GC- The date part 2


May 25th, 2019, 2:56 pm


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Next week regular comics return!!! get ready!!

Thank you again to https://www.deviantart.com/snowtheslipper !!!
Thanks again to all of the guest comic authors!!!! Here is an extra part to this one drawn by Raini!!!
Pinkeevee222, May 25th, 2019, 2:56 pm Reply
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Didn't except it to go like that :P
@anonymous2006: I think you mean expect
@Nerdwhowillcorrectyourgrammar: yes (I can't spell rite or word guud and so I don't English well laer Doen mv taal aioeoe eerSte pl)
This is pure beauty:3
Edit also dusk is pant less it’s amazing
@silver moon :3: indeed they are
Vay is the third wheel...

So Relatable...
I did NOT expect that.
GASP Cactus has made a come back!
Kimba the white lion @Painted SNEK: derp(dusk):what is that supposed to be?
Leo: its a wch e-bell!
Derp(dusk): a wch e-bell ! Cool!
Leo: I found it in the store.
Klance @Skagz ralfanning shocky the shoc: WTF is going on here with Dusky Dusk Dusk?
Lune @Skagz ralfanning shocky the shoc: huh that's interesting
Lune @Skagz ralfanning shocky the shoc:
Derp(Dusk): how dare you to say that VAY?!
Vay: Call me yiti a** ok?
Vay: or oof
Vay: Hey Dusk are you ok?
Lukio: Hey Vay!!!!
Vay: what?
Lukio: don't make fun of my Dusk!!!!!!!!!!
Vay: I hate you Dusk!!!!
Dusk: shut up a**hole!!!
Vay: weirdo!!!!
Dusk: F*** you!!!!!
Vay: I am going to count to three!!!!
Vay: 1,2,3!!!!
Dusk: noooooooooo!!!!!!!
Vay: hahahahaha!!!!
Vay: Die!!!!!!
We all need a Juanita one in our lives (or whatever her name was-)
@AziDumboo: I agree, we all do...
... Um, well, isn’t dusk’s date JUANITA!?!? Did they break up??? They had so much fun in comic #215! They eat spaghetti together!!!! Also, I really wanted dusk to REALLY be a ditto... Too bad.
YEAH!!!! @Sky The Blue Eevee: Dusk’s date was Juanita in comic #215!!!!! And if they did break up, HOW!?!?
Lune @Pika Pika Pika Pika: Why did I say that?
Kimba the white lion @Lukio the white lioness:
lune:pika pika pika pika banana beak!!! Lolololololol ha x59!!!!
Zazu:i'm not banana beak lune and lukio and leo and Simba and Nala and Kimba and kitty!!!!!
Simba: Shut up banana beak!!! Lolololololol
Seems like she's going to hug everyone a lot soon. >w>
TR]he boot I ful cacti returns! *after the wedding* U MAY KISS D A BROODE Vay: *screams*
Klance @Jolteonboy72o: oooooooooffffff!!!!
darkness95000 ow....still okey
Klance @darkness95000: sorry
Kimba the white lion @darkness95000: oooooffffffffffffffffffffffff
Klance @Lune the lion: ooooooffffff!!!!!
Is the next comic a meanwhile?
@Pinkeevee222: XD omg dusk really
Lune @RoninHunt0987: huh
Klance Ow... Still okay just fell
Lune Owwwww!!!!!
Lune Owwwwww oooooooooffffff
Lune Ewwww
What the halll!?!?!
Lune @Lotus: WTF
@PinkEevee: that header is my life summed up in 2 words. rip for me
Lune Ooooooffffff
Lune Vay: Wat time is it again?

Oops I didn't mean that!!!!

Kimba the white lion?????????? @Lukio the white lioness: lune: a**sy banana beak ha x61 lololololololololololol!!!!!!!
Lune: sorry!
Lune @Lune the lion: Lune: banana beak!!!!
Zazu: shut up!!!!
Kimba: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leo: Lune!!!!!!
Vay: watever!!!!
Leo: Vay!!!!!
Bunga: Hi banana beak!!!!!
Leo: Bunga!!!!!
Simba: ha x100
Lune @Lukio the white lioness: Lune: banana beak banana beak ha x 1,000
Leo: (sighs) since I was a kid I said the same thing as you.
Kiara: Hi banana beak ha x1,000
Leo: shut the f*** up you idiots!!!!!
Kiara: you better run Leo I am a warrior ha x1,000,000
Kimba the white lion?????????? @Lukio the white lioness: evolved Amtrak train:banana beak!!
Lune:banana beak !!!!!!!!! Ha x20000 lolololololololololololololololololololololol!!!!!!
Leo: LUNE!!!!!!
Amtrak aem :hi banana beak!!!
Simba and Nala and Kimba and kitty and lukio and leo and Simba and lune :banana beak!!!!
Lune:meh x12 !
Zazu: shut up fat boy !
Lune:don't call me Fatboy you f***ing banana beak!!!
Lola: lune did you said the f word?
Lune: banana beak?
Zazu: no it's about f*** . Cannot say f*** in school you f***ing smarta**
Lune: why the f*** not!!
Bunga:dude you said f*** again!
Lune :come on it doesn't hurt anyone f*** f*** f***ity f*** f***.
Lola:how do you like to go to the office lune!
Lune:how do you like to eat my shorts!
Lune:oh I'm sorry I'm sorry what I said is ...
Bunga:holy s*** dude
Lune @Lukio the white lioness: Lune: banana beak banana beak ha X2,000,000
Vay: WTF does that mean?
Bunga: you a**hole!!!
Vay: wo ma?
Las Las: de la casa grande prairie!!!!
.................……………………...................…………………….......................................................... .........…………
I ship them
Bro Who is she???
Best pair
QwQ Pero que hermosa es Juanita
What happened to the font
So, I think if guest comics keep coming in, then she should make a chapter all with GUEST COMICS so she doesn’t need to worry about them ever again.
:// FINALY ANOTHER COMIC.....wait vay its gonna have a date?with A PLASTIC CACTUS???

I’m sorry XDDDD
I thought Dusk would have a date with Dawn.. oh well!
nuuuuuuuuu y Dusk no likey Juanita anymorrrrrrrr TT-TT
Knew it
This is a good plot twist
Yes the cactus is back
Juanita!!!! It's good to see her back!
what the plastic cactus is back but I thought that Dusk was dating that cactis
Lune @Sky The Blue Eevee : duh @widowvay but I love you
I love the guest eevee picture it makes me seem cooler than I atchuly am
Lune @guest: of course on my way
Lune @widowvay: you are so dumb and dark
Impereon85@ pinkeevee226 can I ask u something
Vay. Why. Wouldn’t. You. Dress. UP?! JUANITA IS NOW THE STAR OF THE COMIC! HOW COULD YOU VAY?!?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! oh and dusk you dress very professionally
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh k
Knowing Dusk, he probably would have forgotten about any anniversaries, or really anything, so I think Vay would do lovely with Juanita!
Hey Pinkeevee222, I think you should a juanita plush to your merch! It would be cool! (just a suggestion)
Poor eevee...
Lune Lune: you f***ing banana beak!!!!
Kova: Lune did you say the f word?
Lune: banana beak?
Zazu: no it's about f*** you can't say f*** in school you f***ing smarta**!!!
Kova: Zazu!!!
Bunga: holy s*** dude!!
Kova: Bunga!!!!!
Bunga: sorry!!!!
Kova: I forgive you!!!!
Las Las: de la casa grande prairie?
Kova: Wow Las Las how can you do that!!!
Kova: can you teach me how to do it?
Kova: plz?????!!!!!
Las Las: yesa!!!
Kova: what does yesa means?
Las Las: that means yes!!!!
Kova: Wow cool!!!!!
Lune: a**hole!!!!
Kova: Lune!!!!
Kova: sorry Las Las!!!!
Las Las: it's fine!!!!
Kova: how can you say I love you in... Is it German?
Las Las: yesa it's German!!!
Kova: Cool!!!
Las Las: Dena beb rou!!!
Kova: Wow Las Las!!!
Las Las: My real name is Las Vegas!!!
Kova: wow I'm Kova nice to meet you Las Vegas!!!
Dusk: (derp)
Blizz: stop it Dusk!!!!
Las Vegas: Hey Kova?
Kova: Yes Las Vegas?
Las Vegas: Where's Vay?
Kova: oh he's on vacation and he said he's coming back tomorrow!!!!
Las Vegas: Yesa!!!!!!
Kova: Yesa!!!!!
Lune: HOW?!
Vay: I'm back!!!!
Vay: Wat
Las Vegas: Vay you are back!!!!
Vay: Las Vegas?
Vay: Kova?
Both: Hi Vay!!!
Bunga: Hi Vay, how was your vacation?
Vay: It was awesome!!!!!
Kova: Yesa!!!!
Vay: Las Vegas, did you teach Kova to say yesa?
Las Vegas: um yesa!!!
Vay: good job Las Vegas!!!
Kimba @Lukio the white lioness: lune:f***
Las Las:Lune Luna
Lune:how the f*** did you know my name Las Vegas?
Las Las: . Nem tudom lune
I love the new art still keep up the amazing work my dude
Lune Kova: So Cool!!!
Kova: I am very happy!!!!
Kova: So nice I love...
Bunga: Mrs. Kova?
Kova: Yes Bunga?
Bunga: um I don't understand my math question, can you help me?
Kova: of course I can!!!!
Bunga: thanks!!!
Kova: NP!!!
Kova: ok, what's 9x10?
Bunga: um, 90?
Kova: Yes!!!
Kova: (bell rings) Bye Bunga!!!
Bunga: Bye Mrs. Kova!!!
Lune Las Vegas: yesa yesa yesa yesa yesa yesa yesa!!!!!
Kova: Hi Las Vegas!!!!
Kova: Have a nice day!!!!!
Las Vegas: rou tau!!!!
@Lukio the white lioness: No offense but Scruffy doesn’t like role players in the comment section...
Lune @Anonymous Avacado: If you say so
Kimba the white lion @Lukio the white lioness: lune: バナナくちばし
Zazu: which is meaning?
Lune :banana beak!?!! Ha x19999999999000
Lune @Lukio the white lioness: Kova: bruh X10,000,000
Kova: I am very sorry
Kimba Lune: Mi a fasz!
Las Las:. Igen l Lune ! tárgyalt
Lune:.Bassza !!! Derp 夕暮れ
Lune Blizz: why you little...
Kova: Blizz!!!!
Blizz: I don't care!!!
Kova: you little b****!!!
Las Vegas:...
Kova: hehe sorry!!!!
Las Vegas:
Blizz: Hahaha you got in trouble Mrs. Kova!!!
Kova: stop it Blizz!!!!
Blizz: make me!!!!
Kova: (growls and roars)
Las Vegas: Wow cool!!!
Blizz: ha X200,000,000
Kova: SHUT UP!!!!!
Kova: I don't want to hurt you, Blizz!!!!!
Blizz: (crying) I'm sorry!!!
Kova: I forgive you!!!!
Blizz: thank you!!!
Kova: NP!!!
Sorry, but... @Lukio the white lioness: In the most polite way possible, I am trying to tell you to stop. Thankyou.
Lune @Anonymous Avacado: fine and tell my brother to stop please
Wow what a coincidence saturday is also on June 1st.
Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that i created a subreddit for the pokemon comic community so feel free to join https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonComix
Lune Yay!!!!
im laughing and crying
"give her a chance she needs to move on" wow nice duck
using vay as a way to get over someone wow
five stars right there
transforma este comic em um spin-oof da Juanita?
Lighting bolt NOGs Vay: toghvbfcbhgfvbgdggffvgdxvhjffzxggrsxvbjiuyrfbbjuydcvbgfcvbfcggfcvbfcvvvcccvvvcccccccccgfc

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