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June 30th, 2019, 9:59 am

The 2 new characters in the header are called Espe and Bree!

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Ummmmmmm I dont know what to put here OwO;
Oh! also, no more double updates! I uploaded 2 comics a week for a whole month, and thus, I have caught up to where I would have been if I didn't take my break UwU
This comic is late because 4 day straight drama! QuQ HA HA HA HA HA *dies*
Pinkeevee222, June 30th, 2019, 9:59 am Reply
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Omg that horse mask though
...Nope. @Sky The Blue Eevee : It's not a Mudbray. It's a Mudsdale.
yup @Azte: it is mudsdale
@Azte: I MEANT Mudsdale (stupid auto correct I type mudbray WAYYYY to much)! I’m gonna EDIT THAT NOW
Mm @Sky The Blue Eevee : Haha it's cool, autocorrect can be a little jacked like that.
@Azte: ok has no-one realised that because harmony didn't recognise the mudsdale was because it is a pokemon from ALOLA. Which I was told this is a kalos (and all below) reigon based comic so I have no idea what inspired that dusk should wear a ALOLAN mask (also where did he get that?)
@Mewtwo: Uh, Idk where he got it and true I guess.
yup @Sky The Blue Eevee : sky is right
@Eeveelegendartist : I am gonna post part of this story EVERY DAY!!!! So....

We start in a playground, with me, and my friends Landon and Sam. Let the story begin.

Me: Landon: Sam:
Me: Landon: Sam:
Me: Landon: Sam: 🤬
Me: ️ Landon: Sam:
Me: Landon: Sam: 🥳

And so, Landon and Sam left me, and I was alone. (For like the fifth time this dang school year)
@Sky The Blue Eevee : Same here. My friends names were Justin and Pedro.
@Pika Pika Pika Pika: YUP. My friend’s name’s were Ella and Kate.
@Guest: Hey my name is yzabella and my nickname is ella
Same @Pika Pika Pika Pika: Mine was Amber And Molly i miss them both they moved away
@Sylveontheangel22 : I know. It’s sad. SO SAD
shure @Sky The Blue Eevee : shure totaly
WAIT @ash the flarion: ASH the FLAREON!?!? T-t-that’s Landon’s P-PokéSona!!!!!

Edit: wait, ARE YOU LANDON!?!?
@Sky The Blue Eevee : rip
@Eeveelegendartist : Sorry guys didnt mean to trigger you, I meant mudsdale, but I was lazy
FIRst im sorry i had to ;-;
@woo: creator is first
@Guest: tru
@Sky The Blue Eevee : Prolly only to Patrons
WHAT!?!? @Pinkeevee222: WHAT!?!? When will WE be able to submit them???? (Makes super cute face)
@Sky The Blue Eevee : Writing "expressions" into your comment doesn't increase the likely hood of anything good happening from it when used against a real person who is not roleplaying.
@Literally the Police: I don’t care I’VE HAD ENOUGH DRAMA FOR ONE YEAR

Also, I hate rolplays (sry pinkeevee)
@Sky The Blue Eevee : This is hardly drama.
Simba x nego @woo: lune: banana woo
Lune: banana beak
Zazu:Its mister banana beak to you fluffball!!!!!
In the 4th pannel I thought it was a pokemon XD
Can i punch myself
@..: Yes...
@Pinkeevee222: dusk what the crap man XD
Oh wow
Uhhh oh the comments haven't exploded I guess im early OwO
Lucky.... @FinTheVaporeon:
The real question is how long has dusk had that mask? or did he just buy it before coming?
I mean Dawn never said he couldn't wear a creepy mask when meeting with Harmony.
Orange Umbreon returns
Hee hee~

I had no idea Harmonys heart thingy was like a hair frizz thing, I always just thought it was her feelings or something. I’m dumb.

WhO’s ThAt PoKeMoN?
Responding to: Who’s that Pokémon? @Creamy Eevee: IT’S.... Mudsdale!
Ummmm... That's one strange Pokemon...
How do I make a account thing ( so I am not in the prison of anons T~T )

Looking hawt Dusk me boy
Well. Of all the stupid things he does, still didn’t expect that.
Dusk, stop.
Umbreon is evolving!

Your Umbreon has evolved into...
Simba x nego @Guest: lune:wat?? U mean bananabeakbreon?
Bucky: banana beak!!!!
@Guest: thanks for the idea to the guest sithe the dumbreon joke
It’s obviously an Arceus
@Raiderboi: thankyou. Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well...
hi espe! hi bree!
it begins
Simba x nego Lune: dusky banana beak mask?
im gon take my horse to the hotel rover and

*get headshot and die*
Pinkeevee222@ Still can't log in waa but eh pinkeevee222@ when are you going to post so then on the ask blog it's been forever
This reminds me of something... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cnb7pvoprjg
@CollectiveComics: OMG, LOLLL, Is that from season 2?? I only watched Season one, omg, LOLLLL
@CollectiveComics: I regret cooking the address
Simba x nego @CollectiveComics:...
Ok, now she’s really gonna judge you.
Impereon85: keira: that not what ive ment dusk
Lol that mudsdale mask tho

Dusk really doesn’t want to be known by his mom
What the heck
Seems like he still doesn't want to show his face.
XD At first I couldn’t tell what it was then I saw the yellow rings and the text saying “Hi mother” then quickly realized that it was Dusk with a Mudsdale mask
If a Harmony and a Mudsdale had a child that would be Dusk
I LOVE IT nice tomska refrence for ya
By da WAE I've recently went to BALI boiiiiiiii it was quite frankly: Traffic. Yep all the wae from the air port an back:Traffic. Alot of traffic. But if was good, the monkey Temple*kiss noise* perfectly old and a monkey stole stuff from a guy twice, but it was normal there. I tried da local quazen*grammerskilz*, plus a couple thousand green teas cuse I had dyeoreata shet.came home after 2dayz so yea..... Welp
Lighting bolt NOGs @Ark Bluegate: lune:BOIIIIIII!!!
Destroy desk!!!!!!!!!
@Guest: YEAH!!!
@Guest: anything wrong with that?
Lol Dusk! This is why he is my favorite character. Should do that for April fools
that pokemon is ... what is that again

a umbreon horse
Why? This is a question I’ve been wondering for a long time why is dusks and dawns and about everyother eevee in this comics mom a eevee I’d expect a mom eeveelution to be an eeveelution lol how I speak though. But it’s how you like it that counts so keep on going with your adorable comic love everything about it not trying to be mean :)
@Sylveontheangel22 : I didn't evolve Harmony in the game cause I didn't want to waste effort evolving her
@Sylveontheangel22 : Hey! We have the same birthday! Happy early birthday to us! >w<
@Pinkeevee222: Oh my gosh I had no idea we had the same birthdays lucky lucky hehe!
@Pinkeevee222: Mot to be mean or anything.. but do you always draw Espeons that look like Dawn?
@Guest: Yee~
I have EXTREME same face syndrome, and I REVEL in it! WHOOP WHOOP!
XD so funny! Right guys?
Also guys how do I change my picture on the left?
@Carlosplayz344: To change your guest picture, make a smackjeeves account! ^^ It is also a great way to keep track of webcomics you love!
I'm glad the comments are not negative like what happened last time.
@anonymous2006:same here
I... want that mask..

Edit: No.. I NEEDS IT
Lol Who's that pokemon?*adds*it dumbreon (the noise it makes)--> HI MOTHER
Espe and Bree huh...
@MythicalMew: also I made an account finally
Excited to see when Espe and Bree will come into play! Nice comic btw haha makes me smile.
I died seeing the horse.
Thanks pinkeevee!
But my picture is still the same
Also, can the next page be about *Larry and *August plz? *favorite characters!
@Carlosplayz344: This chapter is pre-planned. Tho, a chapter involving them is long due.
Ummm ok thats definetely a pokemon... ya
That is 100% me in a nutshell
YEET @Pinkeevee222: When it’s my bday (July,14) I’m going on vacation btw again happy early bday to us! OWO
@Sylveontheangel22 : On my birthday, I am going to a museum (I am a nerd, pff)
yee yee!! Happy early birthday to both of us, Lolll
Pinkeevee... Did u read my previous comment? ( back four comments
Pinkeevee? U there? :(
HI y’all!!!!!!!!! Wanna story? Here it is!
What do you mean story there is no story? @Sky The Blue Eevee : yeah what do you mean story? I don’t see one.
Oh u mean the comic! @Sky The Blue Eevee : Oh I know now you mean the comic I’m so dumb OWO
your son *insert her name because i'm stupid and i forgot*
it's your legend of a son
pink eevee, can the next page be about Larry and augest?
now i see...NEW CHARACTERS???????????????!!!!and dusk mother alredy meet GIRATINA?!! *ded*
Simba x nego @Reide The Umbreon: timon(offscreen): wat
Dusk: derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp
??? @Lune the lion: what
Kimba @Reide The Umbreon: lune(shock lion): banana beak!
Zazu: HEY!!!!
Dusky(dusk):derp derp derp derp derp!
Simba x nego Dukino:hi
Dukino's mom: derp!
Lune: banana beak!!!
No wonder Harmony loves him
He’s beautiful
Ok that was just random
:( pinkeevee...
Ok Ok dusk... just ok
I have to say ilove your comics and you should do a collab with pkm 150 and Mickey Mario 64
@Guest: that would be good
Plz chat with me pinkeevee222
@Pinkeevee222: hi i just made my webcomic uwu but cane you make a lil tutorial on how you made the webcomic page like this? thanks
Pink eevee when stupid short eevee comics end can you make another comic called stupid short eevee comics 2
Please make more
@Pinkeevee222: * INHAIL * BOI


* claps in good job * keep up the good work also for the moth it was nice to have more then one comic posted but I know that your a human too and you got things to do so you don’t have to KEEP IT UP ( also the new characters look amazing )
Pink eevee I dare you to chat with me
I love the new(er) style.
HI GUYS I BACK I couldn't go on the internet for personal reasons. Pls forgive meh T^T
pink eevee! If you don't chat with me... I'll dislike your comic!
Pinkeevee222 can you get voice actors and then post it on YouTube plz
@Guest: Doing that =w=
If you know pkm150 tell him I said hoi
oh its a mudsdale
@eevee loves tacos: Clearly a garchomp.
Ok pinkeevee222! I'm gonna dislike your comic!
oooh-kay then!
That's mean just bacuase she didn't talk to her doesn't mean you should dislike her I didn't get to talk to her and I didn't mad so chill
Hi Mom!!!! That's so funny
@Pinkeevee222: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *gives CPR* DONT DIE ON ME!! *slaps*
Oh yeah.
This is how I greet my mom after work.
Then comes the perfectly aimed sandle.
Hi pinkeevee222 my name is coran one can we chat
RIP Eevee academy
this made me lagh sooo hard!
@scarlet (meloetta) the owner of : lune:bruh (bottle flips)!!!
And can not be fixed
-w- -__________________________________________________________________________-

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