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August 31st, 2019, 9:59 pm

the trainer just really loves eevees

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Who's that Pokemon? Also. Starters are actually REALLY rare. Like. Super duper rare.

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@Pinkeevee222: No problem.
@02bluebear: thank you bluebear and I will happily take that prize
@cat mastermv: I don't think anyone will show up to the ceremony.
@02bluebear: Why do you have to be such a negative nancy lmao
@02bluebear: so no one will give me the "look"
@02bluebear: Ho cwap dat mazin
that eevee looks like he got dragged out of bed at four to go to the airport
He also looks like he is planking very angrily
Stonks ^
@chickynuggz: had to come.
@chickynuggz: had to come.
I died laughing at this
Also I got to thinking and I bet this is why it's so hard to to find a Eevee in Pokemon
Our main Pokemon trainer has over like 200 Eevees if I won't do the same thing I would say she had a problem..... But I would
True business ethic.
This is totally me lol! I’m have like an unhealthy addiction to eevee and the eeveelutions XD
@Icebird610: also the eevee is adorable
It's OK. @Icebird610: hey. At least you aren't alone in this world. Definetly not.
She needs a brake from eevees 200! Wow Crazy cat lady more like Crazy eevee lady
Just how? (Pinkeevee, add this to the Q&A if you wish.)

A question for the trainer:
How in Ultra Space do you still have room in your P.C. with 200 Eevees, *AND* the other Pokémon you've caught!?
@Guest: you can add boxes to your pc in the games, so I bet that’s what happened.
@Guest: Not pinkeevee but im just geussing cartoon logic.
What about breedject Froakies?
If you’ve ever played competitive, you understand.
That would be me if I want Eevees.

Also I wondered what's in the pokeball. Also, what is their name?
What can I say, eevees are fricken cute as heck.

and should be the new pokemon mascot instead of pikachu.
Exactly how I am with Eevee's in Pokemon go. xD
Generation 8 She's stocking up on Eevees before Gen 8 so that she will be safe if they remove anything from the eeveelutions, or if they add one, she'll be ready for when the new eeveelution comes out.
Hold on just a second. Why does the first picture of Eevee remind me of a face similar to Invader Zim? Does anyone else see this or am I just blind.
I have all the starters minus mufkips lol
SHE HAS 200 EEVEE !!!!!!!???????
owo? @Pinkeevee222: why does the eevee in the comic look suspiciously like Eifie? Also, is that Dustin and Nego in the header I see?
@An Azumanga Fan: top kek
I don’t know about you, but that girl is THICC...
Omg I absolutely loved this update, hahahahahaha!
First: This Pokemon is adorable!
Secondly: Is it a boy or a girl? :3
And thirdly: This trainer loves eevees! XD
oh!she has...WAIT SHE HAS 200 EEVEES?
well now she has 200+1=201 eevees
... can I have her victini? Please? I’ve literally never owned one and it’s one of my favorite Pokémon I would gladly accept it...
Fire! Dawn: I don't give a (bleep) not even 1,2,3,4,5 or even 6!
Leo:flarf you banana beak!
Zazu: It's Mr banana beak to you (bleep)ing fluffball!
At least she's diversifying her eevee gene pool
@Guest: Now we know where Dusk and Blizz got their parts of their personality from
Technically starters are as rare as legendaries though.
@Shiny Eevee 101: EXACTLY
@Pinkeevee222: then why are starters starters if they are rare?
@SnowflakeGlaceon: they’re bred specifically for new trainers and even then, according to my headcanon, you have to purchase a reservation for one.
Trainer probably has a Ditto for her little business.
I can't tell if this Eevee is going to be important later on
@Pinkeevee222: .w. welp 200 eevees now.. X3 who is this new cutie eevee i wonder
Lol this comic is me Lol this is me, I have like at least 100 in Sun and Moon lol. Eevee's are the best.
That’s so me
Seems like she wants MORE Eevees.
._. What
=_= @Pinkeevee222:um i dont wanna sound like the smart guy but those starters are that rare
@the legend 27: In Unova?
@Pinkeevee222: srry i meant there not that rare
It has been a while since I bin here
That seems about right now days.
Lol I was battling on Pokémon go
Me and miss trainer lady would get along great! I also have a concerning amount of eevee's (2 boxes full) although I see I am but only a student and she is the overlyconcerningamountofeevees master
Impereon85@ uh who seen eeveevoltion squad
@Impereon85: i seen Eeveelution squad i love that comic
@Impereon85:eeveelutiin squad and this comic (aka stupid short eevee comic) are my fav comics
@Impereon85: HELL YEAH
That’s literally me, because I will do anything for an eevee (give all my legendaries away cuz’ eevee my favorite pokemon)
whos the new person? idk lol
bet imma join that discord in a bit, also im posting this comment on my 3ds
What is that trainer's name?
@Who Knows?: Its none of your beeswax ok? so just chat on something else than questions
@Who Knows?: Her name is Tina, lol
@Pinkeevee222: who is the new eevee!!!


is it gonna be a leafeon OwO
@clover_the_leafeon04: Mind ur own beeswax as well
@FoxandFalco: :V
Uh Well she must be obsessed with eevee's, how haven't I figured that out yet
@Julian or Yoshidakid: *Sigh* mind ur own Beezwax as well...ok?
? @FoxandFalco:
WHAT?! EEVEE why?! Wow what a snake. And soooo mean!!!
Pinkeevee222 any update on the comic dub? I’m really can’t wait to see it when it’s done!!
@Guest: Oh my god! when will you mind your own beeswax?
@FoxandFalco: ^^; I dont mind answering
@Guest: It is almost halfway finished! ^^
*laughs too much* *ded*
... Is she good?
Have you ever wondered what your trainer sees in a game other then the coded stuff during wonder trade?

Random trainer: Hey! I have an eevee. I'll trade you for a butterfree!!
Me: sure..
Random trainer: *puts ribbons on arms while holding the pokeball and twists arms weirdly*
Me: 0-0
Random trainer: *Whistles the wonder trade song*
Me: *Just gives him the pokeball and snatches the other pokeball*
Random trainer: Thanks! *Walks away*
Me: *whispers* how does he twist his arms like that?????
This is a Perfect Description of Me.
This trainer needs to like get some sort of farm or mansion or something for all her evees, I mean some of them must have been in the pc their whole life!
@Guest: That is exactly the case. Almost all have been in the PC their whole life.
I like this comics
@Guest: By the way Author Chan im sorry for pretending to be you last time
am i the only on that checks Eeveelution squad and SSEC every single day 365 day's a year?

lol 0w0
@clover_the_leafeon04: no dont worry i do that too lmao
oof this is true eevee lover
Norfolk southern!!!! NS:meh!
_-"*"-_ : hey!
Lune: the flarf dad is in the hospital you mother(bleep)er!
Leo: flarfwhadluneon!
Light scar:(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻table flip!!!
Light scar:(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ table flip,and YEET!(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Lawless:yeeteretat!(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Pidge:°@° I'm surprised that you light scar!
hi im a person from youtube and i like these comics they keep me entertained :3
@LilythelittenlovesJSAB: put me in ur channel
@FoxandFalco: wait wut? What do you mean?
Impereon85@hey pinkeevee222 how do u create a comic in this website
Impereon85@ cuz I'm creating a comic
Norfolk southern!!!! Cult lunes @Impereon85: lüñë:meh
\√^£: ________----------++++((():'_*''_$
Luneon: meh
Solerlune :meh
Dusky(dusk)[derp]:meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh
@Impereon85: well. you gotta make a SmackJeeves account first.
Impereon85@I already did that now I just need to make a comic
Impereon85@ oooh Mabey we can work together :3
Impereon85@ u can say no if u want but can u do your answer tomorrow im not allowed to play in my phone after 700 pm
@Impereon85: No,No,No, Im gonna help pinkeevee222
@Pinkeevee222: Literally me if I had good thing to trade to people instead of a hundred eevees
Wait is she trading away sandy or does she have another chimchar/monferno/infernape?
Wait a minute, Legendaries? Ok, I'm a so confused about the canon of this story here. The place this takes in is the real Pokémon world, and not that it's just a video game, yet there are multiple variations of the same Legendary Pokémon, which scientifically should not be possible? And it's not like this is some special dimensional thing going on here, or is it. Perhaps I missed an episode. Maybe forget it, just destroy all logic for this episode. And the fact that everyone seems to just have a Legendary nonetheless. Yep, just forget the universal boundaries of logic. But then again this is STUPID short eevee comics, so the craziness of how this world works is probably to be expected.
@Radiatio: SSEC is not based on the real pokemon world. It is based on the Pokemon games.

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