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May 5th, 2019, 10:35 am

*These are not the final designs of the characters

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*this will be deleted laterrrrr* ^^;; Sorry for all of the breaks. But, this time, I am going to IMPROVE the comic during it! >:3

I am taking another break from drawing the comic, to focus on SKOOL!
During this time, my Discord account will be temporarily disabled~ Also, there will be no guest comics coming out cause I don't have enough of them. Unless I get some, then I’ll post guest comics.
I like writing drama and plot and all, but, I love comedy more. The shift to more plot oriented comics happened during the "Jobs" chapter, and has been creeping up more and more into the comics ever since. At first, I was super pumped and excited to explain the plot and make things more clear and make the characters super sad, then, ofc make them happy again!!! Thennnnn, I slowly started to realise that SSEC's plot is kinda dark ^^; tooooo dark. You seeee, me and my dumb self didn't realize that it was dark until things were pointed out to me by others. Cause, like, I am oblivious. If it comes to a point where someone can't read a comic chapter because the things that the character goes through in that chapter reflects and reminds them of the things that they personally went through, that is not gud.~

The last comic I drew made me so happy~ During it I was just non stop laughing, and having fun! Just like how it use to be! And, I want to do that! I want to make people laugh and smile! SSEC is for making people smile! Not frown! So! I will go back to a more comedy focused comic, despite the large number of people who love plot. All of the current plots will still come up and be concluded (along with new ones), and there will still be drama chapters, but, they won't be like, every chapter. They will be more like in the beginning! Mostly hidden~ Also, I'll try to wrap up most of the current plotlines, so, I can start doing character arcs! which are a ton of chapters dedicated to one coherent storyline about a character or group of characters!!

If you want to go on the ssec Discord, here is the link!

And, here is a link to a cute eevee twitter blog! ^^

Thank you for reading!!
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Also! Here is a sneak peak of things to come!
Well. I call it a sneak peak, but, it is actually just context to future plot that I am planning.
Future plot involving Rick. That I have to actually set up, maybe in the next chapter?
Shoot. I have a lot of things to plan QuQ


Cough cough. Plz don't read Zeon's Quest. I wrote it as an edgy teenager
Pinkeevee222, May 5th, 2019, 2:12 pm Reply
QuQ Now that I am looking at it, I like the current ssec styleeeeee, I dun wanna chibify themmmmmmm *rolls around, indecisive*
Pinkeevee222, May 11th, 2019, 9:07 am Reply

Good luck on homework, take care!
Sorry for the homework and good luck... wait collage... finals
;(.............................* gives🥡🥝🥝🥟🥮🥟🥔🥐🥯🥙🥖🥨🥚🥞🥓🥩🦴🥪🥙🥗🥘🥫🥟*
midnight and hiro midnight: wow. im guessing that our trainer is gonna be still checking this every day.
hiro: halp us
night:i can do thunderbolt. thatl zap her out of it
trainer trainer: *walks up to computer*
trainer: *checks ssec*
trainer:*reads midnight,hiro,star and nights comment*
trace: *hides in a corner*
Kimba the white lion jungle emperor leo @Guest:

lune(as black):hello !
Lune: sorry
Blizz:guys stop it
New stile can a new carictors be added
GOOD LUCK AUTHOR CHAN!! but i'm still sad about no more comics till the end of my school year but good luck on finals! ^<^
impereon@ wait u wont make comic in tell school is over
New Style? Are Blizz and Eve in the new style, or are they waiting to be in the new style? I am quite intrigued with the idea of a new style, since I’m just used to the authors of comics just improving their art skills over time, as you did, PinkEevee. If Blizz and Eve are in the new style, it seems to me that only their eyes are different. Maybe the way their bodies are drawn are different, but my eyes are tricking me into thinking that they are the same. Overall, I can’t wait to see the new style if it’s not already shown! I am a bit sad though, as my birthday is on the 12th of this month, but I wish you luck on getting your homework done.
@LunarheartsWishes: The designs are not final, they will be reworked, lol
@Pinkeevee222: rip in peace to college finals. I will die if I don't see any of these comics.
imperein85@ hmm u should had more character's and new type like dragon ghost steel or flying type
@impereon85: i mean theres a Bisharp now thats a steel type. But also its called Stupidshorteeveecomics, so its gonna be focused on eevee and its evolutions. Tho flying type eeveelution might happen with gen 8.
Leo:I wunna be part of greenpaw leaders!
Lune: daddy.
Blizz:bruh, OH COME ON GUYS!!!!!!!!
Leo and lune: sorry blizz, we just wunna be part of the green paw leaders.
Dusk: okay leo u are part of greenpaw leaders.
Leo: yay!
@impereon85: or jungle emperor leo
impereon85@ and happy Cinco di mayo
i need someone to teach me how to draw glaceons... but i cant wait for the new style! Also a lot of us are having finals soon so im sure its fine with everyone.
But I love the drama and plot!
The darkness behind the cuteness is what made the comic interesting. Sure, I like humor, but I found your comedy oriented strips to be rather unfunny. This is just my opinion, but I don't like where the comic is going now.:(

But hey, you do what you want. Most of the commentators here seem fine with it.
@ksfox: Yeah, authors are never going to please everyone. @Pinkeevee222, you have to choose what story you want to tell or what kind of comic you want to make and stick with it since whatever you choose you'll gain some readers and lose others. For example, I agree completely with @ksfox and will be taking SSEC off my weekly webcomic checklist now, though I'm sure there are those who will be more interested in a non-plot eevee comic.
@anon-sylveon: yea, same. I love plot based comics and ones with lots of drama, but th funny ones are good too. Maybe you could still do plot comics, just make them have humor so the plot is explained in a funny way. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the new style.
@anon-vaporeon: Plot comics are not going away. I am just making the series more comedic.
I see where you're coming from. The more plot related comics, and to an extent full chapters, have been fun too read but has been a little too much at once. As a theorist, I love plot related comics, dare I say even more than the comedy, but it's always nice to see a funny comic make my day brighter. We all love what you are doing and will support you even when you go on breaks that are undeniably more important than the comics. I think the shift in artstyle looks good and will suit this series as a whole, especially the comedy ones. I can't wait too see where this series is headed and can't wait to see more of your talent come too life.
Nice Nice
RIIIICK why is your life story so SAAAD?!? Ugggh poor Bolt! That alt text now makes a lot more sense. Thanc for words PinkEevee, thanc for words.
Can't tell if it's a good or bad thing that I can't really tell the difference between the old and new style.
Good luck completing them!
*read the story* I cried
I actually somehow cried qwq
Its fine @Pinkeevee222! Gl on your cooleg finales!
I love these comics hope you get throu all the homework
Homework... Is da worst but good luck on your homework and have a wonderful break
@CutieCreamVee: oh and i like the comedy wayyyy more better than plot. the comedy is pretty much the reason i read this. it makes me laugh when im sad. I mean i like the plot but the comedy is way better and its the only reasons i read this comic. Most of the comics i read are sooo dark. im exited to see the new designs too!
this is longest chapter yet
Umbreon is so cute!! UwU
Impereon85@ so what kink of style is it
@Impereon85: It's more like, the characters are getting redesigned than anything, lol
YAY new styly and...new characters???like miku?(im think is miku)
@WolfLycon: have you tried gamercat and savestate? if your a gamer, look it up
good luck on testing! also the new designs look cool and nice. are those the final or could they maybe change in some way?
@Pinkeevee222: cough cough. Please finish zeon's quest as a not edgy teenager
@SonicBat05: I can't look at it without cringing
my eevee (1): name: trace
dicription: golden brown with a cream colored... floof.
nature: shy,good at keeping secrets
freinds: midnight (not shown*) and hiro
house: icedrop
my eevee (2): name: hiro
gender: female
discription: grayish brown. white floof. blue hair, left eye is always black, red eye color
nature: shy, likes to scare people (by acident)
freinds: midnight(not shown*) and trace
house: icedrop
* not shown because midnight is a sylveon/umbreon/espeon hybrid and has a major backstory. im not adding trace and hiros backstorys

My eevee/ umbreon: CH ( duh)

Looks: umbreon with yellow eyes and bow on her left ear and a gray scarf, and autumn orange stars

Abilities: can use orange red magic to escape danger often used like the move psychic, can draw decent.

Personality: jumpy, caring, sometimes lazy, energetic??
House: lightfire

Blizz= :)
Vay= ;)
Flame= :/
Eve= BF
Dawn = >:(
Lem= :,)
Harmony= >>>:(((((
Bolt= :/
LKD= >:((

Description: CH was an eevee born into lightfire, she got a gray scarf from blizz when she was a kit. She’s known to be a box of different personalities, once she was on a trip with dusk and blizz on a very dark night, LKD decided to try and attack them.CH was so shooketh that she summoned a strange aura around her and use the aura like the move psychic. Then she evolved into the umbreon she is today. She made many friends with the eevees in the pc, one of her BF is eve.
@CH: those are like all different personalities, but, sounds cool
Me:*sits in corner waiting loyally for school to end*

Impereon85@ can u plez make a new eeveevoltion plez
@Impereon85: I already did
yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy TT-TT
MY OC First Name: lila
Last name: silverwing
eeveelutoin: Spookeon
Gender: Girl
Look: Has a permanent rope tied around her neck with traces of souls, droopy ears, completely covered in bandages except the paws, which are souls, A very sylveon-like tail with souls leaking at the end, and purple eyes.

description: Lila was a bandit eevee who often stole things from legendary pokemon(she was that good) but she was caught when trying to steal the Latias and Latios orb and was sent to be excecuted. But when they tied a rope around her neck to keep her from moving, the rope snapped off as she fought every eevee around her, evolving in the process with the rope permenently tied around her neck. the horrer of the thought about dying spooked lila so much she evolved into, the spookeon.

House: None.(every eevee is afraid of her)

Vay: :)
Miku: you psycho
dawn: :(
Dusk: :)
flame: :(
Bolt: He psycho
Lkd: *Sticks up the middle finger*
Impereon85@ like a dragon type
@Impereon85: ...look one up....btw an artist created more eeveelutoins

I’ll keep Umbreon in check with my brand new glitter bomb, it shines in 10 different colors!
@Mesmipha: ....*looks at you*.......*runs to the other side of the world*
Welp I trired any wae
good luck
plz add this eevee name: Nightmare
gender: female
discription: silver fur
floof:lighter silver with blue tips
nature: kind but will fight to protect those she likes (dusk)
friends: dusk and vay
house: greenpaw
@moonwatcher123548: Chu spelled friends wrong
@LunarheartsWishes: fixed
Cutet It is so adorable
Plz Add this Pokémon Please add a shiny litten Silver as silverware When I just red own is blue genuine female Make friends name Silvey She can be shy or vicious red mean vicious blue mean is shy friend is torracat can you please add her ?
Evolved to an Impereon85
Red eyes
Red and blue tips
Blue fire moves and pychic
Impereon85@ I've ment just Impereon
Impereon85@ dusk:)
Vay :)
Blaze :/
Bolt :/
Flare lazy
Dawn I hate her
Daisy :)
Eve :)
Harmony >:(
Paz add its Please add her name dream catcher for light brown very light brown female when she gets scared she well glitch Doesn’t to be around people
1More thing super Dooper shy She is a light pink eyes is it possible to see them add dreamcatcher!!!!!
This is the Eevee She mystical powers she’s a eevee
123456789 Power dream she doesn’t like to be around people all the time but she does like eve She thinks she’s nice
Good luck pinkeevee
Uummm Ok?
ColorTherapy If you Download ColorTherapy
then I am doing my to show My character name Gardevoir_star_disappears that’s me!!!
@Pinkeevee222: You have discord,amino?
If so,thats awesome!
You have to tell me which amino ur in lmao-
@A fan: Stupid Short eevee comic amino and Eeveelutions amino, lol
Dhgditdujgjgjgdiydyieidyidyydjdudihkdutegutdygjhfchfhhchcch HhhhhhhhhwffhvggadblhdgkxbmchxkchchvjbcjvnvjvvkjvjvfhfhdjgjchjfjcgjyGdxgxgcgjdjdFhf
Always the same person You guys gonna look on ColorTherapy I made my character on there do you problem wanna see it guys please see this I am dying to look on ColorTherapy Gardevoir_star_ disappears that’s my name on ColorTherapy please check it out?!?!
@SlyTheSylveon: 900 px wide by anything more than 900 px long.
@Pinkeevee222: hey love your comics.
keep up the good work.
daisy is my favorite characters
so if you could add her a little more
i would be very grateful.

and i recently read blizz's bio and we have something in common
we both love to eat
@Pinkeevee222: Nooo! Don't get rid of it!
this image is too precious to delete!

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