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June 19th, 2019, 1:48 pm

Dawn and Dusk, dusk to dawn.
When trust turns to dust, and shadows eclipse hearts
dawn will rise up once again, carried by a blinding light.
A glimmer of hope? Death? Destruction?
the box will never be the same.

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I tried drawing Dr.Stone dude as a Leafeon, And failed, LOL Welp. At least I tried, lol
Pinkeevee222, June 19th, 2019, 1:54 pm Reply
Advertisement, November 17th, 2019, 2:22 am Reply

“Who is this ‘Mom’ you speak of?”
But like also you were one of the amazing people that inspired me so I put you in this
@Garnet107: Cool!! >w<
I'm glad you are inspired by me! ^^
@Pinkeevee222: tysm! SSEC was the first smackjeeves comic I read, so of course, it stuck with me!
@Garnet107: as for me I only discovered smackjeeves when I scrolled down alot.;D
Wonder if this is going to work but from my own past experiences, most likely not
I can’t tell if in the second panel Dusk is petrified or surprised or just being a blank
@Pinkeevee222: You didn t fail that badly is hair should be unchanged maybe you messed up his gotta admit it LOL
Was the Alt text inspired by the song Dusk till Dawn by any slight chance
@Anonymous Avacado: nope~ It is a prophecy!
@Pinkeevee222: Is it for dusk bein' hyper-beamed in the face...
@Scale_Knight194: hopefully
@Pinkeevee222: uhhh okay dusk is hiding something within himself
No.. @RoninHunt0987: I don’t think so.. he hates Harmony...
To know Dusk's fate refer to page 74 panel 4
Yup @Guest: you are 100% correct my G, page 74 will be his fate.
SO CUTE LOVE the new style
just sayin'~
Dusk you can't just say 'no thanks' if somemon tells you to visit you mother
that as to HARD!!!!!!!!!
*end credit music rolls*

Directed by
Robert B. Weide

Executive Producer
Larry David
Something bad’s gonna happen... I swear I can sense it...
Wow Dusk wow
Oof, he's definitely having a lot of awful mommy issues.
Ah, what beautiful clouds. Seems like Blizz is up and running. Hope he don’t sLiP
Is that guy on the headlines a goku eevee or something?
“Why not”
“She is a jerk!”
darkness95000 great comic
Impereon85@ keira: dusk come your mom or else becuz u have a visit your mom in months
Dawn, you might want to hyper beam Dusk in face right about now, but don’t do it. He doesn’t deserve it.
this cures my ligma depression tuberculosis 096-2 EVREYTHING
Desk is going to get wrecked!!!!
So, i was going through old comics, where i found #65 and saw the pc box, but it had a hole. Something tells me that the hole is how they leave. Also I try to go on the discord server but i cant say anything and it shows it like nobody typed anything. So ssec discord is not working for me ;-;
They both need to commit oof
get le rekts har MONEY also can I get my pizza BONELESS
Look at the comic backwards but without reading the words
@Guest: ReVeRsE pHyScHoLoGy
Hey Scruffy, sorry for bothering but is there a way to resend/delete your entry for the design contest?
(I regret sending when I had a cruddy art style...)
Is it just me or did you give the espeon boobs?
@Roosterington: She's always been like that.
Can't wait till you post more
The second last panel is a meme
I am broken
i love dusks face in 5th panel
That response is a mood when you don't want to do something
Mom: I want you to do your science fair report
Me: ... No ThAnKs

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