GC- The date part 1


May 18th, 2019, 12:28 pm

Cloud is ready for her date! >:3

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Thank you so much!!

>w< Part 2 next week! (hopefully)
Pinkeevee222, May 18th, 2019, 12:28 pm Reply
Advertisement, October 18th, 2019, 12:30 pm Reply

I'm sure this will be highly comical
hmm.... Well this is a turn in the story.
*le gasp* are we seeing a classy dusk?
lol sorry I had to
Impereon85@ hmm I think dusk date is a pixle thing
@Impereon85: or lukio ?
Impereon85@ or pinkeevee226
Wonder who he's waiting for
Probably Stella-Chan
@Pinkeevee222: X3 oh lord this is gonna be funneh mini comic
since when has dusk ever been that classy
@Guest: since now
And so the Trump hair returns
@Creamy Eevee: welp I guess it wouldn't be dat ba-**nuclear bomb boi goes boom*HOLY CROCAMLOY NAZI BOIS YYYYYYYYY*NATZI BOI*: I no like trump*walks away*.........WTFDDD
Well...………..err this is something
Please be Juanita...
@Sky207: argh I miss her so much she made me lesbian
@Guest: lune:dusky?
Midnight in 16minutes... this is not relevant to anything
It will say 6:00 that's because its using American time zones while I'm using British... why am I up so late?
I wonder if the knocker exploded the door immediately after knocking.
Is it the cactus?
@YellowCat200: I bet
Any guesses??? Anyone???
No No no Don’t
Miku?actually no, its probablly IDK
ok who as that Umbreon?Night or Dusk?
Something tells me this is something to do with a funeral....
@SlyTheSylveon: I think it'll be Eve
It’s a date! Also, I recommend a book called the eeveeloution Squad. For you. HAVE IT. Lol.
Me too.
@Pinkeevee222: Good luck on collage finals!!!
I think it's Night, I can't imagine Dusk being Classy
Gasp Is Jaunita coming back!?
@Pinkeevee: when will you post again? Plz reply if you can.
@Guest: June 1st
@Guest: most likely the catus from before
Is his date the cactus aka juan
@Guest: ALT text...I think cloud
@SlyTheSylveon: It's that or Miku
In comic #162 you see dusk is the eevee with the blue ribbon
The name is Umbreon, James Umbreon
@SilverDragon292: The names Silverwing, Lila Silverwing
@Silverwing: gotta admit looks a lot like james bond funny stuff, Call me Forest, Silver Forest.
@Guest: Then change your guest name to silver forest so we know who you are please!
I say it's N-O-T Dusk. Probably a new umbreon. Orrrrrr, Night. but no. just no.

It's either:
1) Dusk
3) a new character
4) a ditto.

I highly encourage the ditto.
@SkyTheBlueEevee: ............. 0.0 .....Ditto....ditto
oma gooosh the trump hair is here aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
run for your live's we's gonna blow up
YAY I really hope its dusk (:))
!!! i hope sow to
Dusk looking like a king •o•
@Coal: Simba:lukio is gonna date dusk!!!
Leo: WHAT!!!
darkness95000 very good
Impereon85@ it better be not miku
@SlyTheSylveon: It’ll be either Juanita, Juice, Miku, Eve, or, like, a hot pocket.
Oh, who is it gonna be?
Oooh Cactus is back
@Pichu90: it just might
It better be Dusk X Juanita else I will be highly disappointed
Who is sora
@SlyTheSylveon: I think it’s gonna be Blizz dressed as a girl
O my a dusk date
Who exited for the next one #I am
. Nope
Blep I think the date will be with the cactus
Sswlc Bunga:dusk ur weird u are dating lukio!
Lune: hello dusky hello dusky !
Dusk(blushed at lukio): thanks lukio!
Klance Hiiiiii
Kimba the white lion Dusk:shocky!
Lukio:hi derp!
Dusk(graps):that's my nickname thank you so much lukio!
Lune Keith prime: oh Dusk you are going to have fun with Lukio!!!!
Dusk: yes I will!!!
Lukio: Hi guys!!!!
Lukio: so Derp do you want to go out with me????
Dusk: yes I will go out with you!!!!
Lukio: I love you
Dusk: I love you too babe!!!
Lukio: babe? I didn't know that well I love you so much babe
Dusk: I love you so much too babe!!!!!
How do I forget that I have depreshion
@eeveeleo: just don't think about it
Is U Continyou soon?
Bro you need to continue. I agree with Yeet.

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