She crazy?


July 22nd, 2019, 1:45 pm

Senile: (of a person) having or showing the weaknesses or diseases of old age, especially a loss of mental faculties.
Hospice: a home providing care for the sick or terminally ill.

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Lets ignore this not being uploaded on Saturday >w>; Next comic starts up the drama again. Oh nuuuuuu
Pinkeevee222, July 22nd, 2019, 1:45 pm Reply
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U know what I’m not questioning it
@PKMN S&M: just continuing...

Me: ...
Me: Elijah:
Me: Elijah:
Me: 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Elijah:

And then, I started to hang out with a rando named ELIJAH. Not The end
Hi pinkeevee!!
(We have the same b-day)
@PKMN S&M: Hi!! Happy late birthday! ^^
Same for u
Also I’m guessing Harmonys 25 in human years
@PKMN S&M: Let's just say that Harmony is an old fart
@PKMN S&M: If that were the case, she would be pretty dang old. According to Jolteon, he is around 15 but is 5 in human years. Using math, we can tell that Eevee's age 3 times faster than humans. If Harmony was 25 in human years, she would be 75 years old, not TOO old, but still pretty old. Now don't ask why I wasted time doing this math because I don't know.
Maybe to old...
Also one more thing before I leave...
Thank you Pinkeevee222 for all your hard work you put into these comics
The artwork it beautiful and the story behind it is amazing
Thanks for reading
-One happy reading

I...don’t wanna question...
A++ recovery Dusk. 10/10 you definitely got your desired effect
UwU The header looks really cool~
The expressions all vary
Ooo drama~
I'm early! Yay!
9QUESTION: why wasn't this uploaded on Saturday
@Pinkeevee222: *insert not bad kid meme here*
@Pinkeevee222: but it's monday?
@Eeva the Eevee: you know, i could imagine this happening
@Pinkeevee222 *fines you* Tell me
@Pinkeevee222 if she dont use last resort i beat ya up!
This comic helps me escape the sad atmosphere in life.Im really glad you decided 1one day to make this.From page 1 to page 283, ive been waking up evrey weekend looking foward to see another great comic.I hope you notice this comment, just wanted to say this at some point.
@Eeva the Eevee: yea, that could be a possibility or how i write this shit
Yay le comic is out! Hooray for not lazy!=P
Very nice, very good dusk is best boi
Seems like Dusk is going for a blast off..
@Pinkeevee222: .w. Dusk god dang it why
I actually don't care when it updates.
Rest in pizza ponyta mask... we will likely forget you...

* Plays a heartfelt song * ;(
possible au @Eeva the Eevee: possible scenario 1
welp Eh heheheheh. That would just about sum up my grandmothers reaction to a sentence like that.(Why do you think they call her B-word granny.
Harmony is like 79 years old but I'm guessing her voice is high pitched as hecc bc she an eevee
Situation in a nutshell:

After breaking his mother(Harmony)'s back by stepping on a crack to escape her wrath, Dusk asks Harmony for her blessing in marrying a(smexy)plastic cactus, Juanita.

Harmony, who has loved Dusk before(not as a mother, but as a suitable mate) actually gives her blessing.

*confused screaming*
@SkyBlueEevee: Thanks, now I will be asking myself this question untill I drive myself mad and delete my Roblox account
Wait what would Harmony's Last Resort be? We saw Dawn use it to force Vay to get pizza. So Harmony's would most likely be......
Am I the only one who loves Dusk's eyes in the third panel?
@YeetusDiabeetus: No, I also found myself staring at them way too long for it to be considered normal.
Hi it's my bday It's my b day today I'm all alone at my house till 6 tonight T-T let's hope I get separated on the weekend also love your comics
Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Kimba!! Light scar:(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ table flip !!! Banana beak!!!!
Zazu: adsricjjrufhsisusygwkosusysyjakshhwiwkjshwygfffd
@Eeva the Eevee:im from Brazil and im learnig
masterpiece Wow this is a cool comic
. ^_^
Happy (late) b day Pinkeevee222 sorry just read the last page
Love it
Hey! Hey! @Pinkeevee222 Just saying There is so much people that have the same birthday as me and you on July 14th INCLUDING SPONGEBOB Happy late birthday to us! Happy late birthday To Us!
:0 @Sylveontheangel22 : *insert deku discovers he has legs meme right here*
Pardon me but, @Sylveontheangel22 : I don't have brain so can simplify it plz ;w;
Yez @Kairito_the_Umbreon: yez
Lol @Kairito_the_Umbreon: I Have My Legs! Finally! I Have Been Waiting For An Holy 16 Hundred Years! Me can Finally Walk!!! lol
@Sylveontheangel22 : seems legit
To legit @Kairito_the_Umbreon: Too legit Too legit to quit quit TOO LEGIT
I know I super late but I hope the next one is good
This art tbh so gud I just have to say the art just keeps getting better and better
So I herd you like mudkez :p
Ah, @Moon creecher: i see your a being of culture as well
@Pinkeevee222: senile? Hospice? What’s that mean?
Hi guys! I’m sunlight I’m new here!
And I’m moonlight! Me and sunlight are like ducky and bunny from Toy story 4 XD h-hey sunlight...
*spins and bonks into pinkeevee222* ock!
Really moonlight?! Also pinkeevee222, you’re comics are amazing!
The drama is about start again... XD
Hey sunlight, I-I don’t think pinkeevee222 will be responding because about a month ago the was This bazar kiddo going crazy cuz he didn’t get to talk to her and his name was Carlosplayz344. (I think)
Yeah... you’re probably right... but let’s at least try! :)
@Pinkeevee222: Drama is starting again?!? Nuuuuu!!!! D:
Soooooo that is a way to annoy Dusk
Weighed down by myself
@Pinkeevee222: I was wondering about that.

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