June 5th, 2019, 9:55 am

Yes. This is Flame.

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This is trying out the new style and stuff!! >w<
Well. Kinda *derp* You'll see more of a change next comic!

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Pinkeevee222, June 5th, 2019, 9:55 am Reply
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i ship it
I like this new style. The eyes are nice
@Pinkeevee222: i don't know how to do a new style.
@jaketheflareon231: just keep experimenting until you find something you like, then practice with it until you are good with it.
Awww man, this drawings are so cute! >^<
i'm liking the new style and have been wondering when this part of the comic would be continued
LOL Ya... I dont blame Silveon for all she's went through. I'm curious as to why the author posted another p as he on a Wednesday rather than a Saturday, not that I argue.
I yet not confused and confused at the same time
last panel thats me tho
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Flame stop hitting on the traumatized Sylveon you pervert

Also good paw/hands
OwO Wednesday update?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) im ship they
Help How do I give you a background eevee
@Pinkeevee222: :3 Ship it hehehhee
Did the quizz and I'm now an Icedrop
I need to put in a background eevee!!!
The new style is so cute. And I ship this so much.
I dont know if its just the new style (which I love btw) bur Miku seems much shorter than flame
This is me, I will slowly shift away if any one tried to start a convo with me XD
good morning handsome

(ur welcome m8)
@Pinkeevee222: Will you update on a different schedule during summer and not just Saturday? Or will you not? Also, how often do you post an extra page?(sorry for long comment lol)
Cute! Also, I took your test! Greenpaw FTW.
Lol, Sylveon on the last panel is me whenever someone I don't know decides to sit by me.
@(`°3°`): Congratuateions
Hmmmmmm...... Maybe we have a......I dono.. ..
.... ...... . ..SHIPPPPP! PLZ SHIP PLZ BE A SHIP ever seence the blizzxleafeon*forgot name*shet!!! PLZZZZZZZZZZ
@Pinkeevee222 please finish ur reboot on eevee achademy
@Guest: I might, I might not. Kinda have to fix ssec first
@Pinkeevee222: I’m gonna create an account in 2 years with the name Mesmipha, can you maybe read my first story: i’m not telling what it is because then someone will take it as their own. It’s a pokémon webcomic but I don’t know how good the graphics will be...
Why is there a cut on her head?
because she got sliced by a umbreon
Is this Flareon Flame?
Ships... Ships and... Can ya guess? MORE SHIPS!!!
Doesn't matter
Sky, Sora, and Miku are all the same person, right?
Simba x nego @chickynuggz: ...
Simba x nego @chickynuggz: ..........
@Pinkeevee222: sora is female right

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