June 8th, 2019, 5:42 am

Eve's quest for her own room continues

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The thing about the extra comics I feel bad about all of the breaks I have been having, so I have been drawing extra comics ^^; how long will this go for? idk, lol
Pinkeevee222, June 8th, 2019, 5:42 am Reply
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First (yippie) I have never related more to Eve in my life.
@SeahDaLunatic: if you ddnt know umbreons can do infact have poisonous sweat.sometimes they will use it as a defense to scare away predators
@Guest: I know, just pointing that out.
Deltarune @SeahDaLunatic: lol love ur profile picture
*The power of floofy boys shine within you @Umbreonfan: lol thanks
cute @SeahDaLunatic: you're a wizard, Ralsei (i think that was his name)
Love the new style and why is Blizz call Vay by his species name?(unless im missing something)
@Master of mages: The characters sometimes call each other by their species name. Or author-chan is lazy.
@Neptune:Really? I don't know but I don't remember that happening although I could be wrong it just seems out of place
Aw poor blizz, well at least vaporeon loves him
I know Eve's pain
@LuckyPuppie: I know it to, my friend
Poor Blizz Also Dusk With TACO
SolarFlare: YAS THIS IS OUR CLOSEST TIME TO GETTING FIIIIIIIRST!!! *runs around using Flamethrower*

Hex: ...
When all is lost, eat a taco.

Ha Hahaha Gerry funny that happens to me all the time mom at least she loves my tickle me nope mom TT-TT
Who’s the doggo background Eevee?
Why did this post in the morning? ._. I'm not complaining just curious
@(`°3°`): well for me it was noon and I was packing up from camping because why not. At least I know I'm going to sleep well as I'm tired af
Umbreon has a taco, for breakfast, all hail the great umbreon
Impereon85@ I don't like it I want tje old vershion
Impereon85@ of the eyes
its okey
Is ok
@Pinkeevee222: :3 Taco
Rip Blizz all he wants is love...

Also I’m digging the new eyes. I especially like the color contrasts. Your art has always been an inspiration to me so I’m glad you’re finding new ways to improve it.

(Lol..that sounded cheesy..first time commenting ^^”)
@yeetskeet: everything we say is cheesy
@anonymous2006: true
Is this one of your new artstyle or are you still trying out
Hey, don’t feel bad about the breaks! I’ve started a webcomic, and it’s only got five pages, and I’ve already had to hit a two week break for family and other matters.

To be fair, I feel kind of bad about it myself, but everyone has things going on in their lives, yknow?
I like the new style
Impereon85@ I don't like the eyes sorry ;3
This is art.Unlike my brother he will never wuve me ;w;
The new style looks good, no longer looks like comic #7
@Neptune: looks similar not too similar (idk it doesn't =/ )
Hey pinkeevee how is the design contest going?
Extra comics? At least we even get comics...
Nickname: red eye
Gender: femail
Character:like to draw and help everyone
Job: none
Fav color: red and blue
Fav good: pizza,noodles, and sushi

Keira is a lonely and a mystery eevee she have weird ability if an eevee she can breath bule fire and want to be friends with spokeeon and she evolved to a Impereon85 a dragon type
Did I miss something??? @Impereon85: ...wait what?
Impereon85@ Impereon*
Don't feel bad about the breaks everyone need breaks even if its something they love doing.
For the last chapter started on October 27th and ended on June 5th that's 7moths and neun days time fly by wow
1872742-10219 H E L L O I M T H E C R E A T O R OF A L L !
Awww plz give them pupils,and blizz is like my cat if im vay am i right?
@Pinkeevee222: hey I have a question when are you going to post on eevee academy plz tell me
Wow! Loving the new art style! Also, is Blizz ok? He seems REALLY . Just saying.
Long time no see guys wat did I miss.
@Brainlesseevee2: everything
Just read the entire story so far. Jesus, why did I binge this?
Poor Blizz XD
His face tho..
… really ?!
Will you be updating today ScruffyEevee? Saturday is ok tho.
And, who is the dog Eevee?
Eve is so cold that bullying must be getting to her O-O
@Pinkeevee222: so you might do more pages during the week? I didn’t understand what u said in ur comment in the begging.
If I cry
does he tho blizz
does he really
Wut happened to Blizz's ponytail thing? I liked it.
YAY!!!! YAY!!!!I got greenpaw in the brotherhood quiz!^^
At LeAsT VaPorEoN lOveS mE

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