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DO NOT SHIP BLIZZ AND VAY. I repeat. DO NOT SHIP BLIZZ AND VAY. They are brothers. Vay is basically a younger brother who is going to his older brother to sleep with after having a nightmare.
UwU Now that is cleared up... *cartwheels out*
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good comic
me first
@redblueevee222: Why is vay blushing when he asks blizz to sleep in there???
@Ani: Because he’s embarrassed, probably. I would be too.
Hi @Ani: well he's probably blushing cuz he's imberrased about asking if he could sleep with him
@Ani: it’s embarrassing
@HarmonicDarkness: IDK WHO WAS SCREAMIN'
I know who was screaming @Ani: Vay was screaming. It was his talk color. If you look, every character in SSEC has a different color they speak with. Vay is darkish blue.
@Who Knows?: Actually vay has a really dark blue not...oh wait it was nego
@redblueevee222: Actually the Advertisement is always the first one to comment.... LOL I agree with you this was a good part of the comic.
I WaNdEr WhO wAs ScREaMiNg
@Creamy Eevee: I bet NEGO! We need to send some loyal members of the cinnamon-nightmare squad to help!
@I’m Gay: The only reason I'm responding to that is bc I agree...not saying I like your name...
I think Blizz should have cleaned up before going to bed...
Blizz, why don't you upgrade to grade s+ wedgies of doom? They're better for you and they're better for them
Only doing it 'cause I was told not to... (σωσ) Blizz ... Vay (σωσ)
@Pinkeevee222: PFFFT I see it now. Anyway, you did good on this comic. Neat, I'll be looking forward to the next page!
why shouldn't we ship Blizz and Vay tho? basically everyone is related
@lol: blitz said no homo bro. You do not deny the no homo. Let the ship sink Into the depths of the ocean. Never to be touched again
@lol: Because, Eevees and eeveelutions in the same house/brotherhood are considered family, and should not be shipped as a result. Ofc, this is ignoring how an eevee may feel about another eevee in the same house in the comic itself.
oof @Pinkeevee222: that's why Blizz did the Thanos snap in the last comic because of some vees did a prank on him
you can see how smol Vay is in the final panel. Whole comic is looking great with sai2!
Wait lol he still has the knot behind his head
@Creamy Eevee: Dude thats... Thats honestly amazing
I won't ship Blizz and Vay but...

I'll ship Goku and Vegeta
LET'S NOT SHIP THEM, it will be weird.
@AndreTheLugia: I'm still shipping them. Besides, what's better than gay incest ships?
@Aura Lucario: They can, it just depends on if they want to
UwU Dis is very cute
The last panel... Flashback time?
OK,I only thought of that when u said it* triple back flips off a jet plane into a exploding base out* lol
Law and other wait for next week
"It's lipstick. No homo." I applaud you Pinkeevee222.
I do not care if they're brothers, I ship them so hard
class wedgies? they don`t even have pants

wwut ??
@luckysand: They have POCKETS.....sooo...why not PANTS
@Silverwing: they do have pants~
@Pinkeevee222: wait they have pants
Aww that was adorable! (Btw is blizz homophonic :0)
@Pinkeevee222: UwU
@Pinkeevee222: alright thx
I feel bad for Vay at least He can sleep with his brother Blizz anyway NO HOMO BRO
Pinkeevee222 comics always inspires me :) i love your comics! You can call eeveez for nickname. Im a gitl btw :3
@Guest: thank you! to have a name, make a Smackjeeves account, or write in the "name" space, above the panel you write your comment in.
Also pink, the alt texts are gone (except for this comic's), and when you tap the pictures, they move to the next comic now.
@(`°3°`): I went to the last comic, and, the alt text was in there.
Oh! alsao, yeah! Smackjeeves took out the "tap to go to next comic" feature a year or 2 ago, but, I saw that they put it back, so, I put it back on the site, to make it better for mobile users ^^ because i am NOT using Smack Jeeves Mobile site. too many intrusive ads and the site format suits mobile more, since ssec is in long comic strips
K @Pinkeevee222:
CaN I sTiLl ShIp VaPoReOn (not vay) and Glaceon (not blizz) *disappears*
Pinkeevee: says not to ship blizz and vay
Everyone:Does anyway
Pinkeevee:*Surprised pikachu face*
tina: please don't ship blizz and vay, they're best brothers and it's completely platonic and they'll develop overtime to improve together and grow a bond that isnt romantic

everyone: *continues to ship it*

tina: am i a joke to you
@Pinkeevee222: wat da
Wait... Blizz tied his glaceon thingies up... just like future Blizz from the ask blog ages ago... is heck going to go down????
@Theory Maker: Oooooooo. I'm excited now.
@TheKingKonquer: in the future he has his old bandana and... I’m pretty sure he has scars too?? I’m not sure but I’m looking forward to it
@Theory Maker: Either Blizz never gets them untied, or he likes the look and keeps it.
@BudgieGryphon: What if blizz CAN'T get them untied?!
@Silverwing: Comic idea they get stuck like that and he’s just like “meh”. Then Eve asks whether it’s painful or not
Timeline on SSEC:
Harmony gets separated from her brother Darren,(edited)
Harmony and Melody get transported to a lab,
Harmony and Melody get back to their trainer,
Dusk, Bolt, Flame, Jay and Blizz are born.
Dusk falls in love with Sky(The trainer's sisters? Eevee.)
Harmony gets jealous as she wants to mate with Dusk.
Harmony sends Dusk,Sky,Jay,Blizz,Flame and Bolt to the lab, along with Volt some time after for current unknown reasons.
Trainer postpones her journey,
Lem is born,
Dusk,Sky,Jay,Blizz,Flame and Bolt are experimented on in the lab,
These experiments cause Dusk to gain Psychic powers,
Jay gains the power of being able to turn into a human.Jay becomes a 'breeder' which is also what happens to Sky as well as losing his neck, hair thing.(IDK know what it's called don't kill me (0-0)
Flame's experiment can cause him to turn invisible and craves a need to read corn,
Bolt had Troll and Wimp now constantly torturing him, along with enhanced agility,
Blizz has super strength and his eyes turn green whenever this power is triggered,
Sky's powers are unknown,
Dusk,Jay,Blizz,Flame and Bolt, all escape the lab, but leave Sky,
Jay becomes depressed throughout the lab and is thus depressed during the SSEC events as well as changing his name to Vay,
Blizz forgets the lab all together from being knocked out during a fight to get out of the lab,
Dusk,Blizz,Flame,Bolt and Vay all return home.
Lem holds a grudge against Dusk for taking Harmony 'away from him.'
Vay goes back to the lab from his own decision,
Oliver gets sent to the lab,
Oliver escapes the lab with Sora and Volt, leaving with Eve's egg,
Vay comes back home with the egg of Nego+Domonic(The Eevee that is underneath the tree)(Edited)
Bolt evolves,
Flame evolves,
Vay attempts suicide,
Vay makes sure he doesn't get healed by installing a mod onto the PC,
Vay is healed outside of the PC,
Dawn and Daisy are then born,
Eve's hatched,
Nego's hatched,
Eve is taken away by a Riolu and Dusk saves her, so now Eve has a crush on Dusk.
Dusk evolves,
Vay evolves,
Blizz evolves,
Daisy evolves,
Dawn evolves,
Events of SSEC take place.

If I missed anything or have got something wrong please let me know. I can (hopefully) provide evidence to any of these events. Additionally, it is my theory(ies) that 1. The 'Meanwhile's' aren't actually occuring at the same time as the story and 2. Miku is Sora as well as Sky(I believe)and I can give evidence for both.
@TheKingKonquer: how do you even know about this
And i cant tell with is sky and sora
And do you know why there a veporeon in sora dream ? ( the vapoureon that lost all but still have the vay )
@luckysand: Yeah, it's who was Sora's mate in the lab A.K.A The father of Eve, which reminds me that Eve is the only Eevee in Box that's not Harmony's child, which explains why she doesn't remember her name.
@TheKingKonquer: :3c A lot of events are jumbled. Some (especially in the first half) are not correct.
Good job tho!! >w< It's closer than other timelines!
@Pinkeevee222: Yeah, honestly I kind of guessed the placement for some of the timeline. I'm still not sure about the whole Harmony, Darren and Melody thing prior to the birth of the main cast to be honest. I'm finding more things about this series every day and I'm excited to see where it goes moving forward. Also, random fact that will surprise some people I hope: Sora is a boy.
@TheKingKonquer: most of that is from the fanfic though, isn't it? A lot of that stuff hasn't been confirmed.
@BudgieGryphon: No, I don't think any of that is from the fanfic, the whole powers and lab thing have all been either confirmed or inferred from the comic or ask blog. The riolu thing was said in the alt text if a comic and the placement of the events are admittidly guessed.
questions I'm kind of ... full of questions ... I ask you here or in your discord (if you have one, do not you?)if you alredy see this... sorry
Irl im a girl... still love ur comics! I made a book called eevee search on wattpad dedicated to u pinkeevee222!
A&Q for you :3 here are my questions: does anyone warn this to pinkeevee222?
1-why does flame hate dawn and dusk and dawn hates flame? One of the two is icedrop ??
2-in the future daisy will be left with blizz or with vay?
3-You will do well type ... you have the dusk and you will add another umbreon?
4-who will be the future girlfriend or wife of dusk vay and blizz?
5-Do you want to add more characters? (Have to do with the third)
6-You can do the story of the dusky (dusky is his last name that I sent)
That's it, it's over ... sorry if it's been too long ok?
@Reide The Umbreon:
1. Dawn hates flame cause of the pantyhose incident. Flame hates Dawn cause she is annoying. Flame hates Dusk cause he blames him for them going to the lab.
2. idk, lol
3. I have Night as well UwU
4. idk. Who says they are going to have wives?
5. I dont, but, I have to
6. idk who Dusky is, unless he is Dusk, lol.
sorry for my bad inglish
I was hoping that Vay was gonna crack a small smile towards the end. Cute either way. Some wholesome bro interaction ^w^
vay is honestly adorable when he sleeps
I BET that the storybook is gonna be about Vay

Don’t deny it. I see you denying.
@Pinkeevee222 on wattpad I made a book dedicated to you called "eevee search" pls read it and vote for my book! Thank you pinkeevee222! Because your comics inspired me.
Oh and btw can you make an eevee comic with a cute blue and light blue eevee for me pls! You can call her Fir or anything! Thank You pinkeevee222
I'm really sorry @Pinkeevee222, but this has to be done.

Hey Pinkeevee, the alt texts are no longer visible on previous comics for mobile, instead showing a link to the next page. I think this is because you changed something so clicking a pic automatically links to the next page.
@BudgieGryphon: hmmmmm, they still appear in ios
@Pinkeevee222 thx for all the comics btw!
@Pinkeevee222 please read my other 2 messages up there ️ posted on april 16
@Pinkeevee222: Scruff why have you released Waluigi
I have so many song recommendations for this comic (for PMVS) I could explode...u can ask me if you need a specific character, or two characters, I have every one~ OuO;;;
@Creamy Eevee: All the main cast >:3
NO PROB @Pinkeevee222: *deep breath*
Vay: Say Something I’m giving up on you (for Vay and his old mate or something)
Vay: Weak AJR (Sounds liek him, relates)
Dusk: Demons (duh or with everyone)
Dusk: The Spectre (perfection)
DuskxSky/Sora: Back to you Louis Tomlinson(awesome sauce)
Blizz: Natural Imagine Dragons(I know cringe)
Flare: Stronger The Score and Scared of the Dark (Spider-Man guy)
Bolt: Thunder (no surprise)
Daisy: Adventure Matthew Parker (gucci)
Dawn: The calling by Fat Rat (eh)
Oliver: Secrets by OneRepublic (MUST)
Vay(???): Shots by Imagine Dragons
Whoever Felix loved: Jar of Hearts
Eve: Thousand Years
Vay and Blizz: Hold On Chord Oversteet
@Creamy Eevee: wait no change the Shots Imagine Dragons for Vay(???) to Dusk it fits him better (and would work well with returning Miku)
OMG......I was listening to mad hatter while I was reading meanwhile in kanto.....everything appeared in sync with the song...*shudders*
hey did anyone notice that eve ‘s bow match the colour of her cute pink eyes ps: she my favourite eevee girl *cartwheels out of the meeting room*
@Pinkeevee222: Ok I won’t I promise But I wonder.... who was Screaming??
@Sylveontheangel22 : Nego, the Negotation. He is Vay’s son. On the Ask Blog (SSEC ASK BLOG) just scroll down and you’ll see the same waaaaaah -ing in this comic.
Plz don’t call him Nekko or Neko he is not an anime furry~
@Creamy Eevee: nego
@SlyTheSylveon: aka its tumblr
Cute should be an understatement
If I can't ship vay and blizz can I ship eve and dusk. Also doesn't that mean that vay maybe is gay
@Guest: Vay has a son tho
I still ship vay and blizz
Broke that rule already sorrrryyyyyyy ;3
Lol Reading:.........
Reads desc: Welp, there goes a another 15000000000000 hours of quiet lol.
After done laughing: Gets slapped for being noisy while brother trying to sleep (OvO)(cries)
@Pinkeevee222: Lolllll
I'm sorry, but I still ship Vay and Blizz! :<
@Guest: NO

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