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March 30th, 2019, 4:37 pm

*turns into dust*

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........ I regret nothing.
QuAlItY cOnTeNt!

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Pinkeevee222, March 30th, 2019, 4:37 pm Reply
Advertisement, November 17th, 2019, 1:01 am Reply

What... just happened?
@Sky207: E V E R Y T H I N G
@Sky207: no u times 2
@pixlyJolt: if there was not a "no u", then that'll make it 0 "no u's".
@Scale_Knight194: um, k
Meme @Sky207: My guess is that it was a thanos snap.
Wow @Delta: that’s so obvious, award of the year
@redblueevee222: Did we just post a comment at the exact same time?
@redblueevee222: unfortunately this ^ was not at the same minute
@Shadow_Strikr: look at the two top comments
@redblueevee222: yeah I know, would’ve been funnier if all 4 were in the same minute
@redblueevee222: wait for it!!! Wait what!!!
I have some questions 1. Is Red Cybervee Dusks creation
2. What’s going to happen to Pepper
3. Is Harmony better
4. When will Eifie and Swordblade come in? Or at least is it soon? (Prolly not)
5. Why are you so good at thinking of plot stories like these characters are gold
6. Is John the next best bae?
7. Can we talk to the amazing Dawn
@Creamy Eevee:
1. Cybervees are trademarked to Pinkeevee222 lol, no they are not
2. Idk
3. Nope
4. Idk. Trying to reorganize things.
5. Thanks ^^
6. He was before, but, I changed his personality a bit
Time problem @Pinkeevee222: the comment time is messed up
@G man: The time problem is probably related to time zones, I have the same problem.
LOL MEMES @Pinkeevee222: hah... that's what I've been saying at school you know like your mom gay, your dad lesbian
@Creamy Eevee: You wanted to talk to me? UwU
@Dawn_da_beautiful: You’re beautiful and nobody can surpass your ultimate amazing ness and perfection. Can ur nickname be Turnip it’s really cute Ouo;;
@Creamy Eevee : It's great to know someone understands how beautiful and perfect I am.
@Dawn_da_beautiful: hey dawn see you on the ask blog uwu
@Dawn_da_beautiful: well, no offense, but nobody is perfect, not even YOU. I'm not trying to be mean, but I think you are just bragging about yourself. What did you do to be SO perfect? Keeping Daisy away from Flame? You should know that Daisy is Flame's BFF. Keeping Daisy away from Flame is not perfect. I think that you are RUINING their friendship. Maybe you should start getting along with Flame, well even he is kind of a pervert..... What about you stop saying that you are so perfect.. PLEASE? I'm not trying to be mean and I don't want to be in an argument with you...... I get upset easily....
@Guest: I have the EXACT same feeling!
@Guest: i don’t like it when she boasts, but at least she is actually pretty nice. I think Dawn is trying to tear dasiy and flame apart cause flame is a pervert, and I’m guessing he assaulted dawn in the panty house
@Dawn_da_beautiful: why do you and Pinkeevee222 have a same exact Email? Please someone reply....
@Guest: probably Pinkeevee222 have a second account which is Dawn_Da_Beautiful! I think Pinkeevee222 logins to her second account to chat to Creamy Eevee and "brag" that she is so "perfect"! Then, Pinkeevee222 logins back to her first account!! Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!!!
@....: probably.....
@Guest: Wasn't that obvious? We even have the same age.
Dawn's account is pretty old tho
*sighs* @Pinkeevee222: what am I doing talking to imaginary furries anyway

Dawn ur still noice just uh, be more open-minded of others. PinkEevee222 thanks for letting me “talk” to her
@Creamy Eevee : I agree that Dawn SHOULD be open-minded.
@Creamy Eevee : furry for life
@Pinkeevee222: It is obvious. ^^" I guess that people that have talked to Dawn_Da_Beautiful REALLY have talked to an imaginary purple furry.. TwT
@Pinkeevee222: umm... Pink, WHY do you made a second account and said that Dawn is so perfect? You know that NOBODY is perfect... right?????
@Guest: It is Dawn’s account, not mine. As in, Dawn is the one who speaks through that account, not me~
Also. The account was made for an event 2 years ago, lol
@Pinkeevee222: What kind of event?
@Guest: The event was Dawn’s secret, it’s in the comment section of Eve’s and Oliver’s secret if you wanna look it up
The event consisted of people asking Dawn about one character, and then Dawn would tell them what she knows/thinks of them
@Eevee power: okay
@HttpLotorius: Why not?
@HttpLotorius: ROFL
*Looks at PinkEevee222's comment*
Sure, let's devote an entire comic to a meme that hasn't been funny for months.
@Nintenduck: Exactly! You got the spirit!
I have learned never to put actual memes in comics because memes get unfunny and die quickly,*looks at scrapped? angry birds comic I drew in 2012, and rage comic face comic* but like, I couldn't help myself. Comic #269 and April fools in 2 days?? Glorious. Just... Glorious
@Pinkeevee222: Hey, do you mind telling me how to put the crossed lines across text? I feel like its something simple but... xP
@Umbreon5456: It's coding language! I learned it in school, lol
< s > for crossed out text < /s >
< b > for bold < /b >
< i > for italics < /i >
Just put the things in brackets without the space
Ahh @Pinkeevee222: ok, thanks! I'll take note.
Half the things you draw would make great computer backgrounds.

Like "Blizz" smirking.
Or Dusk trying to eat a pineapple.

oh wait they did
Exact representation of me and my frens at school.
And now for you periodic reminder that blizz is a boy
literally the best comic page i have seen in a while
This is the quality content I live for
... I'm just gonna pretend that this comic doesn't exist and you had a but load of homework so that's why we didn't get a comic this week....
my absolute favorite page omg
“I don’t feel so good”
It was me! Blizz!

Dead memes everyone!
This, this is true art ladies and gentlemen
269 with April fools coming soon? Majestic tbh
PinkEevee222, There was literally no better way you could’ve done this. I...
...a silent manly tear has been shed...

Also can u answer my questions above
Uh Lol wut
Pink, do you mind? I want to watch Avengers: Endgame without spoilers.
(Also, one day before the contest ends! Yeet!)
@SeahDaLunatic: Oh right! I'm actually extending that, lol
@Pinkeevee222: O
For how many days?
Your... FaMiLY tRe E lGbT1!1!1!
Erm... Ok, I am confused. xD
Dusk-sensei, I don't feel so good... .
O My God O-O where did blizz get the infinity gauntlet anyways, what is the name of the eevees? ( I know that those are the one of the two eevees that but makeup on blizz) also where did the color go
@CutieCreamVee: They are Torrent and Tobey. Two IceDrop troublemakers.
@Dawn_da_beautiful: Hey Dawn, what comic number was the last one you appeared in? Wow sad grammar fail please forgive me almighty Espeon *bows*
I don’t get it but it’s funny XD
@Painted Fox: Mewtwo (me too)
@Sini vuokko kissa: “Well That’s Fantastic” I know right!
@Lady J: I think she means What The Fu**
average rating: none
Oh no, they got OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU'd.
@AndreTheLugia: NANI!?!?!
Huh I wonder why in the character charts everyone has their special old eye color in little circles below their lab-given ones. I mean, even Eve and Daisy have one, not suspicious at all...
@Guest: Really? Hmm. Must be a coincidence.

(Whispers to Guest)

She is being sarcastic.
@Guest: *whispers back*
I had no idea! OuO
@Guest: No sarcasm here. Being serious.
@Pinkeevee222: O_o well.. that happened
What about Flareon’s fluffy tail amp;hl=en-us&prmd=isvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi4iebB6qzh AhWOnFkKHaEpAaoQ_AUoAXoECAkQAQ&biw=320&bih=454#imgrc=npd2WKgDE4ZSSM
@Guest: flar very puffy
#blizz turns into Thanos

why did you do this blizz is my favorite character
I love your comics! They’re amazing!
k den '-'
LOL Blizz’s face XD
@Sylveeon: IKR (lol blizz is so weird in this comic)
@Pinkeevee222 , What’s Up With The Two Icedrop Eevees And The Fight , Pinkeevee?
@G man: Dont mind me, just fixing the script
@Pinkeevee222: but what about "your granny tranny"?
Blizz hits the fat nae nae to save the box.
@NEONtheUMBREON23: Is that profile pic a gacha life char?
Think about it. YES. This makes me happy. Although, honestly, Blizz should accidentally do it wrong and just chop everybody in half, because that could have happened in reality too. Just a pair of legs, wandering around.
Meme war has begun everyone grabs your weapons there not much ( I mean memes die easily ) but..... WE CAN SERVIVE

( I don’t know anymore;-; )
(This comment sucks )
(I’m dead inside)
make new one please
XD *claps* congrats blizz u have summoned the dead meme XD still a good Meme tho ;3
Speaking of dead memes ‘DO YOU KNOW DA WAE?!’and pinkeevee222 please do De BG eevee ding ..... I can’t type T^T
I love that you’re dad lesbian joke XD
You underlined the 69 AHHHHHHHHH
I forgot the reason why this comic is updated in all Saturdays , can someone explain to me pls?
@StartToGo: Saturday morning cartoons
This, I like this( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
10 outta 10
Was that... Thanos?
.......... Yes
Sweet revenge
I love your comics they skways inspire me
Well that was random
Thanose snap ( IDK how to spell his name) p.s i gots no idea wat was going on
Blizznos NOOOooooo- *vanishes*
Honestly I feel like that's the entire Infinity Wars plot
@Draconic-Wolf: It totally is the entire plot, it's kind of sad
No u
what was with that Thanos snap
This is glaceon to the power of 1,000
This is the best and most confusing thing ever.

Lol Idk why, my thoughts are random, but I was thinking, "hey sister rhymes with mister. I'M GONNA SAY MISTER SISTER!" Before this comic came out
WhA.... I'm So I'm guessing this is a meme due to the fact that it's girls who are lesbians and boys who are gay P.S. If any one can find the original meme plz set up a link.thx
i don't know what so say...
so i'll say what you say when you don't know what to say...
@Dusk's Fan Girl: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
Just trying out this stuff
I WAITED A WHOLE WEEK FOR THIS...................................................................................... .......................................................................................... .......................................................................................... .......................................................................................... .......................................................................................... ..WORTH IT
You should do a comic to celebrate da release of pokemon sword and shield! The firswt pokemon games on the switch! pokemon lets go eevee/pikachu isnt a pokemon game....its just a pokemon go but with no walking
That’s weird Scruffy, why did you post a drawing on deviantart you drew 4 months ago on Deviantart when you could’ve done it before were you busy?
@Creamy Eevee: I didn’t upload many drawings to DA last year, so, now I am!
@Pinkeevee222: YES
he speaks da truth
U speaketh the trutheth.
@SkySylvie: I just started Watching the marvel movies
*Busts in* Me: *Your GRANNY TRANNY*
Blizz: (smirks)
Blizz: your brother *LOVER*
Me: diez

Pinkeevee222 comics always inspires me you can also call me EEVEE for nickname
Wha? Just happen in here? Mah the comic seem legit
@Guest: ha
If iyjjfxedsksijdjuuhhjjkjjuuudxuusaklokiuukoysjlukiadkksgkjkigfdggxjdkukuic
This is why I love this comic
is this ssec infinty war?
(Puts random dead memes here (i liek trains))
[more xplosions]
Hahahahha@pinkeevee222 Lol so hilarious 🤣
Qustionz How does one make a comic like this? I want to try to make one as well!
this is my new favorite comic page
@Pinkeevee222: how does blizz have the infinity gauntlet?
Thanos boys lets goooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
wait,is blizz thanos.

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