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August 17th, 2019, 12:16 am

Back to comedy soon~

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Disclaimer: I do not condone Harmony's actions, and Harmony is a very bad pokemon.
here is some Bolt pureness
Pinkeevee222, August 17th, 2019, 12:16 am Reply
Advertisement, November 17th, 2019, 1:57 am Reply

Wow, blunt
I hope she dies in her sleep for what she did.
@Goldsoul901: me too
@Goldsoul901: too kind too kind I hope she gets put in a blender
No that's to kind to @Theory Maker : have you heard of a ancient Chinese (or Japanese) torcher (I doun't know which) where you strap and person to the floor right on top of 3-4 bamboo saplings and leave them till the bamboo grows throw there spine and paralyzed them and kills them meyou I add this takes a cuppel of days and it's painfull and agonizing procedureso it's torture and execution and that's what she deserves.
Warning grusome @Goldsoul901: I heard of a torture method wear you put then between two boats and feed them honey and something else and they get real bad poop and then bugs eat them inside out(may or may not be 100% accurate)
@Loy the evolving eevee: I heard of a torture method where you put a metal lid with a rat under it on a person’s stomach, then you put hot coals or something on the outside of the lid so the rats dig through their guts to escape.
Wow @Crackersncheez: that is pretty mean to the rat to
@Goldsoul901: nice! (Well maybe not in a real world situation) I feel like I’ve heard it but I still think it’s interesting (and painful). Harmony-worthy

Idk why I’m replying on old comics
@Theory Maker : I'm in Poland it so the time might be messed.
@Goldsoul901: I’m in England lol
*laughs insanity-like* I'LL DO IT FOR YA
wut is wrong with me
@Ark Bluegate: nothing
Oh my goodness
To think this started with Dusk joking around
Ayy third person not bad
@Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon: 3rd person? Oh yeah I love 3rd person video games.
@Trubish: third person to comment
Loads shotgun
Aight ill kill er myself
Oooooooooof for him
Dusk y u no murder her?!?!?
So blunt tho
You forgot your plastic horse head, mate
well that was rather anticlimactic
@Pinkeevee222: Just wondering, how much violence do you condone?
@TheQuotidian: ^^; I don’t like violence at all. It’s scary. Q-Q
she be harsh also ur mum references are zooming through my mind
Why does lem look like oliver?
@Tizasdddd: they have almost the same eye color/fur color.
In panel 6, why does it look like harmony is lokking at me.
I thought dusk would of killed her
that ... was somting
Insert Supa hot fire meme
Wow, Harmony...

@SeahDaLunatic: He ate a bad burrito, has been in the Can.
No Lem nooooo! I feel so helpless, I can feel his depression radiating off the screeeeen.
Also, Blizz why are you sad? PinkEevee, why is Glaceon looking? Is he too in the sad boy hours? Omg I sound like a 5 year old.
This is saddening. Lem deserves better. Screw harmony
@Pinkeevee222: and he walks away in silence
silencio desagradavelllllllll

@CelestialFox: OMG I love BFDI! But what about…………… BFDIA, BFDIAA, and BFBFDI (BFB)
@Sky The Blue Eevee : Oh cool, hey, do you have discord
ok Whut? The muk
welp, I know who I'm volunteering to be put in the femur breaker when scp-106 breaks containment again.
Frame 6 Dat some big ears

Dumbo Dusk xD
@waffle666: *W H E E Z E*
Harmony doesn’t mean it You guys do know she’s lying right? She’s trying to convince lem not to love her because she doesn’t love him the same way.
She does care about him, she literally yelled at melody saying “He’s too good for you to soil his name with your mouth.”
@Appreciate your friends plz: that’s so true, I never thought of that.
@Appreciate your friends plz: :3c
I finally got here earlier than usual, that's the first. :3
This is so sad Alexa play despacito *despacito starts playing*
... I need that Bolt pureness
She going to have a bad time
Glaceon! If i was there i would kick harmony's but ReALY HARD HIT HARMONY DUSK PLS
Well. He is not in a good mood now. I don't blame him either.
Glaceon! Well i wish dusk could just punch harmony in the knee
Glaceon! I mean like if i was there i would kick harmony's knee realy hard im starting to hate harmony (i look like a shiny glaceon with snowflakes on me)
! @SnowflakeGlaceon: STARTING!?!! REALLY!!?
@Guest: Aww Man
@Guest: .....Man, noice
@Foxandfalco C**p... i cried...
Wow! This is a big deal so I’m not going for the crying thing! Nope!
Yea, DO THIS CHALLENGE IF YOU DARE... I’m getting pizza!
Me too! But first...Dusk doesn’t look happy in the last panel... this all began with the back break... XD
Will there be more dusk sensei comics? Will dusk go into depression? The answers to come in the ne-

anyway just wondering if harmony was caught in the wild or not?
Well, that's a very stubborn core.
@Foxandfalco: ^^; I didn't cry
Evil.....I cant help it even though this is just a comic I cant help but feel the words weigh down on me even if they arent meant for me
Dusk is ready to kill someone
Harmony Harmony harmony harmony... Your name definitely doesn't suit you to say the least, and to say the most... YOU HEARTLESS (jk I don't swear don't sue xD)
@Julian or Yoshidakid: She is HARMony
I believe @>< Spirit ><: It's misspelled... I think it's Harm Many
@Julian or Yoshidakid:
Tru. So Tru.
To think this all wouldn't have happened if Dusk hadn't broken Harmony's back.
@Foxandfalco: I really didn't. It is a cute song tho
Damn She's cruel
The precious lem has been ruined
He forgot his ponyta mask!!! D:
Hate her so bad.
Wait a minute When did the logo webpage (not comic) header thing change! Am I late to notice? Why is no one talking about it it’s so cool!
Edit: the whole webpage has had a redesign and it looks great!
Fire! Lune: flarf!!
* Sharpens axe * Oh don’t mind me kids I’m just going hunting... eevee fur is very good on the black market I need some dark brown.. :3

EDIT: also I’m taking the horse head
@>< Spirit ><: * Gets out daggers * Looks like my throwing skills will come in handy :D
@>< Spirit ><: *gets out hidden blade and fire proof armour*
*and the hunting equipment I bought on Deviant art*

I’m a veteran charmander hunter, count me in the Harmony Hunt
@DarkFireEevee: I actually did buy hunting equipment on deviant art for 1 llama.

It was to hunt a Lucario
@>< Spirit ><: *grabs 60 pound longbow, machete, moulted cloak* I've been a huntin' Pokémon for a while. But I guess a extra eevee skin would be nice on a wall.
@>< Spirit ><: oh lol I got a gang... XD
Fire! Lune: flarfwhad!!
@Foxandfalco: ^^ That is fine. I want Eevee academy to be better structured and a more tighter story than ssec, so I am taking a lot of time to develop it and it's world. If people dont like it, then, well.... oh well. I'd rather have a good story/product than a rushed one. And, I think these so called "fans" will like it better too.
*pulls out knife* time to kills
@Okaun: no knives, use a nuke
FRICK HARMONY! Also,just subbed to ur YouTube! Thx for the link pink!
maybe tie her head to a horse and her legs to a tree and yell "giddup"
@pie: ....gud idear!
Well my pitchfork's a bit rusty but I guess it'll have to do
Kill her! *Dark army appears* Battle! *plays Gourmet Race music* Bye! *Swoops away in portal*

Let's say I got the upper hand, and its therefore, acceptable!!!

2. Let's say Punchy the punching kangaroo can handle this
Why does Harmony hurt Lem T-T I kinda wanna slap her and shout LOVE THEM

But alas,
I can not as I have no idea how to break the fourth wall and get inside the comic, my hammer didn’t break so nothing can
Why are you guys even gonna kill pinkeevee 222? She's done a lot for us so we can't just kill her! True she hasn't done another page of eevee academy in a long time but we have to be patient so stop with the killing!!! Right anonymous avacado?
@Foxandfalco: r i g h t
And this is kind of my fault because I talked to pinkeevee222 about that and now people are going bazzar
@Foxandfalco: I think people are talking about killing Harmony NOT pinkeevee... at least that’s who I’m talking about :3
what's hominy deserves is said in my second
Lel I have no feelings for this lel
And harmony be like, O f!c
@Pinkeevee222 Have you ever considered you yourself being a character in your comics?
Pinkeevee222: hello I'm pinkeevee222 and I don't really add myself in comics! Wanna do the bliss RECASTING?
By the way I'm on my brothers account
Please don't make me regret unbanning you.
Ok I'm sorry
Hey pinkeevee222 r u friends with pkm-150? Or do you just know him or are you and pkm-150 partenrs?
If you don't read Erin Hunter's warrior cats you won't understand Hmm this whole series made me want to make all warrior cats into eeveelutions

Leaders, warriors, queens and deputies are glaceons leafeons umbreons and espeons

Apprentices and kits are eevees

Elders are any eeveelutions except flareon vaporeon and jolteon

Med cats are sylveons

Rouges and loners are any

Kittypets are jolteons flareons and vaporeons

Oh and a kittypet doesn't evolve until they are adopted and espeon's forehead pearl thingy is the same color as their eyes

I laughed so hard at imagining jayfeather as a sylveon
@Loy the evolving eevee: I'm happy someone reads warrior cats :]
@EeveeRoses: Thank you! ^^
By the way pinkeevee222 do you help pkm-150 with his comics or are you and pkm-150 like buddies
Um...pinkeevee 222 r u there?
And this you heartless thing is why Dusk hates you (I'd called her a creature but that would just insult creatures now wouldn't it)
Fire! Lune: flarf you banana beak!!
Zazu:it's banana beak to you fire fluffball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leo: meh x12!
???:ha x1000000000000000000
Glaceon! when are you gonna update
Pinkeevee I love the way you make your picture's (btw can you make a vid of how to draw the characters Pls)
This is why I love Harmony. You go!
It's sad I think Harmony is a result of a person or in this case "Mon" going through pain and suffering for so long, I won't say she is right by any means but I don't think dusk is any better, plus sometimes the truth is harsh and we may not want to hear it, but it would be far worse if you lie and they find out later.
I just realized Harmony shows all the signs of being a Psychopath.
did yah peeps see dawns floower

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