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June 14th, 2019, 11:27 pm

Dawn had to put the flower she brought for Harmony on the ground.

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I love the new style, but, the limited amount of expressions I can do with it bugs me. I like pushing expressions to the extreme, trying to like, really show how a character is feeling, and these type of cute anime eyes dont have the versatility that regular cartoon eyes do. hmmmmm. what to do?
Any suggestions? OwO
Pinkeevee222, June 14th, 2019, 11:27 pm Reply
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hmmm... make sure to not step on the flower c:
@MazXZ: pick a flower :3
Just use what style you like the best, and is easier for you. I’m fine with both styles.
Hmmmm Use any style just like the others said up to you I like the older style a bit more though
Hi it’s me replying to me @DarkFireEevee: I am submitting too but I’m just gonna ask what type of person do you want in the comics?
Man, how rude, dusk hasn't visited her sweet mother
Do what you want I personally think you showed a lot of emotion in this strip, but I’m not the author and you get to do your own thing and I will keep reading anyway!
Umm... For the art contest, can I send one character with an extra page for description because I want this character to be in this comic.
Suggestion? did really well with expressions in this comic..I guess focus on how wide the eyes get? Like how pupils dilate and change with different emotions.
To be honest, I really am not rhe biggest fan of your new style (Don’t worry, I’ll get used to it) and the ‘limited expression’ thing is one of the reasons.
Hm... maybe you should change the faces a little to make them more expressive. I dunno, do whatever you want.
(Also, this is the 2nd page this week. Aren’t you tired?!)
3 pages in one week! Are you Ok? Better question are you alive?
Also Harmony looks really cute in panel 2 well done! My opinion on her has slightly improved and thats just by a style change nice!
This is not going to end well
You could possibly change the style just a tiny bit (or more) in the Panels with different expressions which you can not do in the current style. Its just a suggestion.
I liked ur old style of eyes a little bit better since it gave of more expression to the characters overall i think this strip is good !!
Im growing into the new style
I like it
But i think your old style was a bit better
(This is just an opinion )
dayum dusk be harsh
the last panel :
Dawn : DUSK !!! HOW COULD YOU >:<
( get it ? :) )
But what we really all should be worried about here...
RIP Dusk
Does Aunty Mel refer to Aunt Melody? And who is Uncle Z?
@Creamy Eevee: Probably Melody's husband/love partner
@Pinkeevee222: oh geeze the last panel indicates that shes gonna give him a severe dressing down
DAWN: prepares the TM 15
Dawn is so cute when she’s angry >//w//<

Also sh*t is about to go downnnnn
@Pinkeevee222: add eyebrows maybe? They are really good at expression, but maybe try different styles so they match ur current style. Other than that idk, maybe have a mix of both ur styles??
Impereon85@ poor harmomy now I fell bad for her I hope dusk will listen to dawn
Impereon85@ and pinkeevee222 I have a question
@Impereon85: UwU
Why @Pinkeevee222: why did you reply 1:27 in the morning?
Sorry @DarkFireEevee: doesn’t matter I’m in Australia that’s why
=3= She's definitely tired going left and right.
I don't want to be mean but Dawn looks kind of like a furry.. (KIND OF)
I think Dawn is going to yell at Dusk..
@Guest: LOL that or she's going to drag him there
*insert stupid comment*
I suddenly realized the ear positions match the expression in a natural way... how long has this been happening?
@BudgieGryphon: since the comic started-
❤️❤️❤️ i love it
❤️❤️❤️ i love it
@leonrathschlag2006: Da double boi glich?
Yep @Ark Bluegate: double glitch
By da WAE I got a new fav pokemon, plus pic. Guess wut it is?
@Ark Bluegate: it’s clothes looks like shmuel from boy in the striped pyjamas
@Ark Bluegate: Your a lurantis, one with a unique color scheme and is holding two glasses of water.
UR A WINNA!!!! @Anonymous Avacado:
U get.......
Nothin lol
Kimba @Anonymous Avacado: WHAT!!
Lune: banana beak!!
rip eevee academy
Perhaps a combination of the two styles works best? Use whatever style works best for the moment, and have a default style that everything returns to afterwards
GASP Dawn isn’t wearing a shirt in the last three panels!!! LOOK AWAY
and the first panel
@Creamy Eevee: .............
Lune: banana beak!!
When did all the commentary get BOLDED
Old eyes i like a bit more Im not saying that i dont like the new style eye" i just think that it looks a little weird on characters plus the old style of eyes was little better"this my opnion
But its your comic do whats best for you
(Tries to hold in laughter)
SERVE YOU RIGH- Wait a sec what did Harmony do bad again?
Also I bet that Dawn’s also just a tad bit.... jealous that Harmony want Dusk. Not her. Lol
yay im excited for the next comic
this is gay

@Pinkeevee222: me had a suggestion! Just go back to the old style, or you can try and adapt to the new style by just using a face a drawing it over and over and over again until you are comfortable with it! (I’m no drawing expert tho, i just thought of something that seemed like a good idea lol)
Hmm...well you should probably keep developing this new style if you aren't quite happy with it yet. Like, keep trying to push the expressions and maybe look at the way similar styles show strong emotions for inspiration.
I’m reading 3 Pokémon series right now
Ssec(the best) eeveelution squad and PMD:tales of elysium
And I’m getting tired
We should all take time to look at the first few comics and see how far PinkEevee222 has come. After all, this is comic 276.
Why do I have a feeling this won't end well?
Well, either ask him, force him, threaten him or murder him and then bring the body to her, four options to choose from
@Flareon1225: that’s quite dark man I don’t think she would murder dusk.
@DarkFireEevee: Hey, I'm just joking why take me seriously?
@Flareon1225: nah I was just saying I know you were joking sorry for the what you thought I said
@DarkFireEevee: K thx
Able to fix my heart
Sail! I was reading this and every time I was reading the hospital parts/serious parts I put on the song “Sail” Trust me it doesn’t disappoint...
Gee wonder why. +-+

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