GC- The date part 1


May 18th, 2019, 12:28 pm

Cloud is ready for her date! >:3

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Thank you so much!!

>w< Part 2 next week! (hopefully)
Pinkeevee222, May 18th, 2019, 12:28 pm Reply
Advertisement, July 23rd, 2019, 5:04 am Reply

I'm sure this will be highly comical
hmm.... Well this is a turn in the story.
*le gasp* are we seeing a classy dusk?
lol sorry I had to
Impereon85@ hmm I think dusk date is a pixle thing
@Impereon85: or lukio ?
Impereon85@ or pinkeevee226
Wonder who he's waiting for
Probably Stella-Chan
@Pinkeevee222: X3 oh lord this is gonna be funneh mini comic
since when has dusk ever been that classy
@Guest: since now
@waffle666: true dat
And so the Trump hair returns
@Creamy Eevee: welp I guess it wouldn't be dat ba-**nuclear bomb boi goes boom*HOLY CROCAMLOY NAZI BOIS YYYYYYYYY*NATZI BOI*: I no like trump*walks away*.........WTFDDD
Well...………..err this is something
Please be Juanita...
@Sky207: argh I miss her so much she made me lesbian
@Guest: lune:dusky?
Midnight in 16minutes... this is not relevant to anything
It will say 6:00 that's because its using American time zones while I'm using British... why am I up so late?
@anonymous2006: It ok...
I wonder if the knocker exploded the door immediately after knocking.
Is it the cactus?
@YellowCat200: I bet
Any guesses??? Anyone???
@Jolteonboy72o: Dusk is gonna go on a date with Juanita again.
@SlyTheSylveon: I think it'll be Eve
@Jolteonboy72o: hmmm, you've got a point.
@SlyTheSylveon: It's that or Miku
@Jolteonboy72o: What makes you think Miku?
@SlyTheSylveon: It’ll be either Juanita, Juice, Miku, Eve, or, like, a hot pocket.
@LunarheartsWishes: That still doesn't answer my question, but okay.
@SlyTheSylveon: I think it’s gonna be Blizz dressed as a girl
@MythicalMew: oh h e c c
No No no Don’t
Miku?actually no, its probablly IDK
holy mother of arceus. This is going to be one involved guest comic.
ok who as that Umbreon?Night or Dusk?
Something tells me this is something to do with a funeral....
It’s a date! Also, I recommend a book called the eeveeloution Squad. For you. HAVE IT. Lol.
Me too.
@Pinkeevee222: Good luck on collage finals!!!
I think it's Night, I can't imagine Dusk being Classy
Gasp Is Jaunita coming back!?
@Pinkeevee: when will you post again? Plz reply if you can.
@Guest: June 1st
@Guest: most likely the catus from before
Is his date the cactus aka juan
@Guest: ALT text...I think cloud
In comic #162 you see dusk is the eevee with the blue ribbon
The name is Umbreon, James Umbreon
@SilverDragon292: The names Silverwing, Lila Silverwing
@Silverwing: gotta admit looks a lot like james bond funny stuff, Call me Forest, Silver Forest.
@Guest: Then change your guest name to silver forest so we know who you are please!
I say it's N-O-T Dusk. Probably a new umbreon. Orrrrrr, Night. but no. just no.

It's either:
1) Dusk
3) a new character
4) a ditto.

I highly encourage the ditto.
@SkyTheBlueEevee: ............. 0.0 .....Ditto....ditto
oma gooosh the trump hair is here aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
run for your live's we's gonna blow up
YAY I really hope its dusk (:))
!!! i hope sow to
Dusk looking like a king •o•
@Coal: Simba:lukio is gonna date dusk!!!
Leo: WHAT!!!
darkness95000 very good
Impereon85@ it better be not miku
Oh, who is it gonna be?
Oooh Cactus is back
@Pichu90: it just might
It better be Dusk X Juanita else I will be highly disappointed
Who is sora
O my a dusk date
Who exited for the next one #I am
. Nope
Blep I think the date will be with the cactus
Sswlc Bunga:dusk ur weird u are dating lukio!
Lune: hello dusky hello dusky !
Dusk(blushed at lukio): thanks lukio!
Klance Hiiiiii
Kimba the white lion Dusk:shocky!
Lukio:hi derp!
Dusk(graps):that's my nickname thank you so much lukio!
Lune Keith prime: oh Dusk you are going to have fun with Lukio!!!!
Dusk: yes I will!!!
Lukio: Hi guys!!!!
Lukio: so Derp do you want to go out with me????
Dusk: yes I will go out with you!!!!
Lukio: I love you
Dusk: I love you too babe!!!
Lukio: babe? I didn't know that well I love you so much babe
Dusk: I love you so much too babe!!!!!
How do I forget that I have depreshion
@eeveeleo: just don't think about it
Is U Continyou soon?
Bro you need to continue. I agree with Yeet.

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