done that defensive, hostile "I'M FINE" way more times than I'd ever like to admit.
@Entity1037: wow night
I don't get why everyone's worrying about him so much. He's clearly fine. If he wasn't, why would he say it so loudly? Only people who are undeniably fine would ever shout at people saying that they're fine.
Vay Always has the best expressions!
Daang... I don't blame Vaporeon for acting like that. If someone was saying something over and over again something like that, I would be a little angry. Because they would not understand and they aren't trying. I do find that the one Umbreon with Glasses made a bottle flip. I find that part funny with his reaction. xD
awww, im late :/
i slept in way too long, i need to stop going to sleep at like 3:00am
The header is SO cute!!!
Am I the only one who actually knows about Darren?
@TheKingKonnquer: No my friend. You are not alone. Does anyone know about Tip, the Wimp, and Sonny? No? I do
@Creamy Eevee: I am ashamed to say that I don't know those characters. I know wimp but not the others nor how they are connected. If anyone can tell me where they're seen or mentioned or a point in the right direction that would be much appreciated.
@TheKingKonquer: Don’t be ashamed, it was really hard to find out about them. Look up “Eeveelution amino” and go to their website. You don’t need the app. It should take you to their “Featured” section at the top, of not then click on it. You’ll have to scroll through a lot of posts to get to ScruffyEevee. It should have some post about the Ssec Fanclub. Click the picture and it’ll take you to its homepage. (VIP homepage for Patrons. You can see a lot of her more secret works of art and new comics, but they’re blurry. Sorry Pink, gotta give the people what they want.
i have a question how do i get a background eevee
"I am FINE'd." (But you're literally getting fined)
#iamfine vs #iamlonely
@midnight_draws: vs #mylifeatthemoment
D a t B o t t l e F l i p T h o !
@Pinkeevee222: Thank you Pinkeevee222
In Panel 7, it looks like panel 5, but zoomed in and added with teeth and dark lines.
He is not okay BBRRRREEEEE XD
I dont think his fine.
Denying the truth won't do you any good, Vapy...
Omg, first ever bottle flip I did, first ever, it landed on the cap.

My friends actually flipped...

Pun intended
were is eve?
Random theory/fact that it seems nobody has touched up on yet:
The five main characters are the five stages of grief:
Dusk is denial with his denial of him losing Sky(seen in multiple comics.)
Blizz is anger because...well do I need to explain.
Bargaining is Flame as he uses him collection of 'magazines' to cope with the events of the lab(though it seems like he is dependant on them due to the events that occurred to him whilst inside the lab)
Vay is depression because...again obvious.
And Bolt is acceptance as he was the one that moved on the longest from the lab.
@TheKingKonquer: Another theory/question
Um, do any of y’all think that Bolt, the Wimp, Sonny, and Tip are in some sort of group? *smiles evily* I think you know where I got that from PinkEevee...
Anyway, do you think Dusk is in the group of Agents with Dai—-I mean Lea and Flame? There totally wasn’t just a comic realsed for patrons at all...too bad I’m broke and saving money for future...Couldn’t Dusk teleport stuff though? So, he could be teleporting stuff in and out of the PC? No? Yes? Tell me whatcha think
@Creamy Eevee: Dusk can teleport things in and out of the box(seen in secrets.) Dusk I don't believe is part of the organisation and, one thing to pick up on, is you know how volt appears in that comic? Well what about his ask blog. That was running at the time that comic came out(I think) so either the ask blogs aren't happening in real time, which seems unlikely as PinkEevee recently stated they do, or that the meanwhile aren't actually hapenning at the same time as the main comics. I have a theory coming up on that stating that the meanwhile a re actually in the past, so wait for that to be posted. Also, I seee your name everywhere and it seems we always end up getting into theory or general conversations. Also, I don't know who Tip is but I know he's mentioned in August 1. Either that I forgot about him.
@TheKingKonquer: I don’t get what your trying to ask/say about Volt. Tip is a meowth, but I don’t know anything about him. Sorry(?) I comment a lot I’ll stop if it bothers you
@Pinkeevee222: sad
“He is fine, guys”
Let’s make a list of all of those dead memez in past comics, but not in a mean way just like reliving the past memories, love your comics pinkeevee222:

1. Bottle flipping
Previous comic: 2. Staring at people for no reason whatsoever
Second comic: 3. That computer is out of date
Mostly earlier comics: 4. Sitting on Flame’s tail because nobody does that anymore...
25th comic: 5. Green pepper pizza.
101th comic: 6. Fancy pens...seriously thats dank
9th comic: 7. Farting is just kinda gross...

BUT IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30th comic: 7 continued. Don’t forget about what comes after farts,



What about that fight Shane (or something,a greenpaw) had with that icedrop eevee?
@Guest: Soon. Very soon. I hope~ Actually next chapter she said somewhere
Nice Love it!
And now it's time for Vay to learn that the more you say your fine, the less everyone else believes you!
Lol Panel 7 though just look at Vay’s face he is not okay........ Vay: I AM FINE.. I should probably stop saying he is not ok. Vay: WHAT PART OF I AM OKAY DO YA NOT UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should run for my life peeps.
Do you have a problem with me not being fine.
@Vay: yes
Yes Vay, I have a problem with that. :>
@Pinkeevee222: Sorry that I'm commenting so much on this comic, but why is the secret blog gone? It says that there's nothing there, so I'm confused.
@PokeDoki: Same she probably deleted it cuz we mentioned it OuO;;
NVM @PokeDoki: I found it again, you can't hide your secrets from me tina! >:3c
@PokeDoki: :3
Weeeeell @Guest: you could always make an account (if u don't already have one) and fav+ pinkeevee! :3
Did anyone notice that only for comic #266 Night just randomly is wearing a rope-like scarf? Where did the scarf go in the next comic?!? Lol Night apparently has a disappearing scarf...
@DL400: I drew the scarf on him on accident ^^;
@Pinkeevee222: i just noticed that
Look, I know everyone is SUPER WORRIED about Vay being fine/not fine, and I am too but..... NIGHT'S BOTTLE THO! IT LANDED BOIS! NIGHT CAN LAND THE CAP IN ONE SHOT O: O: O: O: O: O:

I aspire to be one HUNDRETH as good as Night at the bottle flip.
wait what Ah yes, I've not been here in awhile, well let's see *looks at new comics* HOLY CHICKEN NUGGETS, HAVE I BEEN AWAY THAT LONG?
@Firestar: Yes you’ve been away too long oh and let meh get u some chicken nuggets you need sum.
Hey, Pinkeevee222, what program do you use for drawing your comics? (Sorry if the info is posted somewhere and I’m being repetitive) -Also, is the app/ program applicable to an apple product? If so, how did you set up your smackjeeves web page, because most other comics, you have to scroll through on the website, how did you make your own? I was thinking about starting my own webcomic so I wanted to ask :)
Paint tool Sai (Not free) for Sketching, line art, coloring, some headers, and backgrounds.

Clip Studio Paint (Not free) for effects

Paint.net (Free) for text and transparency related things.

And, MS Paint (Comes free with all Windows computers) for some of the headers.
@eevee64: Thanks!!
@Roundhouse: also i got paint tool SAI for free but my brother did it so i actually never got to see the website it was on :/
@Pinkeevee222: I have a warning for you, I began reading these comics not long ago and I decided that they are very good. I am concerned though... You see this comic is not an original idea, Pokémon belongs to Nintendo


I am giving you are warning, I am no official on this, because if you get caught for copyrighting Pokémon and using it as your own; you will be fined one billion or more dollars. I am not saying this to be mean, I love your comics personally, but I am concerned of what happens if you get caught. Please, if you continue making this comic, proceed with caution.
@Guest: She is not claiming it as her own and they can not copyright her. Also, she doesn’t make money off of this comic (people donate to her patreon for her art in general, not just the comic) so Nintendo can’t sue her.
@Random guest: she should still give credit to the creators of pokemon though
Night did a perfect bottle flip
no fine ness i see
Looks like he is crazy
He is weird so weird
Vay acts a little like me in some cases. BOI IS SAID I AM FINE, LEAVES ME ALONE! >:3
wow bottle!!
haahaha this is so funny

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