June 26th, 2019, 9:16 pm

Dusk looks so happy in the header..... Let's change that *Pours Depression on him*

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Speaking of Dusk sensei comics, I really need to finish those up. hmmmmm.... maybe a oneshot in the beginning of the next chapter? Also! Do you guys like the eye style in the header more than the one in the comic?
Also, if you are a patreon/member of my fanclub on the Eeveelutions amino, yes. I did change what Dawn says. Why? Plot >:3
Pinkeevee222, June 26th, 2019, 9:16 pm Reply
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Damn, Dawn is a cruel one but then again, she seems to take that as a complement


@Guest: dont mind me just replying to my own comment.
@Guest: Guess you could say good EEVEEning

Why do I live XDDD
Owo so evil
Pffft, If I was in dusk's situation, I would be like fine, tell them all about me. I wouldn't care. (Assuming dusk really hates his mom that bad...)
@Umbreon5456: This is more tricky than that~
@Pinkeevee222: Oh I don't doubt it. xD
Simba x nego @Umbreon5456: wat?
Siblings in a nutshell ;-;
@Red0077: I agree
9:16.. ;w;
Hi I have an account just tablet stupid and I can never sign in T-T but dawn me my sis your evil me well thx for notice mom walks in hi mommy O:) mom hi my little Angel sis > :( me >:3
I just noticed sokething If I'm Eevee Angel art T-T I dead or am I am I a fnaf character I call tangled beast Fox from fnaf
My response when people say I'm crazy; Why, thank you!
“Reasonable” Suuuuure let’s go with that
Here comes the demon
Reasonable... well I can agree with that
Espeon is adorable but deadly just like me
Wonder how it’ll go down when he visits her
Uh Is the Dusk the Night Sora is always talking about? Not the other Night? ( and is Sora Sky but she THINKS She's Sora cuz she remembers when they were gonna run away and change their names.... if I'm wrong please tell meh cuz I got up FIRST THING IN DA MORNING TO READ THIS my brain is just a tiny bit dead * Laughes then starts to cry* oof this is long
Yes @Guesty guest: you are correct my friend
.-. Dawn is scary and cute at the same time..,. Should I say aww or Ahh.. hmm
Thougt she gonna use that TM
@luckysand: same
darkness95000 wow
@Pinkeevee222: :3 blaaaaaaaackmail... XP hehehe
T E H E E im sorry young one but.... *snaps multiple times with no regret*
Literally how I would reply in the third, sixth and last panel
yeah dawn is REALLY evil
Yes, I really really like Dusks eyes in the header. Also, RIP Dusks happiness
why the name Tattletale?is about the gamw Tattletale?i hate that game ;-;
@Reide The Umbreon: look up the definition~
@Pinkeevee222: no wonder I felt that something was different •>•
r/whoosh @Sylveontheangel22 :
Holy arceus calm ur ho oh’s. If the first thing is bothering you just try not to acknowledge it. Plus our friend here hasn’t done anything wrong, they just did something that you found annoying.
Just have a chill pill
(No hate on either of you I know you mean well.)
Im so sorry @Guest: I didn’t mean to i was very very wound up at that time I would rather say I’m sorry so I could not get anything else started anyway I could deal with it’s just that everyone has toy say they are first I’m sorta embarrassed now
Dawn in the last panel is so CUTE
Oh ye @Pinkeevee222 i prefer the eye style in the comic more than the header but that's just my dumb opinion :3
Impereon85: Keira just in case he won't I'm carding him
@Fisrt: Technically, the author is always first, so we cant be first unless you are the author.
But Dusk is the reason Harmony is in this state. Remember comic 141? Dusk should go see her and maybe tell the truth.
Idk Idk don't know my life anymore
Omg dusk’s face in panel 6 is literally the funniest shit I’ve ever seen. And dawn in the last panel is just so dam cute!
Evil but cute also it's midnight here
Where is tm 15?
Tbh, I like the current eye style better...

But if you want to make it more cartoon-ish, O guess the eye style in the header would work better... maybe it’d be easier to have an opinion if you tried drawing a comic with the new eye style?

(Just suggesting .w.”)
Miku means sky :|
@Fuck you: LANGUAGE
Hi @Pinkeevee222#1FAN: same thing here
Hmm❔❔❔❔❔ Also how does Jolteon sleep with spikes in his butt?
Brick:f*** you lune!!!
Yes! I wanna see more dusk sensei.
Also the eye style looks cool but prefer the current eye style :3
Please stop being mean. @Fuck you: please stop cussing there might be little kids on here reading this comic and they probably read the comments so they might see you say it a lot but not know it’s a bad word and start saying it to there parents there brothers and/or sisters and get grounded or in big trouble for it. I am pretty young but I do know not to say bad words,Please stop saying bad words please
And again. @Sylveontheangel22 : my nice and kind reply’s don’t work ahh I’ve seen better days
@Fuck you: pls stop with the bad word stuff I would like that whoever you are I would tell you to pls stop k pls stop! 🤙 Pinkie promise there is kids out there!
@Fuck you:
Oh it’s ok @First: I was real hype there to be honest I’m so dumb lol
Pls help @Pinkeevee222: Pinkeevee if you have an option to kick people out of this comic can you please kick Fuck You out he/she keeps on cussing on the board and there is definitely kids on here reading the comments I bet everyone else wants him/her to be kicked out also if you can kick him/her or do anything else to him/her please do so Thanks , Sylveontheangel22
@Sylveontheangel22 : All of his comments are gone and he is banned ^^
THANK YOU!!!! ? @Pinkeevee222: thank you so much he was getting on my nerves few.
@Fuck you: go to hell stop being a hipacrit you literaly cuss someone out in all your comments
@Umbreon333: Dude you’re made at him for swearing yet you said the h word. BOI
Simba x nego @Guest: lune: booooiiiii
Personally I like the eyes in the comic better
Hmmm I feel like this interaction is like me and my brother
The eyes were better in this one i loved it
Same @MioTheJolteon:same
Destroy him Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!
Didn't want to come to this... Guess dreams can't last forever ;; I catched up at long last, my worst nightmare came true. Now I won't be able to binge read this in my free time ;; I really love this comic...
PT-BR someone is BR?because im a BR ;-;
dawn.....that wasn't a compliment
Dusk: Even though she tried to screw me. T^T
Too far gone
hmmm not bad kid
The faces Dusk makes are the reason I breath

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